Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What Really Happened in the 2016 Election

I have to put this out there,
 so I can move along to the Magic.

Humanity just took a Hit
of epic proportions.

The "Elite" Controllers
just claimed a major victory
over the masses.

This victory has opened the door
for Horrors we can barely imagine.

The Genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany,
the eradication of most of the indigenous 
population of this continent
(thank you "Manifest Destiny".
Monks in Tibet
murdered in mass.
You know not one of these things
exists because of Nations
made up  
of Nasty hateful bigoted  people
that craved War.
They happened because the masses,
gave up their Integrity,
and supported ideas
and feelings
that were totally contrary
to their core beliefs and values.

This election was a masterful move
by the elite controllers,
where they stole the Integrity
of an entire Nation,
(at least 80% of it).

How did they do this?

Well, they gave us Trump,
Playing the part of
a bigoted racist buffoon.

He proposes things that
curdle the souls of all good men...

And they gave us Hillary,
Pro War for profit,
killing babies so the 1% can get richer.
She's pro Fracking,
 pro GMO's,
 pro letting the corporations,
Big Pharma,
Big Oil,
Big Ag,
and the Banksters
Friend of Kissinger, 
The Rothschilds and Rockafellers....
The 1%,

She's their Crusader.

So here is your choice...
a bumbling bigoted racist Freakin FOOL...
Or Evil Personified..

And the people made a choice,
those that were not racist, or bigoted...
still voted for Trump...
against all of their true beliefs,
because they were made Afraid of
and a future where the Elite evil corrupt
personified by Hillary
held the reigns.
So against all their core beliefs
and values....
They gave up their Integrity..
and voted Trump.

And perfectly Intelligent people,
who are not pro killing babies
 for the profit of the 1%,
or destroying the environment
via fracking and drilling in Pristine places...
or who believe that our Laws,
should  be made by the people 
who OWN US.,
Or that GMO's should even exist,
....against all of their beliefs and core values....
against their very souls,
they voted for this
personification of the 
Evil Elite.
Out of fear of an Orange Man,
and the bizarre and insane image,
he was projecting
they cast their votes (energy)
for Hillary.

So we got folks giving up their Integrity..
and voting Trump..
And those giving up their Integrity,
and voting Hillary.


80% of the population
gave up their Souls,
they quit listening to their hearts,
and instead
Followed FEAR.

Here's a tip:
Following Fear
leads to SUFFERING. 
Not listening to our core beliefs 
is disconnecting from our souls influence.

That is a dangerous situation...
And that is where we are as a Humanity right now.

Look around,
people are Disconnected,
from themselves 
and each other...
It's worse than ever folks....

We were Manipulated into a place,
where we believed choosing EVIL,
be it a lesser one of two,
was a viable option....
And then standing and
defending our particular
version of

Freakin Pathetic Man.

Stand for what is right.
Do not accept the 
"lesser of evils".
There is no such thing,
it's just manipulated perception....

Listen to your heart....
not your FEAR.

That will doom us all.

Think of it like this:
A Vote is a form of Energy.
It is a manifestation of the WILL
of a person.
When you have 80% of a population
whose Will is focused
whose energy is going
and away from their Souls...

We have a manifestation power,
that is very detrimental
to the health and well being
of the masses, 
the environment,
and the whole planet.


Stop Supporting Ignorant Racist Fear Based
And stop supporting

Your Options
were a slap in your face,
and you allowed it,
and then felt so Stupid,
for making a choice contrary to your souls,
then not exactly liking the pain
of that realization..
you stuffed it,
and kept pretending that you made the right choice.
You didn't.
Neither was an option for
a good loving human to choose.
Yet Hook line and sinker,
the masses took the bait.


Now what cha gonna do???

Stand up!
Remember your Hearts


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  1. We're trying, bless you for the power of your heart!



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