Friday, October 19, 2018

Silent Heart

When we still our Emotions
/ quiet our bellies,
where the emotion was we now have Will/Intention.
When we Silence our Minds,
We can Clearly See.
When we open our Hearts
we will have Correct Motive.
We will Serve well.
When we accomplish a Silent Mind and Emotions
and open our Hearts,
there is very little limit to the power of our Intention.

When our Cords are not Frazzeled and Frayed 
from Mind Driven Emotions....
they become powerful tools...
I once saw a woman use hers to Fly....
There is no limit to a Silent Heart.

The Vaccine Scam and the Destruction of Human Health for Profit Chapter 1. The Scam of the Polio Vaccine

Okay, I have got to write about this. I've studied this subject for many years and could probably speak on it for a whole day. 
The public has been brainwashed, much to their detriment by the Big Pharma owned mainstream media into poisoning themselves and their children, ruining their health and sadly even the health of their future, possibly unvaxxed generations. 

If you vaccinate, I dare you to read this whole article and the links...... I dare you.

I want to ask Vaxxers some questions here to start out.

1. Is your ideology more important than the Health of Your Children and future generations.
2. How many actual studies have you read that support your belief in honest now.
3. How many hours have you spent reading research papers regarding vaccines.

And knowing the answers beforehand to these questions I want to ask,
Why are you think about it, then think about your answer.
It isn't based in pro vaccine studies (there aren't any).
It isn't based in extensive research (because if you had done this, you wouldn't vaccinate)
So please think deeply of your motivation.......

I'll tell you what it is,
A Fear fabricated by the Minions of Big Pharma.. and nothing more than this.

I've written a little about this vaccine lie before HERE on my Honest Whole Health blog, but that was some time ago before I learned even so much more about this evil threat to US ALL. 
I don't blame the vaxxers for supporting it, the fact is there is no such thing as an informed vaxxer.  "Informed Vaxxer" is an oxymoron, because just the smallest amount of Real research reveals how there is nothing to back up the Big Pharma and Mainstream media claims. 
Most Vaxxers listen to the News about "Measles and Pertussis Outbreaks", where the public is asked in urgent tones to go out and get vaccinated to stop these outbreaks. The educated folks that don't vaccinate are blamed for the spread of these diseases (lacking all logic). BUT HERE IS THE THING: What the Media does not deem important enough to pass along to you is the actual fact that in these outbreaks, the majority if not 100% of the cases that contract these diseases....WERE VACCINATED.  Very few non vaxxed people are getting these diseases, and on top of this, the vaxxed individuals are shedding the freaking diseases and spreading them.  (check the vaccine inserts even if you don't believe can Google them) But go ahead and read that Honest Whole Health post before continuing here. You can see for yourself in plain graphs what the Truth is. (Graphs that Big Pharma takes a tiny snippet out of to prove their claims, since they've never done any actual studies (that they'll admit to) comparing non vaxxed vs vaxxed individuals. NONE, ZERO studies.  Now that is Science.  But they will take ,out of the larger picture that shows that vaccinations made no difference, and in fact in most cases the implementation of vaccinations actually caused the incidence to rise)...they take out a few years that makes them look good..... but it's smoke and mirrors, and that post on Honest Whole Health will give you the Big Picture of what is really going on.
I haven't written about this much before for mainly two reasons. First is that I could write an entire book on the subject, but don't have that kind of time in my Life. And second, well, let me ask you this. What does a Vaxxer have in common with  a Neo Nazi, a Fundamentalist Christian, and a Muslim suicide bomber?........ 
The answer is that they are so hypnotized and secure in their Ideologies (which is a dangerous problem you can read about HERE ) that all the statistics, facts, research and Truth on the subject can not sway them.   So I have been very ....... hopeless feeling as I watch parents destroy the future health of their children, choosing to cling to their shallowly based ideologies, rather than simply doing some real honest research on the subject. 
The first reason is very daunting because like I say I've been studying this in depth for many years, and haven't even known where to start....... But last night I finally decided that the Polio Scam, being a pretty good archetype of the whole evil plot of vaccines, would be an excellent place to start, as this is the first place most Vaxxers go in their arguments for Vaccines. "If it wasn't for the Polio Vaccine there would be millions of people living in Iron Lungs."  
Now get ready to go down one Hell of a rabbit hole. 

