Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Most Important Quality for Humans to Cultivate and Embrace

There is one quality, 
above all others
 that humans need to cultivate
 and embrace.
And if we don't,
we're in real trouble.

We are all,
 each of us 
with a Unique Purpose, 
with a special gift to the All
that no "other" can give.
And that we must,
so The All
can Evolve.

And that Gift is our Souls
Purest Expression.

But we live in a Society
where the Illusion
of a "Norm" exists,
and is given 
Godlike Reverence.

You know I think all the Churches
and Schools
Should have Plaques on their walls,
speaking their Reverence 
to their True God,
and his True Name....

Which should be,


Good ol Norm.

He he he

Yeah, "we pledge allegiance
to the Almighty Norm,"
and those who stray

will be harshly Ostracized. 

Fuck Norm
and the Bowlegged Horse he road in on.

Norm is a Lie,
Norm is actually
worse than Satanic,
after all the Satan archetype
aids in the plan of Evolution,
even if we judge that 
Direction of the Evolution
(even though it's Equally important".

is all about
Halting Evolution,
(what I consider the True Evil)
making a little box here
where you can feel comfortable
and Fit In....

...To a nice tiny Prison,
Going Nowhere...
and even getting smaller.

No friends, 
Norm is the enemy...
Norm halts
"Us All" that is,
at least slows it Down.

And right now Norm
is really forcing himself on the Masses.

"To keep em in the box,
you gotta make em 
afraid to go outside."

And Norm does this very well.

Norm was created by a few...
counter-evolutionary souls
a long time ago,
with the sole purpose of 
controlling the Masses
and keeping them as subservient Sheep...
Their hard work
benefiting Greatly 
the few counter evolutionary souls,
while the sheep,
eat scraps from their Tables.

"Sheepie be Happy,
just give em a big screen TV,
fool em into believing they have choices,
a fleece em..."

"And keep em distracted,
keeping them afraid of each other,
and Fighting among themselves,"
this is the key to those
counter evolutionary souls,
in keeping 99.9999%
of the population
and blind to it.

They control the media,
they control the schools,
they control the Industry,
and they control the 

Which control our minds
and emotions....

They control the Masses.

Last year the masses were tested,
by the Piggies.
They were very deftly orchestrated,
to become divided...
Then they were given a choice,
to choose the person that Norm 
tells them they should Revere,
and Trust,
and basically put their lives in the hands of.

And the Choice they were given
was a choice between
Pure Evil
and Pure Ignorance..

Quite the Archetypes.

And then Bernie,
for those who
who wanted to look beyond Norm,
and hoped he might champion that....
Who knows???

But they divided 
with Fear and Deceptions,
the people into these two camps,
where only the evil
and ignorant
could tread
without giving up
that most important quality.
And yet the masses ventured into these camps,
leaving the most important quality
outside the Gates.

So millions were led by 
fear and deception,
to silence the voices in their hearts...
and souls,
and listen to,
and be guided by,
Fear and Lies.

Ouch !!!

And once again I bring up Nazi Germany,
and Manifest Destiny in the Americas...
Where the Piggies
using Fear
caused great Havoc, Death and Destruction
to Innocent Masses of people.
These Horrors, and so many others,
orchestrated by 
Getting the Masses to quit listening
to their hearts and souls,
but rather listening to Fear and 
manipulated separative thoughts.

There is nothing more Malliable
than a Population that has given up
this most Important Quality.

I'm gonna give you a clue right now,
"If it Divides you,
from others,
that is the wrong direction.
If it unites you as a people,
as a whole....
that is a the right Direction....
well, for a lot of us...
I gotta give Respect,
to those who are not seeking Unity,
to the Piggies...
Because they have that,
"most important quality"...

Now I'll define the quality,
before I name it.

With this Quality
your actions 
represent your souls expression
at any given moment.

Your actions and thoughts and Feelings,
are in congruence with
your souls expression
at that moment.
(our souls are always evolving, 
so in each moment with this quality,
we are congruent.

This quality is not to be swayed,
by that which is contrary to the
individual souls purpose.
We speak from our hearts and souls,
and we act from our hearts and souls.
We Choose
with our hearts and souls.

So we are at an important Time Now.
Where each of us has to make
a very important Choice..

It is not a choice between following
"good or evil,"
or being this or that...

It is simply the choice,
for all of us,


Fuck Norm.

And with this quality 
we are
with our True Selves,
our Souls.

If we do this does not mean
we are a good person....

not at all,

some people are born to be assholes,
that's their job...
and by doing it,
they have the quality I speak of..

