Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Spiritual Path is THE UNDOING

This started out as a reply on a Spiritual Forum...
but went beyond that...
Consciousness always MOVES ....
 But Evolution of Consciousness is Circularesque (h e he). 
A soul begins it's journey seeking to find it's place
 in the WEB of it All.
 This is every souls purpose...
To find it's Unique Separate Expression. 
 This is the First Half of every souls journey. Through Duality the soul collects that which will Define who it is in the Tapestry.  
 This is that part of evolution dominated by the "Pairs of Opposites". 
This is where Duality Reigns..
.....and through this ...
.. vacillating between the Poles..
..through searching for what feels good..
..and seeking that out..
.. and Fearing what doesn't feel good,
 and shunning that....
 ...eventually that soul makes it's
 Culminated Outward Expression
 in the Web.

  It culminates in Form, one could say. 

 And at that wild and crazy point....what we call the "Spiritual " Life....Begins, (though the Truth is, it's ALL Spiritual Path once we remove the Duality from it and we're just at that point here where the wheel has made it's full half turn, and  NOW,  the Building of Form, is Reversed.).   But it's "the wheel turning back upon itself "... the journey now, is Back.....through our "Collection".... and learning to  Perceive that which we had Accepted into our Definition via a Judgment made in Duality, 
with Love....
with out the Judgments .

You know our so called "Spiritual Path"
is just our Path into Form
Going in the other Direction.....

I just went out and picked some green beans
 by the moonlight....and it occurred to me as I came back to this that, The Evolution of a Soul is like
 Like rolling up a ball of yarn, (after you made that yarn from Fiber of various sorts that you had collected and spun during your with Eternity.
  And then.... you get to the end...
The ball is all rolled up.
And then you start unraveling it....
And you are seeing again the
Fiber that built it....
But now you see it...
with Love
Beyond Duality...
And you unravel that Ball of Yarn that is "YOU"
all the while knowing,
deep down....
that you are heading into ONENESS.

What had once Defined you...
judgments of Good and Bad.
Is now your path 
to that Oneness...
And it's always a test,
Because even once  "OUR DIRECTION" changes..
And we have been officially admitted to the 
"Spiritual Path". he he
You know one could say,
to be Concise,
The Undoing
of All we have ever
in this long journey through Eternity

The Spiritual Path 

he he he

And once you are Undone...

You are ONE.

Now I'm gonna take this to the next level here.
Forum Readers can stop here if they don't want this Rabbit Hole.

My Vision
that explains Everything to me...
that put everything in Balance and Focus...
There is a part of that Vision that
I remembered wrong...
And the Difference is Significant.
I think I wrote some about it a time back.
But it was concerning the Evolution of the Soul..
And in my Mind I had built a picture 
of the soul being ...split off (which it does)..
then it's fill it's position in the Web.
And I saw it expanding out to fill the space that was there for it....and it expanded until it basically was infringing upon the next soul to the Web...Which was Split off at about the same time,
and has been growing in size...just like the other...
and so at this point ...they Merge.
But I went back and read my original Translation of the vision...
This is Intense

The Boundaries of your "Cell"
are determined on the day you split off.
And you grow to fill that.

Holy Crap!!

It's like the "Cell wall" is the first thing
to "Become".
Then the quality of that cell...
Fills in the space...the endoplasm.
Then it's like the cell begins metabolizing things
and it starts taking on Hues and colors...
and it get's darker...
and darker in all these varied Hues...
Then one day it reaches critical mass..
it can not expand any further..
or become any Darker.
(is this the "ring pass-not")?'s all Clicking Now.
Then it starts lightening up..
Getting Brighter and Brighter...
Then it gets so Bright, that it's Boundaries, the Cell Wall......disappears.
And it Merges with
all those before it...and with it, 
that  have Merged.

They become part of what I call,
"The Spiritual Sun"
and that which lies
at the Center of Creation...

Next level is ...way too much:

Now, just as we are Cells...
That fill up....
then Merge.
So does,
God that is..
God Evolves
and Reincarnates
Just like each of the Cells
that Make God. 
God also reaches Critical mass...
And this only happened fairly recently...
And the repercussions are exponential.

So, once we Evolve beyond Form
and Merge with the Spiritual Sun....
there is still one greater state to Reach...
and that will be the Point where
reaches Critical Mass...
Then for a Brief Flash...
We know our Ultimate Truth....
The it starts all over.....
there is a Blueprint..
the DNA from Last time....