Prior to the Polio Vaccine introduction in 1958, just about anything that caused paralysis....was called Polio. After the introduction of the polio vaccine in 1958, the CDC changed the definition of "polio." Cases of inflammation of the membrane that protects the brain and spinal neuron cells, causing muscular weakness and pain (but not paralysis) were no longer classified as "polio." They were to be referred to as aseptic meningitis, even if the "polio" virus was present. Reported cases of aseptic meningitis went from near zero to thousands, and Polio cases dropped by the same amount. Then later in 1958, the CDC changed the definition of "polio" AGAIN! All cases with classic polio paralytic symptoms were to be called acute flaccid paralysis,(later expanded to acute non-polio flaccid paralysis to make it even more distant from the Truth.)  In 1960 the CDC proclaimed that Polio had been "cured".   However they didn't mention that now all these other paralysis's went up in equal proportion. 
But here's another thing. When I was a kid in school they would line us up and dust us all over until we were covered with DDT and other nasty pesticides.....they flew over our town dumping huge amounts of this toxin on us and didn't quit until the sacred American Eagle became endangered because of it.  Funny thing was how the cases of "Polio" went up in a direct correlation with these dusting and spraying schedules.
So basically anything that caused paralysis or inflammation of the membrane that protects the brain and spinal neuron cells, causing muscular weakness and pain, prior to the vaccines, was called Polio. Then they came out with the vaccine, reclassified the definition of Polio to being only caused by the wild strain (which was really no big deal), here's a quote on that, "Here is also one very important factor, that many don’t consider when engaging in the polio discussion. The natural form of polio never attacked the nervous system. Look at animals in nature who come in contact with this virus and you will not see the plague we humans faced. Why is this? Well, when we naturally come in contact with viruses in nature, our body has a natural filtration system that protects viruses from crossing into our nervous system, or the blood brain barrier. This is why most people experienced flu like symptoms, or even milder symptoms when they came in contact with the Polio virus. When we go on to “inject” that same virus, we are literally bypassing that protective system. Thus, giving the virus a chance to attack our nervous system. This is so hard for people to grasp, but when we eliminate nature from the process of building our immune system, we eliminate the safe design God build us with. Our own internal shield."
So real Polio , what they now classified as Polio became instantly magically "Cured" simply by re-classifying the definition of Polio, while all other diseases (that were previously labeled Polio), were now renamed and went up in equal proportion to what they were now calling Polio, went down.  Magic huh.  You know I think I'll cure cancer by reclassifying it as only caused by some bite from some unknown and yet undiscovered insect in Africa..... Magic Cure, nobody anywhere is getting that, Cancer cured by Jeff Wilson in 2018..
So with all these folks getting "Polio" most likely from the pesticides they were being drowned in, the Government had to do something about it.  That's where good old Salk and his vaccine came in. He was tasked with coming up with a Vaccine against Polio. Now this guy was a genius, top of his field. So he went right to it, got the Polio virus and created a vaccine for it.  They freakin inoculated everyone.. But HMMM??? even with the reclassification and the removal of the toxic pesticides from the Market that were probably causing most of it.....people kept getting it. 
"They are getting it from the Vaccine!!!"
This must have been a difficult discovery for Salk, but he had Integrity and with a bunch of other top Scientists in the field ,
almost 20 years after the first polio inoculations, in 1977, Salk testified before a senate subcommittee that ALL polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine. In 1985, the CDC reported that 87% of the cases of polio in the USA between 1973 and 1983 were caused by the vaccine and most of the reported cases occurred in fully immunized individuals. Alarmingly, the CDC admitted that the polio vaccine is the only known cause of polio in the USA Today.
I saw a black and white video clip of Salk going before the Senate Committee with all these other Scientists.  Sitting next to the Chairman, whispering in his ear the whole time, was a Big Pharma Lobbyist.   
Did the Science win, did the committee listen to the scientists that created the vaccine and were tops in their Field.  Nope, they listened to Big Money....and kept vaccinating.  
OUCH.   So, the vaccine was causing the Polio.  
 Good old Bill Gates goes to India with his Eugenics ...I mean Health/vaccination program and vaccinates as many as he can.....killing 47,500 people. But you know, they didn't die from Polio, they died from "non-polio flaccid paralysis (caused by the vaccine)..... so the Polio rates went down thanks to good ol Bill and Melinda.  I think India tried to sue them, but I'm sure the right people were paid off.
So we had basically a non-disease caused most likely by pesticides, that magically disappears when it is reclassified and the pesticides are no longer sprayed on the masses (thank you American Eagle).....  and the poor masses are led to believe it was because of a vaccine which was the only real cause of Polio.....
But that's not the end of it.
One of Salks partners discovered that, OOPS, we put a live cancer causing virus in the vaccine that we gave to was supposed to be dead, but OOPS, wasn't. This was named SV40, Simeon Virus 40.  This virus would cause cancer in humans. So he tells the Government about his discovery.   Did the public hear about it?  Nope, not for years because the government wanted to weaponize it, specifically at the time to use against Castro. It was finally admitted publicly. 
So if you are in my age group and get Cancer, you just might be able to thank your Polio Vaccine for that.
In the last 10 years or so, I've heard on the News like maybe 3 times them talking about some Mystery disease a bunch of folks were getting....they go on to describe Polio symptoms ..... then you never hear another broadcast about it, all mention of it deleted from their web sites)....
Here's the thing folks. The only thing causing "Polio" is the vaccine.....and they are still pushing it.
This is just typical of the vaccine lie. Big money owns the Pharmaceutical companies and the media that pushes it.
The Rockafellers BOUGHT "modern medicine" way back when, and turned the "Medical Schools" into Big Pharma Indoctrination Centers.  It isn't that your Doctor is Evil and pushing slow death (sometimes fast) upon you, it's what they have been hypnotized into believing in their indoctrination centers.  Google the Rockafeller buy out of Modern Medicine if you don't believe me.   They literally forced the schools to throw out any curriculum dealing with the actual causes of diseases and made them focus on Treating Symptoms with costly (profitable) man made chemicals. 
If you care about your Children and the Future of Humanity please watch the documentary series,"the Truth about Vaccines".   You will not vaccinate after seeing the Truth. 

