Saturday, April 6, 2019

Satan, Evolution, Truth

Our Entire conception of Reality is the end result of lifetimes of accepting things as being True.  Our conception of reality is like a huge building that has been built brick upon brick upon brick. Millions and millions of bricks that are ideas, concepts, thoughts placed one upon the other to build what we conceive to be Truth, to be Reality.    Some of these bricks were forced upon us under great duress. We were made to accept them or suffer the consequences. And some of these that we accepted and built our reality upon were as far from Truth as a thing could be..... yet they exist as the very building Blocks of our foundation. So our perceived reality, that which we believe to be not.
Contemplation is a means of getting to the Truth. Contemplation is the act of taking the things we perceive, and following them back through the pattern of their their Source.  Everything within our perception is actually the end point of a long pattern, the pattern that built that thing, be it a concept, a belief, or even a stone we pick up at the beach. What we "see" is the end result of a long pattern of that things creation.
I have spent a lot of my life Contemplating things, seeking the Truth behind the pattern.   Seeking the Truth about life and what we are doing here. Remember how I mentioned how some of the Bricks in our conception were put there under great duress..... well, when I come upon these in contemplation..... the first thing that happens is..... I become distracted, and my contemplation halts. I go back time and again to contemplate the same thing, and every time I come upon these false bricks placed under duress, I look the other way.   There are some things we were not meant to know, at least as far as those who placed those bricks within us.  I am a stubborn Aries and don't give up easily. When I have looked at these things that I am not supposed to see, a common side effect is my body will go into minor a kundalini misfiring.  This is when I know I'm on to something important. In me it was the "Church" that placed most of these..... bricks built upon lies created to hide Truth. The two places where I had the most difficulty were in the contemplation of the Nature of a human souls evolution...... and of the Truth about Satan....
What I was supposed to believe was that  the Souls evolution was a linear ascension...... this was hardwired into my very DNA, as it is with most people.  And I was supposed to believe that Satan was ..... not to even be thought about, because he was so "evil".    But upon fighting to get through the illusory bricks in my foundation I learned that the evolution of the human soul was not a linear ascension at all, but rather it was Circular.... I've written about this a few times here.  What I learned about Satan...... well, I hesitate even putting it to words because I understand that pretty much everyone has the same ....brick within them on this subject that I had, and the Truth is almost impossible to accept.  But here it is.  Satan and the Christ are the very same thing...... But they, or I should say It, manifests differently depending upon where upon the Evolutionary Wheel, a Soul happens to currently reside.   Christ/Satan are simply which motivates the Souls evolution.   The first part of a souls evolution is governed by Duality, the purpose of the soul in the beginning is to Make it's "Unique Separate Expression".....done via duality.  This is the seeking of that which brings pleasure, and avoiding that which brings pain.... This is the path of every soul, on the first turn of the evolutionary wheel...Here our motives are deeply personal, we desire what we desire..... we collect the definition of ourselves based upon that which we collect in our seeking what we desire and what we hide from in Fear...... This is the path of all Souls and it is governed by this Compulsion....this Energy to Evolve which at this stage of the game, has been called Satan. Personal, self seeking based upon desire and fear.    This is NOT EVIL, it is simply what is, part of the Plan..... But then we reach a point in our souls evolution where our seeking of a Unique Separate Expression is complete, we have done our job in the creation of the Whole, we have played our sacred part in completing the total picture of Creation..... This is the first turn of the Wheel.  At this point there is generally a short stall where the soul kind of wonders what the Heck is going on....I mean everything up till now has been ruled by duality, the growth was built in duality....The soul has attained "Maximum Density in Form".... Then as the Mystics say, "The wheel turns back upon itself".... Now  instead of seeking a Unique Separate Expression, we are seeking to remove the Duality from our being and we are seeking Unity. The process, instead of collecting  a definition of ourselves, is removing all those things that defined us as a separate being . Our path is one of removing the definition and seeking the Truth at the beginning of it all, before the definition....before the separation was applied.  We are still motivated by this compulsion to evolve, but rather than evolving into greater density, we are evolving into greater Lightness.... And here we have named that motivating compulsion, that guiding energy, "the Christ"... But here's the deal, it's the same freakin thing we once called Satan...... it's only guiding us in the opposite direction.  But the Church deemed Satan the enemy of Christ, that evil thing that makes us do "terrible" things to satisfy our desires.  Hey, even the dude Jesus, and Buddha that once embodied the Christ aspect, had to go through the first stage of evolution into greater density that ALL souls Must before they could eventually embody what we came to call the Christ aspect.   But the "Church" ceases to exist without Duality, good and evil are it's cornerstones.... it's very foundation built upon the duality of good vs. evil.   So they deemed the compulsion to evolve on the first turn of the wheel, Satan....and ,"don't go there or even think about it"....and the compulsion on the return trip as Christ, and "Good"..... Good and Evil, the cornerstones and foundation of the Church, built upon Duality and with the purpose of maintaining duality.....     As I have said many times, the only real EVIL, is that which seeks to hinder evolution...... The "Church" has been the most guilty of this as any force in the world. However now it is the "Global Ruling Elite". Everything they do, from vaccinations, to controlling the narrative of the media, to controlling the narrative of the Church and governments is aimed at halting the evolution of Human souls....   This might sound like a stretch, especially the mention of vaccinations....but I've explained how this works in previous posts.
Learn how to contemplate so that you can remove those bricks from your foundation that have no Truth to them, otherwise your entire conception of reality will be skewed. Seek Truth above all else, at least those of you on the return trip on the wheel of evolution.... as anybody who reads this blog is, as my words have little use or relevance to those on the first turn of the wheel. It MUST be understood that there can be no Judgement of those on the first turn of the wheel, they have no choice at all and are doing their sacred duty, even though damage will inevitably occur in their wake......this is how it is meant to be.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Socialism, "Horrible Muslims", Vaccinations and those "darn Mexicans".