I've Bathed in that Spiritual Sun Before.
And that Bliss, that Ecstasy ...which seems beyond anything....
Well I can't Imagine what it'll feel like when the Whole is Illuminated.

The Spiritual Sun is the whole of merged souls
BUT there is still another ....Level..
Where EVERY single soul in existence
When God Reaches Critical Mass...

Can't imagine that one. 

But looking forward to it.  he he 

You know, Spiritual People" 
would like to believe that they 
have always been Climbing those Stairs,
always have been 
Ascending into the Light..
but until they face the fact that they
They once built their homes
within Dreams
 that didn't really exist. 
They Once Danced 
with Duality...

Until Spiritual folks Realize that
It's all Spiritual...

they will be Stuck.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Follow it Back

This following is a reply on a forum to the person questioning how to deal with Past Life creations of Karma.
"I see good suggestions here.
 I would say, if you have a past life memory that you are conscious of and you feel is reflecting...or expressing itself as a problem in this Life.....Deal directly with that.
 But here's the thing...
all those,"past life" Karmic projections
 (painful past life experiences) 
 are what is at the heart of all the current Karmic expressions
 ( otherwise known as your Life). 

The Practice of True Contemplation"   upon the current "situation"....will lead the one who so contemplates to the Source of the Expression 
( Karmic TRIGGER).

 Pretty much Silence....and Will.
Learn True Contemplation....and eventually Everything is Revealed.  Patanjili Perfected the Science and passed it Down , often called Raja Yoga.  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjili are a good study source for anyone ....seeking the Truth that is...beyond Thought...and Emotion. 
 And contemplation is JUST SO FREAKIN COOL.
  Here's the Deal:
EVERYTHING has a Pattern...
and a Blueprint.
The existence we see around us,
 and as us...
is the current end result of a long pattern.
Humans lose sight of the Pattern...and the Blueprint, because their action has always been.....
adding to it.
That changes at a certain point of human evolution.
 We cease Collecting
"Who we are"
and begin
discarding the Pieces we have collected.

And contemplation is a Process that
now aligns with the 
"direction of the soul".
It is now Possible.
And it's really ...
in description
Basically :

Be Silent in Mind
and Body.
Let BE
 Simply BE.

Easy, See?

When you learn to do this
and focus your Intention (will)
upon the Current ...problematic aspects of your current Life...which is simply the current end result of a Long long pattern...
you will follow the pattern
back to it's Source...
through all the pieces that built the Form
that it currently exists in your world as.

Contemplation is achieved by one pointed , TOTALLY SILENT IN MIND AND BODY
 and then
 Letting Go To..
whatever we place our contemplation on.
Then the Journey is ....
Back through the pattern...
to the Blueprint.... 
and even beyond that,
(which is the Ultimate Goal).
The Source and the All.

So in summation I'm just saying,
Past Life Traumas reflect themselves in our current life's experience.
If we have a Coherent past life memory,
deal with it as you perceive it,
but if you don't have a distinct memory,
yet have reached that point in evolution where
you don't really feel like being Ruled by Karma anymore...... then
Contemplate your Life.
Follow the Expressions
back to the Roots.
And sit there Silently
with it for a While.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heart Disease The Cure

Heart Disease

Last night I wrote a post about healing,
and how all the bodies need to be dealt with.
Not just the Physical, 
but even more importantly
the Astral
the Etheric 
and the Mental.
Because all disease is rooted
primarily in the astral body. 
 I wrote that post last night because I was thinking
of a person I know who is pretty young,
and has heart disease...kind of major.
So I'm going to talk about where heart disease comes from.
Your Physician , 
who only deals with symptoms, and never causes
might inform you that your heart disease
is a cholesterol problem.
And thank God people are finally waking up to this.
Arterial Plaque made of Cholesterol,
is not caused by ingesting foods high in cholesterol,
or even from some cholesterol metabolism problem.
The cholesterol is trying to protect your arteries
from damages caused by CRAP that should never get
into your body..
I could go on a long rant about how this all works,
and why that theory is so terribly wrong,
but that info is "out there" now...finally,
and tonight I'm talking about causes....
not what isn't the cause.

So heart disease is very rooted in the Astral Body,
it exists in the Etheric body as controlled by the Mental, and or Astral body.
It is NEVER Rooted in the Physical body.
This is one reason why Physicians
don't really have a clue.

OK, the first rule about disease is:
It is always a lack of or over amplification
of energy within the major and minor chakras,
or energy bodies that lie ....etherically behind Glands and organs.
So, too much or too little juice,
and there will be a problem.
More often than not with the heart,
it is Too Little.

