Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Seeing" and The Cords of Man and the Cord of "God"

"Seeing" and the Cords of Man and the Cord of "God"

So I've kept this hidden my whole life, 
not just from others, but also from Myself.
I am what you call a "Seer".
It's a curse that I've had for a few Lifetimes.
It's only been a cause for misery for me so far,
though it has served  a very few other people.
The 5th Ray is the Ray of Seer's,
I operate on the fifth, and 4th rays mostly.
The 4th Ray is kind of a pain because 
you are pretty much, by the very Nature of it...
(named the Ray of Harmony through Conflict)..
always at battle with Imbalance.

The Fifth Ray is called the Ray of Science and Knowledge, 
however it operates differently depending upon
which direction we are going 
on the wheel of evolution.
So the name is kind of mis-leading
in regards to how it works for me, 
because when we think about Science and Knowledge,
we think of coming to conclusions
based upon adding one thing to another, to another to another...
And I've written about this before with a tad of judgment, 
calling it "idiot science"...
Because on the flip side,
where I works in the opposite fashion.
Instead of adding factoid to factoid to factoid to come to a conclusion.... (that is Never Truth)
you go from the conclusion,
backwards through it's evolution,
until you get to the Intent
that started it....
Is that clear as mud.
Everything we perceive and know,
has a pattern....
an evolution....
Created step by step, 
with our perception at the end result of it.

Now I'm going to talk about what I call the "cords of man".

All us humans have these cords
coming out of our belly region.
We normally can't see them.
They are created of astral/mental energy.
They are our connection to our perception
of things in the world.
Everything we know,
we have a cord connected to.
Not just physical things, 
but ideas.
Each cord has a specific frequency...
Cords with similar frequencies are bundled close together.
When we "perceive" something,
we are aligning ourselves with it's cord.
AND our cords are like these snakes,
whipping around out in the world
until they find something to attach to,
the object of our perception,
something that resonates with a harmonious frequency to it.

When you can feel you are being watched,
it's because you are feeling someones cord
attaching to you.
"Butterflies in your stomach",
occur when the cords get frazzled
by non harmonious vibes...

People become enamored,
and "love at first sight"
is a harmonious resonance between cords.

OH, so I have to talk briefly about "Seeing".
There are basically 2 types.
The first type is seeing via the third eye.
This is more of an etheric nature I'd say,
at least when focused outward...
This is how we see when we see Auras,
my Teachers limited me to the 
"Rule of Three" 
when it came to this type of seeing...
"a minor power one can easily be trapped by,
you can come back to it later
when you have mastered them all."
The Rule of Three was given to me for certain 
Magical processes, 
certain "Yogas" that conferred
 some pretty amazing Powers.
I was told we humans are creatures of habit,
and if we do something,
especially something very powerful,
more than three times,
we can become Hooked to it,
and not be able to pass beyond.
Clairvoyants stuck at being clairvoyants.
Healers stuck doing healing
in specific and narrow ways,
Mediums, stuck being mediums.
My Teachers were always grooming me to Teach.
But they wanted me to understand
the 7 basic Paths,
and many of the sub-paths...
so I'd be useful not to just one group of people.
And so that I could eventually teach
the truth of the 7 paths,
so that people might come to see that,
there isn't just one way to Enlightenment.
Or for that matter, 
one way to Living.
But I avoided that responsibility,
and tried to appear like a normal person.

That's not working for me anymore.

Now if this third eye "seeing"
is cast inward....
That's where Yoga of the death State comes in,
where a lot of the other "energetic" yoga's come in.
Yoga of the psychic heat....
things like that...
Very powerful stuff.....
Important to keep the Rule of Three here...

So the first type of Seeing is via the third eye.
The Second,
the kind my Teachers....
pushed me stealthily into,
is seeing, "via the cords".

I mean I have been doing this for at least 3 lifetimes that I remember...
But in our lives, the first few years of a life,
like maybe into our late 20's,
(at least for me).
We're getting caught up to where we left off in our last life.

It probably was just me taking so long.
My previous lifetime in Nepal or Tibet,
we pushed the boundaries...
Then I'm born to a military family,
who once I can talk and tell them about my past lives,
they Freak out and convince me
that it was just my imagination...
So it took me some time getting caught back up,
and my Teachers finally got involved
and pushed me along,
into the "Seeing" again.