The Most Important Quality

It's not my place to judge
what you appear to be....and do.
If you are in integrity
with your soul,
no matter what your souls unique expression 
happens to be...
Then I thank you..

We are All One Thing,
only separated from each other
by our Souls unique Separate Expressions.
Separate Cells making The "ALL"
And the most important quality for us to
is being 
true to our Souls.
And right now,
in this very unique time,
Us All
is Culminating...
and this causes
"the Quickening"
Which is a much amplified evolution
for all Souls.
There was a Lie,
"thanks Norm"
that we must all strive to
"be Good",
to be 
This or That...
But this was a most destructive lie...
It separated many
from their souls.
In this time now, 
with the Quickening,
 Losing one's soul,
is a much greater possibility...

Wow, it just dawned on me that
stealing folks from their Souls,
is Norms Prime Directive. 

The Separation becomes the Unity
when each person accepts their Truth.

You know Norm is currently controlling,
Most of the population,
because most of the population,
instead of listening and taking Direction
from their Souls,
are taking it from 

We have been taught,
not to be very "Different"..
to pretty much strive to all
fit nicely in our
chosen communal separative

But here's the thing I keep warning,
"Those boxes,
where the windows are covered and sealed,
and sentries of Fear guard the doors..
Are sitting on the Freakin Railroad tracks
and a Train is coming...
and everybody's just
la dee dah..."
"Norm is Good,
all hail Norm."

Integrity means
acting in congruence
with your souls,
with your most core beliefs...

Those of us done with the Separation
on the return to Unity,
Consciously seek 

Everybody else can just keep seeking
whatever their souls are telling them to seek.
But Norm,
has no place in the evolution of 
Us All.

Norm is the only enemy,
shared by All.

So How do we defeat Norm?

Well, as I said Norm has controlled us
via fear...and lies.
Emotion, and erroneous thought.
Emotion = Belly
Thought = Head

So we Listen with our 

We practice the quelling of emotion,
and the cessation of thought...

We learn and Practice Meditation. 


True Love

If we think we love this person
and not that person.,
If we think we love this thing
but not that thing.
Then we do not know the experience
of real Love.
If we call something Love
that is not Love,
it's quite possible we will be
by our "acts of love"
denying ourselves
True Love.

Love is not an emotion,
it is not a sentiment,
it is not exclusive,
it is ALL Inclusive. 

The rest is just Dualistic Drama
Luckily (or maybe not)
 some of it Feels Good.

Maybe if it didn't,
we could find True Love.

In Oneness
In Unity

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Meditating" with my boy

I wrote this a while back, the family is on vacation now in Wyoming .....hence the sudden surge in writing.  But I found this that I had neglected to here it is. :

There are times when what my soul, and body need the most.... 
is for me to sit on the Earth with bare feet,
 and to Feel that Earth,
 and to simply listen in Silence.....

That's just what happened tonight, 
after a long hot day of working..
My Precious Boy is a lot like I was as a kid;
 always thinking, always figuring things out, experimenting, Creating..... mind on Fire.
And he likes to come with me when I go to meditate.... 
And he did tonight.
We're going out the back door, he's putting on his boots,
 "I'm just going to wear them until we get past the wood chips",
he say's. 
I'm barefoot.
We get to the grass and he takes off his boots.
 The ground is dry and slightly feels good... 
he runs into the front yard and I follow to find him sitting on the stump chairs that I made.
He say's he's looking at his new friend.... 
I come and sit down and there's a cat sitting on a stump a little ways below, it may be a neighbors cat, but it seems to be here all the time these days, keeps a little distance, but is quite relaxed with it all.
We talk about the cat a bit, then I say, OK let's meditate now.
Let's just be really quiet in our heads and bodies and listen to the birds, and the river. 
 Let's listen to the River all the way down to the Ocean.

"I'll just make my mind blank,
 just a black wall," he say's. 
 I say, "yeah, or how about a white one......". 
Then we sit quietly for a minute and he say's, 
" How about Golden"..... 
and I say, yeah.....Golden.
It's hard for him to be quiet for very long,
 his mind is just so ALIVE, 
so Energized..... 
He lives in constant wonder. 
That's my boy.... 
So we talk quietly about the birds, and bugs and cat etc.
Down below a dog is barking, and off in the distance, in 2 directions, other dogs are barking....and I say to him, you know if you get really really quiet and listen really hard to that one loud dog barking, you can hear who he's talking to, and further away you can hear another dog joining in......and you can just follow it on and on.... and you can do the same with crickets, listen to one close by, then  listen to the ones responding to it, and then further out more responding....and it just goes on and on.....