I've been compelled to write this because lately some of my "Friends" that are generally Awake from the Programming in certain areas, namely the programming that say's vaccines are safe and effective", I am finding are still totally asleep in other areas where the Ruling Elite, want them to remain in slumber.
"Socialism", a word that the Ruling Elite fears more than just about anything.  Most of the "Civilized world" claims to have a "Democratic" form of Government.  The citizens are all so proud to , "Live in a Democracy".   YECHHTT, I just threw up in my throat a bit..... YEAH RIGHT, a Democracy. If I wasn't crying so hard I'd be laughing.  The thing is, what the people have been hypnotized into believing is a Democracy, is actually a Government for, and by the Corporations, owned by the Ruling Elite 1%. The "Citizens" here are all a slave to one form of debt or another to the Ruling Elite, and spend their lives like hampsters on wheels, or more like slaves in a quarry, working to pay off this "Debt".  The laws in this government, the wars it creates are all made to profit the 1%, while the slaves flip the bill.... pay their due to their Ruling Piggies. So, the idea that a Government that exists, of and for the people.....(Socialism)....where the rewards of effort are shared among those actually making the effort, and not funneled to the Piggies sitting in their mansions doing nothing more than making decisions that will inevitably cause suffering and death to humans, animals and the planet.....  So the Piggies fear this concept of Governing more than just about anything.  But luckily for them, they OWN THE NARRATIVE by which the masses draw their conclusions.
 They control the media, that has most of the population in permanent entrancement, (for the profit of the 1%).
And they own the Government, so they can make policy to uphold keeping them in Power.
 So they spin a narrative, where they choose various despotic dictators (much like themselves) who claimed to be Socialist, (much as they claim to be Democratic).... and they use these evil men and their regimes as examples of Socialism, to frighten the masses so they will shun any form of Government that will take money out of the 1%'s pockets.....and give it to the people that worked for it.
  So it makes me very sad to see otherwise awake friends falling for this manipulation, and in so allowing this evil regime that we are living under, to continue unchecked.
Because the problem is the hypnotized people believe our Government is "Protecting our Democracy", from such threats as those , "Horrible Muslims."
You know, if a bunch of rich assholes bought a huge army, and hired them to attack my country, stealing all it's resources, murdering the innocent people, some of my family, destroying the roads and water supply, and replacing my government with theirs....... I'd be a patriot, protect my country and family and kill as many of them as I possibly could.......
 and they would call me a ,"Terrorist". 
The Global Elite, those Piggies that own our Government and make their wars for profit.......... are the very same people responsible for 9/11..
 But since they have total control of the narrative, they have hypnotized the masses into believing it was Muslim Terrorists that, "Hate us because we are free," George Bush Quote....   This made it fairly easy for them to justify their Raping and Pillaging and Destroying of every Muslim country they could fabricate some bullshit reason for destroying raping and pillaging.  That's the beauty of having the CIA working for you, they have smoke and mirrors up the yin yang and can create just about any illusion that their Masters want them to create. 
 So our wonderful Demonocracy is actually the primary source of Aggression in the world.....all for the profit of the 1%.
Most of my friends have awakened to the global elites evil plan for reducing the population drastically via vaccinations and by these same vaccines destroying the health of the masses and enslaving them to one of the elite's biggest cash cows, the Pharmaceutical Industry..... If they don't kill you, they'll make you sick ....all part of the plan.  So I won't venture further into this subject here, because I really need to get to the biggest threat of all, "Those Darn Mexicans..."   Yeah right, I'd have to say the people who believe this are just poor souls that have been far too easily manipulated.    Yeah, a bunch of poor migrants are a major threat to our Demonocracy...... They will take your jobs, (working in 110 degree weather for less than min. wage)...and they are bringing in Drugs, (competing with Pig Harma)..... and you gotta know those "horrible Muslim Terrorists" are coming in with em.
 So, we want everybody to focus on them as a threat, Fear them and build a monument to this Fear with a Giant wall that will serve no real purpose beyond destroying ecosystems, and making the Piggies that build the wall, a fortune....  Cha Ching.... that ,"we the people" will pay for. 
So look at those "darn Mexicans", Fear those "scary Muslims," vaccinate" yourself and your kids..... and don't even utter the word, "Socialism". 
now go back to sleep ,
 "it's all good."

