Monday, September 26, 2016

Integrity.... A most mis-understood word and Very Needed Quality

I must admit I have some major problems with the English Language.  I love reading things written hundreds of years ago, when words meant what they were designed to mean. Now one word can mean 100 different things to 100 different people.  The true meaning never changed....the Origin of the word is still the same, but humans apply their dualistic judgments to Every Freakin thing that they perceive...and simple meanings ..are lost within these judgments.  And this is a problem because clear communication is a very important thing.  I'm 63 years old or so, and the meanings I learned of words...the meanings I have when I speak these words..... have changed over time to mean what people think they mean, and often these meanings are vastly different than what the origin of the word intended.  In just a few hundred years our language has devolved to such a sad point that I fear in another 200 we'll be speaking in Grunts...and nobody will have a clue what the other person is talking about.  And even the dictionary, instead of adhering to the original meanings of a word,  "Updates" these meanings every year based upon the common (mis) understandings of the words.  I've talked about the problem of this before with words like Compassion...which has totally lost it's original meaning...and contemplation...But today I want to talk about a very Important word to me. And that is "Integrity".
The true meaning of this word has been almost entirely buried in dualistic ideas that have nothing to do with the meaning. The origin of the word is from  from French intégrité or Latin integritas, from integer ‘intact’ . Now let me use a Wikipedia definition, which is fairly consistent across different dictionary's to illustrate how dualistic judgments alter simple definitions: ..." The word integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. In this context,integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness" deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character."
OK, This is pretty close to a nice archetype understanding of the word. Being Congruent....having our actions match our thoughts and our words.  This IS INTEGRITY.
And we judge this in our dualistic view generally as a Good quality. We say it is good to have Integrity, to have our actions and words match our deeper convictions.  OK ?
Now here is where the problem occurs.  We feel it is "Good" to be in Integrity..... and from there it gets extrapolated that being in our Integrity means we are Good. And in fact more of the Wikopedia and other definitions goes on to say,"Integrity is the quality of being honest".... OK...that makes sense, it fits with the original "being whole or complete"....If we are honest we speak and act in line with our deepest held convictions..... Now the next line is where the problem arises, where the truth of this simple word becomes lost through a dualistic judgment......" and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. "  Now having strong moral principals has ZERO to do with the origin of the word..... somewhere along the line somebody decided that it was a good moral thing to be in our integrity...and therefore being in our integrity meant we were of strong moral character.  NOPE!...
AAACCCKKK!!!  Integrity simply means Congruence within who we are. Our Core Beliefs, our words and our actions......
For instance if one of our  core beliefs is that theft and murder are wrong, we will be in our Integrity by not stealing or murdering or promoting these things in any way. Simple.  
But here's the rub. Not everyone believes this. Charlie Manson, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc. Had core beliefs that were quite contrary to this.... They truly believed in the depths of their being that the atrocities that they brought upon Mankind....were Right.  They spoke and acted in congruence with what they believed, even though most folks would disagree and felt their ideas were just plain Evil. But they didn't think they were evil, they thought they were doing the right thing. They were in Integrity with their core beliefs...
They were being totally Honest about who they were.. They were being "Honest and consistent in their character".
My whole life, my understanding of the word Integrity has meant, being honest and consistent in character" having ones actions and words express their core beliefs.
But this has gotten me in trouble with younger folks who have come to believe that Having Integrity means you are a good guy. And this all fits in with the lack of understanding of human evolution as perpetrated by the "Church" and even certain Spiritual Groups. Where there is a denial or....extreme hatred of the whole first turn of the evolutionary wheel, that part we could say that is motivated by personal satisfaction and shunning pain.   Because the thing is, not only saints, or those seeking the Light can be in integrity.   Self Serving Egotistical just plain nasty mo fo's can be in Integrity, if they are acting congruently upon their beliefs.
