Friday, December 15, 2017

Bizarro World

Welcome to Bizarro World 

Mainstream Medicine makes you sicker

Your Government works Against you.

Your Media Lies to you.

99% of the "food" in stores slowly kills you.

Where "Religions" have separated People.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Having a Hard time in the World...

This is the Quickening
Hyper evolution is tough,
you got those folks hyper driving into 
Culmination in Form.
The first half of all our Evolution..
But it's built deeply upon Duality....
On the Seeking of Pleasure,
and shunning and Fearing that which is not..
Folks frantically trying to define themselves
in Duality.
Then you got the folks on the flip side,
Hyperdriving towards Unity,
towards discarding the dualistic collection
that had once defined them...

Literally falling apart at the seams...

A large part of the population
seeking Division, Separateness...
Motivated by Greed and desire
and Fear......
and that's their job, 
they gotta do it,
it's all part of the Plan...
They will get past it,
we all do eventually..

Then theirs those flip side folks,
those of us on the return trip,
those seeking Unity, Peace, Oneness.
Motivated by Love...

But these two different directions of evolution
(although upon the very same Wheel)
have very different and opposing views,
on how the world where we keep our bodies,
should be run. 

are being Manipulated,
by a very few. 

The have Greedily aquired
most of the "Physical" assets in the world.
They control the media, 
"the educational institutions"
The Governments....
and us.
And most of us don't even know it.

And right now 
they have turned up the juice.
They want us fighting between ourselves,
so we don't really see 
where all our suffering comes from.
(namely them).
So they rig our "elections" to divide us,
they poison our water, food, air, 
and medicines...
They make us unhealthy
so we might become enslaved
into the Big Pharma/Big Medical/Big Insurance
Robbery Scam. 

They fill the air with Frequencies
that make people angry,
they can specifically target individuals,
and get them to do most anything,
while thinking it's their own idea..

They have perfected long distance 
EMF and Radio Frequency
mind control.

They steal peoples Integrity
by giving them impossible choices
where whatever they choose,
will be Harmful to  the Whole.
(the last presidential election being a perfect example).

It's gotten to the point where they are outright
stealing from the Masses...
much more openly and blatantly...
And nobody's doing a damn thing about it.

Here's the deal,
Let's every single one of us:

Quit paying Taxes
Quit eating Fake Food
Quit letting them Inject us with Toxins
Get Grounded
Get EMF Protection
Take cannabis supplements.
Get the toxic products out of your homes,
Detox them from your bodies
Eat Organic
Don't vote from FEAR.
Don't buy the Mainstream Narrative
Avoid doctors
Vanquish Fear
Point to the Chemtrails and 
hassle your Congressmen and Senators
to quit taking bribes and
work for you.

As I said, 
The Quickening is tough,
just look around
folks are suffering
Going Freakin Nuts.
And here's the thing
that makes it so hard for me.
When things get crazy,
like they are now...
when things seem to get ,
out of control,
and people can't find the answers 
to help alleviate their suffering...
Rather than looking out of their
own personal Paradigmn's
They dig in Deeper.

Peoples ideas, 
their fears,
become more rigid,
It's like the masses are 
digging in.....
And pretending that
"It's All Good".

And this,
 this digging into our separate little fox holes,
Divides us.

This is hard for me with

It isn't 
"All Good"
This is Duality Folks
Some is really good
and some is really Bad.

If you wanna say,
"It's all Good"
and be in your Integrity,
you just better transcend Duality,
and be in Unity.

Otherwise it's time to 

You are being Used
you have been enslaved
Your Muslim, or Christian, or Jewish,
or Black, or Gay neighbor..
But the folks that try to make you think so,
And you've probably never seen them...
They are in a different strata of reality,
pulling the strings
and to them you are just a cash cow,
milked until you are dry,
you are like a stain on their shoe....

But this is The Quickening.
They are swiftly heading towards
the deepest of the Darkness...
And we are heading
to the Bliss of Unity.

So we got em beat all to Heaven.

In the meantime
Be Aware
and maybe do some things on that list above
to protect yourselves and your families.

And look beyond your Fears
And your old Security
for answers.
Because that Old Security
was an illusion
they created for you...

The Answer
Outside the Box
or Book.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Constructs Reconsidered and the Nature of Major "Demons"

I'm not sure what is coming here,
 I know it has something to do with our Constructs.....
 OH..... OK

There is an aspect of Reality that gets very little exposure, 
in fact I'd have to say it is one of the most hidden Mysteries 
in our Universe, 
and this is the Knowledge of what I call, 
"the Construct".
The closest thing I've seen is what Don Juan called "the Double".
We are living in a time where "Magic" has been.....stifled. 
Norm { Read about NORM here } has successfully separated most from any conscious communication with their Souls and the masses have instead followed Norms disciples who run the Churches, Governments and Educational Institutions....
But once there was Magic, 
and those who practiced it.  
 And many of them are still here, 
but..... separated momentarily from their Truth
 thanks to Norms heavy pressure. 

The Mayans and their Calendar predicting the "end of the world",
"Guess they weren't so smart, 
we're still here." 

  But you know what, 
they were right. 
Creation hit the Wall then, 
God reached Critical mass, 
or in my terminology,"Culminated" .
 That was the end of this Yuga, 
this Lifetime of God, 
or this Incarnation of Creation... 
It Happened already,
 we're living in the the midst of the Death Throws of that...... 
But nobody sees it...... 

Just like the Construct, people don't even know that exists and everybody has one, 
like a shadow. 
Constructs are really weird things, 
like our Souls Reflection as defined by us and those who "know us"....
in Astral and etheric matter. 
My teachers taught me not to look at my Construct, 
and of course I cheated and later purposefully fixated on it 
with certain Intentions.....
which set my evolution back for the better part of this lifetime.