Friday, March 22, 2019

A Mystical View of the Current World Situation: Armageddon

Let's first define Mystic, or Mystical. 
To understand what this means first we need to understand the difference between Knowledge and Truth. 
  Knowledge is a collection of ideas,
 gathered in a harmonious pattern to build a concept.
 People arrange their concepts in such a way 
as to define their Conception of the world.
  People believe that their Conception of the world is the Truth,
 when in reality it has nothing to do with the Truth. 
Put simply, the Truth is what exists before knowledge, 
before concepts.
 Thousands of years ago people lived in Truth, 
their minds had not yet tricked them
 into believing their ideas were truth. 
They perceived the world directly, 
via Intuition and
Intuition is built upon silence of mind and emotion....
it is energetic in nature, 
it is the comprehension of subtle energies/frequencies
 which show a Basic Truth of any thing at a primal level. 
Intuition is based in the belly, and sometimes the Heart.
 You could say it is a "feeling of the Truth".   
Insight is a little different. It is more what you would call,
 "A seeing of the Truth".
 It is based in the Third Eye.....the Pineal Gland. 
You could call it, "clear vision".
 Basically it is "seeing through the Bullshit". 
Now I will define "Evil". 
  Evil is not part of Duality,
 it isn't like the "Bad" as compared to the "Good".
 There are lots of things we could point to and say are "Bad". 
 But Evil has only one definition,
 "That which desires to halt or reverse Evolution." 
 The Prime directive for Man, and to Evolve. 
 This is the force behind the Creation of Creation,
 "The compulsion to Evolve" Grow, to Move Forward. 
Evil seeks to Halt this. 
Below is a definition I found for Armageddon,
"ArmageddonArmageddon, (probably Hebrew: “Hill of Megiddo”), in the New Testament, place where the kings of the Earth under demonic leadership will wage war on the forces of God at the end of history. Armageddon is mentioned in the Bible only once, in the Revelation to John, or the Apocalypse of St. John (16:16)."