Do you actually trust the CDC?
Do you know there is a revolving door between the CDC and Big Pharma...Google it, it'll blow your mind.
Do you know the CDC did a study to prove for Big Pharma that there was no Vaccine/Autism link, OOPS, they discovered one...BUT since they are totally BOUGHT decided to actually have a party and literally BURN the hard copy of the study.... They didn't count on one guy having integrity and keeping a copy and blowing the whistle on them.  They got busted, there were Senate hearings NOBODY heard about...and they got their wrist quietly slapped....

This is the tip of the iceberg, I'm not sure if I'll write more or not, my life is very very busy just surviving and living in Integrity which sadly is so lacking now in the world. Most folks acting on Fear, and not on their Souls Guidance. Which I can totally understnad as that Fear is thrust upon them (to control them) from so many directions, and permeates most of their input with which they define themselves in the world.  
It's time to Defeat Fear with Truth.
Research deeply all the things they thrust upon your consciousness to keep you in a tiny box that they can easily manipulate....
It'll be daunting, but is the only thing that can save this world.

Here are some awesome Links:
200 years of actual statistics "Vaccines did Not Save Us"
You know how you hear the pundits saying there are no studies showing an Autism/Vaccine link? 

Monday, October 8, 2018

A Plea for Sanity and Integrity

We are living in a time where the dominant frequency thrust upon 99% of the population is FEAR. The global elite has numerous means of doing this, via the media and even darker ways using actual tuned frequencies. The masses are living in Fear like never before. This serves the 1% in keeping the population divided. They don't care if you like Trump or Hillary, they just want you at odds with each other, and living in fear....and giving up your Integrity for this mostly fabricated fear.  Now what this overriding energy of Fear does is that it makes people cling much tighter to their separate ideologies..(Which are a problem in here)..their personal and group Security Blanket (which has no real reality). They dive into the storm shelters of their ideologies, their narrow band of belief system, and put up all the barriers they believe they need to protect themselves. They Become Divided and fight among themselves over whatever the 1% throws out there for them to fight over. They lose sight of the Big Picture. Their concerns become personal.  They take up their causes, but refuse to see others as the other causes are at odds with their personally and group/cultural chosen ones.    They stop seeing the outcomes of their choices. They choose to support a cause that appears to benefit women, while their choices would cause the mass murder of innocent men, women and children far away in foreign lands....(out of sight out of mind). They become distracted by every single thing the 1% throws at them to distract them.  We were given an election in the USA where the choice was between Pure Evil in the form of Hillary Clinton, and Pure Ignorance in the form of Donald Trump.  Maybe a handful that were not the 1% would ever actually pick either of these if given a real choice...But this is the choice that Big Money gave them, and most of them, depending upon their personal PROGRAMMING, believed that they must choose the "lesser of the two evils", and because of their programming were unable to see the whole picture. Trump was obviously an idiot, But he also wasn't Hillary Clinton, one of the Biggest War Pigs in Washington, Pro War, Pro GMO, Pro Big Pharma, Pro Big Banks, Pro Big Oil, friend of the most corrupt Piggies like the Rothschilds (she a loyal minion) friend of the evil Rockafellers (and doing their bidding) and Friend of Kissinger..... one of the most evil.    So they figured, OKAY, this guy is a Fool, but he's talking about draining the Swamp, helping us little guys getting run over by the they voted what was mostly an unknown, to protect themselves from what was obviously a choice of an evil and expanded status quo.  They could not see that he was a bigoted idiot that failed at business and pandered to ......the rich, just like Hillary.  So they voted for him, and still defend him. The flip side, those that chose Hillary were afraid of this bigoted idiot, and refused to see that Hillary was simply pure evil that only served the 1%.  Neither choice was made with love, both were made with Fear.   And now we have the masses on both sides of this Non-Choice, hunkered down in their fear, defending the bastions of their Ideologies against "EACH OTHER".  Against an enemy that their programming has told them is the enemy.   Meanwhile The Rich Elite that fabricated the entire scenario are sitting comfortably in their Mansions, musing over how they have divided THE PEOPLE against each other.   And totally unaware of the Real enemy, which is them.