There are a lot of reasons for this....
energy deficit that causes eventual "disease" in the physical organ.

The person I was thinking of has strong heart energies,
Ignores them in favor of Thought and emotion.
If we ignore our Intuition
when it screams at us, we can develop heart problems.

Now I am a very good candidate for heart disease
for another reason. 
I have so freakin much love that it is scary.
I keep it locked up,
behind an energetic wall.
I'm really good at those energetic walls.
When I was in my 20's 
out of the need to survive in the world
while being way too Psychic...
I put one in the base of my spine.
(where the impressions entered my being..).
I knew then it would create serious problems..
and it did.
But that is another story, just an example.

We build walls within our etheric bodies,
based upon our astral bodies...
Karma carries these walls from Life to life until we demolish them.
I've written pretty extensively about this in relation to the breath before in this blog, because on an energetic level,
everything we have experienced
is reflected within us. If we judged the experience as "BAD"
we withhold our breath from it.
Experiences are tied to certain areas in our bodies.... our Judgments of "BAD" literally in time,
make us Sick.  
Because we withhold our breath from them, 
we tuck them away in dark places 
where we don't have to feel them..
we wall them off.... energetically.
Our mental body assisting our etheric body in the task,
as directed by our astral body.
This is why one of the most...or possibly the most powerful tool in our personal healing arsenal 
is right use of our breath.
If you do a search on this blog under the keywords "Breath into it", you will find 5 posts about this important Key.

So heart disease is generally rooted in emotion,
manipulated into being via the mental and etheric bodies...

Something that caused you to close off your heart, some pain,
could be lifetimes ago...that built a wall....
Fear of future pain based upon past pain.
Ignoring your intuition in favor of mind or emotion...
Ignoring Truth
There are many things that can cause heart disease...
and what your physician tells you,
is not one of them.

Some will say that it can be environmental toxins....
They will say this for many diseases of the body.
But it must be understood that these toxins
are not the cause...
they are a trigger.
You can ingest a toxin and get cancer in your liver, or lungs, or colon, or brain.... 
The toxin is an amplifier...
where the problem manifests is Astral,
If you have a problem with the idea of Karma
(which is understandable because the common ideas of it are basically wrong)...then do a search here...I'm sure I explained how it actually works and what it actually is somewhere here.
YEP, just checked, quite a few...
Most disease is Karmic...
either personal Karma,
or Group Karma.
Most communicable disease is Group Karma.
Most diseases of bodily systems,
Heart, Brain, Liver, Lungs...etc.
are personal Karma...
Your Doctor will never cure your heart disease...NEVER
he will treat the symptoms...
and you will be plagued with it from lifetime to lifetime until 
You gotta tear down the walls
you gotta let the Light into the dark places
where you've hidden the painful, or "Bad" things.
You have to let your heart speak
when it demands to be heard.

This is the only cure.

into the places you deny
into the places you hide
into the places you've tucked your pain
and fear, and hatred
into where you have put everything
every single thing you judge as, :Bad".

Total Healing A Shout Out to Healers

Total Healing

My Soul is compelling me to stay up,
 way too late to write this, so I guess I better.
The problem of modern medicine today is that it mostly
...well totally
only treats symptoms....
Not the causes.

The "Physician"
treats the physical body.
But the Truth is
we have 3 or 4 bodies
(depending on how you look at it.)
We have the Physical Body
the outward manifestation of
The Etheric Body
the Mental Body
The Astral Body.

OK, I'll briefly explain the different bodies
Physical: Pretty clear what that is, bones, skin, glands, organs etc.
Etheric:  The Electrical System of the body,
that body recognized by the Acupuncturis,t
the meridians and different energy centers (Chakras etc.)
The Astral Body: This could be called the 
"Desire/Fear/Emotional Body.
This body is also a body related to our Karma, and our DNA.
Shamen and psychotherapists deal mostly with this body.
 Mental Body: is that body made up of the mind and it's activity.
If we only treat one of these bodies,
the treatment is Flawed.
The Physician treats the Physical body..
if the "problem" is not purely physical,
due to an injury to the physical body...****
then the other bodies must be treated as well
to bring total healing.
**** it should be noted that even "accidents" very often have roots in the Astral Body.

Chiropractors and "Energy Healers" go a bit deeper than Physicians in that they 
are treating the physical body,
via the Etheric body.

Psychotherapists and Shamen deal mostly with the Astral and Mental bodies.

