Monday, January 30, 2017

Are we the Dinosaurs?

Humanity is going the way of the Dinosaurs.

Living in a toxic soup
consuming toxins they are told is "Food".
Toxins in the water and air,
in the "body care" products,
in almost all of the
pushed upon us by Big Pharma,
in the name of making us
Vaccinations Designed to destroy our 
Natural Immunity.
And it appears that the Massses
are falling for it.
Humanity is slowly destroying itself,
(well actually Rapidly)
and it is fueled mostly by Greed...
Those who run the System,
pushing all the crap on us,
destroying the environment,
and human, plant and animal health...
all to make a buck,
and maintain control.
And now with these recent
where folks have been manipulated to 
give up their Integrity,
and disconnect from their Truth,
from their souls,
out of a fear that has been 
into them, 
we have a disconnected population,
Fighting their Little Battles.
Because they are fighting the wrong battles.
They are fighting each other...
They believed they had to choose between Ignorant,
or Evil..
and now they fight with each other.
As if either Ignorant or Evil was any option.
You wanna fight for a cause?
Then stand together against those that gave you
a "choice" between two things
no person with Integrity
could choose...
Yet the masses believed with much passion,
that they must choose
"the lesser of two evils".
What a fucking Joke.
Cmon, WAKE UP!!
You were manipulated...
and if you voted for either "Choice" you were given,
it was because of one of two things?
You were Ignorant of the reality of the "Options",
you were made so frightened that you
honestly believed that
you needed to choose,
"The lesser of Evils".
So you gave up your Integrity.

But here's the thing,
the Bigoted Ignorance of Trump,
is as destructive as the
Evil of Hillary.

Neither was an option.

A population that has given up their Integrity,
will allow things that no good person
would ever even consider.

The real power behind all the destruction,
that has been wrought upon Creation,
since day 1
has not been evil leaders,
but rather entire populations
that have given up their Integrity,
because of Fear,
and blindly supported things
which they did not believe in.

I realize I'm being redundant here,
with my previous post,
but the Importance....
the gravity of the situation,
needs to be Understood.
You want to go fight against Trumps stupidity?

Where were you when Hillary was 
orchestrating the Bombing of Babies,
for the profit of her friends.

You know,
out of sight out of mind,
doesn't really work any more.

We are One World.

The Internet has made it possible for us to Know,
what is happening with our Brothers and Sisters
across the globe.
Our News media only lies for the 
"party line".
If you get worked up by what they are throwing at you,
We All Lose.
Become informed...
Quit protecting your past lame ass decisions,
and take a real stand.
Stand against the evil and corruption that
shoved Hillary and Trump down your gullible throats.
Regain your Integrity,
remember your Hearts,
listen to your souls,
and spit in the face of the Fear
that has been Fabricated
to manipulate you.
Turn off the fucking TV,
turn off the News...
I mean seriously folks,
my wife tells me that there are folks out there
that don't know just how Evil
Hillary is,
or how....
Ignorant Trump is.
Then you know what,
don't freakin vote unless you do your research first.
And I don't mean by
listening to the News or reading the paper...
That's all smoke and mirrors.
All you have to do is look at Hillarys History...
Piggie Piggie Piggie, Evil Piggie.
Straight up Nasty.
a complete Buffoon.

So come on people, 
time to regain your senses....
stand against the real Evil.
Stand against those that manipulate you,
that poison you and your families for profit,
that destroy our only planet,
for Greed.
Admit your mistake....
and regain your Truth.
You can not support that which you do not believe in,
and keep your Integrity...

Do I seem disgruntled?
Well that's because I am.
Humanity, that I love so much,
is destroying itself, 
via Ignorance
and lack of Integrity.
And all those that supported Trump,
refuse to see the Truth.
And all those that supported the 1%'s
Minion Number 1,
refuse to see the Truth.

Stop taking the poisons,
stop believing the Fear that they sell you,
regain your Souls....

or we will go into oblivion,
like the dinosaurs.

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