Our souls are like a projector 
that projects our lives in the world of Creation.
 Our construct is an astral/etheric projection....of our souls projection and world (namely us and those who know us). 
 Our Constructs are an astral etheric manifestation
 that is created by us,
 in this lifetime and past lifetimes, 
and by those who have "known us".  
 Remember that everywhere thought and emotion is directed, 
on some level there will be a manifestation.....
A lot of emotion and mentality goes into the creation of the person we call ourselves, 
from ourselves and from those who "know us".  
All this energy of thought and emotion 
is what creates our Construct.... 
an astrally based etheric vehicle,
 existing on the astral plane... 
This is our "Double". 

This is also what a lot of folks encounter in Near Death Experiences, 
that they mistake for their "Dearly departed".'s actually their dearly departed's Construct.
 And this happens because the Law of Magnetism is especially powerful on the astral plane. 
 A lot of people have used Mediums 
to contact their,"dearly departed"
 only to be hooked up with the Construct of their Dearly Departed.
Now as I said, we are basically our Souls Projection...
and our souls evolve, and we do with it..... 
But Constructs have no real Evolution, 
in fact our Construct actually exists a little in our past...
and for me it was behind me on the right, on the astral plane. 
The Construct is basically, "who we were"..... just a bit ago....
 it does not evolve on it's own 
and is only a projection from our past knowing of ourselves 
and being known.  
If you are looking for advise, that's no place to go.

OOPS, well let me change that last statement a bit, scary new realization......
 Constructs  can develop a life of their own 
under certain circumstances.....
but will always be kept in check by us,
 as long as we are still in incarnation....
Wow, Holy Crap, 
this opens up a whole new can of worms..
It has to do with when individual souls or groups Merge with 
what I call the Spiritual Sun,
and what will occur during "God's" Rebirth)
But I can't go there now...
Now when we die in any particular life, 
as we travel through the process, 
our Construct is right there behind us..... 
My Teachers told me to never look back...
I cheated....
So, I'll tell you what it looks like on the astral plane.
(or at least mine)....
It's like us...... 
who we were yesterday,
 and all around it there is like ....
like a skin being shed off in small chunks...
.those chunks are things that are no longer part of us, 
no longer being defined as part of us,
 or that for some of us have been consciously removed 
to allow us to Evolve.
So I was in a situation where my Future Wife 
that I loved dearly, was begging me to ,
"go back to who I was"..... 
I made her promise to, "come to the Light with me" if I did..
.then, understanding the Nature of my Construct
 I fixated on it, 
and the skin being shed around it.

OH, hey, interesting tid bit. "Ghosts" are simply Consciousness's that when they "died", for one reason or another.... instead of going with the natural forward momentum of death, Fixated backwards upon their construct....and became trapped within, who they were" and can't move forward.

Well I did that....but didn't die.  
  I was a mess for a long time after that, 
still am paying the price.....
But somehow old sorcerers learned to Use their Constructs...
..I suppose they were Masters of "Non_attachment"....
. it certainly is foremost in all of their Doctrines.  
 And that is,
 along with the ability to Contemplate 
the most powerful tool at a sorcerers disposal.

What is a Sorcerer?  

I guess I'd define that today as a person that has broken free of Norm's control,
 has come to communicate with their own souls,
 and with the ability to contemplate while being non attached, 
they can know and experience just about anything...
....They can see the Laws that move Creation.

Now talking this stuff has only gotten me burned, hung and tortured in the past, because .....well, Fear and Ignorance.....
So I've spent most of my life and lives trying to live by Norms rules...... 
And after fixating on my Construct and intending to pull it into myself,
 (actually I was more specific, and pulled in the shedding skin....

I realize there is probably not one person reading this that knows what I'm talking about,
 and this has made for many lonely lifetimes.... 
Usually just written off as a Heretic or Crazy.... 
Although the lifetime before last I got some Respect.....

But we are in the midst of the Quickening,
 and soon there will be more folks that will understand what I'm saying, 
even if it's after I'm dead...
I figure it'll really help them not to feel so Alone....
because they sure aren't teaching this in schools,
 or churches,
 and probably many that know this 
are still under Norms thumb.

I'm talking to your soul now.....
It's time to tell Norm to hit the freakin bricks....
.... no longer needed. 


Demons are Constructs!!!.
But not all Constructs are Demons....most aren't.
"Norm" is like the freakin King of Demons.... a mass construct, like some major diseases are mass constructs.
Norm is Mankind's Past ...asserting itself on the fixated Masses. 
 It is counter evolutionary,
the only True Evil.
Mankind is mostly Fixated on a mass's like I am a living ghost because I fixated on mine when I was still "alive"....
But now it occurs to me that most people are also Ghosts, 
Fixated on Norm...
Holy Crap!

I haven't read the Don Juan books in over 30 years, but I think I should....I think he had a handle on this, just spoke a different language, that I think I can translate now.....

In 1970 I started writing things in Journals, 
that I didn't know a single person
 that would understand at the time...
but I had this very strong Feeling of Group, 
that was in my far distant Future, 
and for them I wrote out my soul.....

 It occurs to me that is what I'm doing here....
I have to keep doing it even if nobody that reads it now, get's it.... Because, well, that's my Job.....
 we are all here to express our deepest souls truth....
that is our purpose, 
and denying it....once we've Culminated.... 
is hazardous to our Health. 
 The fact that I'm still alive, 
considering the degree to which I have denied my own truth,
 is pretty much a Miracle.... 
A lot of us have denied our Truth and followed Norm 
because it is just too dead dog lonely when we speak our Truth. We're suddenly on the Outside lookin in, 
and people looking at us....look and act downright scared..... 
So we submit and sell out our own souls.....