So I got in a lot of trouble because I stated that it seemed to me that a lot of Trump supporters were more in Integrity than Hillary supporters because they truly were Racist Bigots, and spoke and acted in line with that...but that I believed that few Hillary supporters were War Mongering for the profit of the Elite, GMO ingesting promoting, Big Oil supporting, Big Ag supporting Big bank supporters, YET, they were promoting a person that was, thus they were not acting in Integrity with their core beliefs. (Though I believe most have simply been hypnotized by the elite's media's smoke and mirrors)  It seemed an obvious observation.  I mean here I'm saying these folks that do not believe in these life destroying things are not acting in line with their beliefs, whereas these Bigoted racist separatist folks are.....   I'm not calling the Hillary supporters any nasty names, I'm not saying they are not good people...I'm simply saying they are not being congruent with their core beliefs. 
So here's the Thing:  I Feel the Connection, I feel and have a deep Love for Humanity and Life on this planet, as one organism. When I see Harm done, death and destruction caused to part of Us All, because of the Greed of another part...I seek Homeostasis. 
How have I done this?  By speaking against the one doing harm, and addressing and attempting to educate those who are complicit in it, most often unwittingly. I want to Expose the Aggressor. 
And the problem I see in the world, more than the lack of Integrity in Good People.
I believe that there is good at the heart of most folks, that most do not want to cause harm. 
Now think about the NAZI ...Holocaust ? 
Did this happen because everybody in Germany were Bigoted Racist horrible hateful murdering folks who were acting in their Integrity to change the world to their Core principles, OR did it happen because a lot of Good loving honest honorable folks were NOT acting in Integrity with their core beliefs. 
You see, I don't fear the Trump supporters, I believe there simply are not enough bigoted racists to make him a threat to Humanity. I fear more the Good Folks not acting in their Integrity and allowing and even supporting an Evil Minion of the 1% to take control of the most powerful government in the world. 
Now the question is, why do "good" folks relinquish their Integrity?  And the primary answer I see to this is....FEAR.  Hitler used Fear to Neuter the masses so he could perpetrate his horrors.  Now it is the 1%, using Fear....a fear of their Representative Player Donald Trump, having him act like Hitler and speak like scare the good folks out of their Integrity, in order to support their choice(Hillary) for the person to further their "New World Order"....based in pure Greed and Evil.  Pretty sneaky huh? 
So I don't have as much of a problem with Trump people, I understand evolution, I know that souls first evolve deeper into darkness before they turn back to the Light...And trying to change Pointless....seriously.... And they are simply acting in "Integrity" with their "ego" self serving beliefs. And by doing so will more quickly reach that point of Culmination where they can change direction and head back to the Light.  
You see the "Church" for thousands of years has judged and ...punished folks simply for the place they were in Evolution....this did not EVER make them "Better" people.  And my desire to see Peace and Love and Light Reign over Humanity and the Planet, will not be served by attempting to try and force what can not be forced..... 
I have known since I was 20 that my responsibility was to the "Fence Sitters". To those who have Reached that Culmination is Form....who are changing direction upon the wheel.... Who are no longer collecting that separate and Unique position in the Web via  dualistic Judgments, but who are now facing what appears to be a new and foreign Path, although it is the same path they have come up, only it is now seen from the opposite direction...and instead adding judgments as a way to maneuver through it all and define themselves, they are removing those judgments and learning to see through Love instead of Fear and Desire and all their Kin. 
I have known my responsibility ....and shirked it quite well, keeping my head down and rarely being in Integrity with my purpose.... Because, well.... whenever I have....and I've tried to communicate through words as I understand them.... they are not understood..... And the repercussions have made my life very .....uncomfortable. 
When I went back to College in my older age my professors were always bringing me up as an example because in all my work, I was very concise. I could say in a few words what the younger folk  would need to write in long essays. And that is because I believe the language has devolved so much, just in my where the very simple and archetypal meanings of words, have been lost in a Morass of Blithering dualistic interpretations vastly devoid of much the original meaning.  
SO, in Summation, if I use the word "Integrity" it means, 
" having ones actions be in line with their core beliefs". 
And I believe this is a most important and needed attribute in the world today.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm an asshole ...