Everyone has a good excuse to Cling to the Fear, to Fight what is outside of their comfortable definition of Security. You have people in their ideological Bunkers, hunkered down wrapped in these illusory security blankets....fighting each other, when no matter what choice they had made between the choices thrust upon them by the Global Elite......the world and humans and the Planet would Suffer. 
The election, however it played out was a no win for the People and a Big Win, either way, for the Global Elite. 
So I'm asking, please people.....crawl out of your ideological bunkers of Fear, unwrap that Security Blanket that has SECURED you to that little personal divisive ideology that your programming has given you to embrace....and look around, Everybody is struggling..... there was no choice you could have made and keep your integrity (unless you are purely Ignorant or Deeply Evil, in which case voting for either was in line with your core beliefs).  Step outside and realize, YOU HAVE BEEN AND ARE STILL BEING DUPED.  If you are supporting the evil one or the ignorant have been duped.
I know, I are convinced that your choice would have been the "lesser of two evils"....... but that just depends upon what form of evil, you personally are more comfortable with. 
Tell the Mother of the Dead and lifeless Bombed Yemini child that women in the USA being abused is more important than their dead child....... then feel foolish (hopefully).  Or tell the woman who was abused by some rich Piggie that a dead child in Yemin is more important than she is...... and hopefully feel foolish as soon as it leaves your mouth. 
No I'm sorry, your choosing "lesser of two evils" and giving up your Integrity in the process is what has allowed all of this to happen. This is supposedly a Democracy, he he he ha ha ha sob sob...... how many of you would choose to murder children of different colors around the globe just so a few Piggies could profit from the Sales of it, how many of you would choose to spend money building a wall across the bottom half....I can't even complete this sentence, it's so crazy.  Murder / War for profit, destruction of human rights (female, male,poor,of color,Muslim, etc),  destruction of the Planet, our Drinking water and air, poisoning the masses from every direction....... This is what your vote for Hillary or Trump will bring us. There was NO CORRECT ANSWER, you were Duped, took whichever choice you were given, hook, line and sinker.   Just freakin admit your eyes. THERE WAS NO GOOD OR BETTER CHOICE, that idea is manipulation.   The only thing a person can do when someone tries to force them via Fear to choose one form of evil over to keep their Integrity and refrain from it.   Your personal ideas of what is more evil will always be in conflict with other peoples personal ideas of what is more evil. Simply do not choose Evil.  Sooner or later people need to stand up for what is actually Right, not bow down and choose their perception of what is less evil.
OK, so I'm going to be tortured for having my own beliefs that are not based upon any manipulation of the Global Elite....BUT "YAY, this is a Democracy, I can choose between 1000 lashes, or being waterboarded."   Jeeze, look at all those idiots choosing being waterboarded...... they need to get a clue".
What is wrong with those people?
So quit freakin arguing among yourselves in the belief that your particular choice of evil, based in your personal Fears was a better choice of evil.. Just STOP IT NOW, and stand up.... be Brave....and have Integrity. If your soul would not murder for profit, DO NOT SUPPORT IT, If your soul would not discriminate against people for their race religion or color.....DO NOT SUPPORT IT. It's very simple. Be strong in your Souls, not in your Fears.....only then...ONLY THEN will what is right for All EVER prevail.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Why it's so Crazy right now...and how to Deal

