Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Hopes for this Holiday Season and the New Year

Hopes For the Holidays and Coming Year.

May Divisiveness and Fear
be Transformed into Unity and Love.

May we tear down Walls that separate us,
and embrace those in Need.

May we exchange a Government that exists
for the Greed of the very few,
to one that exists
for the Needs of the Many.

Might we find time to listen to our Hearts and Souls,
instead of our Minds and Fears.

Might those whose Greed is destroying our Health,
and the Health of the only Planet we have,
be held accountable...
and their evil actions be exchanged for
one's that will heal us and our only Planet.

Might those who Follow Blindly,
awaken to their own inner strength,
and become instruments for positive Change.

Might Love Prevail
over Fear, Bigotry, Separateness, and Greed.

Might our Governments
Become a Democracy...

Let it Be

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Trump's Impeachment Inquiry, Some Perspective, it's a sick Joke.

OK, right now you could say the state of the world is that of being in a Frenzy.  I call it an Astral Shitstorm. The Cosmic reasons for this I'm not going into right now. Suffice to say that a portion of the population is entirely motivated by Greed, by grabbing all they can as fast as they can with no regard to the damage being done. The other portion is basically trying to do the opposite....get rid of all the garbage, physical and emotional that they had spent so many lifetimes collecting...and they tend to look upon the Greedy Collectors (themselves just yesterday) with acute disdain.  So everybody's going nuts!

The Trump Impeachment is a perfect sign of the times, and it'll piss off a lot of my friends
 when I say that it's a Sick Joke being played on the American People, a waste of time....a Farce.

Did Trump do what the Democrats accuse him of ?

Yep, straight up.

Did he use his position as President to Feather his Nest by taking down a political opponent
 with the help of a foreign country?

Nobody doubts that..... of course he did.

Did he lie about it?

CMON, we're talking about Trump. He can't open his mouth without lying.

Was he incredibly ignorant about so blatantly breaking the Law?

Of course he was, Ignorance is his middle name......

BUT, If lying and using your position to further your own personal gain was punished in Washington, 
there would only be about three people there "representing us".

Hillary and the DNC shit all over our Democracy when they tried to secretly screw Bernie Sanders
 out of the nomination last time, and you can bet the DNC is doing it again.

Did Hillary collude with a foreign country to further her goals?....

All the freakin time, in fact you could even consider the Rothschilds a Foreign country,
 except for the fact that they have more money and influence then most countries combined.....
and we all know she had their support.

And what about the dozens upon dozens of politicians taking bribes from Big Harma
 to further their goals of Poisoning every man, woman and child on the planet? 
All so they can make trillions of dollars, I mean, that's pretty freakin evil.

What about the massive amounts of Bribes paid to politicians by Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Coal, 
the Gun Lobby, etc?  Isn't  using your position to gain personal wealth at the expense of the people
 you are supposed to represent as bad as the moron in chief trying to get some poop
 on his opponents. (poop they of course are chin deep in).

As far as influencing elections.....almost every freaking politician out there is buying ads with money 
they have taken from many a nefarious source, so that they could push their own personal Lies.

Our elections are all bought and paid for by the elite Piggies that own our politicians and our country.
 We have not had a Democracy in a very long time.

The impeachment is a feeding frenzy by a bunch of Bought Sharks 
where every one of them is doing far worse things via their "positions" in the government 
then stupidly doing what Trump has done. 
 I think they are just pissed off because he's so incredibly Ignorant about it, 
while they have been and are doing it quietly and not bringing it the attention of the public. 
Trump makes being a Political Bought Piggie look bad for all the rest of them,
 and just might, in his bull in the China Shop rampaging stupidity, expose some of them 
hiding under the tables behind fancy tablecloths with their hands out taking Bribes for evil purposes.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

QUIZ: Is it Mind Control, or are you just a Dumb Ass ?