Seeing via the Cords,
This is basically Contemplation,
in the True Meaning of the Word....
Which you could describe as,
letting oneself go,
into the ISness of something else, 
and then becoming that thing momentarily.
So these astral/mental cords,
coming out of our bellies,
help maintain us within our 
definition of the World.
They are like tentacles that seek Like.
They also keep us at a distance from what does not resonate.
The Art of Seeing this way:
Someone Plucks a cord,
or a few resonating cords,
with a Question..
This Seer is compelled
to See the Answer.
And how it is Seen is,
the consciousness is sent down the cord or cords to their Source.
This takes us through the evolution 
of that thing we are questioning,
and we come to the Intent at it's beginning.
The answer is not in words, but moving shapes maybe,
or with me now there is fairly instant
attempt to bring the impression into Language,
as simply as possible.
We get to Wisdom,
by removing Knowledge.
But if we want to share that Wisdom,
we must use Language,
which turns the Wisdom
into Knowledge...
But one thing I learned from the Tibetan Way was
how ...
a pure seed of Truth,
can elicit in others
the experience of that Truth.

So the Seer must keep his words
 as close to the Seed as possible.

"Sorcerers" can become very Adept at using these cords,
manipulating the world around them.
I've always felt that it was OK for the Sorcerers
on the first turn of the evolutionary wheel,
just part of the Collection Game there.

But for us on the flip side....
I never felt right about using them beyond an emergency..

Each cord has a unique frequency to itself.
A specific pattern to it's creation.
Our Double feeds off of our cords.. WOW
(future topic, the Double).

In the world now there are those mastered in
the manipulation of cords...
On all sorts of levels..
They are literally clutching the consciousness of the masses.
I suppose this is why you don't hear much about the cords,
other than the Don Juan books....
Because once folks get in tune,
they can see what is being done to them.


So the way I was taught to see,
has become automatic...
and hard to escape once a question is posed...

The Way a 5th Ray person is Enlightened is that,
every time they "See."...
it opens a hole in their causual body.
Like opening a window that was painted dark.
You get enough holes and your veil becomes pierced,
and instead of living within a Description of things,
you live in the Truth at the Heart of Things...
and that's basically Enlightenment.

So I get a question...
Then Silence....Total
Then there I am,
on the other end of the cord or cords
 that made the question..
trying to figure out how to put  in words what I "See"
Because what I "See",
 is the answer to the Question.

Now there is a problem with seeing,
and my Teachers were really good about addressing it.
You see a lot of times folks will just travel part way down a cord...
and truth be told 
on a level the new perspective, freaks em out... 
and they stop on that spot....
It's like the shifting of the assemblage point 
that Don Juan talks about. 
I thought was kind of jive, 
like the only purpose being to show
an alternative view....
or maybe just that an alternative view was possible..
but really just another perspective,
that uncomfortably doesn't fit in with
the Norm.
So if you get stuck there,
life can be a challenge .
I mean if you don't go all the way to the other side,
to the Beginning,
all you have is an alternate view
somewhere along the way
and maybe only slightly less defined
 than the Description we are unveiling. 

So basically if we don't go all the way
in our seeing,
then we can become
in the eyes of the Norm,
pretty messed up in our alternative view.

A lot of "Mental problems" that folks have,
occur because for one reason or another they move
their assemblage point 
(the junction of their cord bundle)
from the commonly accepted position,
and set up camp there.

So we have to be careful,
and go all the way to the Beginning...
Wow! Yeah

When "spiritual" people talk about,
they are talking about shielding the cords...

Our Emotions are tied to our cords,
our Mentality is tied to our cords,
and our reality is held in place
by our cords.

The "Cord of God" as I call it,
I used to call the Cords of God (plural),
because they (it) are what make up the 
Golden Web of Life.
That Giant Golden Spider Web
that holds us all in Creation.

Then I saw it was a single cord...

The Cord of God binds us all together into One thing.
The Cord of God runs through us individually, 
top to bottom.
It maintains our position in the Web.
It is what feeds the cords of man.
The Cords of Man are like a Rainbow
that originates with The Cord of God,
and creates itself 
as it passes through our Souls.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Most Important thing we need to Understand...And the Well Hidden Secret Human Evolution...the Truth

What people call Truth,
is mostly just opinion.
There are however immutable Laws
that Govern this Creation we are in.
And most of these Laws have been subverted...
Have been buried or distorted.
Most humans on the planet now,
have during the course of their Incarnations,
taken abuse, sometimes very harsh,
at the hands of Religions and Ideologies
which wish to control the
definition of Truth, 
for their own Motives.
The amount of suffering and downright terror
inflicted upon millions upon millions
in order to get them to....
subscribe to a Lie....
has actually embedded itself in the DNA
of the masses.
It has become very difficult for folks to face the Truth,
or even consider it,
because the embedded pain
keeps them in check.
When I first finally "Saw" what i am about to tell you,
it was beyond difficult...
Convulsions were a bi-product of the Light
exposing the Darkness that wanted to maintain itself.
We have been programmed on very deep levels,
by ideologies that actually have 
due to all the energy of emotion and thought
that went into and goes into maintaining them,
 Created what you can call Ideological Entities...
These are manifestations, 
Constructs, that resonate at very defined frequencies.
We are raised a certain way, 
we have evolved through time to come to our beliefs.
And these beliefs almost always sync with
certain ideologies that have now,
 become something like energetic shadows....
These shadows are like a tuning fork...
a huge freakin tuning fork,
and they are drawn to
 and people are drawn to them
when their resonance is in common....
thereby strengthening the resolve,
the perceived reality of every person
and their connections to specific ideologies.
What I am saying is that our Programming 
is very hard to escape.
And around these "constructs" of ideologies,
Minions take on the task of
supporting them.
These minions rule Governments and Religions...