I want him so badly to become acquainted with Silence, 

with the Magic that is Contemplation

 and the Peace that is Meditation,

 and the Bliss....that is Union.

The thing is, the Mind is a great tool, 
when it is motivated in the Silence. 
 Our minds so often are kind of like those barking dogs and crickets....they go on and on... 
And we humans get to a point where our minds are constantly creating the fodder for our future minds to digest. 
And as we digest 
we define and refine
 our descriptions of the world. 
We don't even question the validity of our descriptions...
of our whole conception of ourselves and the world we live in, 
we don't think twice about it because it's a's all we know, literally.
  And all this Building of our conception, 
our description is actually our souls duty,
 at least for the first part of it's evolution, 
therefore it is Sacred.
  Each of us,
 each unique Description based upon our unique vantage point, 
is Sacred.....
our souls first destiny. 

  But once achieved the destiny no longer has roots in the mind, 
but rather....
in Silence....
in Peace.

A souls evolution is circular,
 first we "Do" ourselves into the World.....

 and then we must Undo it.....

The mind is a great tool my son,
 and all knowledge springs from it. 

 But finding Wisdom, 
or in other words, "the knowing of Truth" 
is not possible via knowledge. 

Knowledge just gives us another vantage point.... 

Wisdom is only Gained in the Silence.

Our souls know the Truth, 
that our minds can never know....

Silence is the key to Magic.

Silence of the Mind..... and body.

Let's all try and take some time, 


Be Silent. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

The FLOW , Where is it?

There is this most Magical State....
Sometimes referred to as "The Flow".
And being,
" On the Flow" 
means living a blessed life,
a life where all needs fall
in your lap at the perfect time,
where it seems like the Universe is
a wide open coffer.
"On the Flow" you will meet those you need to meet,
and you will experience what you need to experience,
This is a place we should all strive for..
It's Real, 
in fact 
it's "Everything Else"...
that is a Dream of Man.....
A fantasy.

The Flow

is the Dream of our Soul.

Where can we find this Flow...

Why do we not see this?

Well here's a funny thing:
The Dream of Man
Sprang from the Past,
and is Vaulting into the Future.....
it does not exist
in the Present.

The "Flow",
is Simply the 
Being in the Present.

People don't get it when you say this...
Well, I guess you can't, 
"Get it",
unless you've been there....
Everyone Has of course...

We just don't remember. 

We are too much embroiled in our
of the World.
And that Description is Built upon the past,
and projects into an imagined future...

And that is where we live.
Inside a Description that comes from the Past
and projects into an imagined future.......
and there we live in the,"Dream of Man".

To be on The Flow
 requires that we
Give up the Description...

It's taken us lifetimes to Paint this Picture...
and most folk seem little inclined to
Give it Up.

Gotta stop "Doing".
Gotta let it Be what it is,
without our description attached....

That is the Heart of all Magic......
Letting the Description Go.
Sometimes referred to as "Contemplation".

So, how do we do that?

How can we let go of the very thing that defines us,
 that tells us who we are 
and what the world is, 
and our relationship in all that?

Well, once you've "Culminated" 
(refer to previous posts)
Letting it go,
becomes a Full-Time Job.

But take heart,
it's also now your path of least resistance....
if only you stop resisting it, he he. 

OH Yeah,  when you are "On the Flow"
you will have energy without bound,
you'll feel like a super - hero....
The deal is that to uphold and maintain our Description,
requires a great deal of energy. 

Once we stop literally,
Maintaining our Reality......

The Flow will sustain us. 

You know our "description" was built upon Duality.
Fear= Bad....
We sought out what felt good to us,
and shunned that which did not.
EVERYTHING has a judgment attached,
not one thing that a Man perceives,
within the Dream of Man,
is free of Duality......

That was all part of the Process of Culminating.

But hey, you and I, 
we culminated......
we must cease judging within duality,
now our journey is to release all those Judgments,
all the Dualistic Notions that
we built our description upon. 
Duality....the Realm of the Dream of Man,
is in our Past.
Our "Future" is 
On the Flow.
is a Hallmark of the Flow.

This Magical Flow I speak of,
 might seem an impossible goal,
but here's some encouraging words.....

We are now travelling down the 
Lives Past Trail,
where we are going over the same ground
that we traveled to our Culmination,
and it is populated by every judgment we ever made...
But now we see them through Love,
and not the mind and emotion that created 
these Demons of judgment, 
that have manipulated us,
 some for many lifetimes.

