Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Most Important Quality for Humans to Cultivate and Embrace

There is one quality, 
above all others
 that humans need to cultivate
 and embrace.
And if we don't,
we're in real trouble.

We are all,
 each of us 
with a Unique Purpose, 
with a special gift to the All
that no "other" can give.
And that we must,
so The All
can Evolve.

And that Gift is our Souls
Purest Expression.

But we live in a Society
where the Illusion
of a "Norm" exists,
and is given 
Godlike Reverence.

You know I think all the Churches
and Schools
Should have Plaques on their walls,
speaking their Reverence 
to their True God,
and his True Name....

Which should be,


Good ol Norm.

He he he

Yeah, "we pledge allegiance
to the Almighty Norm,"
and those who stray

will be harshly Ostracized. 

Fuck Norm
and the Bowlegged Horse he road in on.

Norm is a Lie,
Norm is actually
worse than Satanic,
after all the Satan archetype
aids in the plan of Evolution,
even if we judge that 
Direction of the Evolution
(even though it's Equally important".

is all about
Halting Evolution,
(what I consider the True Evil)
making a little box here
where you can feel comfortable
and Fit In....

...To a nice tiny Prison,
Going Nowhere...
and even getting smaller.

No friends, 
Norm is the enemy...
Norm halts
"Us All" that is,
at least slows it Down.

And right now Norm
is really forcing himself on the Masses.

"To keep em in the box,
you gotta make em 
afraid to go outside."

And Norm does this very well.

Norm was created by a few...
counter-evolutionary souls
a long time ago,
with the sole purpose of 
controlling the Masses
and keeping them as subservient Sheep...
Their hard work
benefiting Greatly 
the few counter evolutionary souls,
while the sheep,
eat scraps from their Tables.

"Sheepie be Happy,
just give em a big screen TV,
fool em into believing they have choices,
a fleece em..."

"And keep em distracted,
keeping them afraid of each other,
and Fighting among themselves,"
this is the key to those
counter evolutionary souls,
in keeping 99.9999%
of the population
and blind to it.

They control the media,
they control the schools,
they control the Industry,
and they control the 

Which control our minds
and emotions....

They control the Masses.

Last year the masses were tested,
by the Piggies.
They were very deftly orchestrated,
to become divided...
Then they were given a choice,
to choose the person that Norm 
tells them they should Revere,
and Trust,
and basically put their lives in the hands of.

And the Choice they were given
was a choice between
Pure Evil
and Pure Ignorance..

Quite the Archetypes.

And then Bernie,
for those who
who wanted to look beyond Norm,
and hoped he might champion that....
Who knows???

But they divided 
with Fear and Deceptions,
the people into these two camps,
where only the evil
and ignorant
could tread
without giving up
that most important quality.
And yet the masses ventured into these camps,
leaving the most important quality
outside the Gates.

So millions were led by 
fear and deception,
to silence the voices in their hearts...
and souls,
and listen to,
and be guided by,
Fear and Lies.

Ouch !!!

And once again I bring up Nazi Germany,
and Manifest Destiny in the Americas...
Where the Piggies
using Fear
caused great Havoc, Death and Destruction
to Innocent Masses of people.
These Horrors, and so many others,
orchestrated by 
Getting the Masses to quit listening
to their hearts and souls,
but rather listening to Fear and 
manipulated separative thoughts.

There is nothing more Malliable
than a Population that has given up
this most Important Quality.

I'm gonna give you a clue right now,
"If it Divides you,
from others,
that is the wrong direction.
If it unites you as a people,
as a whole....
that is a the right Direction....
well, for a lot of us...
I gotta give Respect,
to those who are not seeking Unity,
to the Piggies...
Because they have that,
"most important quality"...

Now I'll define the quality,
before I name it.

With this Quality
your actions 
represent your souls expression
at any given moment.

Your actions and thoughts and Feelings,
are in congruence with
your souls expression
at that moment.
(our souls are always evolving, 
so in each moment with this quality,
we are congruent.

This quality is not to be swayed,
by that which is contrary to the
individual souls purpose.
We speak from our hearts and souls,
and we act from our hearts and souls.
We Choose
with our hearts and souls.

So we are at an important Time Now.
Where each of us has to make
a very important Choice..

It is not a choice between following
"good or evil,"
or being this or that...

It is simply the choice,
for all of us,


Fuck Norm.

And with this quality 
we are
with our True Selves,
our Souls.

If we do this does not mean
we are a good person....

not at all,

some people are born to be assholes,
that's their job...
and by doing it,
they have the quality I speak of..

The Most Important Quality

It's not my place to judge
what you appear to be....and do.
If you are in integrity
with your soul,
no matter what your souls unique expression 
happens to be...
Then I thank you..

We are All One Thing,
only separated from each other
by our Souls unique Separate Expressions.
Separate Cells making The "ALL"
And the most important quality for us to
is being 
true to our Souls.
And right now,
in this very unique time,
Us All
is Culminating...
and this causes
"the Quickening"
Which is a much amplified evolution
for all Souls.
There was a Lie,
"thanks Norm"
that we must all strive to
"be Good",
to be 
This or That...
But this was a most destructive lie...
It separated many
from their souls.
In this time now, 
with the Quickening,
 Losing one's soul,
is a much greater possibility...

Wow, it just dawned on me that
stealing folks from their Souls,
is Norms Prime Directive. 

The Separation becomes the Unity
when each person accepts their Truth.

You know Norm is currently controlling,
Most of the population,
because most of the population,
instead of listening and taking Direction
from their Souls,
are taking it from 

We have been taught,
not to be very "Different"..
to pretty much strive to all
fit nicely in our
chosen communal separative

But here's the thing I keep warning,
"Those boxes,
where the windows are covered and sealed,
and sentries of Fear guard the doors..
Are sitting on the Freakin Railroad tracks
and a Train is coming...
and everybody's just
la dee dah..."
"Norm is Good,
all hail Norm."

Integrity means
acting in congruence
with your souls,
with your most core beliefs...

Those of us done with the Separation
on the return to Unity,
Consciously seek 

Everybody else can just keep seeking
whatever their souls are telling them to seek.
But Norm,
has no place in the evolution of 
Us All.

Norm is the only enemy,
shared by All.

So How do we defeat Norm?

Well, as I said Norm has controlled us
via fear...and lies.
Emotion, and erroneous thought.
Emotion = Belly
Thought = Head

So we Listen with our 

We practice the quelling of emotion,
and the cessation of thought...

We learn and Practice Meditation. 


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