I would venture to say that most "dis-ease"
has it's roots in the Astral Body...
And in the....
Group Astral Body as is the case with Virus's,
and other communicable diseases.
Sadly unless we have a total mental freak out....
this body is rarely treated by Practitioners of Healing.
And even more sadly is that 
Very Often they do not TREAT it on the astral level,
but rather on the Physical,
via drugs that only affect the symptoms...
not the cause.
So as with Vaccinations,
which only treat a physical manifestation,
the cause will again manifest itself,
but not necessarily in the same old form.

So I would like to propose to you healers out there,
to broaden the scope of your Healing.
I don't believe that Healers that work in bodies other than the physical need to give overly much attention to healing on that level,
as I said, most manifestations of difficulty there,
are rooted in the other bodies.
But for you Etheric Body workers
( and it was you Lori that inspired this post).
I'd like you to begin to think of expanding
your arena. 
When you do the work you currently do on the etheric and physical levels,
and when you "release" the problem on those levels,
it creates a rare opening to the actual Cause,
the Astral Trigger,,,
So how can we dig deeper,
how can we release the Cause?

Is there currently a "science" out there
that would address this ?
That would be cool,
 and save us uncovering one. 
 This bears further contemplation,
which I don't have time for right now....

Consider and contemplate this my Healer Friends. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Article from Huffington post that was deleted

Copied from Huffington Post that they deleted...Paid Off???

The Deeper Reason Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton

 07/19/2016 10:18 pm 22:18:00 | Updated 7 hours ago

This post is hosted on the Huffington Post’s Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and post freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email.
The “lesser-of-evils” argument might not work for independent voters this year.
For those who hope for swift unity in the Democratic Party, there are reasons to believe it won’t happen if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.
While there are serious policy differences between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, a deeper fault line between their supporters must be acknowledged.
Certainly the two candidates remain far apart on issues that matter to progressives and independents — fracking, the TPP, tuition-free public colleges, universal single-payer healthcare, racist policing — to name just a few. Indeed, based on policy and political strategy, many independents and Democrats see Clinton as more like a traditional Republican. Many even see it as indicative of privilege if one supports Clinton over Sanders, given the current state of the economy and the environment. Many intelligent progressives see the two candidates as representing different social classes.
Nevertheless, a debate about policy differences only partially explains the disconnect between Clinton, on the one hand, and Democrats, independents, and progressives, on the other. Clinton has begun incorporating into her speeches many core issues of the Sanders campaign, including some mentioned above, but there remain deeper reasons many intelligent left-leaning voters remain unable to support Hillary Clinton: dishonesty and scandals.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

These deeper issues aren’t generally considered important by writers in the mainstream media. They paint Clinton’s dishonesty and scandals as Republican fabrications or as remnants of longstanding political vendettas that no longer matter. Writers, like yours truly, are generally accused of supporting the Republican if we even mention Clinton’s deeper shortcomings; we are also accused of sexism if we happen to be men.
So I will be attacked for writing this article. But I find it important nonetheless to try to help Democrats understand why, on a level deeper than just policy, intelligent non-sexist progressives and independents are generally unable to support Hillary Clinton.
First, it’s important to state that some of the scandals and darker rumors about Hillary and Bill Clinton are indeed the result of baseless political attacks. I’ve left those out of this article as much as possible.
Some Clinton scandals however are about real events, crimes, and misdemeanors, and those scandals are what must be acknowledged.
Just because a Republican says something doesn’t automatically mean that it’s false. Just because you don’t like the news that a messenger brings doesn’t mean that the messenger is wrong. Just because a journalist writes about the many reasons intelligent progressives are unlikely to support Clinton does not mean that that journalist is sexist or supports the atrocious and fraudulent candidacy of Donald Trump. Trump is very bad, and must be defeated, but that doesn’t automatically make Clinton good in the minds of independent and progressive voters.
The truth is that poll after poll finds that people across the political spectrum do not trust Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders polls way ahead of her on the topic of honesty and trustworthiness — by as much as 50 points — and if he’s the nominee, polls show he would unite the left and independents in a way that Hillary will not.
Voters find even Trump — who seems to concoct his own facts and policy positions during each and every speech — more trustworthy than Clinton, by 8 points and growing.
Corporate media pundits who write for publications supporting Clinton (I’m looking at you, New York Times, CNN, NPR, and MSNBC) shrug off these numbers as the simple product of longstanding attacks on her credibility by her opponents. This is exactly the kind of nonchalant dismissiveness and shoddy journalism that doesn’t wash with intelligent progressives and independents anymore. There are many, many politicians who have been in the public eye for decades; only a handful are seen to be as dishonest as Hillary Clinton.
It’s not rocket science. The unbiased history shows that she does lie and obfuscate more frequently than other politicians, and she has changed her policy positions more often than most.
Intelligent voters notice this. Clinton rarely seems to be speaking her mind. She appears to calculate before speaking what specific words she should use to kill off a line of questioning, rather than engage in open discussion.
Barack Obama once said, “Hillary Clinton will say anything, and change nothing.” These words resonated with voters in 2008, and they resonate again now.