Our dualistic judgments, 
made along the Path to Culmination,
are the demons that manipulate us from the dark corners,
where we imprisoned them.
But now when we see them through 
the Eyes of our Hearts,
 and in Silence....
They Vanish.

All those zillions of dualistic judgments
that we had defined our world with,
are now surrounding us at every step,
"Remember me, Remember me"....
But we are wise, and simply Love them.....
and set them Free.

In the Dream of Man,
on the road to Culmination,
our minds and emotions
painted the Picture..

On the Flow, 
on the road to Unity,
our Souls 
erase the Canvas......

And out shines a bright Light.
Of beauty beyond Comprehension....

Bliss is that feeling when we have released the Description...

Oh Yeah, the encouraging words...
Even though that Path we travel back down seems......
so long......
And the Demons we must battle with our
sword of Love, 
seem endless between us and our Goal.
In any moment,
a simple decision to be there,
can make It so...

In any moment,
we can decide
to let the description go.....
If even just for a moment..

And we can



Time to Choose

I am writing this, which has been a long time coming, to hopefully quell some of the distress caused by the Current Level 5 Astral Shitstorm that has taken over so much of the population. 
I was right there in the midst of the Battle until about a year ago, when I pulled out of it, ceased going to Facebook or listening to the radio etc.  This was a big step for me, an "Harmony through Conflict" Aries. We tend to Fight that which we believe is harmful to "Us All".
We are at a very intense time as far as this Whole Creation goes. 
Time is being compressed........ 
Evolution is Hyperdrive....

And here's the thing about that.....
Evolution is Circular....
It's not some freakin Stairway to Heaven....
Where we slowly rise Higher on the steps,
coming closer to our Divinity..
That's all an old lie...
Evolution is Circular,
We begin as an .....Urge
to "Become"
We begin a journey where we will live to define our unique position in the Web of "US ALL".
We are to grow and define ourselves,

Now take a moment to contemplate that phrase:

Every one of us is in a unique position (cell)
in the Web... and the first part of our Evolution is to fill up that to the Max with,
"who we are". 

 And we are all Connected....
We Are Together All God.. 

And the first part of all of our evolution  has been to find and define,"who we are".
No two are alike.....
and no one more Important in the All,
than any other....
And how we find and define that "unique position" during the first stage of our evolution is is primarily by Chasing Desires,
and following Fear. 
So we manipulate our lives and those around us to fit our desires and Fears instructions...
Desires cause Greed, and Lust, and Avarice.
And Fear causes us to shun, to hate....that which we Fear.
And through our desire and fear,
we define our "Unique Separate Expression"
to a point where


 it is Done...

This is the "Point of Culmination",

The Building is over......

and now the soul evolves,
back to from where it came...
If you are reading this,
you are on that side of the wheel.
Something happens at the,
point of culmination..... that I call,
"sitting on the fence".
It is a precarious position because,
your motivations have basically 
Reversed... and you are sitting there going,
"What Now"?   
  It's been easy on that first turn of the wheel...
just chase the desire.... and shun and be controlled by Fear..... Easy, same OH same OH.  But now the Flip side of Desire is,
"Aspiration".... and now that moves you..
But we're pretty clueless about Aspiration....
And instead of Collecting a definition of ,"who you are"....
You begin to discard what you had previously collected.
When we Desire we add things to ourselves.
When we "Aspire" 
we let em go. 

But here's the thing about Fence Sitters,
They just got off the crazy Astral Bandwagon...and like any reformed alcoholic or smoker, etc.  Suddenly they get real critical of Where they were, and want to convert everybody...he he he..  They forget that for their entire eternity up until recently, they too were motivated by Desire and Fear. And in that Energy comes what we see as Harm, in our world. 
We did it,
They are doing it now....

But now, having Culminated the
Desire becomes aspiration,
and the Fear becomes Love.

Until we Culminate we each seek,
as our souls prime directive,
a "Unique Separate Expression"
via desire and fear.
After we culminate we seek Unity
via Love and Aspiration. 

So look at the world today,
in the US for an example,
but this is happening all over the world....

"The People" were given a choice by the ruling elite, to decide which person (of the Elite's choice) was going to  basically be the Head person in that governing body which exists to keep the ruling elite, as the ruling elite...and profiting from it.
So the People were given a choice between 2 persons. 
Nobody in their right mind would ever choose either if they actually had a choice, but their choice is to choose who the elite has determined that they will choose.
So they gave us an Idiot, a bigoted, bumbling buffoon..   Now this guy is the epitome of what the first part of evolution is about....self serving greedy fearful desire.
He spouted the "Division"...the "separateness".
 And Protection from what the People Feared.

