Saturday, September 1, 2018

Evolution of the Human Soul and an Esoteric Tip on the Breath

There are many reasons why the knowledge of the evolution of the human soul is important.
The least of which is, 
that knowledge is key to gaining 
true Compassion.
But aside from that,
 it's important for Healers to understand, 
and Educators .
The direction of travel of a soul,
must be a factor of consideration,
if we truly are to be of Service to it.

And here I am only speaking of the
Forward and Reversing of the 
Wheel of Evolution,
and not the various major Hues
that exist for both directions.

Many years ago, 1971, possibly 1972
 I was meditating.
I was practicing what I called, 
"Going to the Archetype Plane",
although truth is it was simply a form of Contemplation.....
which if taken to the end,
leads us there.......
Although there may be other names for this Place,
 I just called it that,
because it fit.

You see, everything in the World of our Perception,
everything that exists within our Description of the world,
is the end result of a long pattern of evolution....
of puzzle pieces added to puzzle pieces added to puzzle pieces...
and we just accept the end result of all these patterns,
as "Reality".
But something that I learned in those early days in this Life is that...
or rather I will say that,
something I thought and felt...and built into my being was,
Reality was what existed 
before the Description....
before the Pattern...
and the end result was......
not such an accurate portrayal 
of the Truth,
that it meant to portray.

So I made a Practice of following the patterns of things,
back to their points of origin....
I called this place of the origins,
The Archetype Plane, 
because at the heart 
of the long created patterns,
generally there were simple shapes.....
Perfect, Clear, Un-embellished.
"AH HA, now I understand"....
it was exciting....Blissful.
I wanted to share it...... 
he he
But to put it into words,
just re applied a pattern on top of it......

But one day as I was meditating 
I asked a question....
kind of the ultimate question.
What is Life, or God 
and what are we doing here?...
Then I fell backwards through the pattern 
and had the Vision that changed everything for me.
And what I saw, 
at the most basic level,
was the Evolution of Creation...
and the evolution of Man.
so on that day, coming out of it....
once again I was elated,
and wanted to share it...
but it was all simple moving shapes,
and I had to translate that into words...
And I knew it was imperative that I keep it as simple as possible,
so as not to destroy it's Truth with a description....
and in the original text
 of what I wrote right after the Vision
there was a line where the First Soul
 and all that preceded it were,
"Searching for a place to Become"..
And these words very simply describe the first Intention
of all Souls in Creation.
We come into being....
most innocent,
but are compelled with this....
prime directive,
To Find 
And the tool at our disposal that directs and aids our quest,
Good/Bad, Pleasure/Pain, Desire/Fear,
and all the "children" of these things.
So we begin our quest to fill our position in,
the Web of US ALL,
by seeking Pleasure...
and avoiding Pain,
buy judging the world based upon what makes us feel good,
and what makes us feel bad.
And we strive to feel good, 
and avoid what makes us feel bad.
Then we end up desiring what makes us feel good,
and Fearing and maybe hating what makes us feel bad.
Incarnation after incarnation we collect this unique separate expression of ourselves,
our Description, 
as Don Juan might say....
and we wrap ourselves in it....
and keep going.
As we do this we become denser and denser in Matter....
Seen esoterically, 
there is this empty cell, 
in the body of Us All...
that we are filling,
in our unique way.
As we fill it it get's darker and darker,
denser and denser
more defined in it's unique Hues.

OK, Whoa!,
 just saw something new to my consciousness that relates back to the original vision...
that I have missed in my thought built around it.
The thing is, 
man's evolution...
and "God's" Evolution....
follow pretty much, the same process....
as above, so below....
The Microcosmic
 just a reflection of the Macrocosmic.

I'm not going to explain what I just "saw" right now,
but will wait until the proper place in this essay.
Hitherto I have seen the "Quickening" as a more Cosmic event,
tied to the Culmination of an Incarnation of Creation.
As in right now,
 in this particular time we are in,
Creation is going through 
"the Quickening".
But the Quickening is also a personal event tied to a certain stage of an individuals evolution....