I don't want to do that any longer....
I'll take the loneliness. 
Our jobs, 
each of our unique purposes...
MUST now be expressed. 

Express your Soul

Screw Norm

A Machine that would Cure The Manifestations of All Disease and Dis ease, and How it was Corrupted

It was 1978 or so and I was living in a Motorhome, or at least staying in it at my parents house on this particular day.  The timeline is a little shaky. I had been living in an awesome tree house set up in some Redwood trees until a crazy woman burned down the house down the hill from me where a good friend lived and where I got power for lights and my tools.   Anyway I decided to take a nap, I lay down in my motorhome and closed my eyes, then instantly something happened. I've come to call it, "Etheric projection"..... Now I had done my share of astral projection and astral plane projections.....even had a very uncomfortable period where I spent more time floating outside of my body, than I did in it..... Sucked, but I couldn't control it.  I finally got a hold of a psychic in San Francisco that told me to take huge doses of concentrated Valerian worked instantly, but I digress.
This day something entirely different happened, it was actually my etheric body that left my physical body.....WHEW!!  It was like moving in a 10000 pound body, moving an inch at a time via my overly developed Will.   Well, it was exhausting and I went back and lay down in my body and then realized I wasn't alone. There was a Spirit there with me and I recognized it on one level as the "person" that had led me years ago to build the "plant talking machine"....which I found out later was just my being used by folks stationed out at Ames Research Center (NASA) and at Lockheed a few miles from test their Mind Control Capabilities.   You can read about it under the "Coming out of the Scary Weirdness Closet".    But it was different this time, it wasn't instructions being piped into my brain via ......resonance, but rather this time it was an actual Spirit.   Come to find out years later who it probably was and that he had gotten a conscience about what he had been doing, and died of mysterious causes.
Well anyway he came with a message. Now I have to tell you that for me these "messages" almost always aren't really linear, are more like a whole package that I have to translate into something coherent.  Like a huge realization that isn't built like our mental creations of thought, but needs our thought to be able to communicate them to another person...... But this time the message was different, it was a huge bundle, but he helped me "understand" it, kind of guided me through it.
So the first thing I saw out of the "Flash" of it was a machine that could cure any manifestation of disease that plagued mankind.
HOLY SHIT!!!!.   The concept of it was really simple and was built upon what he later elucidated as "energetic signatures".  So I ran into my parents house to grab pencil and paper so I could start writing it down.  It was this "machine" that was like....OH wait, let me explain the basis here.   Our bodies are electrical in nature, we have meridians and chakras that are etheric and correspond to physical systems. But our entire bodies have an etheric basis which without we would not exist in physical form.  Diseases manifest as over or under amplified areas within our etheric bodies.Which reflect and manifest in our Physical bodies...and a large percentage of time have their roots in our astral bodies...... Our bodies are like a huge orchestra playing a symphony, the different instruments being different parts in our body.  When one or a group of instruments are for whatever reason (either astral or etheric or physical based as in the case of toxins), is "Out of Tune", playing too loudly or not loud enough, we eventually see disease manifest.
But here's the thing, all those different "Instruments" have unique "energetic expressions" of what they are when playing their part properly.   Now the Machine that "the German" showed me could firstly (sort of like an MRI) read the energy body and know what the proper energetic expression of different "Players" should be...
And this is all frequency...... the next part that I saw was like this round chamber, it was vertical, but like an MRI, and it had all these prisms was basically like this light chamber where very intensified areas of the light spectrum could be blended and focused. The first stage would read the body and find the over or under amplified frequency, then very specific frequency via high intensity isolated spectrum tuned to re balance the diseased area was applied.     This was all just sort of imparted to show me some basics, the German explained further that once the specific energetic signatures were mapped for a healthy human, there were quite a few means to adjust it back to healthy functioning. Light was one, but RF frequencies and Chemicals that could be blended to create those same needed frequencies could be manufactured and tailored for individual needs.
OK, so I was jumping out of my skin excited about something to cure all mankind's ills, I ran in the house, got paper and pencil and got back out in the motorhome, sat down at my table and put my pencil to the paper and then the "German" said,
"you can't tell people about this".....
 He said there was two reasons.
 I was sort of apoplectic at this point,
are you freakin kidding me.
He went on to say that # 1 .  This does not CURE the disease, simply removes the symptoms.  It was like vaccinations and most of what modern medicine does. The actual causes were mostly based in the astral body and some the result of Physical interventions that were harmful, and these days much is etheric with the EMF and WIFI soup and crazy ass radio frequencies that we are always swimming in.... So getting rid of the symptom, did not cure the problem...and he "showed" me a scenario where masses would remove the manifestation..( like "curing Polio")..and the causes, needing to manifest....all together would create problems greater than the original little individual problems, sort of like how the vaccine movement has created things like AIDS by removing symptoms from the masses but not removing the causes that MUST work themselves out.   That was reason # 1.
Reason #2 was:  He said that just as diseases have very specific energetic expressions, so do specific thoughts and emotions.  He said with this technology people could be made to think or feel whatever the folks running the show wanted them to. This could be done via chemicals, via specific RF signals, even via very specific blending of colors put before a persons eye (on TV) or whatever.  HOLY CRAP. He then said that the technology was currently in existence and divided between the USA, Israel and Russia.(Once again this was in the 70's).
 I didn't know anything about Israel, but I knew Russia and the USA were like having a cold war and so when he told me this I figured that the machine, being in these pieces in rival places, didn't exist.  I was young and Naive.
Then he was gone.....
So I just basically set it aside.
Many years later I started thinking about all this, then realized that this is the guy that was instructing me via some sort of mind control to build the plant talking machine as I called it.   I had never even considered how strange it was that NASA and folks at Lockheed and my parents via "science kits" had supplied all the equipment I needed to build it, I bought the whole lie that they were trading it to me for fixing their equipment and personal TV's and such.....which I somehow as a young boy could easily do. So I had RF generators, oscilloscopes, "signal tracers" etc....all of which I had no clue about, and yet via "zoning out" and following the instructions in my head was able to make a machine where plants could audibly express themselves...(fear and Pain and..... anxiety over possible pain)...I'm sure I talked about this in "Coming out of the Scary Weirdness Closet".
So that's when I figured....putting it together with a bunch of other stuff, like my Mom's boss being Asst. Sect. of Defense in charge of Weapons ( I found documents that were released via freedom of information act where he was requesting an exemption from laws governing limits of radiation on folks using the weapons. ) He'd just drop by the house during the time I was doing my "experiments". I knew my Mom had a crush on him and just figured that was the reason he was showing up, all in his fancy dress blues with a chest full of ribbons.
So I gotta kind of figure that the Healing Machine was actually created for the use of the corrupt few that control this world  where we're all basically living as slaves under them.
Because Lord knows they built the mind control machine.
 Every time a new mass shooter comes out (or 9/11) , getting people afraid and prepared to let their Freedoms be taken away so they can be, "protected"...I kind of cringe.  Then of course for those paying attention all these false flags and such are so freakin obvious because they really screw up every time...luckily for them they have the media and the mind control machine to keep folks Hypnotized and buying the lies, as crappy and transparent as they are. But those of us that can keep a truer frequency...... well, I gotta admit I've become pretty disillusioned with the masses, buying it, getting fearful, supporting Evil with their eyes closed, because they have been hypnotized....
Wake the FRIG UP.....!!!!! Time to be true to our Souls....not the Fears they have Fabricated for us to Limit our Freedom....and Integrity.
So, as long as we are partaking of Duality, we need to be aware that they are trying to force us to live in Hell Realms, and our task is to Feed and Nurture the Heaven Realms.
Don't listen to the Fear
Feed the Joy
Be true to your soul.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