And "on the other side" they gave us Pure Evil, in disguise,
with slogans of Unity,
 which the hungry gobbled up. 
  That person was speaking (with totally forked tongue) to those seeking Unity.

The Elite successfully Divided up the population between a "promise of Protection"...
"A promise of Unity."

But it was all Bullshit,
all orchestrated by the same people, 
to get the masses divided 
and fighting among themselves,
instead of seeing that they are
ENSLAVED to people they don't even know.
They dutifully pay their taxes to this obscure "governing body"...... and choose to believe it has some positive purpose. And they obediently follow rules that are not Just, that were designed to keep them enslaved. 

So the people chose a protection from their fears,
or they chose
Evil wearing a Mask specifically designed,
to Entrap, with promises of Unity...and protection.

There was no good choice...

You were manipulated to give up your Integrity if you were to cast your vote...

"Integrity" meaning that your words and actions are in accordance with your heart and soul.

But people were given a non-choice,
and astral shitstorms,
 ...basically tornadoes were
 carefully designed,

And as crazy as it is....
 people are still fighting over their choices of Ignorant...or Evil.

They are both Employed by the same folks...
Neither is a choice.
Donnie stops em at the border
Hillary bombs em in their beds....
All so that some Piggies
can make major bucks.
Is that really a choice.
I am not going to spend days here writing why both of these options were INSANE...
 If you don't know that,
simply do a modicum of research....
But what this election was designed to do was to Break the Integrity of those that have culminated..
And it succeeded very well. 
The masses gave up their Hearts,
and listened to their Fear.
Now those who have not yet culminated....
this was par for the course,
but those that have culminated, and who voted out of Fear  and sacrificed their Integrity on Fears altar,
Wake the Frig UP!!!
Our job is to Find Unity
find Peace and Harmony. 
And you will never find that if partaking in the astral shitstorm.

The thing is, once a person Gives up their Integrity...
They are very vulnerable and can be manipulated easily.
Think Nazi Germany, think the "Manifest Destiny" that murdered Millions of Indigenous people...... think about almost every human mass atrocity, and you will see that these were not brought about by just a few evil men..... They were brought about by the masses
 that had given up their Integrity....
for Fear.

This country is Ripe for major astral manipulation right now, 
and is taking the bait, 
hook, line and sinker.

But here's the thing my wonderful friends,

It doesn't freakin matter.
All Hells breakin Loose,
The media will keep you informed,
in the Loop,
enmeshed in an astral shitstorm,
of no real Reality.

It's conjured to entrap you....

Don't let it.

As I said before, we are in a Unique time.

"Culminatores gotta Culminate"..
there absolutely is no other option for them,
and right now it is happening at hyper speed.
Desire and Fear are greatly amplified, as are the outward manifestations of these things. (The "All Hell Breaking Loose")

But we , you and I
have Culminated,
and to be ruled by Desire and Fear,
is now counter evolutionary for us.

All that "Crazy Stuff" has it's sacred place.
It is Helping all those souls Culminate....
and in so doing,
allowing "God" to Evolve.
Which bottom line is what Everything is all about. 
All of our separate expressions will make for Gods Culmination in this Yuga. 
We are All  The One Thing,

And all the "Craziness" really isn't our business 
we can approach it in Silence and Love.

I know it's difficult, 
we followed our fears and desires for an eternity, now it's all flip flopped and Love and aspiration rule us on our journey back around the Circle.....through everything we've, "Known and Been".
And going back down this road, created in Desire and Fear....we must now face all those things that had defined us (and the world of our definition), but not with the fear and desire that created them, but with Love and True Compassion. This clears them from the Path,
and we move towards greater Unity.

We are creating the World and our Future,
by our "attitude" of mind and heart today, in every moment.
If we hold that Unity, that All Pervasive Perfection in our will come to pass for us. 
If we hold to the divisions created in Fear,
it will only bring us Hell.

We are coming to a time when we will literally choose between Heaven or Hell.
And that time is actually 

So, what's it going to be,
Fear and Division..
and an astral Shitstorm,

Or Peace within LOVE....
Unity. ???

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Question Everything you "Know"...Knowledge vs. Wisdom....Mind Control

They say a Little bit of Knowledge is a dangerous thing, 
well the truth is a lot of knowledge can be even more dangerous, 
especially these days.

Wisdom on the other hand has few drawbacks, 
aside from making those that have gained some,
 feel very isolated.
The difference between knowledge and wisdom 
is that knowledge is an accumulation of facts, 
gained through "education".
Wisdom is not gained by an accumulation of facts,
 but rather through experience.