Okay, for most of us who are paying attention, the whole world is Full Goose Loon...Whackadoodle, Insane, Messed Up.  Those in control are grabbing all they can from those that are not. The Planet is being Raped for profit of a very few, people are being murdered for Profit of very few, Poisoned for profit, imprisoned for profit....wars are created solely for profit of a few.
So what's going on? It is important to understand this to make sense of it. Click this link and This earlier post will explain in detail.
But here is the Crux of it. Human evolution is Circular, not linear as we've come to believe (through suppression of the Truth for thousands of years). And this evolution begins as the Souls search for a "Unique Separate Expression" . This is the Souls purpose.....nobody gets to skip this.  And the tool we are given for finding this Unique Separate Expression that will ultimately define our unique position in IT ALL, is Duality. We find ourselves by following what we desire and shunning what we fear. And eventually after Thousands of years, we "Culminate in Form"  . We have gathered all we can to Define ourselves, to fill our unique position..... Then as the Mystics say, "The Wheel turns back upon Itself". At this point we begin to discard the Duality that has defined us by going back down the same road we came up, only this time, rather than collecting items to define ourselves via duality, we begin discarding our collection via non-judgment.... we remove the judgments that had defined us in dualistic terms. Rather than seeking a SEPARATE expression, we are driven toward Unity.
SO..... Right now we are going through a very Unique time, one never seen before in this whole seemingly eternity long incarnation of Creation. (All of Creation...some folks call God, Reincarnates just like the individual cells in it that we call ourselves)..Of course these incarnations are millions of years....but guess what..... we're coming to the end of one.  Part of this process has been called, The Quickening".....and we are right in it right now. Now "the Quickening" is a bi product of the process you could call Creations Culmination.  Just as individual souls culminate in matter, so does IT ALL, but just once in millions of years.  And this process is basically where the Whole, let's call it God.....literally hits the wall of possible outward expansion in the particular incarnation, but the "cells of God"....that would be our individual souls, just keep Replicating. Once the outward expansion of the Whole has been blocked, the expansion ...the replications (new souls)   are bound by the periphery sometimes called "the Ring Pass Not" . So rather than expanding outward, the expansion is inward, within the Whole instead of on it's exterior.  This creates a pressure within the Whole. This is the Quickening. And this changes what we call "Time". Time speeds up.
So, we have two styles of human soul evolution, depending upon which direction on the wheel that soul is going. Deeper into form via duality, or Back towards Unity.  And this evolution is now in Hyper Speed. Sadly all we really see is those going deeper into form, madly collecting via their desires and fears a description of the world based upon desire and fear. Greed is simply part of the process, and now it is running rampant.  It is important now to remember (for those of us on the flip side)  that it isn't a matter of good and bad....that is the Duality speaking, it's simply an unavoidable part of the process... Those seemingly insane evil bastards sucking all they can from the Planet and Life ..... are doing what they must to evolve, to "culminate in Form".'s just amplified now so is a lot more destructive. But here's the News. We have all done that, we have all chased Desires and Run from or fought to destroy what we fear..... all of us.  Only some of us didn't do that during the Quickening. It was a longer drawn out process.
So we need to take compassion in these poor souls, not hate them. And we need to not be distracted and pulled back in to the old duality that makes us Judge EVERY SINGLE THING that we perceive, in terms of Good and Bad. That is the old trap.....and there are those that want us to remain in it with them, even though we have evolved beyond it.
It is imperative that we keep our vision clear, that we perceive, not through Duality, through desire and Fear, but through Love and Compassion.  We must clearly see what destruction is occurring, but without a judgment attached to it. If we involve our emotion, we have succumbed to the duality and become part of the problem. But if we view it through Love, we can see real solutions, actions taken against the destruction, without adding to the astral mess that allows it to happen.  War for Peace NEVER works, jumping in the quicksand to save a drowning man, drowns both of us. We have to learn to stand on the edge of the quicksand, not be pulled into it.... Then we can hopefully help. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Evolution of the Human Soul and an Esoteric Tip on the Breath