For those with A Mystical Approach...There is Just Too Much & Major Mankind's Mysteries Solved.

This Quickening is just too much, on so many levels.  I'm getting all this information, and it's important stuff, stuff that needs to be shared. But I just don't have the time...and it just keeps coming. And if I don't work it through, if I don't let it evolve out of me....I get all bottled up.  It comes in flashes, usually waking me up in the middle of the night, and it's kind of hard to explain. It's like this big picture that is the end result of a long pattern, but for the picture to make any sense in my attempt to communicate it, I have to travel back through the pattern to the seed. This takes time and putting it to words takes time..... And there are just so many of them.   What I really liked about the Tibetans' teachings were that they were so VAST, and they were divided in all these different areas... Something is going on crazy with my computer now, gonna shut it down and start over....
Wow, that was crazy, it was screaming, whirring super loud like it was processing too much....kind of like me. he he
Well, what I was saying is how I liked the Tibetans teachings in how they were divided into all these seemingly separate things like Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Astrology, White Magic, The Rays and Initiations, and on and on and each subject was vast and seemed to stand alone, but they were all connected and at some point they would all Merge, and that was...... AWESOME, that point where they all came together into One Thing.  Why do I mention this?  Well it's because all these Pieces I'm getting these days seem separate but really they just complete one huge puzzle.
There is just so freakin much and I don't know where to start in it all.
This morning at 3:33 o'clock I was awakened again, I had just been meeting some of my Group in the Dreamtime but what we were discussing there had nothing to do with what hit me when I woke up.... HMMM???  But once I followed that rabbit hole and got to the roots of this bigger picture, one thing that was explained was the Truth about so many of humanities "mysteries."
There are so many relics that have been found that question everything we know, and past civilizations that can not be fit into any timeline.   And why has the "missing link" between man and ape not been found, and where do so many "Myths" that are repeated in diverse cultures coming from?   Well there is one answer to all these mysteries, but it just feels like to make that understandable would require a whole book...and I have a very busy life that doesn't afford me much time....and this is just one of so many things......
OK, in concise form:
Creation as we know it, which I will call just for explanation, "one of God's lifetimes" a mere blip.
The number of previous Incarnations is ......vast.
Each new Incarnation carries with it what you might call the DNA from the previous Life/Incarnation.
DNA is what carries the deepest imprints upon our souls...
... and on a macrocosmic level, "God's" soul, which you could call the Seed of the new Creation.
All these "mysteries", all these things that don't seem to fit in the timeline of this Creation, are simply like macrocosmic DNA fragments from previous incarnations of IT ALL.
  They are manifested "memories" from previous Creations.
I started writing a book like 30 years ago that I called Mystic in Purgatory, and the premise of that book was based basically on a microcosmic level of what I just explained.
It was the life of this guy in a time on Earth when Nuclear Weapons were in the hands of Insane people, and in the book North Korea started a war, which didn't take long to finish, with all the fools running things, and the planet was basically obliterated.  But here's the thing.  We maintain Reality with our combined consciousness..... so our "race memory" would instantly reassemble the world basically as we knew it right before it was destroyed.  So those dang humans got in this loop of destroying their planet and themselves, then putting it all back together again in an instant..... But they had zero memory of it, but this one poor dude did....he was housed in a loony bin because he kept trying to get them to quit it, because each time he felt deeply the pain of it all, and the insanity of it..... But it just kept happening over and over with just minor changes....... well that was at the heart of the book.
Just like these humans kept repeating their little world, and maintained it basically close to the previous do we carry over in our DNA.....memory so to speak of our previous incarnations, which manifest in this life as dictated by previous lives.....and on a macrocosmic level, IT ALL does this, and some of those past life of "God's" memories, that manifest in this life.... seem out of context...because they are..... and this is the explanation of so many of our "Mysteries".