A major difference is in how they are "stored" within us.

Think of records that you play on a record player, 
or magnetic tapes that record sound....
 Our knowledge is stored something like this.
Ideas are like certain frequencies....
they resonate a certain way in our brains, 
our thoughts and our conclusions from these thoughts
 are literally like recorded symphonies on magnetic tape
 or in the tiny bumps on a record..... 
Our thoughts are like songs that have been recorded from our "learning" and mapped in frequencies recorded in our brains.
Wisdom on the other hand is "stored" in our entire bodies although as soon as we think about it something like a reflection is also stored in our brains as well.   What's that term?....oh yeah, "muscle memory" is a good example of wisdom gained through experience.... 
But Wisdom is also what we gain through meditation and contemplation.....
When we come to understandings through contemplation, in order to translate what we learn (which is beyond words), into words for the purpose of explanation..... we create a mental reflection that is half knowledge and half wisdom.   It is not possible, well it is in very special circumstances, to impart Wisdom to another.  We can just make the best attempt not to embellish too much upon wisdom we gain, in our attempts to communicate it.
I have made a lifelong habit of not recording in my memory, what I gain in wisdom via contemplation and meditation.   I don't want it to be stored as factoids in my brain, I know (or have faith that) that if the situation arises, and a question is posed, I will simply access that via contemplation, anew.  It seems everything I store in memory....becomes distorted, and loses any power or in my estimation, validity.

Our Knowledge can be easily manipulated...our Wisdom can not.
This is because the knowledge stored as frequencies in our brain, is very's roots are in mere blips of frequency so to speak. These "Blips" can be manipulated..... But Wisdom is stored beyond those frequencies in our brain, and even though ideas and concepts based in our Wisdom can be manipulated externally, the roots can not be touched. 
They are a holistic experience, 
not mere ideas and concepts
stored energetically with distinct frequencies. 
Wisdom that we gain is very hard to manipulate or destroy.

In earlier posts I talked about Mind Control 
and the various ways it can be accomplished, 
from merely making suggestions
 that interact with our knowledge
 to guide it in whatever direction the controllers desire, 
to actually manipulating it on an energetic level
 via frequency and resonance.

Our knowledge can be manipulated, our wisdom can not.

So, don't take what you know too seriously...

Those that are doing the "Controlling" don't want everyone thinking alike.....
 they want them divided, 
but pretty clearly divided.... 
so that the "Energetic Expressions" created by different groups,
 are fairly defined. 
 This makes the manipulation much easier. 
Places like Facebook let them know which "camps" you are part they can more tightly 
"Tune you in".
This last election was such a hideous example.
  Evil vs. Ignorant.
No number of facts, no amount of proof could sway the supporters of these two choices that were rammed down our throats by the elite. 
Everyone was so deeply "Tuned In"
 and had lost control of their own ability to Discriminate.
 This I admit scared the crap out of me and for many months I have no longer spent any time on Facebook, but post remotely....I don't want to be "tuned in" and I can't bear to see those I care about losing their ..... connection with their Souls. 
The Manipulators were very successful and we now have a population that has become disconnected from their Souls, has lost their Integrity and has fallen in line with Camp A or Camp B, both being hazardous outcomes for the planet and human and animal life, and quality of life for the masses.  

So seek Wisdom,
 don't take what you "know" too seriously,
 it can be a trap.

The biggest impediment to Wisdom.....
is Knowledge,

 unless that knowledge has it's roots in Truth....
but unless you are in a Monastery in Tibet 
or some similar place, it doesn't.

The Description of Reality
 where the masses live 
has been defined for them to keep them enslaved. 
And even those who desperately seek the Truth, 
sadly do it via the Description
 because it's all they know,
 it's what their worlds are built upon.

The Description that enslaves us is built upon "knowledge" that has just enough truth to keep us sucked in. 
 We're all part of a huge cult.
 The Controllers have used the "Church" and "Governing Bodies" to keep us all tuned in to a Description based in lies which disconnects us from our very Souls and keeps us enslaved in a paradigm where no matter how hard we work, we never become Free and we willingly Pay to support them every step of the way.....
 you know, our "Civic duty" and all. 
 We can't even imagine any other option....
and when given a choice between Ignorant or Evil....
we get in line behind one or the other
convinced by the manipulation that
the Evil One is not Evil and
the Ignorant One is not Ignorant. 
So our task is to Free ourselves of the Description we have dwelled upon and called "Reality" for ages .
   This is done through Silence, 
through meditation and contemplation 
and through a Quiet True Discrimination. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Truth about Communicable Disease, Virus's and Bacteria etc. (Part 1)

just for fun

This is a Huge Subject,
 I'm not sure where it will begin ...