Actually it might fit in here.
So as we evolve further into form,
 via duality...
we become more dense in Matter...
But here is the Thing....
we are filling up a "cell",
there is a limit to our outward expansion.
(just as there is with all of Creations)...
and that limit is defined by the walls of the cell we are filling with our Uniqueness...
So I call the end point of this evolution into form,
So, what happens when we culminate is..... 
we hit the wall,
but we have this eternity long habit of collecting our definition,
of defining everything that comes before our perception,
in dualistic terms...
We have come to a point where we can't really add more,
 yet we keep trying....
And a pressure ensues....
I call it "reaching critical mass".
This is the beginning of the Quickening.
This is where the Mystics say,
"The Wheel turns back upon itself".
The person at this point is done creating themselves....
but doesn't quite know it yet.
Collecting things in duality loses it's pull...
The Unique Separate Expression...
that overwhelming urge of the soul up to this point....
changes direction.
The Soul has done it's work to this point....
and now it turns back upon the road it has traveled...
This is the point I call the Souls,
"The Fence Sitters",
because they have been going in one direction so long,
 via duality defining themselves and the world....
but that doesn't work for them any more...
Although they don't yet have a clue
 what to do...
This is a very difficult stage,
I suppose many commit suicide,
some seek out.......
Guidance from wherever they can find any kind of resonance.
You see up till now,
 using duality....
the soul has been quite NOISY.

Speaking through duality it was easily followed....
But now the Souls job has changed,
now the soul must lead the person back down the road they have come up,
only this time..... 
and when we are so used to the noise....
now the soul is hard to hear.
And the souls job is now to Remove the Duality
from our Description...
to take us back down the road,
to Formlessness.

Our evolution now,
 in the opposite direction....

But we are such creatures of Habit...
all we know is Collecting 
via a noisy duality,
we know little of the Silence we must now employ,
to remove the Duality from our Description...

Where our tool was previously Duality in making ourselves,
now the tool is Silence...
in unmaking ourselves...
in removing the density and separateness
and replacing it with Lightness and Unity.
Towards this aim, 
to enhance our evolution now,
Meditation is Key.

Whereas before Culmination 
the application of Mind...
and Emotion were key.

Both turns of the wheel are Evolution,
but the aids to evolution
are different
before and after Culmination
...and basically opposite from each other. 
First we are building in Form/Matter,
then we are taking it apart....
From Formlessness to Form....
to Formlessness.

Humans evolve first deeper and deeper into Duality,
once Culmination in Form is Achieved.....
and we have made our “Point” to the Universe...
Then we peel away the duality from the Form.
From formlessness to Form, to Formlessness....
A Circle.
Human Evolution

Today's Esoteric Tip:

As we go Deeper into Form....
into Duality
we learn.....
develop the Habit of:
Breathing around discomfort.....

And in that time,
of seeking Culmination
of finding our 
Unique Separate Expression
this practice serves us well.

But, once we have culminated in Form,
it no longer suits us,
it restrains us from our Freedom
and Health.

But it is a Soul habit.

So we must apply our Consciousness...
to break this Habit.

And what we do instead of 
Breathing Around
what gives us Discomfort....

We Breathe Into it.

Dang I wish I could remember this...

It's key
 for those that have culminated..

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ideologies the Problem

(sorry about some of the weirdness in the formatting here, Blogger is doing some very weird stuff...changing formatting and in an overwrite mode I can't figure out how to turn off, making editing for me close to impossible.)
OK, this will be difficult for many to grasp..
In fact it could sound totally off the wall.....
but it is True...
and very important.

The energy of thought and emotion
 IS the Creative Process.
It has always been well known to Mystics, 
and now is becoming understood by 
Quantum Physicists.

Sustained Energy of Thought and Emotion,
 has a powerful Creative energy.
 Consider Religions, Nationalism, cultural beliefs.....
Ideologies are all Magical Creative processes on a vast scale.

 One of the Laws of the Magical Creative process is that at some point, 
that which has been created 
becomes self determining....

We now have what you could call "entities" ...
Demons you could say,
 for all the major religions/Ideologies.

 These resonate at certain frequencies which are attuned to those that follow them and helped co-create them,
 and by the same token they reinforce the beliefs/ideologies/religions of those who follow them through resonance. 

The masses are literally owned by demons of their own creation....
This is why it is so difficult to argue...
.to have intelligent discourse with folks about their Beliefs. 
Ever try to convince a Hillary or Trump supporter that their candidate is horrible. How about talking to a jihadist or Christian Fundamentalist. 
How about trying to convince a Vaxxer that vaccinations are Dangerous on so many levels.
 And the scary part is,
 as I mentioned,these are all about specific frequencies and vibrations.....
and there are those now that have the technology to reinforce these Man made Demons to an even greater keep us divided.
 We are owned by our Ideologies....
time to break free of our co-created demons.... 
Think about this....
Now the following will be even more difficult to grasp.
 These "Constructs/ Demons " also happen to be the seeds at the heart of all human and animal disease...
 The seeds of the "Germs".
Science is all about treating "Germs", 
to cure their diseases.
The problem with this is that they are not treating the Cause,
but rather the Manifestation.
This is,after all what "modern medicine" is all about.
But the question,
the important question this "modern medicine" never asks is,
"Where do the Germs come from?"
You see, as I have stated, it is mass mental and emotional belief at the heart of our human created ideologies, and  all the energy that goes into these.....
That are the "seeds" of the Germs.
And you can "cure" say Polio for instance....
The frequency of imbalance
must manifest.
All things in Creation seek Balance.
Disease is an attempt at the restoration of Balance.
Removing one manifestation
"curing one disease"
does not remove the Cause,
and it will simply manifest 
in a different, sometimes more dangerous form.