This is a fairly important topic that few are aware of just how important it is. When most people hear the term,"mind control", if they don't just scoff it off, believe it to be just something like the Neuro Linguistic Programming that is so commonly used by the media, various types of Marketing groups, some devious politicians, lawyers and "Religious leaders.  Or they simply think of the subtle programming done via the manipulation of peoples emotional buttons.... This is Not what I am talking about.  I'm talking about total control of peoples thoughts and emotions done via a technology that was originally offered for healing purposes. This technology began, to my knowledge, in the late 60's. Both my parents were involved with Secret Government Agencies that were developing these technologies. My parents based out of NASA and Lockheed facilities. Not to go into too great of detail, but basically they were built upon the discovery that Individual and very specific thoughts and emotions (and Diseases) had very distinct and specific ,"Energetic Signatures / Frequencies".  And that these frequencies could first, be determined....and second replicated by various means, in fact anything that could replicate...or spark a specific frequency. Some of the means were more broad, some extremely specific. Radio Frequencies were used, these could be very specific, chemical manipulation was broader, used to elicit certain emotional reactions, Color or light frequency modulation via Television could elicit broader emotion. The HAARP technology coupled with RF frequency modulation could make any individual think highly complex thoughts, and believe them to be their own. This is the dominant one used today, at least as far as being the most powerful.
The reason I believe this is so important is, the last US and elections around the world made it quite plain that Mind Control was heavily in use. I witnessed it first hand, over and over....and it is frightening. And unless people learn to recognize it, Freedom will be a thing of the past.  So, I have devised a little test so folks can figure out if they have been mind controlled. This test is based upon the last US election, BUT it is extremely important that for it to be a valid test, the last election is wiped from your minds. There is no such person as Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. They never existed and must not be considered in this test....I can't make this point strong enough...this test will be worthless unless they are not part of your consideration when answering the questions below.
There will be two sections to the test and then a guide to figure the results.  The test will consist of yes and no questions.

Section 1
1. Do you identify yourself as a person that believes that War is Good Business and should be sought whenever possible?
2. Do you believe that it is Good Business injecting people with toxins that will destroy their immune systems and make them slaves to a Medical and Pharmaceutical Cartel?
3. Do you want a President that is beholding to the largest most corrupt Bankers in the country and world?
4. Do you want a President that has allied themselves with the richest and most evil persons and families on the Planet?
5. Do you want a President that Loves Monsanto?
6. Do you want a President beholding to Big Oil, Big Ag and Big Pharma, and Wall Street, who considers them of more importance then the Individual?
7. Do you want an egotistical self serving greedy President?
8. Do you want a president known for having people who would harm their facade, murdered?
9. Do you want the world to be a better place?

Section 2.
1.  Do you identify as a Racist, Bigoted person that believes the white race is to be served by all the other "lesser" races?
2. Do you believe it is effective to build Walls to protect ourselves from our Fears.
3. Do you want a president that serves the richest of the rich at your expense?
4. Do you want a President that puts big business and corporations before people, and places the very worst offenders in Industry and Corporate America in the highest positions in the government agencies that are meant to regulate and protect the general public from these corrupt Corporations and Industries?
5. Do you want a President known for exploiting women, who thinks of them simply as a means of self satisfaction.
6. Do you want an egotistical self serving greedy President?
7. Do you want a President with a kinky love and fascination with the worst despotic rulers in the world, that turns his back on our Allies?
8. Do you want a President incapable of running a business without it going bankrupt?
9. Do you want a President that has been sued almost 2000 times for stealing from poor people and charities? 
10. Do you want a President that is a pathological liar?
11. Do you want the world to be a better place?