If you have ever done any study of Virus's, 
just what is currently known,
 your mind is already blown.
 Do you know they don't know if Virus's are a living thing or not?
 Do you know virus's pick up little bits of DNA from every person they pass through, and drop off some..
the implications of this, begging deeper contemplation...
Virus's are basically tying mankind together. 
  This is mind boggling in itself, but the Truth is much greater. 

First I'll lay some groundwork.

To be Concise,
Virus's and Bacteria are 
Mass Karmic Manifestations.
We Created them. 

Now you could say that the first Law of Magic/ Creation is that
Manifestation Springs from an intense focus of
Intention (Will), Emotion, and Thought. 
Once again,
"Manifestation Springs from an intense focus of
Intention(Will), Emotion, and Thought. "

Keep this in mind...

Karma is basically the Law that states,
That which we create
via our 
Intention(Will), Emotion, and Thought
must eventually be undone.



There is no 
"Good or Bad Karma"
there is simply Karma,
the results of our Creating.
After all it is through this Creating
that we have defined ourselves
in the world of our Description.

All Karma must eventually be reconciled.

While we evolve towards "Culmination in Form",
that first part of all of our many lifetimes of evolution,
we virtually make ourselves with Karma.
And when we reach that Culmination,
We begin the "Return"process of removal
of all we have built ourselves upon.

Our Karma is Built within Duality,
it is Astral (emotional)
Etheric (vibrationally)
and Mental in Nature.
It is All self serving.

What folks might mistakenly refer to as 
"creating Good Karma"
is simply reconciling Karma.

But while we create Karma within Duality,
there is that which we consider,
Good and Bad...
That's the Nature of that duality.
That which is "Good" we seek..
And that which we define as "Bad"
We Reject,
we run from it, we hide, we bury we 
stuff it.

Now in a previous post
I talked about how some of our Cords are energetically similar.
Our perceptions are shared,
 we have made Agreements as a Race, 
as Nations, as Cultural Groups, Religions etc.
Every cord has a particular Resonance...
and it is via our cords that we have Defined
our Perception of the World. 
We literally Create the World via our Cords and Agreements.

Our cords are Astral, Etheric and Mental 
in Nature.

Ringing any bells? 

"Our Karma is Built within Duality,
it is Astral (emotional)
Etheric (vibrationally)
and Mental in Nature.
It is All self serving."

How we perceive the world
The world of our Perception
 is Projected via our cords,
and built upon our Karma.

The Cords of Man
define us individually and in Groups.

The Cords of God, 
or the cord of God
Unite us in One thing.

That which divides
is contrary to "The Web,"
That Creation of the Cord of God
which is our Unity,
our Truest Truth.
Where Perfect Balance Exists.
Yet the Web builds itself upon them.

The World of our Perception and Creation,
the One we have built upon via the Cords of Man,
is not balanced, is not Unified, is not a cohesive unit.

The world of a Christian,
is literally not the same as the world of a Muslim.
Both are simply Karmic Agreements.
Neither more "Right or Wrong".


There is something I feel I should interject here.

It has to do with "Groups"
and Evolution.
We are all bound to a "Group"
a certain lineage of allied souls.
This isn't exactly by choice ...
Think for a moment of a human Body.
It begins very simply,
very simple cells dividing.
But then some of those cells form arms, 
or legs,
 or organs or a brain. etc.
Very different things with different purposes and functions.
You could say there is a specific cell lineage for a brain, 
and one for an arm, etc.
Well all of Creation is like this,
you can call that quality of differentiation
"free will".
But here is the thing,
a leg is not and arm,
a brain is not a spleen.
They are all connected within the body,
none are "wrong",
they have simply split off in their own unique ways
and have their own expressions to make.

We don't choose if we are an arm or a leg, 
it's just how it is,
this is what makes the Whole...


Now as I mentioned we make Agreements.
These agreements have a certain Resonance,
a certain  Mental/Etheric/Astral Colour.

Now the Cord of God is unlike the cords of Man,
it is Unity,
 and not built of astral/etheric/mental matter.
It is not Dualistic and you could say it's qualities are
Love and Unity.

Everything we have Created via Duality is by it's nature
based in Desire and Fear
our perceptions of "Good and Bad"
and the children of these things like,
hatred, greed, lust, avarice etc.