OK..... Now I'm not really a Bible guy, but this same story is reflected in most religions and Primal Belief Systems... And this is where we are, Right Now......
   And the masses are totally unaware of this.

So, the first major assault from what you might call the ,"demonic forces" is upon the Mystics.
   They can't have people Knowing the Truth.
  Now this has gone on for thousands of years, 
the enslavement of the masses to ideas and concepts 
with no real Truth to them. 
 The "Kings of the Earth", who I generally call, Piggies" 
have spent a lot of time and energy dumbing people down.  
 But right now it's being done at an Insane level, 
in such a way that the masses are totally unaware.
Killing Intuition and Insight are of utmost importance to the Piggies. 
And Halting Evolution is their prime directive.    
The front line in all this right now is Vaccinations...... 
the second line is EMF's, 5G, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity.
Vaccines do this in a couple of ways.
First it must be understood 
that Virus's are Mass Karma working itself out.  
 One more time......
"Virus's are Mass Karma working itself out."
This in itself is a very interesting subject....
 Virus's are created by Mankind by mass agreements in things 
that are contrary to Truth, mentally and energetically. 
 Prejudice, Group Fears, The energy behind wars......
 these are what create the "seeds" of the Virus's.
  Then these virus's are spread through the breath, or touch, travelling from person to person.
  Where they find a resonance they pick up pieces, like a snowball rolling down hill. 
 They also drop off pieces of themselves in people, pieces of what "made them"..... 
All disease is simply the seeking of Balance.....
 Communicable disease is created by Mass Karma, and the expressed disease is the working out of the mass Karma. 
The wheel of human evolution first turns one way,
 then reverses back upon itself.
 This is an occult fact.  
The first turn is where we move into a greater density, 
seeking our Unique Separate Expression in the Web of It All.
 We seek this expression with all the tools Duality gives us,
 we literally judge and define ourselves 
into making this "Unique separate expression,"
 which is the whole purpose of that first part of our evolution. 
  This is also where we create the Karma.
 All Karma is a product of Duality.....
When the wheel reverses, our task becomes 
unraveling that unique separate expression we define ourselves as, and replacing it with a Pure Truth.....
Now vaccines attempt to subvert the process of the working out of mass karma, 
by tricking our bodies into not expressing the necessary manifestation (the disease) 
thereby halting Evolution of the Soul 
on the second turn of the evolutionary wheel, 
those folks who are returning to a Mystical Nature.
 The Vaccine puts a roadblock in the individual souls evolution....and so also the evolution of the Whole. 
That is the first method of the Evil plan to halt evolution,
 the second is done via the ingredients in the vaccines.
 Aluminum destroys the Pineal Gland.."The Master Gland"
..the seat of Insight, our ability to see the Truth. 
It has to get past the blood brain barrier 
and this is done with the polysorbate 80 in the vaccines,
 and the Glyphosphate which sadly permeates most folks these days, if they do not eat strictly organic foods.
Fluoride is also used to destroy the Pineal Gland.
Evil is that which seeks to Halt evolution. 
   Vaccines are designed to do this.
Then there is the destruction of the Intuition.
  As I said, the intuition is all about feeling subtle energies, 
subtle frequencies....and understanding their meaning. 
   But with Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity, RF signals, Wi-fi, 5G...... there is no longer a silent energetic space in which to connect with the intuition........
 at least places like that are becoming very very rare.
 We got rid of our wi-fi, shield as much dirty electricity as possible (haven't succeeded very well with the "Smart Meter" though.)
 We don't get cell phone service where we live....
and we shut off the power where we sleep at night......
 This allows space and silence for us to connect with our intuition, but few are so lucky....
So, mandatory vaccinations, 
with the 100 or so more in the pipeline for every possible manifestation of Mass Karma, 
is an all out assault on the Evolution of Humanity....... 
The most evil of acts.

"place where the kings of the Earth under demonic leadership will wage war on the forces of God at the end of history."

So, "the Kings of the Earth" are the Piggies.
Demonic Leadership is..... souls committed to Evil"
The "Forces of God," is Evolution
And ,"The End of History"....
well, hate to tell you, The Mayans had that right....We are Here.  
It's OK, there will be a whole new Incarnation of Creation once again....... 
But in the meantime ,
 or our ......future incarnation.....will suck.
To Evolve we must Stop the Evil.  