I am an Aries
If you know Esoteric Astrology
you know 
My Soul is Ruled by the 4th Ray...

"Harmony through Conflict"..


And my personality is ruled by 
the 6th Ray.

And what I am devoted to..
is those I Love.
and this Planet
and everything on it.
And who I Love
when you really get down to it
on the planet,
once you 
"Get down to it"
We are All One Thing.

And I know that,
 not just as an idea in my mind
but as a Reality, a Truth
in the Depth of my Being.





So this dang Personality
operating under the 6th Ray,
influenced by my Soul
operating under
Harmony through Conflict.

Wants to 
for all those upon it.

And this is no small task

And the Will
the Intention in my Soul.



My personality Lives and moves and has it's being
within a world that is 

We've talked about this
for the individual.

And the Culmination (in form)
as I've started calling it
is the darkest ...densest point of
a Souls Evolution...
and Now
The whole Thing is going to Culminate..


Crappy times
A decension into Darkness
At the same time
every soul that has culminated
that has evolved as far into a separate unique expression
as it possibly could...
is now seeking return to the Light
return to the Oneness
Return to Real Compassion
and the Return to Love.
Ascension instead of decension 

But this new Path of the Soul
this New way of Being
of seeking Oneness over Separation
of Seeking Harmony
over dischord...
Is mostly without a Road Map.

That Path of Selfishness
suddenly flips to 
the Path of Selflessness.

They don't teach you this in school.
or sadly even Church.

And here I am
In a world where the Darkness
Controls the Governments
Controls the Media
Controls "Modern Medicine"
And defines the "Reality"
As most people come to know it.

I KNOW the Oneness
I have Bathed in
The Light.
to stop the Suffering.

But I see how that Darkness
that controls the "Doings" of the World
That makes Wars for it's "Profit"
That murders innocents
and destroys entire long lived Civilizations
for profit and power....

.......That Destroys the planet
for Profit and Power.

And that destroys Human Health
for profit and power.

I see
how it is inevitable. 

The thing is
this Unique time we are in
Where so many masses are Culminating at Once
they are finishing up their "Business"
in Creation..
They are as dense in 
dualistic matter
as they will ever be.

Many are done with it....
but do not yet see the road back Home.
I call these folks,
"Fence Sitters".

But because of this Density
of dualist matter that has never been quite so ....
HUGE in mass
all those things
collected via
and Desire
are manifesting outwardly
in all sorts of freakin Evil ways.

this is MY PLANET
This is my Family.

An Aires has a difficult time
not addressing this.

So I do.

I speak out LOUDLY

and sometimes speaking out loudly
is seen by those who constantly live in Fear...
And the majority of folks
 these days
 live in Fear....
they make choices
based in Duality...
even the Fence sitters do this.

I'm an asshole.

Oh Man, 
I guess I need to make the
evolution of Soul Explanation here:

The Evolution of the Soul 
has always been explained
by the Mystics
as a wheel that turns
then turns back upon itself.
The first turn of the wheel,
we are moving further into
We are, via duality
creating who we are to be,
creating a Unique Separate Expression
which is our Souls
Primary Intent.
As we make the first turn
we collect
based upon our Desires
and our Fears.
and maybe a smidgen of Love..
We gather this and that and become denser and denser,
until we're done
Baked.... Finished
This is the end of the first turn of the evolutionary wheel.
the wheel begins to turn
Well it's more like
the souls is travelling the edge of the wheel,
the same path it came up..
but it's going the other way.
Now the souls 
Primary Intent
is to Return to the Oneness
that it spawned from
in it's beginning.
To Remove all the Dualistic Judgments
that had defined it
and confined it to
it's unique position 
in the Web.

You don't get a lot of Help with this
in the world today,
in days gone by we were 
burned and drowned and tortured and killed,
for being interested in it.

And right now
Creation is at a tipping point.
I see this, I know this..
and that is like a curse
to an Aires
that wants to
Make it all Right.

In the United States and many places across the world,
we are told that we have a Democracy.
That the people choose their Government.
That they choose
who will control their Lives
and the lives of their children,

But it's a joke so Cosmic in size.
Because so many prisoners,
do not know they are in prison.
The Slaves believe they are free.
And since this is the US
and so the Bully of the World,
those who will control the lives 
and deaths
of the masses of Humanity..
.....and the Fate of the Planet.
We each as citizens become complicit
in the Evil done
by our Governments
for the profit of the 1%
that owns the Governments....

We are told this Lie
of being Free
and many buy it.
They believe that the choices they have been given
the mere idea that they have a choice,
makes them free.
Even though
they did not pick the choices they are given.

Right now in the US there is a Presidential Election 
coming up.

And if we Understand
what is Behind this whole....


we have a better chance of
Waking Up from it.

We'll look at it on a more Archetype Level..

Right now in this
Creation where we all exist.
This Rare Culmination
because there is a compression to it,
which I must have talked about in the past.
The Source of
"the Quickening"....

We have basically 3 Expressions
in dominance
First there are those
on the first turn of the wheel.
Whose Souls intention
is "ego's"
They are descending into 
deepest density.
They are motivated by Fear, Desire, 
and all of fear and desire's children.
(hatred, greed, envy, lust, etc.)
They are the Controlling elite
and their Minions.