Now remember where I said,
"Virus's and Bacteria are 
Mass Karmic Manifestations.
We Created them. "


"Manifestation Springs from an intense focus of
Intention(Will), Emotion, and Thought. "

Now what do you suppose manifests when masses 
of souls come to an Common Agreement
that is based in Hatred or Fear ?

Poof !!!

A little seed forms in matter....

A Virus is born..

A product of mass Karma forms..

And begins a life of it's own.

This is the "Magical Process"

All creations must evolve
and all that evolution is Circular.

We grow towards culmination by Collection that definition of ourselves from the world around us,
so does a collects it from everything it passes through,
while dropping off little pieces of the self it has collected.

Those nasty buggers that are trying to Create Virus's for nefarious purposes, have had a lot of difficulty with this because those pesky things rapidly change form...they evolve very quickly.

We literally create the Diseases that plague us,
through our Divisive Agreements.

Those divisive agreements are fed by some
for their own ends.

We Create and "Catch" viruses because of Resonance.
Agreements are very defined Resonances;
cords that have a unique vibration all to themselves.

The Law of Magnetism,
a major Law "here" 
and also in other realms (the "death" state"),
brings to us that which we resonate at
 or have cords that resonate with.

Our long evolution has built within us many 
cords of different Colours (vibration/resonances).
And many Agreements.

Some of these agreements are at the heart of
the diseases that plague us.

The first step to eliminating our reactions to these virus's,
is to root out that which within us is Divisive,
is not based in Love, 
but rather Fear, hatred, etc.

There is no vaccination for the cause any Virus,
in fact vaccinations are of like kind to our
never ending process of trying to
hide that which is painful in our lives,
and seek only that which is not.
That which we stuff,
only festers
and creates greater problems later on.

Vaccinations might hide a symptom, 
but they allow for a festering
that will eventually create much greater problems.

Vaccinations are putting a sock over a leg with Gangrene,
and pretending it's not there.

Top of one side of a door I carved

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Question of "New Souls" within the "Quickening" and Some Very Good News

Just as we as individual souls have a Limit to the space we fill within Creation, a limit to that Unique Separate Expression that Defines the Cell that we are within the body of "It All", so does "It All" have a limit in each turn of it's multi million year life.
Once that limit is reached what had been a virtually unlimited expansion, suddenly hits the wall, and the expansion is all internal. This, within "It All" is what I call, "God Reaching Critical Mass" and one of the main symptoms is "The Quickening".
And as I have seen this Mystically, the souls within "It All" that are nearest the Center (the oldest) and the ones that have culminated then return to Source, Merge in the Center as One in what I call the "Spiritual Sun". And as more souls come to merge that Spiritual Sun Expands, creating the pressure, the power behind the Quickening.  This I have "seen" very clearly.
But what I assumed was that the new souls, on the periphery would be forced to expand back within the matrix of the Web, causing a pressure from the outside.  This was an assumption that I realize needs further contemplation.
As above so below....always, so let us contemplate the Below.
In human evolution as I have "seen" it a cell is projected in the matrix of the Web and this cell begins to fill, to actually darken, to become denser in matter, once that cell is filled (culmination), the expansion within ceases, and the matter begins to dissipate into "Light" (as our judgments based in duality are reconciled). So this tells me that my assumption that new souls continue to be born and that this created a pressure from the outside, I believe has no merit. I mean what would it be like...the new soul would come in under pressure, and limited. We'd be in for some kind of Zombie apocalypse, with mutants coming into existence at an exponential rate. I no longer see this to be the case. (although we will see many "mutants" coming in due to all the CRAP that has been put into our energetic fields via vaccinations, chemical pollutants, most modern medicine, etc, ets, etc.) It seems that the generation of new souls has ceased, and this makes total sense. So what we are experiencing in this Quickening is the pressure of the Spiritual Sun Expanding. On one level this is very good news.
We here, you reading this blog and me and so many others "out there" are heading towards Unity, towards merging with the Spiritual Sun, the Oneness that will be the root seed of the New Creation, the New Incarnation of God so to speak. So we can at least stop worrying about a bunch of new self seeking duality based souls coming in and adding fuel to the crazy ass astral shitstorm that we are in the midst of due to all the souls culminating at hyper speed. Good news, once they fill their spots, they will begin to Lighten Up.
In the mean time we have to do our best not to try and add and fuel to the astral shitstorm.
They gotta do what they gotta do so they can finish with themselves, and we have to disconnect from the Astral Nature of it all and lovingly attempt to minimize the damage done.
Not all that easy really....but in this particular time VERY VERY IMPORTANT. The only way we can keep from being manipulated is if we cease participating in the astral nature of removing our emotion from it and replacing that with Love. 


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