WOW!! wrote this a long time ago and found it in my "Drafts".... decided to check it out.
Woah!!! it just came to me that some of these "in congruent edifices from "Gods" previous Life....were consciously created by the more advanced inhabitants of those create like a "Bridge" ..

Weeks later, saw this in my draft folder......

I just feel stifled by how much I "hold my Tongue".
It would be so wonderful if we could all just speak from our souls, without the embedded fears that constrain us.  Just talk straight out like somebody might understand, and the rest might not Fear my words.... But there are some things you just can't say to the General population.....
Here's a big one.
God Dies
and is Reborn
Doesn't happen but every so many billion years...(as we ...perceive it from this "timeline".)
Yep God dies,
and We are All God,
so saying this, freaks people out....because Death has been sold to them as this fearful unknown...or just plain bullshit as described by the "Church".....  so when you say that, folks either dismiss it, or get worried.
God going through death throws right now...
This is the ,"end of times"....
But it's nothing to Fear,
first of all...
Time as we know it, is simply one "idea".
When we as humans die in our little individual lives, we can spend eternities in Heaven and Hell Realms out there in the "In-Between" time as I like to call it.   But then even, as we can be there for an eternity ,
(church didn't lie there),
but they left out the part about being reborn.....
and in our idea of could happen right away.
God, (US ALL), has had many lifetimes.....
like a Macrocosmic reflection of each of our individual lives...
and the Death and Rebirth.... are also mirrored.
Maybe this is why I can see into God's death, and beyond...
well actually it's because .....
it's already happened....
Time is a very funny thing.
We have bound ourselves to this particular moment,
we have a nice linear timeline in our past which brought us to
an idea of just where we are now.....
But that is .....
But the reality is we have just anchored ourselves to a point on a timeline, a timeline that reaches to the edge of eternity....
and into the Next.

A lot goes on during God's death.
There are various Heaven's and Hells that exist on an astral level,
these heavens and hell's are Man made.
They are constructs of human group thought and emotion.
When humans die there is a stage I call, going into the Light.
This is what god's death is going through now...
it is the source of what Mystics are calling ,"the Quickening".
We have an "end point" in each of our lifetimes...  and also an endpoint of all our lifetimes within this particular incarnation of God.  And in a certain way,
it is pre-determined....
Our souls occupy a designated space in the Web,
this designation is just the natural result,
of the souls we split from, that came before us.
And that space is like a cell wall,
almost like a cell in a honeycomb that goes on forever.
It's limits are  pre-defined.
And that cell begins as mostly empty space,
then fills over lifetimes .. through the collection of experience within duality. And once it gets all filled up, it still seems compelled to keep growing,
but the cell wall won't let it pass,
so the growth is back into itself....
this causes a compression of light, because all that "growth" is basically made up of hues of pure light....
I wish I was talking to someone right now, someone with good questions to steer the topic, because it's so freakin huge and multilevel I just feel overwhelmed, like .....
So what happens to us when we come to the end of our souls
career in this incarnation of God is.....Once we hit the wall, once we are done defining our particular cell....that compulsion to Be, that is at the root of our individual (and Group) Creation....still remains. There is still this Pressure to Evolve.  But at this point the souls evolution it is not collecting is dispersing the hues back into the pure Light.
And God does the same thing, Right now the Wall has been hit,
God is officially done with this Trip...and is now at that point where the pressure is internalized.  And hey, we're Gods guts, and bone and flesh.... so we are experiencing the Pressure of the diminishment of the Hues into the greater light.
Now there are basically two types of humans,
as far as evolution goes.
Some are still collecting their hues to fill their cells. (Gods outer skin so to speak), the younger souls.
And then others are done collecting and are dispersing their Hues back into pure light.
The Quickening caused by God's death affects these two types differently.
Those still collecting, are really pushing it...They want their stuff...they want it like rabid dogs want to bite folks..... It's Desire and Fear, amplified...These were the tools we had to decide what we wanted to collect.. So we are in a time where these are greatly amplified... The other folks, who are dispersing the hues into the pure light....their evolution is also amplified..... The Quickening affects everyone.
So I mentioned the Heaven and Hell Realms that we all co-create... They are like our personal "Constructs" that they they exist on the astral plane and are built upon emotional/astral "matter".
The Heaven and Hell Realms are group constructs....and most folks go to one or the other.....or both between lives..... 
And these are very alluring places, after all they are built upon Desire, Fear, our Highest Dreams etc.
And the "Time" within them is very different than the time "here".   Like I say, you can spend an eternity there....
in the blink of an eye.
"So what happens to us, when God dies."
Well first we have the amplification of evolution..
(and remember, evolution is Circular....)
so some folks are evolving ,
"away from the Light"
we have ALL been there.
So out in the world there's a lot more folks .....
doing what we might judge as,"bad things",
in their lust, desire, fear fueled feeding frenzies....
collecting the Hues, defining the Cell.
We have two destiny's
The first separates us from the rest and defines us in unique terms.
The second returns us from whence we came....