There are many reasons why the knowledge of the evolution of the human soul is important.
The least of which is, 
that knowledge is key to gaining 
true Compassion.
But aside from that,
 it's important for Healers to understand, 
and Educators .
The direction of travel of a soul,
must be a factor of consideration,
if we truly are to be of Service to it.

And here I am only speaking of the
Forward and Reversing of the 
Wheel of Evolution,
and not the various major Hues
that exist for both directions.

Many years ago, 1971, possibly 1972
 I was meditating.
I was practicing what I called, 
"Going to the Archetype Plane",
although truth is it was simply a form of Contemplation.....
which if taken to the end,
leads us there.......
Although there may be other names for this Place,
 I just called it that,
because it fit.

You see, everything in the World of our Perception,
everything that exists within our Description of the world,
is the end result of a long pattern of evolution....
of puzzle pieces added to puzzle pieces added to puzzle pieces...
and we just accept the end result of all these patterns,
as "Reality".
But something that I learned in those early days in this Life is that...
or rather I will say that,
something I thought and felt...and built into my being was,
Reality was what existed 
before the Description....
before the Pattern...
and the end result was......
not such an accurate portrayal 
of the Truth,
that it meant to portray.

So I made a Practice of following the patterns of things,
back to their points of origin....
I called this place of the origins,
The Archetype Plane, 
because at the heart 
of the long created patterns,
generally there were simple shapes.....
Perfect, Clear, Un-embellished.
"AH HA, now I understand"....
it was exciting....Blissful.
I wanted to share it...... 
he he
But to put it into words,
just re applied a pattern on top of it......

But one day as I was meditating 
I asked a question....
kind of the ultimate question.
What is Life, or God 
and what are we doing here?...
Then I fell backwards through the pattern 
and had the Vision that changed everything for me.
And what I saw, 
at the most basic level,
was the Evolution of Creation...
and the evolution of Man.
so on that day, coming out of it....
once again I was elated,
and wanted to share it...
but it was all simple moving shapes,
and I had to translate that into words...
And I knew it was imperative that I keep it as simple as possible,
so as not to destroy it's Truth with a description....
and in the original text
 of what I wrote right after the Vision
there was a line where the First Soul
 and all that preceded it were,
"Searching for a place to Become"..
And these words very simply describe the first Intention
of all Souls in Creation.
We come into being....
most innocent,
but are compelled with this....
prime directive,
To Find 
And the tool at our disposal that directs and aids our quest,
Good/Bad, Pleasure/Pain, Desire/Fear,
and all the "children" of these things.
So we begin our quest to fill our position in,
the Web of US ALL,
by seeking Pleasure...
and avoiding Pain,
buy judging the world based upon what makes us feel good,
and what makes us feel bad.
And we strive to feel good, 
and avoid what makes us feel bad.
Then we end up desiring what makes us feel good,
and Fearing and maybe hating what makes us feel bad.
Incarnation after incarnation we collect this unique separate expression of ourselves,
our Description, 
as Don Juan might say....
and we wrap ourselves in it....
and keep going.
As we do this we become denser and denser in Matter....
Seen esoterically, 
there is this empty cell, 
in the body of Us All...
that we are filling,
in our unique way.
As we fill it it get's darker and darker,
denser and denser
more defined in it's unique Hues.

OK, Whoa!,
 just saw something new to my consciousness that relates back to the original vision...
that I have missed in my thought built around it.
The thing is, 
man's evolution...
and "God's" Evolution....
follow pretty much, the same process....
as above, so below....
The Microcosmic
 just a reflection of the Macrocosmic.

I'm not going to explain what I just "saw" right now,
but will wait until the proper place in this essay.
Hitherto I have seen the "Quickening" as a more Cosmic event,
tied to the Culmination of an Incarnation of Creation.
As in right now,
 in this particular time we are in,
Creation is going through 
"the Quickening".
But the Quickening is also a personal event tied to a certain stage of an individuals evolution....