What She Says, or What She Does

To really understand why non-sexist, intelligent progressives and independents are unable to support Clinton we have to look at some historical patterns that provide a basis for mistrust.
Author Michelle Alexander has eloquently explained that Hillary Clinton and her husband bear much responsibility for the rise of mass incarceration of African Americans and the “new jim-crow.” Alexander explores the uncomfortable awareness that the Clintons might be as racist as Trump, but just hide it better. When someone is viewed as dishonest, what they do and have done becomes much more important than what they say.
Intelligent progressives also know that because of who Hillary is, as journalist Naomi Klein puts it, she is unfit and unable to address the crucial issues of climate change and wealth inequality. In other words, regardless of what she says, her longstanding connections to corporations such as Walmart, Monsanto, and Goldman Sachs formed her worldview long ago and she is unwilling—and unable—to change. What is worse is that she can speak out on the campaign trail as if she would challenge these corporations, but whether or not she would is less important than the sense that she is dishonest and secretive and will say anything to get elected.

Her Damn Emails

Let’s look at a very recent, pertinent event. FBI Director James Comey reported to the nation this month on the findings of an FBI investigation into Clinton’s secret use of a private email server to conduct official business.
Many people remember Hillary last year answering questions about this secret server. Even Bernie Sanders said, “We’re tired of hearing about your damn emails.”
It turns out virtually everything she said last year about her secret server was contradicted by Comey and the FBI: 
To neutral observers, and to intelligent progressives, this scandal isn’t “much ado about nothing,” as some diehard Clinton supporters maintain.
The fact that she set up her own email server and used her own personal email accounts isn’t just probable evidence that she broke numerous parts of the Espionage Act and thus might no longer qualify for security clearance. It’s an even bigger deal when one considers the allegations, discussed below, that Clinton ran the state department partly for personal enrichment by accepting large donations to the Clinton Foundation from repressive countries for which she approved weapons deals. If she sent classified information via her personal email account or communicated secretly with countries or foreign nationals who were donating to the Clinton Foundation, and then wiped her private server, this could point to serious corruption.