So what I am about to tell you will be difficult
for you to accept....
But nevertheless it is Law...
It is an immutable Law in this Creation where we exist.

This is The Law of Human Evolution

OK, so we've been led to believe that
Human Evolution is
a linear ascension.
That it is a staircase we climb,
becoming more spiritual with each step.

This comes in handy for Duality where we can look down on those
below us on the staircase,
and look up to those above us.

But it's a Lie

Now here is the Truth,
Mystics have known this for Ages...
and we know what happens to the Mystics....
Awareness is not allowed...
They suffer and die at the hands of the Minions.

The Truth is,
The evolution of the human soul
is circular..

You know, there are not a lot of straight lines in Nature..
Lots of circles and spirals though.

Evolution is Circular,
The Mystics describe it as a wheel turning one way,
then back upon itself...

Here's how it works:
We come into creation with a Prime Directive...
Our souls job at that point is to,
Find it's
Unique Separate Expression.
Looking to fill it's unique position in the Web
of It All.
It does this through the tool it has been given to accomplish it...
That tool is DUALITY.

Good/Bad, Pleasure/Pain.

It seeks what it believes is good and pleasurable,
and shuns that which it believes is Bad/ Painful.

This is the process of ALL SOULS 
heading towards, "Culmination in Form".
No soul has ever escaped this,
not Jesus, or Mohammed, or Buddha...
It's an immutable Law.

This is where we gather our definitions of ourselves..
And it's pretty freakin self centered,
in fact "spiritual folks" have renamed the soul
at this stage, "Ego".
(This is another Lie)
The Soul and the Ego are 
the very same thing,
only going in different directions on the Wheel.
Both pushing us forward in our evolution.
First towards a Unique Separation,
then back to Unity...
Greed, Lust, avarice, hatred, fear, desire....
these guide us to our unique separate expression.

But a time comes where we,
(seen esoterically),
fill our position in the Web...
where we reach Maximum density.
Where we are done finding our Unique Separate Expression.

The wheel halts.
People temporarily lose direction..

Chasing desire and running from fear was easy...
but they are done with that,
Now What?

Now comes the Undoing,
the Wheel reversing back upon itself.
The Direction has changed.
The collection is now seen,
beyond the duality that collected it... 
Judgments that defined us,
no longer bind us...
as now our direction is one of facing them
with love,
not fear or desire....

I define "True Compassion" as
"the Heartfelt Realization that We Are All One Thing".
True Compassion is not possible within Duality,
where we judge this and that...
And unless we understand the true nature of Human evolution,
I don't believe True Compassion is possible.

Those folks still collecting via Desire and Fear,
still self-centered as they MUST be to complete their task...

We were them, or are them.....
we can't judge Trump and Killary 
for their evil and stupidity.
They are doing what they must 
to fill their unique positions in the Web...

Who knows what we did in past lives,
or even this one,
seeking that Unique SEPARATE expression,
that was our souls purpose.

The Wheel of evolution turns first
into greater separation,
then reverses back into 
Greater Unity.

That's the Plan Stan,
pointless to get upset about it,
there's no changing it..

For those still culminating in form,
the best they can be expected to do is,
cause as little harm as possible.

For those on the flip side,
letting go of the dualistic judgments that once defined you,
is your current task...

If we get too emotional about what,
"they are doing"..
we've lost...

I know how it is, you feel like,
someone has got to do it...
Like what you are aware of makes you responsible for it....
Yes, this is true,
Responsibility does not mean
jumping in the Shit Soup
to try and save the folks there...
Cause, hey, you are there now
in the poop with em.

This is where we need to learn the difference between 
True Discrimination.... and Judgement.

True Discrimination is simply awareness,
devoid of emotion,
and where the mentality comes in
after the fact....
to plot a constructive course...

Judgment is simply a dualistic notion
based upon our own unique programming...
And it isn't really constructive
except in aiding the
"Culmination in Form". 

Human Evolution is Circular,
not A linear Ascension..

We are All One Thing...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Health Danger of Aversion and Worry, the problem with Fear

We are living in a time where there's a lot of what one might refer to as ....
 Evil Crap reigning down upon us...
 And people of conscience can easily get all worked up about it because,
 they have an Aversion to Evil Crap..... 
or stuff that scares them...... 
or that they feel threatened by.