Then we have those who
 having reached this deepest density...
That suddenly are going in the opposite direction,
and have either chosen to sit on the fence for a while....
....there's millions of them there now,
compared to a hundred years ago
when there was just hundreds.
stuff be happening Fast.
Now these Fence sitters are still kind of believing whatever dualistic judgments they had used to define themselves
but this change of direction now
kind of scares them,
and when they see those things
that moved them like puppets
in the past...
they do not want to see it.
Too painful...
We gotta admit
we've ALL been
or are being
Duality's Bitch.
And now, on this trip back on the wheel,
seeing those Judgments
from the other side...
without duality attached...
To see what is actually real,
and not merely what we 
Thought was real...
can make us feel pretty freaking Stupid,
until we learn the Key.

which is:
We are not that Fool we are seeing....
he he
we are the one seeing
the Fool we thought
once upon a time
was us.

So these 
"Fence Sitters"
tend to live in a Land of Denial.

So, if you know something
deep inside.
but know that for some crazy reason
you are denying it..
You are probably a 
"Fence Sitter"
and all you need is
a glimpse of the Goal.
Once you got that,
denial becomes almost impossible.

And the "Science" of
Glimpsing that Goal,
is Meditation..
and Contemplation.

So this "Choice" we've been given
by the Ruling Elite.
Of who is to "Lead" 
our Country
 is between a person they have chosen
 to support their agenda of world domination
via death and destruction.
An actor hired to play
The Idiot racist Bigot
 they picked 
for her to run against
     ...and lose to.

The People tried to make a choice of someone that would
Support them...
But that was not allowed.
That was stolen from them.
And now this Aries
Fighter of Injustice
sees before him
perfectly intelligent people
supporting Evil
or Stupidity.
And this Evil
will promote death and suffering
for my Humanity and my planet,
for my family.
And I just can't be OK with this..


But I have to...

I try so very hard to Educate people as to the effect that their 
Forced "choice" will have.
The Pain and suffering that will be caused by their choices.
But they can't hear it...
Gripped by Denial.

But the fact is,
 the decension into Darkness
I preach this all the time.
Our souls do not simply evolve into the Light.
That is a Lie thrust upon people.
Every soul, and Humanity itself
must first reach a total density
in matter
before revolving back to the Light.
Trying to change peoples direction
humanity's direction
before it is Ready
is truly a wasted effort. 
Helping them on that path
back to the Light
is an effort worth making.

I'm have always been a Willful Warrior
against the Ignorance 
that leads people deeper into Darkness.
And I've never been really nice about it.
I mean my tolerance for
complicity in the deaths of innocents
the destruction of the planet
and human and animal and plant health....
did not exist.
I have had Zero tolerance for that.
I have fought so many battles against that
lifetime after lifetime.
And what have I changed in those battles?

My own Health
my own Peace.....
And I've pissed a lot of people off.

I am so Freakin tired of being an Aries.
Tired of battling the Ignorance
to no positive effect.
Time to evolve to the next one.
Hey I'm old ....
and I've spent lifetimes on this one...

So if people want to support something that will
cause death and suffering to innocent people,
destroy health and the planet...
Well, not much I can do,
but come to Realize....
They are simply not ready to do anything else.
They are doing the best they can
with what they know...
And in most cases are simply not ready
to know more......Yet.

We all must descend to the depths
before we rise to the Heights..
That is just a fact....
And trying to force someone to rise
who is descending... 

well, that is what "the Church" does,
and it doesn't work.
and actually that is what the "Controlling Elite" do
quite successfully to those who are descending.
Just as the "Ego" drives evolution
for the first turn of the wheel.

Evolution must take it's course.

The Darkness does not change into Light
because I want it to.
Because I abhor the suffering it causes.

It Must run it's complete course.

And I don't want to imply that the Darkness is "Evil".
but it does tend to cause death and destruction...

But that is all part of the process...

I can try and alleviate suffering,
and bring Joy...
and aid in the Return Path...

But stopping descension 
is a wasted effort and only makes people mad
or scares them.

So I will try and keep this consciousness,
and not be such an Asshole.


Here's the thing:
I was raised in a House
where there was no Heart.
The Mind
was God.
The Government
was God
The Medical Industry
was God.
Intellect was the most important thing...