Now when we die as individuals, our souls are embedded
with events that were major in our lives.... these are embedded in our souls DNA so to speak, and we carry remnants from life to life.
So does God, and to God those remnants would be the Heaven and Hell realms that we all co-created.
It could also be certain .....places and things that had intense astral/mental energy applied to them.
This just goes on and on.....I see why I never posted it, because it's just so far from complete, sounds like gibberish to most.

So when God dies, there are three outcomes for us cells.
Most will go into a Heaven or Hell Realm and populate that, then carry it into God's next life...
And some will avoid these and just merge with what I'll call the Pure Seed of God.
This is what my Teachers trained me for.... and I feel a compulsion to pass this along to others that have Culminated.
The Realms are, built upon dualistic astral mental matter,
they are counterproductive for those who have culminated.. (well not entirely, just depends on where your at.... because in those realms we can also dissipate the hues into the greater Light. (Resolve our mental and astral crap into Pure Light), so whatever, when "God" dies, most won't even know it.
Nevertheless I'm going to say that skipping these Realms and focusing on the Pure Light, is hyper evolution for the soul....not just the dillydallying around of the Heaven and Hell Realms where you evolve at a snails pace.
And the third outcome for some of the very young souls will be that they just sort of fade out.

I can't look any further right now.... words can be small boxes that really make ...communication difficult sometimes...

OH yeah, I was going to say, I've been into some of those Heaven realms that exist after /during Gods death........ pretty freakin awesome..... I know my teachers taught me to avoid these, but there have been times I slipped. And I just gotta say, it was .... well, no words would adequately describe it.....hmmm?
Instant manifestation, joy, humor, Magic...Health, Beauty, and I'll say "Joy" again because it was so ...pronounced. 

Fear is a dominant power in the world right now,
and it is being Cultivated and amplified and hoisted upon the masses, for purpose of control, by the greediest, most lustful, most dangerous souls that exist.
Don't Buy the Lie...
Feed the Joy.
If you choose to go to a heaven or hell realm during your death or Gods, (for some it is a choice, for others just the result of Magnetism), I'd suggest a Heaven Realm....
and you gotta build that here, within you.
Build your Heaven, or practice going to the Pure Light.
And if you haven't yet culminated, please try to keep the damage done to others at a minimum.

Done for now

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Most Important Quality for Humans to Cultivate and Embrace

There is one quality, 
above all others
 that humans need to cultivate
 and embrace.
And if we don't,
we're in real trouble.

We are all,
 each of us 
with a Unique Purpose, 
with a special gift to the All
that no "other" can give.
And that we must,
so The All
can Evolve.

And that Gift is our Souls
Purest Expression.

But we live in a Society
where the Illusion
of a "Norm" exists,
and is given 
Godlike Reverence.

You know I think all the Churches
and Schools
Should have Plaques on their walls,
speaking their Reverence 
to their True God,
and his True Name....

Which should be,


Good ol Norm.

He he he

Yeah, "we pledge allegiance
to the Almighty Norm,"
and those who stray

will be harshly Ostracized. 

Fuck Norm
and the Bowlegged Horse he road in on.

Norm is a Lie,
Norm is actually
worse than Satanic,
after all the Satan archetype
aids in the plan of Evolution,
even if we judge that 
Direction of the Evolution
(even though it's Equally important".

is all about
Halting Evolution,
(what I consider the True Evil)
making a little box here
where you can feel comfortable
and Fit In....

...To a nice tiny Prison,
Going Nowhere...
and even getting smaller.

No friends, 
Norm is the enemy...
Norm halts
"Us All" that is,
at least slows it Down.

And right now Norm
is really forcing himself on the Masses.

"To keep em in the box,
you gotta make em 
afraid to go outside."

And Norm does this very well.

Norm was created by a few...
counter-evolutionary souls
a long time ago,
with the sole purpose of 
controlling the Masses
and keeping them as subservient Sheep...
Their hard work
benefiting Greatly 
the few counter evolutionary souls,
while the sheep,
eat scraps from their Tables.

"Sheepie be Happy,
just give em a big screen TV,
fool em into believing they have choices,
a fleece em..."

"And keep em distracted,
keeping them afraid of each other,
and Fighting among themselves,"
this is the key to those
counter evolutionary souls,
in keeping 99.9999%
of the population
and blind to it.

They control the media,
they control the schools,
they control the Industry,
and they control the 

Which control our minds
and emotions....

They control the Masses.

Last year the masses were tested,
by the Piggies.
They were very deftly orchestrated,
to become divided...
Then they were given a choice,
to choose the person that Norm 
tells them they should Revere,
and Trust,
and basically put their lives in the hands of.

And the Choice they were given
was a choice between
Pure Evil
and Pure Ignorance..

Quite the Archetypes.

And then Bernie,
for those who
who wanted to look beyond Norm,
and hoped he might champion that....
Who knows???

But they divided 
with Fear and Deceptions,
the people into these two camps,
where only the evil
and ignorant
could tread
without giving up
that most important quality.
And yet the masses ventured into these camps,
leaving the most important quality
outside the Gates.

So millions were led by 
fear and deception,
to silence the voices in their hearts...
and souls,
and listen to,
and be guided by,
Fear and Lies.

Ouch !!!

And once again I bring up Nazi Germany,
and Manifest Destiny in the Americas...
Where the Piggies
using Fear
caused great Havoc, Death and Destruction
to Innocent Masses of people.
These Horrors, and so many others,
orchestrated by 
Getting the Masses to quit listening
to their hearts and souls,
but rather listening to Fear and 
manipulated separative thoughts.