But rarely do these things actually cause us any direct immediate harm
what does harm us....
is our aversion to them.

First let me define aversion. 

Aversion is an intense dislike, 
based in Fear...

The first things that come to my mind simultaneously, 
are Trump and Clinton....
Being the most timely....
...Idiot Minion
 ....Evil Suckfest.

But here is the problem: 
Everything we have an aversion to..... 
makes us sick eventually.
You hate Trump or Killary....
you are making yourself sick. 

Disease exists on 3 levels (for today's discussion).. 
Astral (emotional), 
Etheric (energetic) 
and Physical.

Your M.D. will give you physical reasons for the same disease an acupuncturist gives you etheric reasons for the same thing a Psychiatrist gives you astral reasons for. 
However the seeds of most diseases, 
and what determines the disease manifestation 
is almost always 

Something that must be understood is that everything that we perceive as "external" to us.....
is also internal to us..... 
As above so below and all that... 
It's a fact.....because .....
and for many this will be a hard reality to face, 
Everything in our reality is the result of our
 Perception and Projection...

(Quantum physics is slowly proving this esoteric fact.) 

 The problem is we all believe that our personal Projection 
is Reality
 and everyone else's is .....
just wrong. 

You know Trump is an idiot on Piggies payroll....
you hate him.....
or you know Hillary is a Piggie on the Piggies payroll...
and you hate her..... 
Trumpites believe Clintonites are wrong, 
and vice versa.....
 But the reality is....... 
neither projection is a Reality....
they are just projections.

A lot of folks will hang up on me now because they are so positive they are right in their personal opinion/projection.....
We have created our personal and group realities within Duality.
 We have defined ourselves by those things we 
and hate, 
Love and fear...... 

 And within each of us 
(our bodies and surrounding near periphery)
 is reflected every single aspect 
of the Reality we have defined over lifetimes.

You have a desire....
you seek it, 
you have an aversion....
you repel it.

We have a habit of saying,
 that this thing or that repels us....
but the Energetic Truth is 
that we repel it.

 And the bottom line is that everything "out there" 
that repels us, 
(that we repel)
that we have an aversion to,..... 
we withhold energy from 
to a specific place within our Bodies... 
We repel energy within ourselves
 based upon our aversions. 

 As we all know Disease is the result of diminished energy to certain areas,
 or over amplified energy to certain areas.....
or you could say,
Inharmonious Frequency and Vibration and Polarity. 

If you've been around a long time
 travelling through these incarnations....
you can be pretty freakin full of
 Desires and Aversions........ 
and they all aid in the creation of 
Every thing you repel...... 
is energy withheld to a certain place in your physical/etheric body.  Everything you Desire Greatly 
becomes an over amplified energy to some place in the body.
We humans live within a mass
 and a personal projection 
that is vastly created upon Astral energy 
that has ZERO to do with what is Really Real. 
We live in illusion that slowly kills us.

 is one of the first Rules in Raja Yoga 
or any discipline that seeks to free us from Illusion
 and introduce us to the True Reality....
beyond our definition.....

We are ruled by our desires and fears...... 
our actions in the world are defined by them..... 
and we are denied True Perception because of them....
and we are made ill because of them.

This is the Human condition 
and is part of the Plan 
as it is what guides the first turn of the evolutionary wheel,
 where we find our personal place 
in the Fabricated Scheme of things...
in co-creating God's current Dream. 

 But the second turn of the evolutionary wheel, 
where it reverses back upon itself,
 is where rather than heading further into a Definition of things.....
we return to the Reality of things.
This is the task of the "New Sorcerers", 
as Don Juan would call them. 

Returning to the Pure Reality...

What is Worry?
I remember something Don Juan said,
 something close to this, 
"To worry is to become accessible,
 unwittingly accessible, 
and when you worry you cling to things, 
and you exhaust whatever 
or whoever 
you cling to." 

That was from memory so might be a tad off.  

What are we doing when we worry?

Well we are using a fear we have 
to project a negative outcome. 
In some vain belief that in doing so
 we will better be able to protect ourselves 
from what we are ourselves projecting...

And then workin it....
feeding it, 
rolling it around. 
And making a place for it in our lives,
and those we are sharing life with 
by moving everything else around to accommodate it.
This is basically a concise definition of 
Magical Creative Procedure.  
 Holy Shit! 

We are magically creating a negative outcome. 
We are focusing our creative energy into a fear based Manifestation. 
And by Law,
 it must eventually Manifest.

 It's form, 
it's manifested outcome 
quite probably won't come exactly as it was projected. 
I mean if we fear spiders, 
we won't necessarily manifest a horde of spiders 
attacking us in our sleep.... 
BUT we will, 
without any doubt......
 Create a Negative outcome. 