Until we stop creating things that have
divisive energy,
 that do not resonate with Nature or a healthy state..
we are creating our own diseases...

So the problem is two-fold.
First we very often become enslaved by our Beliefs, our ideologies.
We resonate at the frequency they resonate least part of our consciousness does.
And the Law of Magnetism pulls towards us, that of Like Resonance.
So we become more deeply 
ingrained in our ideologies,
as they are constantly reinforced by these "entities" that have been created.
This is why all the proof on the planet that goes against the ideology of Vaccination,
can not sway the vaxxer.
Science and Facts matter not, because they are being reinforced
by the particular resonance of that belief that has actually taken on a self perpetuating energetic form.
The second problem is that these resonances are not Natural in any way.
They are not part of the Natural World and their resonance is not in Harmony with
Absolute Truth.

Now there are religions that recognize this in a way,
Christian Science for one,
the Science of Mind for another.
They recognize that sickness comes from a lack of Harmony 
with Absolute Truth.

How do you suppose we could end up with the choice between Hillary and Trump. 
How do you suppose that there are still folks do you suppose folks will fight and die, for their separate beliefs, how do you suppose anyone could believe building walls between "nations" would be in any way positive. 
Once the frequency of these ideologies has been determined...and the technology for this exists (I was part of early experiments) like HAARP can reinforce these divisive beliefs....can build the Constructs to a greater strength.....creating a stronger resonance with "followers" until the masses become constantly more divided.

So what are we to do?

Learn to see through your Heart.
These resonances that imprison us, 
that divide us,
that are now being used against us by ....
Mo Fo's
work on a mental and emotional level.
We think we are correct,
we feel we are correct.
But if we meditate on it,if we quiet our minds and emotions...
and listen with our hearts to the questions...
if we employ our intuition rather than our intellect and emotions,
we can free ourselves from the Constructs that have historically imprisoned us,
and in these days, can be manipulated,
can now actually have the volume on them turned keep us even more imprisoned.
So, unless we want to be Sheep of ideologies,
unless we want to be part of the problem of Creating future diseases or reinforcing current ones,
we must extricate ourselves from our Ideologies....that ALL serve to separate us.
We must seek Silence,
connect with our hearts (our intuition)..
There is no other hope for Peace on Earth.

We will never ever ever come to agree on our ideologies.
Our "ideologies" are based upon "Ideas"
Ideas are never Truth,
they are man made descriptions of Truth,
they are as different as every person that perceives them.
We will never come together in Peace,
with our Minds or Emotions.
We will only come together
in the quiet of our Hearts.
Via Love.

The Mind and emotions Separate.
The Heart Unites....

Let's make an effort to Unite!

Monday, August 6, 2018

God Bless Amerika

We do not have a Democracy, the Rich are our only choices  and rule us for their own profits, War is simply Good for Business, and nobody else, Vaccines are toxic and have nothing to do with the eradication of was sanitation that changed things, vaccinations are at the heart of why the health of the masses has so greatly declined, How rich the 1% is just tells us that the rest of us are poor in comparison...because we are financing the rich with our hard work and taxes, GMO's destroy health of humans and the ecosystem, the sun is health giving, our "Government" exists to funnel our money into the pockets of 1% of the population and grab as much as the politicians can along the way, Chemtrails are evil, destructive on so many levels...and Cancer and autism are mostly the products of Greed..... having toxic substances shoved down our throats so the 1% can prosper..

God Bless Amerika..... nobody else will..

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Time to Unite

A problem with "Civilized" cultures today
 is that in them, 
the Mentality
Is trained to Define.

Rather than Observe.

Most of Humanity is Trapped
in their particular 
 of the Truth,

Rather than Living in Real Truth.
(Which Ironically is what exists 
Before the Definition.)

We are Trained to accumulate Knowledge,
Not Gain Wisdom.

Our Mentality is best used as our Servant
It makes a lousy Master.