Vaccinations are Evil,
5G, Smart Meters are Evil.
The Crap they are spraying out of Planes,
"to modify our weather",
is Evil
Fluoride is Evil..  

Time to Wake Up...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Understanding Disease Metaphysically

Understanding Disease Metaphysically
This is a very important subject, that I know I've written about before,
but will go a little deeper into here.
The human understanding of Disease is at this time very limited.
Humans have four distinct but interconnected bodies.
Yet for the most part they are only aware of the Physical,
and this is a problem as far as the understanding of disease goes,
because most disease does not have it's roots 
in the physical body.
The Four bodies are:
1.The Physical Body: the outermost crust,
the organs and glands and all of what we consider to be physical
within that defined space we call,”ourselves”.
Modern Medicine is almost entirely focused on this body.
2. The Etheric Body: this is the energetic body,
this is the electrical system that underlies the Physical Body,
this is the system under consideration with Acupuncture.
Meridians and Chakras (energetic centers) make up this system.
            1. The Astral Body: This is where the origins of most diseases lie.
The Astral Body is sometimes referred to as the “Desire Body,
or the, “Emotional Body”. 
Much of this body we carry over from lifetime to lifetime,
in our DNA.
        1. The Mental Body: some Esoteric systems do not consider this a separate body, probably lumping it in with the Astral Body, but I include it here...        The Mental Body is the Mind and it's workings.

Modern medicine" deals strictly with the Physical body, 
and for the most part
rarely looks for actual Causes of Diseases, 
but rather focuses on
treating the Symptoms. 
Very few diseases have their roots in the physical body.
Poisoning from Toxins being one example, although actually with most toxins it is primarily the Etheric Body that is first effected , then spreading to the Physical Body.
Actually now that I think about it 
I can't think of a single disease,
that originates in the Physical Body. 
Most disease is Astral in Nature,
 the origins being in the Astral Body.
Karma is an Astral Creation and there are two types of Karma,
Mass Karma and Personal Karma.
Mass Karma is responsible for what we call, 
“Communicable Disease”.
Virus's, are all Mass Karma, Astrally based.
The farther we go back in History,
the greater the Percentage of Disease 
was Astrally/Karmic Based.
Still today by far the most disease originates in the Astral body.
And very often personal Karma will determine the exact
manifestation and physical position in the Physical body,
of a mass Karmic Disease.
In the last 200 years or so we have added Etheric based diseases to the mix.
With the advent of electricity and non organic medicines,
humanity has created a whole new classification of disease.
With electricity, with Wi-Fi and Smart Meters 
and non organic chemically based medicines and Vaccines 
that act upon the Etheric Body systems,
we have created a whole slew of new diseases.
We have taken the human energetic system and basically
thrown it into a Blender.
Autism spectrum disorders that are becoming beyond epidemic,
are Etheric Diseases.
ADHD, hyperactivity, many seizure type and “mental”diseases
all are Etheric based.
I almost didn't add the Mental body into this dissertation because
off the top of my head I can't think of any disease whose roots are entirely in the Mental Body.
However the Mental Body works in concert with the Astral Body in the Creation
of “Astrally Based Disease.”
So we see the problem with Modern medicine is that,
very few diseases actually originate in the Physical body,
and yet this is all that is considered.
So basically “modern medicine”
only ever Treats Symptoms.
Now I understand that the concept of Communicable diseases being Astrally based might be difficult for many to comprehend , as we have been led to believe that “Germs” are a the heart of these diseases. This is basically an incorrect assumption, however it is partially correct.
The problem with the Germ Theory Hypothesis is that one question is never asked.
Where do the Germs come from?
So I've written and explained that here in this link
You might want to read this before you go on.

So we can see that the Physical Body obsessed system known as,”Modern Medicine”,
is severely flawed and limited because they only treat symptoms,
and never the actual Causes. And most of their treatments create more Symptoms.
Even if incredibly toxic Etheric Body disrupters were not included in Vaccinations,
they are entirely useless in treating the actual causes of the diseases.
The following article will explain why vaccines do not ever cure any disease,
and it will also explain the Nature of Astrally Based disease.
It would be good to read this before proceeding.