OK, I guess I need to explain my definition of Negative in this particular case.....
and probably all cases.
I don't mean Negative as in a polarity...
like Negative and Positive,
but rather Negative being anything that which hampers Evolution. 
So anyway more often than not
 these Magical Spells, 
born of Fear 
that we cast out into the world of our definition around us, 
will more than likely manifest as some disease within ourselves
 or those souls in our near periphery. 
 And the sad truth is.....
it goes beyond that 
and becomes part of a Group Fear/Disease/
Negative manifestation.  
So in a nutshell, 
along with Aversion.....
our worry adds to the disease of ourselves....
the loved one's in our periphery
and of all human and planetary life.  

Think about it energetically.....
we are energetic beings....

In aversion we manipulate space.....
we repel pieces of US ALL 
and us individually, 
we withhold energy from it. 
 That manipulation based in hatred or fear ......
manifests in a creation of Disease 
in one form or another.

With Worry, 
again we repel pieces of US ALL
 and us individually, 
and as with Aversion.... 
we will manifest Disease for ourselves
 and for all mankind.

I say that we, 
in our worry and aversion....
or basically in our Fear, 
will not only manifest Disease for ourselves, 
but for all of Life as we know it....

Yeah RIGHT!!!???

How is this possible?
Dang, that's another treatise... 
We live in an energetic soup
the quality of that soup
is defined by all who are swimming in it.
That "energetic soup" is defined by 
frequency/vibration/magnetism (polarity). 
In this soup.....
 think of it like a saturated chemical salts solution, 
where crystals of the various chemicals are growing.... 
Like goes to like....
that which is similar coming together and congealing. 
Like condensation drops on a winter window
 all beading up together and getting bigger, 
becoming one thing....
like the crystal pulling that which is like itself, 
to itself......

This is the Law of Magnetism ....

So, a Negative (counter evolutionary)
 Seed cast out by us into the soup,
 built upon our Fear,
will pull to itself and be pulled toward that in the soup
 that energetically resonates at close to the same frequency. 
....Other folks Fears.

And these days there is a whole lot of that going on...
Fear is Rampant
It's children, 
Worry and Hatred and Aversion
are running wild.
And sickness is being created at a monumental rate.

So in summation,
all we have to do to end Disease,
personal and planetary....

Is Banish Fear...

Easy Huh?

I suppose that's the subject for 
Future Contemplation's...

I guess I'll leave this with One Word,


and one more word,
 he he

Non- attachment

or in Don Juan Lingo,

"Becoming inaccessible".

The World needs YOU NOW, but do you know who you are?

When I was a kid,
and growing up. 
I had memories, 
from day 1...

Not in this Life.

When I was old enough to talk,
and tell them to my parents
I was told they were not real.

I saw things, 
and felt things.....
But they "were not real" either.

I was overfilled with ideas....
But they were "wrong" ideas.

Everywhere I wanted to go,
I wasn't allowed to go.

I was taught very clearly,
who to be,
what to want,
and what was "real".

We live in societies, cultures and religions
that all seek to define us,
in very narrow terms.
Seeking to validate themselves,
through our beliefs in them.
And chastising us,
when we step out of their box.
So we learn to conform....
and Hide who we are...
And in so doing we deny
the whole of Creation,
of our very reason for Being.

Each and every one of us is a genius,
in one particular thing.
Our part in the overall scheme of things,
is to be that genius.
And what we are genius's about,
is being uniquely ourselves.

But I'd bet it's a small % that are.

 because those narrow systems 
that seek to validate themselves via us,
won't allow it.

Our parents want us to be like them,
our schools want us to serve the System.
Our Church's want us to Believe
that their little personal version of Truth,
is the ultimate Truth.
And to be good people,
we must believe...
Even if our every cell screams,"Bullshit".
We must conform.

But I think a lot of the Worlds problems,
and individual peoples problems
come from the fact that ,
most people don't fit in the Box.

And most people
Deny their Truth....
And conform as best they can.

Now that's an energy and action 
at the heart of disease.

You are a unique person,
within you is a unique vision....
Within you is the Gift
you were meant to Bring to

But do you even know you.
You've been "fitting in"
to what wasn't you,
since the day you were born,
and even before that.

In fact most of us come into a life 
already Programmed in many ways. 
Our DNA carries Definitions
created in past lives.

(Graphic language coming up!!)

You know if you have your hand cut off,
for not accepting somebody else's God...
And then you have the other one cut off,
because you still haven't accepted it...
And then your feet.....
You know, that imprints upon your soul,
and that imprints upon your future DNA.
And through the Ages we've been travelling,
Religions, Cultures, etc.,
have been very harsh
in training us to accept,
their little tiny boxes of beliefs in
what is.

And it's all just a fabrication,
just one opinion,
forced upon masses of people.
People who have been trained to 
deny their own Truth,
in exchange for 
the allowable one.