Observing is Silent

Defining is Noisy

A major problem in the world today is,

Too much Noise

Differing Definitions
battling for Airtime...

"My Definition is True,"
"NO, My definition is True,"
"NO, My Definition is True"

Here, I'm shoving mine down your throat..

Not Observing...

Not Silence

Not Peace...

Seek Peace

Observe in Silence...


Don't Believe.

This is the difference between 


and Thinking.

Contemplation brings Wisdom

Thinking Brings knowledge.

Contemplation simply defined
Silent Focus
then Letting Go.

It's time for Humanity to 
Replace their Noisy Knowledge
Silent Wisdom...

In Wisdom

In Knowledge
WE Disagree

Seek Silence

In Silence is Unity

In Noise is Division.

Time to Unite

Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Seeing" and The Cords of Man and the Cord of "God"

"Seeing" and the Cords of Man and the Cord of "God"

So I've kept this hidden my whole life, 
not just from others, but also from Myself.
I am what you call a "Seer".
It's a curse that I've had for a few Lifetimes.
It's only been a cause for misery for me so far,
though it has served  a very few other people.
The 5th Ray is the Ray of Seer's,
I operate on the fifth, and 4th rays mostly.
The 4th Ray is kind of a pain because 
you are pretty much, by the very Nature of it...
(named the Ray of Harmony through Conflict)..
always at battle with Imbalance.

The Fifth Ray is called the Ray of Science and Knowledge, 
however it operates differently depending upon
which direction we are going 
on the wheel of evolution.
So the name is kind of mis-leading
in regards to how it works for me, 
because when we think about Science and Knowledge,
we think of coming to conclusions
based upon adding one thing to another, to another to another...
And I've written about this before with a tad of judgment, 
calling it "idiot science"...
Because on the flip side,
where I works in the opposite fashion.
Instead of adding factoid to factoid to factoid to come to a conclusion.... (that is Never Truth)
you go from the conclusion,
backwards through it's evolution,
until you get to the Intent
that started it....
Is that clear as mud.
Everything we perceive and know,
has a pattern....
an evolution....
Created step by step, 
with our perception at the end result of it.

Now I'm going to talk about what I call the "cords of man".

All us humans have these cords
coming out of our belly region.
We normally can't see them.
They are created of astral/mental energy.
They are our connection to our perception
of things in the world.
Everything we know,
we have a cord connected to.
Not just physical things, 
but ideas.
Each cord has a specific frequency...
Cords with similar frequencies are bundled close together.
When we "perceive" something,
we are aligning ourselves with it's cord.
AND our cords are like these snakes,
whipping around out in the world
until they find something to attach to,
the object of our perception,
something that resonates with a harmonious frequency to it.

When you can feel you are being watched,
it's because you are feeling someones cord
attaching to you.
"Butterflies in your stomach",
occur when the cords get frazzled
by non harmonious vibes...

People become enamored,
and "love at first sight"
is a harmonious resonance between cords.

OH, so I have to talk briefly about "Seeing".
There are basically 2 types.
The first type is seeing via the third eye.
This is more of an etheric nature I'd say,
at least when focused outward...
This is how we see when we see Auras,
my Teachers limited me to the 
"Rule of Three" 
when it came to this type of seeing...
"a minor power one can easily be trapped by,
you can come back to it later
when you have mastered them all."
The Rule of Three was given to me for certain 
Magical processes, 
certain "Yogas" that conferred
 some pretty amazing Powers.
I was told we humans are creatures of habit,
and if we do something,
especially something very powerful,
more than three times,
we can become Hooked to it,
and not be able to pass beyond.
Clairvoyants stuck at being clairvoyants.
Healers stuck doing healing
in specific and narrow ways,
Mediums, stuck being mediums.
My Teachers were always grooming me to Teach.
But they wanted me to understand
the 7 basic Paths,
and many of the sub-paths...
so I'd be useful not to just one group of people.
And so that I could eventually teach
the truth of the 7 paths,
so that people might come to see that,
there isn't just one way to Enlightenment.
Or for that matter, 
one way to Living.
But I avoided that responsibility,
and tried to appear like a normal person.

That's not working for me anymore.

Now if this third eye "seeing"
is cast inward....
That's where Yoga of the death State comes in,
where a lot of the other "energetic" yoga's come in.
Yoga of the psychic heat....
things like that...
Very powerful stuff.....
Important to keep the Rule of Three here...

So the first type of Seeing is via the third eye.
The Second,
the kind my Teachers....
pushed me stealthily into,
is seeing, "via the cords".