There is nothing more Malliable
than a Population that has given up
this most Important Quality.

I'm gonna give you a clue right now,
"If it Divides you,
from others,
that is the wrong direction.
If it unites you as a people,
as a whole....
that is a the right Direction....
well, for a lot of us...
I gotta give Respect,
to those who are not seeking Unity,
to the Piggies...
Because they have that,
"most important quality"...

Now I'll define the quality,
before I name it.

With this Quality
your actions 
represent your souls expression
at any given moment.

Your actions and thoughts and Feelings,
are in congruence with
your souls expression
at that moment.
(our souls are always evolving, 
so in each moment with this quality,
we are congruent.

This quality is not to be swayed,
by that which is contrary to the
individual souls purpose.
We speak from our hearts and souls,
and we act from our hearts and souls.
We Choose
with our hearts and souls.

So we are at an important Time Now.
Where each of us has to make
a very important Choice..

It is not a choice between following
"good or evil,"
or being this or that...

It is simply the choice,
for all of us,


Fuck Norm.

And with this quality 
we are
with our True Selves,
our Souls.

If we do this does not mean
we are a good person....

not at all,

some people are born to be assholes,
that's their job...
and by doing it,
they have the quality I speak of..

The Most Important Quality

It's not my place to judge
what you appear to be....and do.
If you are in integrity
with your soul,
no matter what your souls unique expression 
happens to be...
Then I thank you..

We are All One Thing,
only separated from each other
by our Souls unique Separate Expressions.
Separate Cells making The "ALL"
And the most important quality for us to
is being 
true to our Souls.
And right now,
in this very unique time,
Us All
is Culminating...
and this causes
"the Quickening"
Which is a much amplified evolution
for all Souls.
There was a Lie,
"thanks Norm"
that we must all strive to
"be Good",
to be 
This or That...
But this was a most destructive lie...
It separated many
from their souls.
In this time now, 
with the Quickening,
 Losing one's soul,
is a much greater possibility...

Wow, it just dawned on me that
stealing folks from their Souls,
is Norms Prime Directive. 

The Separation becomes the Unity
when each person accepts their Truth.

You know Norm is currently controlling,
Most of the population,
because most of the population,
instead of listening and taking Direction
from their Souls,
are taking it from 

We have been taught,
not to be very "Different"..
to pretty much strive to all
fit nicely in our
chosen communal separative

But here's the thing I keep warning,
"Those boxes,
where the windows are covered and sealed,
and sentries of Fear guard the doors..
Are sitting on the Freakin Railroad tracks
and a Train is coming...
and everybody's just
la dee dah..."
"Norm is Good,
all hail Norm."

Integrity means
acting in congruence
with your souls,
with your most core beliefs...

Those of us done with the Separation
on the return to Unity,
Consciously seek 

Everybody else can just keep seeking
whatever their souls are telling them to seek.
But Norm,
has no place in the evolution of 
Us All.

Norm is the only enemy,
shared by All.

So How do we defeat Norm?

Well, as I said Norm has controlled us
via fear...and lies.
Emotion, and erroneous thought.
Emotion = Belly
Thought = Head

So we Listen with our 

We practice the quelling of emotion,
and the cessation of thought...

We learn and Practice Meditation. 


True Love

If we think we love this person
and not that person.,
If we think we love this thing
but not that thing.
Then we do not know the experience
of real Love.
If we call something Love
that is not Love,
it's quite possible we will be
by our "acts of love"
denying ourselves
True Love.

Love is not an emotion,
it is not a sentiment,
it is not exclusive,
it is ALL Inclusive. 

The rest is just Dualistic Drama
Luckily (or maybe not)
 some of it Feels Good.

Maybe if it didn't,
we could find True Love.

In Oneness
In Unity

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Meditating" with my boy

I wrote this a while back, the family is on vacation now in Wyoming .....hence the sudden surge in writing.  But I found this that I had neglected to here it is. :

There are times when what my soul, and body need the most.... 
is for me to sit on the Earth with bare feet,
 and to Feel that Earth,
 and to simply listen in Silence.....

That's just what happened tonight, 
after a long hot day of working..
My Precious Boy is a lot like I was as a kid;
 always thinking, always figuring things out, experimenting, Creating..... mind on Fire.
And he likes to come with me when I go to meditate.... 
And he did tonight.
We're going out the back door, he's putting on his boots,
 "I'm just going to wear them until we get past the wood chips",
he say's. 
I'm barefoot.
We get to the grass and he takes off his boots.
 The ground is dry and slightly feels good... 
he runs into the front yard and I follow to find him sitting on the stump chairs that I made.
He say's he's looking at his new friend.... 
I come and sit down and there's a cat sitting on a stump a little ways below, it may be a neighbors cat, but it seems to be here all the time these days, keeps a little distance, but is quite relaxed with it all.
We talk about the cat a bit, then I say, OK let's meditate now.
Let's just be really quiet in our heads and bodies and listen to the birds, and the river. 
 Let's listen to the River all the way down to the Ocean.

"I'll just make my mind blank,
 just a black wall," he say's. 
 I say, "yeah, or how about a white one......". 
Then we sit quietly for a minute and he say's, 
" How about Golden"..... 
and I say, yeah.....Golden.
It's hard for him to be quiet for very long,
 his mind is just so ALIVE, 
so Energized..... 
He lives in constant wonder. 
That's my boy.... 
So we talk quietly about the birds, and bugs and cat etc.
Down below a dog is barking, and off in the distance, in 2 directions, other dogs are barking....and I say to him, you know if you get really really quiet and listen really hard to that one loud dog barking, you can hear who he's talking to, and further away you can hear another dog joining in......and you can just follow it on and on.... and you can do the same with crickets, listen to one close by, then  listen to the ones responding to it, and then further out more responding....and it just goes on and on.....