Actually it might fit in here.
So as we evolve further into form,
 via duality...
we become more dense in Matter...
But here is the Thing....
we are filling up a "cell",
there is a limit to our outward expansion.
(just as there is with all of Creations)...
and that limit is defined by the walls of the cell we are filling with our Uniqueness...
So I call the end point of this evolution into form,
So, what happens when we culminate is..... 
we hit the wall,
but we have this eternity long habit of collecting our definition,
of defining everything that comes before our perception,
in dualistic terms...
We have come to a point where we can't really add more,
 yet we keep trying....
And a pressure ensues....
I call it "reaching critical mass".
This is the beginning of the Quickening.
This is where the Mystics say,
"The Wheel turns back upon itself".
The person at this point is done creating themselves....
but doesn't quite know it yet.
Collecting things in duality loses it's pull...
The Unique Separate Expression...
that overwhelming urge of the soul up to this point....
changes direction.
The Soul has done it's work to this point....
and now it turns back upon the road it has traveled...
This is the point I call the Souls,
"The Fence Sitters",
because they have been going in one direction so long,
 via duality defining themselves and the world....
but that doesn't work for them any more...
Although they don't yet have a clue
 what to do...
This is a very difficult stage,
I suppose many commit suicide,
some seek out.......
Guidance from wherever they can find any kind of resonance.
You see up till now,
 using duality....
the soul has been quite NOISY.

Speaking through duality it was easily followed....
But now the Souls job has changed,
now the soul must lead the person back down the road they have come up,
only this time..... 
and when we are so used to the noise....
now the soul is hard to hear.
And the souls job is now to Remove the Duality
from our Description...
to take us back down the road,
to Formlessness.

Our evolution now,
 in the opposite direction....

But we are such creatures of Habit...
all we know is Collecting 
via a noisy duality,
we know little of the Silence we must now employ,
to remove the Duality from our Description...

Where our tool was previously Duality in making ourselves,
now the tool is Silence...
in unmaking ourselves...
in removing the density and separateness
and replacing it with Lightness and Unity.
Towards this aim, 
to enhance our evolution now,
Meditation is Key.

Whereas before Culmination 
the application of Mind...
and Emotion were key.

Both turns of the wheel are Evolution,
but the aids to evolution
are different
before and after Culmination
...and basically opposite from each other. 
First we are building in Form/Matter,
then we are taking it apart....
From Formlessness to Form....
to Formlessness.

Humans evolve first deeper and deeper into Duality,
once Culmination in Form is Achieved.....
and we have made our “Point” to the Universe...
Then we peel away the duality from the Form.
From formlessness to Form, to Formlessness....
A Circle.
Human Evolution

Today's Esoteric Tip:

As we go Deeper into Form....
into Duality
we learn.....
develop the Habit of:
Breathing around discomfort.....

And in that time,
of seeking Culmination
of finding our 
Unique Separate Expression
this practice serves us well.

But, once we have culminated in Form,
it no longer suits us,
it restrains us from our Freedom
and Health.

But it is a Soul habit.

So we must apply our Consciousness...
to break this Habit.

And what we do instead of 
Breathing Around
what gives us Discomfort....

We Breathe Into it.

Dang I wish I could remember this...

It's key
 for those that have culminated..

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ideologies the Problem

(sorry about some of the weirdness in the formatting here, Blogger is doing some very weird stuff...changing formatting and in an overwrite mode I can't figure out how to turn off, making editing for me close to impossible.)
OK, this will be difficult for many to grasp..
In fact it could sound totally off the wall.....
but it is True...
and very important.

The energy of thought and emotion
 IS the Creative Process.
It has always been well known to Mystics, 
and now is becoming understood by 
Quantum Physicists.

Sustained Energy of Thought and Emotion,
 has a powerful Creative energy.
 Consider Religions, Nationalism, cultural beliefs.....
Ideologies are all Magical Creative processes on a vast scale.

 One of the Laws of the Magical Creative process is that at some point, 
that which has been created 
becomes self determining....

We now have what you could call "entities" ...
Demons you could say,
 for all the major religions/Ideologies.