I mean I have been doing this for at least 3 lifetimes that I remember...
But in our lives, the first few years of a life,
like maybe into our late 20's,
(at least for me).
We're getting caught up to where we left off in our last life.

It probably was just me taking so long.
My previous lifetime in Nepal or Tibet,
we pushed the boundaries...
Then I'm born to a military family,
who once I can talk and tell them about my past lives,
they Freak out and convince me
that it was just my imagination...
So it took me some time getting caught back up,
and my Teachers finally got involved
and pushed me along,
into the "Seeing" again.

Seeing via the Cords,
This is basically Contemplation,
in the True Meaning of the Word....
Which you could describe as,
letting oneself go,
into the ISness of something else, 
and then becoming that thing momentarily.
So these astral/mental cords,
coming out of our bellies,
help maintain us within our 
definition of the World.
They are like tentacles that seek Like.
They also keep us at a distance from what does not resonate.
The Art of Seeing this way:
Someone Plucks a cord,
or a few resonating cords,
with a Question..
This Seer is compelled
to See the Answer.
And how it is Seen is,
the consciousness is sent down the cord or cords to their Source.
This takes us through the evolution 
of that thing we are questioning,
and we come to the Intent at it's beginning.
The answer is not in words, but moving shapes maybe,
or with me now there is fairly instant
attempt to bring the impression into Language,
as simply as possible.
We get to Wisdom,
by removing Knowledge.
But if we want to share that Wisdom,
we must use Language,
which turns the Wisdom
into Knowledge...
But one thing I learned from the Tibetan Way was
how ...
a pure seed of Truth,
can elicit in others
the experience of that Truth.

So the Seer must keep his words
 as close to the Seed as possible.

"Sorcerers" can become very Adept at using these cords,
manipulating the world around them.
I've always felt that it was OK for the Sorcerers
on the first turn of the evolutionary wheel,
just part of the Collection Game there.

But for us on the flip side....
I never felt right about using them beyond an emergency..

Each cord has a unique frequency to itself.
A specific pattern to it's creation.
Our Double feeds off of our cords.. WOW
(future topic, the Double).

In the world now there are those mastered in
the manipulation of cords...
On all sorts of levels..
They are literally clutching the consciousness of the masses.
I suppose this is why you don't hear much about the cords,
other than the Don Juan books....
Because once folks get in tune,
they can see what is being done to them.


So the way I was taught to see,
has become automatic...
and hard to escape once a question is posed...

The Way a 5th Ray person is Enlightened is that,
every time they "See."...
it opens a hole in their causual body.
Like opening a window that was painted dark.
You get enough holes and your veil becomes pierced,
and instead of living within a Description of things,
you live in the Truth at the Heart of Things...
and that's basically Enlightenment.

So I get a question...
Then Silence....Total
Then there I am,
on the other end of the cord or cords
 that made the question..
trying to figure out how to put  in words what I "See"
Because what I "See",
 is the answer to the Question.

Now there is a problem with seeing,
and my Teachers were really good about addressing it.
You see a lot of times folks will just travel part way down a cord...
and truth be told 
on a level the new perspective, freaks em out... 
and they stop on that spot....
It's like the shifting of the assemblage point 
that Don Juan talks about. 
I thought was kind of jive, 
like the only purpose being to show
an alternative view....
or maybe just that an alternative view was possible..
but really just another perspective,
that uncomfortably doesn't fit in with
the Norm.
So if you get stuck there,
life can be a challenge .
I mean if you don't go all the way to the other side,
to the Beginning,
all you have is an alternate view
somewhere along the way
and maybe only slightly less defined
 than the Description we are unveiling. 

So basically if we don't go all the way
in our seeing,
then we can become
in the eyes of the Norm,
pretty messed up in our alternative view.

A lot of "Mental problems" that folks have,
occur because for one reason or another they move
their assemblage point 
(the junction of their cord bundle)
from the commonly accepted position,
and set up camp there.

So we have to be careful,
and go all the way to the Beginning...
Wow! Yeah

When "spiritual" people talk about,
they are talking about shielding the cords...

Our Emotions are tied to our cords,
our Mentality is tied to our cords,
and our reality is held in place
by our cords.

The "Cord of God" as I call it,
I used to call the Cords of God (plural),
because they (it) are what make up the 
Golden Web of Life.
That Giant Golden Spider Web
that holds us all in Creation.

Then I saw it was a single cord...

The Cord of God binds us all together into One thing.
The Cord of God runs through us individually, 
top to bottom.
It maintains our position in the Web.
It is what feeds the cords of man.
The Cords of Man are like a Rainbow
that originates with The Cord of God,
and creates itself 
as it passes through our Souls.