I had a Brother and Sister
still do
but to my parents
I was invisible.
So, I guess I went totally against
my Loving nature
and turned my energies to
building a superior intellect.
So I could cease being Invisible.


So I have this
Heart Problem...

It's like,
inside my Heart is this
 Blazing Blasting
Joyful Shining Love...

With a fence built around it,
to keep it in.

And the fire is so hot
the fence almost catches fire

And my freakin intellect
Wants to use my mind
and words
"Make the World Right".


My head needs to  be quiet...
to let my heart be Free.

I don't need to 
add my words
based in mind..
I need to 
add my actions
based in my Heart.

This is who I am,
but who I fear to be.

It's just that
the Magic
from Silence
and Love....

Is so freakin INTENSE.

Every time I do it,
let go the Fear
quiet my mind and emotions
and open my Heart...

Shit Be Gettin real, Man.

So Freakin Real that 
it scares me
and People who.....
..................Knew me.

My task
at this time
Is to have my Heart 
my Mind
and as often as Possible
Have Silence soothe my Soul.

I have kept Integrity
with my Aires Soul...
It's time to move from there.

A quieter
more Loving place....

Wish me luck

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Spiritual Path is THE UNDOING

This started out as a reply on a Spiritual Forum...
but went beyond that...
Consciousness always MOVES ....
 But Evolution of Consciousness is Circularesque (h e he). 
A soul begins it's journey seeking to find it's place
 in the WEB of it All.
 This is every souls purpose...
To find it's Unique Separate Expression. 
 This is the First Half of every souls journey. Through Duality the soul collects that which will Define who it is in the Tapestry.  
 This is that part of evolution dominated by the "Pairs of Opposites". 
This is where Duality Reigns..
.....and through this ...
.. vacillating between the Poles..
..through searching for what feels good..
..and seeking that out..
.. and Fearing what doesn't feel good,
 and shunning that....
 ...eventually that soul makes it's
 Culminated Outward Expression
 in the Web.

  It culminates in Form, one could say. 

 And at that wild and crazy point....what we call the "Spiritual " Life....Begins, (though the Truth is, it's ALL Spiritual Path once we remove the Duality from it and we're just at that point here where the wheel has made it's full half turn, and  NOW,  the Building of Form, is Reversed.).   But it's "the wheel turning back upon itself "... the journey now, is Back.....through our "Collection".... and learning to  Perceive that which we had Accepted into our Definition via a Judgment made in Duality, 
with Love....
with out the Judgments .

You know our so called "Spiritual Path"
is just our Path into Form
Going in the other Direction.....

I just went out and picked some green beans
 by the moonlight....and it occurred to me as I came back to this that, The Evolution of a Soul is like
 Like rolling up a ball of yarn, (after you made that yarn from Fiber of various sorts that you had collected and spun during your with Eternity.
  And then.... you get to the end...
The ball is all rolled up.
And then you start unraveling it....
And you are seeing again the
Fiber that built it....
But now you see it...
with Love
Beyond Duality...
And you unravel that Ball of Yarn that is "YOU"
all the while knowing,
deep down....
that you are heading into ONENESS.

What had once Defined you...
judgments of Good and Bad.
Is now your path 
to that Oneness...
And it's always a test,
Because even once  "OUR DIRECTION" changes..
And we have been officially admitted to the 
"Spiritual Path". he he
You know one could say,
to be Concise,
The Undoing
of All we have ever
in this long journey through Eternity

The Spiritual Path 

he he he

And once you are Undone...

You are ONE.

Now I'm gonna take this to the next level here.
Forum Readers can stop here if they don't want this Rabbit Hole.

My Vision
that explains Everything to me...
that put everything in Balance and Focus...
There is a part of that Vision that
I remembered wrong...
And the Difference is Significant.
I think I wrote some about it a time back.
But it was concerning the Evolution of the Soul..
And in my Mind I had built a picture 
of the soul being ...split off (which it does)..
then it's fill it's position in the Web.
And I saw it expanding out to fill the space that was there for it....and it expanded until it basically was infringing upon the next soul to the Web...Which was Split off at about the same time,
and has been growing in size...just like the other...
and so at this point ...they Merge.
But I went back and read my original Translation of the vision...
This is Intense

The Boundaries of your "Cell"
are determined on the day you split off.
And you grow to fill that.

Holy Crap!!