Each person that suppresses their Truth.
Fails in their Mission here.
And the the Whole loses,
and "God's" evolution is impeded.

There is a portion of Humanity
where Duality is no longer useful.
And yet the religions, societies and cultures,
were all defined via duality..
and seek at all cost,
to maintain it
and force it upon those
who have evolved beyond it.

The world is enslaved by ideologies,
people fight and die 
over their personal and group ideology.
And each of those,
every single ideology....
is a fabrication...
A collection of ideas,
(hence the word "IDEOLOGY").
And ALL ideas,
are just opinions....
And opinions are not Truth.

Yet the masses are imprisoned by
whatever Ideology they happened to land in.

Because here's the thing,
it's sort of Magical....
Remember the Law that states,

Energy follows thought
sustained Thought and Emotional energy,
will eventually manifest something.

The magical/Scary thing is that
over time these Ideologies
get a life of their own.

Massive numbers of people believing
in the same thing,
will manifest something from it

And then,
through continued focused astral/mental energy,
what is manifested can actually break free,
from it's creators,
and have a life of it's own.

I think that's the 10th rule of White Magic...
Releasing the Creation,
once it can compel itself.

This is freaky scary shit.

So we have these virtual entities/
these ideological entities,
that are magnetized in a very specific way..
And are EXTREMELY POWERFUL energetically
And our training from day one 
in our particular group ideology
magnetizes us in a very specific way.
There is a pretty specific frequency
that we resonate at....
And, because of the Law of Resonance
we are drawn close to our Ideological Entity
of our Group Creation...
And this greatly amplifies that frequency within us.

Muslim Suicide Bombers,
Fundamentalist Christians,
and other religions....
North Korea.
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump....

These are
Pustules erupting from fermenting ideologies.

We are a Divided Humanity
because we are not True to ourselves.

Instead we conform to the ideologies
thrust upon us,

or that we sought because living in our own truth,
was just too damn lonely.


It's time folks to find out who we are,
and if we do by some miracle know, express it.
(then Duck).

But it's freakin hard,
everything thrust upon us in our DNA,
defining ourselves and the world for us.
Then from day 1 in this life,
our Parents/Cultures/religions/Educational Systems,
have all conspired to force us
to accept and help feed,
their Ideology.
Their Narrow definition of 
What is.

WHAT Isn't.

...and we figured out a long time ago,
we were in the 
What isn't category.

You know stuff,
uniquely to you...
Not based on a damn thing from anyone else.
You know it from Experiencing it...
And what you know,
is your Purpose....
your Gift.

But you were forced to Forget....

It's time to Remember,


We need You.!.!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rare old pics

We are totally organizing...moving everything around and...... gettin organized.   I went through some of my old photos....
This next one is 3rd or 4th grade...Tuscon AZ......Early "Sixties".... we didn't really do school those years because we moved here from Japan after I was in second grade....and the schools there are so beyond here...I was able to just cruise for 2 years.....just dropped in a few times for tests or to pick up some stuff....... This is myself on the right, my sister in the middle and some kid called David Blakemore (according to the back of the pic)......

I don't have much memory of those years... camped a lot I guess, Cochise Stronghold...... old ruins..... and of course the secret Government Facility out in the desert,
where who knows exactly what all they did to 
us.....they finally bombed the building with all the evidence,
thinking a bomb would destroy everything...
I snuck back,
pretty cool...all in rubble
... but papers everywhere
 ..........UH, never mind....

next pic, Later.....
Went into the Light
met my Teachers
did a lot of catching up .
Pushed the boundaries..
Broke the Rules.
Re accumulated past projections
out of order...

Our decent into madness
(it's called evolution)
has a very precise order..
Our return to the Light
(also called evolution, 
after all the Big Secret is that Evolution is CIRCULAR)
the opposite order...
But the Magic
and my stupidity turned on me...
I thought I could just pull it all back,
redefine myself back to who I was
before I was Illuminated...
Astral Grabbing old Pieces of Construct..
The shed skin of yesterdays dead dream....
(we call this Life)
on the astral plane....
brings immediate results.
I got my old self back,
I was just too freaking weird for,
my loved ones and everyone that knew me...
Who I once was, 
they were much more comfortable with.
Looking back at the Construct,
That's what makes ,"Ghosts, Ghosts"..

This was my
"Humpty Dumpty Episode."
And guess what folks,
when you shed your skin,
it is Magically possible to pull
it back on to yourself....
But probably NEVER a good idea.
To not be very destructive,
it would have to be done
 in the opposite order that it was shed.
The order of the pieces shed,
must be pulled back in the same order 
they were created originally.
And I don't think this is 
even Magically possible.