So basically what we have is two main types of Disease,
The Astrally Based that is broken into Mass Karmic, and Personal Karmic.
And the Etheric based diseases of Civilization.
So in order to actually cure Disease, 
we need a whole New Style,
(or actually a very old style) of Healing System.
This of course is an entire book in itself, 
but I will touch on it here.
Let's begin with Etheric Based diseases.
How do we treat, and cure these diseases.
Well, first we avoid the Causes, at all cost.
Turn off and shield cell phones,
if you live in an area permeated by Wi-Fi,
Shield and block.
Hardwire you computer.
Shield your Smart meter if they refuse to remove it.
Turn off the power in the room where you sleep. 
Ground yourself to a clean EMF free Earth as much as possible,
Do Not Vaccinate,
everything positive you think you know about Vaccines,
is a lie.
Chiropractic and Acupuncture both work on the Etheric System..
If you can afford it, do it.
Avoid any synthetic pharmaceuticals,
which is basically all of them.
If you are sensitive and have a bigger than average Aura,
avoid Toxic people.
Walk on the Beach or clean Earth, and Get Sunshine,
these clean and align your energetic body.
Find nutrients that counterbalance the negative etheric effects.

Curing disease that originated on the Astral level is a little more difficult,
but since most disease begins here, it's a worthwhile endeavor.
This one for sure is a book..
For personal Karmic Diseases (non-communicable),
A good psychotherapist who utilizes hypnotism and/or Bio Feedback to get to the Roots of things can be very useful.
If you can find yourself a genuine medicine man that can guide
you in an ethnogenic experience, these are the most powerful.
Learn to Meditate and Contemplate.
Do Journalling without censor.
Recapitulate you life, look back at every detail,
and bring Peace to what you see.
Learn NLP from someone who isn't a Pervert. He he
And for Mass Karmic Diseases (communicable)
These are a little different, you really can't escape them until you become Fairly Enlightened.
Mass Karma needs to be worked out,
in Fact I should have said it sooner, but
Astrally Based diseases are
Karma working itself out.
Personal Karma can be worked out personally, 
but Mass Karma is a different thing.
As long as we have within us, even a seed of
what created the diseases that can resonate with
the working out of that Particular manifestation of Mass Karma, We are still responsible,
and must pay the price...
When we have within us, no judgment based in Duality,
only then can we be free of Communicable Disease.
Although there are those Bodhisattva types that
have the inclination to take on some of that Karma,
even when they no longer resonate with it.
Jesus Christ being a classic example.
so meditate..... seek to be Clear and Loving in
all your Worldly attachments....
That is the solution to that.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Bring Back the Magic

Bring Back the Magic

Everything in Our Creation
is Governed by Laws.
What Mankind has called,”God's Will”, and “Magic”,
are simply the Laws that are still beyond the Grasp of Most of Humanity.
Long ago we better understood the Laws,
Creation was Magical....
Others would say,
was in line with “God's Will.”
But for the most part now we have Lost it.
These Laws, this Magic is and has always been available to Mankind.
But the Knowledge or rather the experience of these Laws
exists in a place few humans Traverse.
It is a place of Absolute Peace. Absolute Silence.
I'm not just talking physically Quiet,
but emotionally Quiet,
Mentally Quiet
and Energetically Quiet.
Mankind has lost the ability to go to that Sacred Place.
The Fear and Desire inherent in Duality has imprisoned them,
stolen the Peace from their minds and emotions.
Civilization and all it's chemicals and electrical creations,
have stolen their Energetic Peace.
At this time the World is literally in an Emotional, a Mental and and Energetic Chaos.
There are those few that profit greatly from this, so
they purposefully feed the Flames of this Chaos,
this Magic Robbing Firestorm of Mental/Emotional/Energetic Nature,
our Creation is currently suffering from.
It is time to ,Bring back the Magic”,
or for the Religiously inclined, Bring back ,”God's Will”.
The answer to doing this is Simple.
Rediscover that Sacred Silent Place.
The journey to that place is a bit more difficult than the answer is simple.
But it is only difficult because we believe it to be....
Meditation and True Contemplation,
are the paths to that Sacred Place of Absolute Quiet,
where Magic Lies.
And “God's Will” be Done.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Drastic Shift Needed