An Honest Appraisal of Scandals, Fraud, and Worse

Dozens of scandals have swirled around the Clinton’s rise through Arkansas and national politics. It would be difficult to compile a full appraisal of these scandals, as there are so many, but doing a short survey of them should go a long way toward explaining why the “lesser-of-evils” argument probably won’t work for independent and progressive voters considering their options in November.
I’ve chosen four that I think best provide an understanding of the state of mind of independent and progressive voters.
1. Election Rigging and Fraud. This is a current scandal on the minds of voters today. As has been documented extensively in both the corporate and alternative media, this Democratic primary was rigged in countless ways for Clinton from the very beginning. The media began counting superdelegates in October as if they’d already voted even though today they still haven’t; the DNC performed something shockingly similar to money laundering for the Clinton campaign to circumvent donation maximums and funnel millions to her campaign; the debates were reduced, canceled, or scheduled at times few people would watch, which prevented Bernie Sanders from becoming better know earlier in the primary; and the primary rules as a whole were written and rewritten by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who happens to be a longtime Clinton friend and ally.
Even worse: voter rolls were mysteriously purged in many states; caucus rules were changed suddenly; and actual votes were flipped by the thousands in many states, according to scientific analysis.
In nearly every single instance, the election fraud and rigging of the rules favored Clinton.
The fact that Clinton benefited so much from all of this and never said anything about it, for many, is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s one thing if an imperfect system is a little bit unfair here and there. It’s another thing if the rules are systematically broken, always in favor of one candidate, and the beneficiary simply takes the spoils and runs. Mathematicians and election analysts have shown that when likely fraud is taken into account, Bernie Sanders may be rightfully winning right now going into the convention. At the very least, if Clinton values party unity, she should call for investigations and, where merited by evidence, request recounts or even revotes. That would go a long, long way to building party unity. Most voters want, first and foremost, a basic sense that the election has been fair.
This scandal has gotten little corporate media coverage so far, but it has beencovered extensively in alternative media. Were Clinton viewed generally as trustworthy, this might not matter so much, but as it is, it’s a reason many independent voters remain uneasy, if not outright suspicious, about Hillary.
2. The Clinton Foundation. Mentioned above, this scandal is problematic even from a nonpartisan standpoint. There is a disturbing correlation between large donations accepted by the Clinton Foundation from repressive regimes, on the one hand, and enormous weapons deals approved for those same repressive regimes by the Clinton-led State Department, on the other.
To an honest, nonpartisan observer, it appears raising money for her foundation was at least as important as sending arms to repressive Middle Eastern regimes.
Here’s a short segment that covers this scandal in a vituperative but informative documentary by investigative journalist Abby Martin.
What Hillary Clinton Really Represents, an investigative documentary
by Telesur investigative journalist Abby Martin
 3. Drug Money in Arkansas. Of the many other scandals surrounding the Clintons’ rise to power in Arkansas and Washington, DC— I’m leaving out anything to do with Bill Clinton’s affairs and alleged sexual violence — this one scandal, to many progressives and independents, is the most damning. You don’t have to be a Republican to become suspicious when you learn the role the Clintons played in the longstanding importation of cocaine into the rural Mena, Arkansas airport by the CIA; this took place as part of the Iran-Contra scandal, while Clinton was governor of Arkansas.
The corporate media at first ignored the Mena story, but as numerous independent sources reported that the Clintons’ reaped benefits from this cocaine trafficking, it eventually broke through into the corporate media too, where it was only somewhat contained. Millions in cash were evidently laundered through a state agency the Clintons created — the Arkansas Development Finance Authority — and some of the money was used to fund their political rise.
4. Dead People. This one is the most difficult to contemplate, most difficult to prove, and most difficult to ignore. I chose it because it would seriously stain a Clinton candidacy in the eyes of many independent voters come November.
Ninety-one people who have been close, politically or personally, to the Clintons have died in unusual or unexplained circumstances during the Clintons’ time in Arkansas and national politics. Not included in that devastating count are two people who died just in the past month: Young DNC data director Seth Rich, who was managing Democratic Party voter records and had a passion for election integrity, was murdered via four shots to the back in Washington DC; and John Ashe, former UN President who was about to testify in a corruption case surrounding a Chinese businessman with connections to the Clintons, died in New York apparently from a dumbbell falling on his neck.
Please note that I’m not making an allegation about either of these particular murders, just conveying the horrifying sense of this strange series of deaths. This piece recounts forty or so of the worst, if you want to read more. Perhaps it’s enough to say that many independent and progressive voters view the Clintons as actual criminals. For many people, there’s just too much evidence to reject out of hand these deaths as—to use the most anti-intellectual epithet of our time—a ‘conspiracy theory.’ It’s an ugly picture indeed.

Aura of Secrecy and Avoidance

Ultimately Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers must know that she either has things to hide or simply fears speaking freely. Whatever the reason, she hasn’t held any public news conferences this entire year. Let me say that again: While running for the highest office in the land, Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a single public news conference where the media can ask her questions.
This aura of avoidance adds to a perception that she’s dishonest and secretive. Whether or not she’s hiding something, avoiding the press provides another reason to think that she is hiding something. The easiest way to dispel perceptions of dishonesty and secrecy is simply to speak more and to speak more openly. Hillary Clinton doesn’t do this, and so we’re all left with our own assumptions about her.
Some voters will assume that she has nothing to hide and that all of this is a Republican or sexist plot to discredit her.
Other intelligent progressives and independents of all ages, races, and genders assume that she does have something to hide. There seem to be scandals within scandals surrounding her, and, in a nutshell, this is why so many intelligent people do not trust her and cannot support her.
If Clinton becomes the nominee, this mistrust does not bode well for party unity, and it might prove foolish to expect the “lesser of evils” argument to work in an election against Donald Trump, as ridiculously bad as his candidacy is. Many progressives and independents will vote for Green Party nominee Jill Stein, write in Bernie Sanders on their ballots, or simply stay home.
If the Democratic Party delegates, on the other hand, cast the remaining 700 votes to award Bernie Sanders the nomination at the convention in Philadelphia, they will nominate a candidate not only more trustworthy than Donald Trump, but a historically honest, trustworthy, and scandal-free candidate. Bernie Sanders will likely appeal to progressives and independents across the spectrum, unite the entirety of the Democratic party, and defeat Donald Trump in a November landslide.