And if you can't pull it off in order, will be a 
Living Ghost....
A Ghost....
but in physical form...
pretty freakin weird.
That's me folks...
Or has been for a long time.
But I've about re-ordered my island now,
(as Don Juan would say).
about back to where I 
was before I was literally,
"Out of Order".
I met a guy that knew Don Juan,
"Pack Rat"....
he was one very Magical dude.

don't cheat with Magic...
I became so Fragmented,
so freakin Psychic...
I felt and heard everything
within a city block.....
Man, a lot be going on in that kind of space.
People suffering,
people afraid, 
people sick, 
people dying...
Get me out of here....
to the hills we went...
Had to learn to .....
at least that was what I thought was the solution.
Lost my Teachers,
being Humpty Dumpty.
I knew there would be physical body repercussions eventually...
But I couldn't be around humans....
I would need to eat and have my wife eat...
Not much call for wandering monks
in the good ol US of A.
Learned a dangerous trick,
and took the Doctors Pharmaceuticals....
and could....
sort of hold it together.

Discovered Southern Comfort when we were
selling out at Stanford...
couldn't stay in my body...
astral projecting all around...
it's not as fun as it may sound when
you are afraid you won't be able to stay in your body,
which I couldn't.
A Psychic in San Francisco and Valerian Root
finally got me back in,
and able to stay.
Make a note ...
if you ever have trouble staying in your body,
and get tired of floating around the neighborhood,
nobody seeing you, but you seeing them..
Valerian tea...
so Black it's almost thick...
does the trick.
And quit drinking Southern Comfort
when you are severely Hypoglycemic...

 Lived in Palo Alto California with my wife, Janine.
She was with me through all the wild rides..
She was the main reason I did my
Humpty Dumpty...

I made jewelry from shells and cones
 and bones and stuff in Nature.
Scored Abalone wildly,
On Hearst's Private beaches in San Simeon.

There was a guy that also sold out at Stanford,
He brought his whole display 
on his bike.
It folded up into very little space.
We bought it from him,
this is a pic of it.
Wow, I see a piece below that was made
from a small dear skull,
with abalone hanging down from it..
Cool... The stuff Sold

That's about it for now.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Basic Truth of Communicable Disease

When Humanity finally comes to the Realization that All Communicable diseases are the results of Mass Karma working itself out they will understand that Vaccinations simply shift the form of the manifested disease from one thing to another, and the new manifestation always tends to be worse than the original. “Cure” Polio....Hello AIDS. Mass Karma is created when large numbers of people hold a common idea or emotion that is contrary to Truth. All race hatred, Bigotry,religious fanaticism, shared fear, Nationalism...etc. is at the heart of the creation of disease. Modern “:medicine” stopped looking when they came up with the “Germ Theory”, never asking....where did the “Germ” come from? We co-create everything in this universe my friends.. the Law of Creation states that energy of thought and emotion maintained will manifest something eventually....this is the most Basic of Laws....and disease is of our own creation...mass, or personal. There is no Vaccine solution to disease...Humans just gotta quit with the Greed, Fear, Hatred, Lust, Avarice, ….etc. because this is where diseases are born. And vaccinations can not cure Karma, it must work itself out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Don't Stop Questioning

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Most Guarded Secret

Through thousands of years of suppression and repression, 
and mind control, and strong and painful options
 for not falling in line, 
our DNA has actually been altered by "the Church".
 This alteration in one way manifests
 in things that we believe we shouldn't talk about...
.. things where we should just accept what we've been told. 
 ( no matter how completely without merit those things are).
We are not supposed to really talk about God....
mostly we're supposed to believe 
is some super hero Universe creator.....
this Being that is "Out there" 
controlling everything....
But that's Bullshit....yet we blindly accept it.

How about SATAN???
Don't even want to have that thought
pass across our consciousness....
we're supposed to accept,
Scary, Horrible, Evil, Hellish
bullshit we've been told
and leave it at that. 

All those different,
"Son's of God"...
...More Bullshit,

we're all Equal in God
there is no God
without US ALL,
and there is no 
outside of God.

I digress.

 The Soul,
"don't even ask, 
that's just too mysterious".

Our Reality is built on so many Bricks,
and they are 
Fabricated Illusions....
It has been very difficult
for me to write so many things,
because I was built
to avoid them.

But we are the UN Doers...
Yep, we've collected a lot of total bullshit
through all of our lifetimes,
and all that bullshit 
is what we define ourselves as....

But the Un Doers
are Un Doing that.
That's our Job..

Now as I spoke about in the previous post,
as far as a souls evolution is concerned,
there are two types of people.
Doers and Un Doers.

Those that are on the first turn of the wheel,
seeking that Unique Separate Expression.....
Doing themselves into the World.

And then there are those who have completed their
Expression within the Whole,
Been there
But now are 
Un Doing it.
Heading back towards Unity.

That's the souls evolution.