A Drastic Shift Needed

I've spent my life Fighting being Psychic.
In the early 70's I had to quit my job, move far away from Humans, into the woods in a VW Bus.
Their Thoughts, and Feelings and Infirmities were part of me, and more than I could bear.
Prior to that I had learned to Listen, in the Silence.... to “God's voice.”
You might call it Kriya Yoga.
Inside of every cell of our Being, and the being of Every Thing, there is this Sound...and Light.
This is where the Intuition get' it's motivation, this is where Truth Exists,
Simply and beyond words..
I eventually learned a dangerous destroying technique,
to Block my Psychic Nature.... It was a mistake, but I needed to live with Humans, and support my Family.
I've paid the Price for that.
The Practice of listening to The Voice, The Sound, the Light, was incorporated into my Being.
But things have changed...That quiet voice at the Heart of our Souls,
now is competing with Electromagnetic Frequencies that Permeate almost every portion of our World.
Wi-Fi, Radio Waves, Television Waves, Smart meters and “dirty electricity,” All Pervading.
On top of this, right now , the Group Astral Nature (emotional Nature) of Humanity,
is at a fevered pitch. Literally Screaming....Fear permeates it all.
All this competes with the Sound, the Voice at the Heart of our Souls..
Today I walked far from the House and the Smart Meter...with my bare feet grounded in the Cold Wet Earth,
and a large Copper Vase over my head...listening to the River.. I heard again the Voice...and remembered.
I am an Aries, the keynote words describing an Aries soul on the return path are,
Harmony through Conflict.”... Basically battling that which is inharmonious and destructive.
I've done it for Lifetimes...... with meager results.
I have come to understand, in my mind anyway, that everything is in it's proper place...
But seeing Harm done for Greed, every where I difficult to transcend.
To see all that is done that robs humanity of the voice of their Souls.... is Painful.
Yet I can no longer Battle, that only adds to the Screaming of Humanities Astral Nature,
robbing us of the Voice.
I am sadly more Psychic than's All inside of me. I feel to fix myself, I have to Fix the world.
I have to accept that I can't do that.....
...soon going into the Heart of the Beast, in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley,
A large building with many hundreds of people,
and hundreds of cell phones, and Dirty Electricity to every booth there...
But 1/3 of our meager Income will hopefully come from this show.
Wish me Luck..... and Silence...
Can I ever achieve Dispassion, Will I ever Not Care.....
One can only hope.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Choose Love, is it really Inconceivable

Choose Love
Security against Fear
Has been a primary motivator of Mankind, for Far too Long.
We Build Walls.
We Make Wars.
We Divide Ourselves against Each Other.
We live in a constant mode of Protection,
and we believe this to be necessary to protect ourselves from
some Perceived Harm to our Imagined Security.
We Become easily Manipulated.
We are easily convinced by those that wish to Control us,
that Protecting our Security, is of utmost Importance.
These days those that control us, also control the Narrative
by which we define this very Reality.
They control the Media, the Television, the Newspapers,
the Magazines, and our Institutions.
They tell us what we need to Fear,
and Divide us so we're too busy protecting, and fighting each other,
to ever look behind the Curtain.
So we build Walls, we make Wars, we do things that Destroy our Health,
and our Planet...... all so that those Controllers,
can make a Profit.
The Narrative by which they define our Fear Based Reality
never offers any other option..
There is One.
And it Unites,
It heals us, and our Planet.
It tears down the Walls, and Breaks down the Fears.
It frees us from Servitude to Protecting .
We have been controlled for so long by Fear,
the alternative seems Inconceivable.
That alternative is Love,
Silence and Awareness.
Through Love and Silent Awareness,
the Narrative that has been used to Control us....
Burns away.
And before us we perceive Freedom
That has always been there, hidden behind the Fear.
Choose LOVE

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Greatest Danger to Us All and it's not what you think.. and the Solution...