It's like the "Cell wall" is the first thing
to "Become".
Then the quality of that cell...
Fills in the space...the endoplasm.
Then it's like the cell begins metabolizing things
and it starts taking on Hues and colors...
and it get's darker...
and darker in all these varied Hues...
Then one day it reaches critical mass..
it can not expand any further..
or become any Darker.
(is this the "ring pass-not")?'s all Clicking Now.
Then it starts lightening up..
Getting Brighter and Brighter...
Then it gets so Bright, that it's Boundaries, the Cell Wall......disappears.
And it Merges with
all those before it...and with it, 
that  have Merged.

They become part of what I call,
"The Spiritual Sun"
and that which lies
at the Center of Creation...

Next level is ...way too much:

Now, just as we are Cells...
That fill up....
then Merge.
So does,
God that is..
God Evolves
and Reincarnates
Just like each of the Cells
that Make God. 
God also reaches Critical mass...
And this only happened fairly recently...
And the repercussions are exponential.

So, once we Evolve beyond Form
and Merge with the Spiritual Sun....
there is still one greater state to Reach...
and that will be the Point where
reaches Critical Mass...
Then for a Brief Flash...
We know our Ultimate Truth....
The it starts all over.....
there is a Blueprint..
the DNA from Last time....

I've Bathed in that Spiritual Sun Before.
And that Bliss, that Ecstasy ...which seems beyond anything....
Well I can't Imagine what it'll feel like when the Whole is Illuminated.

The Spiritual Sun is the whole of merged souls
BUT there is still another ....Level..
Where EVERY single soul in existence
When God Reaches Critical Mass...

Can't imagine that one. 

But looking forward to it.  he he 

You know, Spiritual People" 
would like to believe that they 
have always been Climbing those Stairs,
always have been 
Ascending into the Light..
but until they face the fact that they
They once built their homes
within Dreams
 that didn't really exist. 
They Once Danced 
with Duality...

Until Spiritual folks Realize that
It's all Spiritual...

they will be Stuck.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Follow it Back

This following is a reply on a forum to the person questioning how to deal with Past Life creations of Karma.
"I see good suggestions here.
 I would say, if you have a past life memory that you are conscious of and you feel is reflecting...or expressing itself as a problem in this Life.....Deal directly with that.
 But here's the thing...
all those,"past life" Karmic projections
 (painful past life experiences) 
 are what is at the heart of all the current Karmic expressions
 ( otherwise known as your Life). 

The Practice of True Contemplation"   upon the current "situation"....will lead the one who so contemplates to the Source of the Expression 
( Karmic TRIGGER).

 Pretty much Silence....and Will.
Learn True Contemplation....and eventually Everything is Revealed.  Patanjili Perfected the Science and passed it Down , often called Raja Yoga.  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjili are a good study source for anyone ....seeking the Truth that is...beyond Thought...and Emotion. 
 And contemplation is JUST SO FREAKIN COOL.
  Here's the Deal:
EVERYTHING has a Pattern...
and a Blueprint.
The existence we see around us,
 and as us...
is the current end result of a long pattern.
Humans lose sight of the Pattern...and the Blueprint, because their action has always been.....
adding to it.
That changes at a certain point of human evolution.
 We cease Collecting
"Who we are"
and begin
discarding the Pieces we have collected.

And contemplation is a Process that
now aligns with the 
"direction of the soul".
It is now Possible.
And it's really ...
in description
Basically :

Be Silent in Mind
and Body.
Let BE
 Simply BE.

Easy, See?

When you learn to do this
and focus your Intention (will)
upon the Current ...problematic aspects of your current Life...which is simply the current end result of a Long long pattern...
you will follow the pattern
back to it's Source...
through all the pieces that built the Form
that it currently exists in your world as.

Contemplation is achieved by one pointed , TOTALLY SILENT IN MIND AND BODY
 and then
 Letting Go To..
whatever we place our contemplation on.
Then the Journey is ....
Back through the pattern...
to the Blueprint.... 
and even beyond that,
(which is the Ultimate Goal).
The Source and the All.

So in summation I'm just saying,
Past Life Traumas reflect themselves in our current life's experience.
If we have a Coherent past life memory,
deal with it as you perceive it,
but if you don't have a distinct memory,
yet have reached that point in evolution where
you don't really feel like being Ruled by Karma anymore...... then
Contemplate your Life.
Follow the Expressions
back to the Roots.
And sit there Silently
with it for a While.