Now if we were to take the "Church's" Definition,
Satan Rules the Doers.
People are Guided by Satan,
to be self satisfying,
separate self expressing
"bad people"  he he

If we take the "Spiritual Folks" definition
Ego Rules the Doers.

It's all about self gratification,
SELF expression.....
Gimme,Gimme, Gimme

and this is all true....

But what is Satan?
Well that red devil looking dude,
he's an archetype...
an archetype for the first stage of all souls evolution...
It's a principle.... 
an embodiment of
a Concept.
A concept representing a Truth....

And that TRUTH is
The Human Soul...

Then there is 
The Christ

In the parlay of "Spiritual Folks",
The Soul
seeking Unity with US ALL
Seeking Oneness

In Religious Parlay,
"The sons of God"...
Leading us Home...

Those dudes folks blindly worship
and have killed and died for....
are an archetype...
an archetype for the return stage 
of all souls evolution...
It's a principle.... 
an embodiment of
a Concept.
A concept representing a Truth....

And that TRUTH is,
The Human Soul...

This is the Secret that's been most guarded ,
by the Keepers of Duality.

Satan....and Christ
Are the same thing...

 They are the Human Soul...

I keep saying this over and over,
because it is the most important realization of our time...

It's understanding necessary,
for Compassion to Bloom.

The Soul is that which Guides us
through our evolution..
And which evolves right alongside us.
Bottom Line
End of Story.

But the Church needed a bad guy,
it needed to maintain Duality,
the Battle between,
"Good and Evil"..
So Satan was Bad
and Christ was good...

and this was based upon the judgment that the actions
of a person when traveling the first turn of the wheel of evolution,
the Doers,
were just so dang destructive,
had nasty habits,
They were the Bad guys

And of course every villain needs a Hero.
You can't have a battle of Good and evil,
without one of each...
So we got the ,
"Son's of God" 
to fill the bill.

Now these good guys would lead us away from 
those nasty bad habits,
and lead us back to


They are the same Blessed Thing,
They are the Human Soul
It is one thing...
It is circular evolution...
It is One Thing
with really one job,
To Guide our evolution....
But our evolution is Circular...
Like in two different directions...
 and the 
Un Doing...

Same Thing


One more thing
Karma is the result of all our DOING..
and the freakin Doers,
don't have a problem with Karma,
it doesn't affect them,
just rolls of their backs like on a duck.

It's not supposed to,
they are doing their job,
creating that unique separate expression
using duality (judgments) 
as their main tool.

Now the Un Doers
They be dealing with some Heavy Karma....
That's their Job Jim...
Dealing with Karma..

Doesn't hardly seem fair....

I take it back,
There are two types of Karma,
Personal, and Mass. 
Doers do have to deal with Karma,
just not personal Karma 
(yet, until they also culminate)
But mass Karma,
those pesky diseases that we all  have created
 with our inharmonious obsessions,
and our agreements on things 
not real.. 
This is where all those nasty virus's and misc diseases
get their, "GERM". 
We co create it.

And everybody is susceptible...
But the poor folks on the 
"Christ" road,
on the return trip,
are even more so..
You know the whole,
"taking on the sins of the masses".
That's sort of par for the course...

And that is what we do,
the UnDoers..
Because UnDoing is 
Returning back down that 
Doing Highway,
in the opposite direction now...
Seeing the dualistic judgments
that built us, 
and that aided in the creation of Mankind's Diseases.

Diseases are simply manifestations of mass Karma.
(but the location and nature of a diseases expression in a person  can be determined by personal Karma. )

We must no longer see them in duality,
we must see them with Love,
as they really are....
Instead of actually taking the physical manifestation
of them upon ourselves....
If we see them outside of Duality
outside of the judgments that helped build them
then the Karma is Reconciled,
the energy that sustains the Disease,
is diminished some. 

I'm not sure life is really better on the 
"Christ" road.
I mean dealing with your Karma....
that's the whole Path..
Those lucky doers,
having all kinds of fun,
Gettin, and grabbin, and doing, 
and finding in it some happiness along the way.

But us Un Doers
well we know happiness is a crock, 
it's temporary and dependent on
certain very narrowly defined criteria..
But hey, what the hell,
a good yipee here 
a good yipee there.

The thing is the un Doers are not seeking Happiness,
a lot of them don't even realize this but
they are seeking Joy, Bliss.
And these things only exist 
beyond any definition...
the only criteria is there is no criteria...
these things exist
outside of Duality.
And this state isn't always as easy to achieve,
as a simple Yipeee!

There is no comparison
 between Happiness....
and Joy, 
except that these are things the soul seeks.
And which,
 simply depends on where upon the wheel that soul is.

The downside of the Christ Road is
you are hanging on a cross,
dealing with Mass Karma
giving up the dualistic worldly existence,
and you have a freakin painful head of thorns
to transcend...



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