The Greatest Danger to Us All
and it's not what you think..
and the Solution

The Masses today basically exist for the Profit of less than 1% of the population.
That 1% Controls the Narrative of the Lives of the masses.
The Media, The Schools, The Governments,
The "Medical Profession" and even the Church's
are controlled by the less than 1%.
And these control the Realities of the masses.
Yes, our water is poisoned by Fluoride and Chlorine,
Fluoride killing Will and Intuition,
Chlorine destroying our immune systems via destruction of the Micro-Biome.
Yes, Vaccinations have destroyed the overall health of Humanity and along with War
are the two Biggest profit makers for the Controllers.
The air is being sprayed with Toxins
that thanks to the Glyphosphate 
sprayed on all non Organic crops ,
and existing now in all Vaccines
and the Polysorbate 80 in vaccines....
these health destroying toxins make it into our Brains,
destroying and limiting our Mentality.
Wi-Fi and smart meters are destroying 
our Bodily electrical systems,
creating untold havoc....
All this and more to make us into Cash Cows...
or cash Sheeple,
for the less than 1%.

But all these things are not the biggest problem, by far.
Those Controllers have one thing,
 above all else that they use to Control us with.


Knowing the Truth of everything I have mentioned above
in the few that still have the ability to discern the Truth,
creates fear for most of them.
One of the Controllers main modes of creating Fear,
is via the Media...which they own and control.
They create a Fearful Divisive Narrative.
This creates Fear via the Mentality.
Fear is created on Energetic levels,
via means the general population has no understanding of.
Fear is created via chemical means,
that the general population has no comprehension of.
Fear Robs us of energy
Fear denies us our Intuition
Fear makes us Project and therefore manifest
those very things we Fear.
Fear weakens us to the point where we can no longer
recognize or Fight against Tyranny.
Fear creates Blockages in our energetic bodies, and
Mass Fear is at the heart of the Creation of Disease....
A “Germ” doesn't come out of nowhere.
So we have the Masses, 
the Sheeple, 
the Cash Cows for the Controllers,
unable to stand against it, 
so weakened they are by Fear.
Instead of Fighting, People go into Hiding.
People try to “protect” their little portion of Reality,
against their Fears (mostly fabricated),
So the Big Fight, the Fight for us all,
the fight against the Tyranny....
doesn't happen.

There is a solution.
There is a way to take our Power Back...
The first rule of Yoga and of White Magic is,
Quiet the Mind and emotions.
In other words...
Defeat Fear.
It must be understood that the manipulation of the masses,
can not occur if the masses are at Peace.
The Bumper sticker we all need Tatoo'd on our Souls is,
Seek Peace First.”
All attacks on the Integrity and Health of our being,
come via Mental, Astral (emotional), and Etheric (energetic)
and Physical means.
In order for these attacks to be effective,
aside from the blatantly physical ones
they MUST find resonance within us.

If we are in absolute Peace,
they will not find that resonance.
You know, some folks think Positive thinking will save them...

Positive thinking is Great...BUT
if there is Fear.....
all that positive thinking is merely a fabricated Shield that only
reinforces, quite dramatically,
the Fear.
Silencing our emotions is Great, BUT
if our minds are out of control,
our Intuition is Silenced
and our actions will not bear healthy Fruit.
We must do Both.
We must Silence our Minds and Emotions,
then we can hear our Hearts, our Intuition.
Then we will cease to Resonate with the aberrant Frequencies
that permeate our World at this time.
Then we will be able to take Intelligent Action.

Learn to Meditate.
Read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjili,
(the basis of Raja Yoga and White Magic.)

Practice Peace.

If you fight a Battle and you are not at Peace,
you have lost that Battle
before you have begun.

Seek Peace First!

I will Not stoop to Fear.
I Breathe in Life
I Breathe out Love
I Breathe in Love,
I Breathe out Life.
I will allow Peace to be in Me.
I will breathe out Peace,
into the World.
I will Hold Life as Sacred