 These resonate at certain frequencies which are attuned to those that follow them and helped co-create them,
 and by the same token they reinforce the beliefs/ideologies/religions of those who follow them through resonance. 

The masses are literally owned by demons of their own creation....
This is why it is so difficult to argue...
.to have intelligent discourse with folks about their Beliefs. 
Ever try to convince a Hillary or Trump supporter that their candidate is horrible. How about talking to a jihadist or Christian Fundamentalist. 
How about trying to convince a Vaxxer that vaccinations are Dangerous on so many levels.
 And the scary part is,
 as I mentioned,these are all about specific frequencies and vibrations.....
and there are those now that have the technology to reinforce these Man made Demons to an even greater keep us divided.
 We are owned by our Ideologies....
time to break free of our co-created demons.... 
Think about this....
Now the following will be even more difficult to grasp.
 These "Constructs/ Demons " also happen to be the seeds at the heart of all human and animal disease...
 The seeds of the "Germs".
Science is all about treating "Germs", 
to cure their diseases.
The problem with this is that they are not treating the Cause,
but rather the Manifestation.
This is,after all what "modern medicine" is all about.
But the question,
the important question this "modern medicine" never asks is,
"Where do the Germs come from?"
You see, as I have stated, it is mass mental and emotional belief at the heart of our human created ideologies, and  all the energy that goes into these.....
That are the "seeds" of the Germs.
And you can "cure" say Polio for instance....
The frequency of imbalance
must manifest.
All things in Creation seek Balance.
Disease is an attempt at the restoration of Balance.
Removing one manifestation
"curing one disease"
does not remove the Cause,
and it will simply manifest 
in a different, sometimes more dangerous form.

Until we stop creating things that have
divisive energy,
 that do not resonate with Nature or a healthy state..
we are creating our own diseases...

So the problem is two-fold.
First we very often become enslaved by our Beliefs, our ideologies.
We resonate at the frequency they resonate least part of our consciousness does.
And the Law of Magnetism pulls towards us, that of Like Resonance.
So we become more deeply 
ingrained in our ideologies,
as they are constantly reinforced by these "entities" that have been created.
This is why all the proof on the planet that goes against the ideology of Vaccination,
can not sway the vaxxer.
Science and Facts matter not, because they are being reinforced
by the particular resonance of that belief that has actually taken on a self perpetuating energetic form.
The second problem is that these resonances are not Natural in any way.
They are not part of the Natural World and their resonance is not in Harmony with
Absolute Truth.

Now there are religions that recognize this in a way,
Christian Science for one,
the Science of Mind for another.
They recognize that sickness comes from a lack of Harmony 
with Absolute Truth.

How do you suppose we could end up with the choice between Hillary and Trump. 
How do you suppose that there are still folks do you suppose folks will fight and die, for their separate beliefs, how do you suppose anyone could believe building walls between "nations" would be in any way positive. 
Once the frequency of these ideologies has been determined...and the technology for this exists (I was part of early experiments) like HAARP can reinforce these divisive beliefs....can build the Constructs to a greater strength.....creating a stronger resonance with "followers" until the masses become constantly more divided.

So what are we to do?

Learn to see through your Heart.
These resonances that imprison us, 
that divide us,
that are now being used against us by ....
Mo Fo's
work on a mental and emotional level.
We think we are correct,
we feel we are correct.
But if we meditate on it,if we quiet our minds and emotions...
and listen with our hearts to the questions...
if we employ our intuition rather than our intellect and emotions,
we can free ourselves from the Constructs that have historically imprisoned us,
and in these days, can be manipulated,
can now actually have the volume on them turned keep us even more imprisoned.
So, unless we want to be Sheep of ideologies,
unless we want to be part of the problem of Creating future diseases or reinforcing current ones,
we must extricate ourselves from our Ideologies....that ALL serve to separate us.
We must seek Silence,
connect with our hearts (our intuition)..
There is no other hope for Peace on Earth.

We will never ever ever come to agree on our ideologies.
Our "ideologies" are based upon "Ideas"
Ideas are never Truth,
they are man made descriptions of Truth,
they are as different as every person that perceives them.
We will never come together in Peace,
with our Minds or Emotions.
We will only come together
in the quiet of our Hearts.
Via Love.

The Mind and emotions Separate.
The Heart Unites....

Let's make an effort to Unite!