Thursday, July 14, 2016

If you care about Children's Lives and the Planet...Please Consider this

A Choice between the PERCEIVED lesser of two Evils.
Is a choice no person of Conscience, Integrity or Love.
Will ever Make.
The current "election" in the United Corporate States of America
will determine something vastly more important than who will be President this Nation.
Who is to become President.
Is secondary to what this election will Define.

We are faced with a choice.
Between Deep and Evil Corruption.
And a Perceived deeply Ignorant Bigotry.

Notice I say, "Perceived".

The media, and the Orange mans WORDS.
Have defined our Opinion of this man.
We are to believe,
based upon the media and his words,
that this man is a greater threat....
than the other option.
Which we KNOW,
based upon her actions,
 her voting,
 her verifiable decisions...
is deeply corrupt.

So we are given a choice between a Possibility
of all sorts of 
who know's what's???...
a guaranteed
War Mongering
GMO Pushing
Pro Fracking, TPP
Bankster Bought
deeply corrupt

Come on People.!!!

Is this a CHOICE?

The point I've been trying to make for some time is this:
Choosing either option
is a Fools Errand.
What this "Election"
and I use that term loosely,
will define.
Is the Character of the American People.
Are we sheep ,
easily...way too easily manipulated,
into choosing an evil 
that we consider,
possibly based upon considerable 
manipulation from the 1%,
to be the lesser of the two.
Making us Complicit with,
in the case of Hillary,
the guaranteed murder of innocents for the profits
of the 1%,
the destruction of the ecosystem,
for the profit of the 1%,
and the Destruction of the Middle Class,
for the profit of the 1%..
we can choose some fool that
is playing a Part,
that looks pretty nasty,
and could possibly be...
and who we've been led to believe could actually do more damage
than the evil woman.
(can't imagine how that would be possible)
Making us Complicit in,
well we really have no idea,
because he has no real History in Politics.

This is your Choice Amerika.
to be Sheep, 
manipulated by the Media controlled by the 1%.

Have Integrity
Have Compassion
Whatever you have been manipulated into Believing...
either choice here,
is a very bad one.


The Manipulators would like for you to believe, 
that not voting...
would cause the PERCEIVED
Greater Evil
to be elected.


What not voting for Evil will do, 
is define you as a Free Person,
with a mind you control.
With a Heart that can not be made to
A person of Integrity
not swayed by Fear,
but rather Love
and Compassion.
We define our Nation,
by who we are.
If we are Manipulated into supporting 
that will define us as a Nation.

This election is our chance to Stand against the 1%
that seek to have total dominion over our very Souls.

You can sell your Soul to the Evil 1%,
and play along with this Game,
where either choice....
is a very very Bad one.

Or you can reclaim your soul.

And by your actions,
Cry out,

"We will be FREE."

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  1. and aliens lights and things are cruising the suburban skies,see them zipping by in the night...maybe you could see them too. the rulers don't have a clue.the world is an illusion but so is the one who says it is an illusion.



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