I want him so badly to become acquainted with Silence, 

with the Magic that is Contemplation

 and the Peace that is Meditation,

 and the Bliss....that is Union.

The thing is, the Mind is a great tool, 
when it is motivated in the Silence. 
 Our minds so often are kind of like those barking dogs and crickets....they go on and on... 
And we humans get to a point where our minds are constantly creating the fodder for our future minds to digest. 
And as we digest 
we define and refine
 our descriptions of the world. 
We don't even question the validity of our descriptions...
of our whole conception of ourselves and the world we live in, 
we don't think twice about it because it's a's all we know, literally.
  And all this Building of our conception, 
our description is actually our souls duty,
 at least for the first part of it's evolution, 
therefore it is Sacred.
  Each of us,
 each unique Description based upon our unique vantage point, 
is Sacred.....
our souls first destiny. 

  But once achieved the destiny no longer has roots in the mind, 
but rather....
in Silence....
in Peace.

A souls evolution is circular,
 first we "Do" ourselves into the World.....

 and then we must Undo it.....

The mind is a great tool my son,
 and all knowledge springs from it. 

 But finding Wisdom, 
or in other words, "the knowing of Truth" 
is not possible via knowledge. 

Knowledge just gives us another vantage point.... 

Wisdom is only Gained in the Silence.

Our souls know the Truth, 
that our minds can never know....

Silence is the key to Magic.

Silence of the Mind..... and body.

Let's all try and take some time, 


Be Silent. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

The FLOW , Where is it?

There is this most Magical State....
Sometimes referred to as "The Flow".
And being,
" On the Flow" 
means living a blessed life,
a life where all needs fall
in your lap at the perfect time,
where it seems like the Universe is
a wide open coffer.
"On the Flow" you will meet those you need to meet,
and you will experience what you need to experience,
This is a place we should all strive for..
It's Real, 
in fact 
it's "Everything Else"...
that is a Dream of Man.....
A fantasy.

The Flow

is the Dream of our Soul.

Where can we find this Flow...

Why do we not see this?

Well here's a funny thing:
The Dream of Man
Sprang from the Past,
and is Vaulting into the Future.....
it does not exist
in the Present.

The "Flow",
is Simply the 
Being in the Present.

People don't get it when you say this...
Well, I guess you can't, 
"Get it",
unless you've been there....
Everyone Has of course...

We just don't remember. 

We are too much embroiled in our
of the World.
And that Description is Built upon the past,
and projects into an imagined future...

And that is where we live.
Inside a Description that comes from the Past
and projects into an imagined future.......
and there we live in the,"Dream of Man".

To be on The Flow
 requires that we
Give up the Description...

It's taken us lifetimes to Paint this Picture...
and most folk seem little inclined to
Give it Up.

Gotta stop "Doing".
Gotta let it Be what it is,
without our description attached....

That is the Heart of all Magic......
Letting the Description Go.
Sometimes referred to as "Contemplation".

So, how do we do that?

How can we let go of the very thing that defines us,
 that tells us who we are 
and what the world is, 
and our relationship in all that?

Well, once you've "Culminated" 
(refer to previous posts)
Letting it go,
becomes a Full-Time Job.

But take heart,
it's also now your path of least resistance....
if only you stop resisting it, he he. 

OH Yeah,  when you are "On the Flow"
you will have energy without bound,
you'll feel like a super - hero....
The deal is that to uphold and maintain our Description,
requires a great deal of energy. 

Once we stop literally,
Maintaining our Reality......

The Flow will sustain us. 

You know our "description" was built upon Duality.
Fear= Bad....
We sought out what felt good to us,
and shunned that which did not.
EVERYTHING has a judgment attached,
not one thing that a Man perceives,
within the Dream of Man,
is free of Duality......

That was all part of the Process of Culminating.

But hey, you and I, 
we culminated......
we must cease judging within duality,
now our journey is to release all those Judgments,
all the Dualistic Notions that
we built our description upon. 
Duality....the Realm of the Dream of Man,
is in our Past.
Our "Future" is 
On the Flow.
is a Hallmark of the Flow.

This Magical Flow I speak of,
 might seem an impossible goal,
but here's some encouraging words.....

We are now travelling down the 
Lives Past Trail,
where we are going over the same ground
that we traveled to our Culmination,
and it is populated by every judgment we ever made...
But now we see them through Love,
and not the mind and emotion that created 
these Demons of judgment, 
that have manipulated us,
 some for many lifetimes.

Our dualistic judgments, 
made along the Path to Culmination,
are the demons that manipulate us from the dark corners,
where we imprisoned them.
But now when we see them through 
the Eyes of our Hearts,
 and in Silence....
They Vanish.

All those zillions of dualistic judgments
that we had defined our world with,
are now surrounding us at every step,
"Remember me, Remember me"....
But we are wise, and simply Love them.....
and set them Free.

In the Dream of Man,
on the road to Culmination,
our minds and emotions
painted the Picture..

On the Flow, 
on the road to Unity,
our Souls 
erase the Canvas......

And out shines a bright Light.
Of beauty beyond Comprehension....

Bliss is that feeling when we have released the Description...

Oh Yeah, the encouraging words...
Even though that Path we travel back down seems......
so long......
And the Demons we must battle with our
sword of Love, 
seem endless between us and our Goal.
In any moment,
a simple decision to be there,
can make It so...

In any moment,
we can decide
to let the description go.....
If even just for a moment..

And we can




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