Remember, if you considered either presidential candidate in the last election when choosing your answers taking this won't be valid.
Results: If you said Yes to 1 or less in each section, and voted for  and support one of the primary presidential candidates in the last US have most likely been mind controlled. Henceforth be very wary of your "own" thoughts, because they are NOT your own. Seek Freedom!
If you said yes to more than one questions in each section, don't are probably just a dumb ass.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We the People , Jeff's Law .0001

People in Positions of Power
taking BRIBES from Corporate Entities,
like Big Pharma, Big War, Big Ag, Big Tobacco, 
Big Alcohol, and the Weapons Industry, etc.
 in order to facilitate furthering the nefarious, 
always Greedy purposes of said Corporate Entities...",
even if they choose to call these Bribes,
 "Lobbying Money", or "Campaign Donations",
should be Prosecuted and Punished for taking a job
to serve the People....
and instead,
 selling them out for Personal Gain. 
Simple as That.
I do Declare it Law,
above and beyond, "Citizens United".
Because my Law is Good and Fair,
"Citizens United" is Evil.
Corporations are NOT,
"We the People".
We the People hereby overrule,
Citizens United.
JMW 2019

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Archetype....The Thoughtform...The Construct.......TRUTH

The Archetype.......The Thoughtform.........The Construct , Truth

OK, this is going to be a stretch for most people's current acceptance of known accepted human knowledge....
but it is also the next step in expanding that.

Archetypes are pre thought...pre astral seeds
 of all aspects of Creation.
 They are the link between Source...and Creation. 
They are beyond duality.

 are human mental and astral embellishments 
that are placed upon Archetypes and Constructs
 and are built within duality.

Thought and Belief Constructs
 are projections of the mental and astral embellishments
 placed upon simple archetypes. 
A knowledge Construct is not bound by human time
 and like other types of Constructs 
(the Human Construct for example)
 they eventually take on a life of their own.
 They have their own evolution 
that can be steps ahead of the human knowledge
 and emotion that projected them. 
 This realization kind of freaked me out.
Read More about that with the link Below,
(some very scary stuff)
More Background Info here:

 Human manifested knowledge 
is built upon the framework of these projected, 
yet self evolving constructs.
 That fact that they are self evolving..... 
basically the progression of a pattern is what makes it possible for one of the two types of Psychics to,
 "tell the future”....
it is a process of following a Construct forward in it's“time”.
No need to worry about thinking about that right now,
it's just an interesting Factoid.

The realization of this Post
came when I was contemplating how I could have been so wrong about major tenets of my life,
 that I had come to understand long ago
 via meditation.....

A few lifetimes ago and in my previous life I learned a technique for accessing what I called the Archetype Plane.....
that land between Source and Creation
where the seeds of Creation Exist.

I also was taught a technique of accessing the astral plane....
and what I called the “in-between time,” 
which is basically where we go in between lives.
 I called this Yoga of the Death State.

The process was similar for these two techniques.
 One entailed “going within” 
and letting go of my “description” of the world.

 The other entailed focus upon things in Creation...
be it thoughts, beliefs 
or even things like plants and stones....
anything of Creation..
and letting go of my description/ideas/concepts and judgments
 that had been placed upon them within duality...

In the “going within”, 
the yoga of the Death State....
I was given one primary rule....
Not to focus on anything there, 
as everything there is very “magnetic”
and created within Duality.
 Where we place our attention in that Realm...
we will go, 
or it will come to us....(a matter of perspective).
And in fact another rule is to be devoid of thought and emotion, because these create a resonance, 
a particular unique frequency
 that will also pull unwanted things to us. 
 This is problematic in many ways for souls on the return trip
 of the evolutionary wheel, 
where our process is discarding our collection,
 our definition of the world....
because this “In-between” place is the astral plane.
 A plane where Heavens and Hells exist...
And also the Constructs of Humans. 
And everything there is Illusion...
they are mental and emotional Projections.
 Heavens and Hells are Constructs.
 For souls seeking Liberation from Duality,
the "Mystics" as I call them,
those who have Reversed upon the wheel of evolution
 this is the battleground....
and the key to the battle there is
Do not to partake.

 Look towards the Light on the other side....was the rule.

From 1970 until maybe 10 years ago,
 39 years if my math is right....
I was writing as book. 
It was all about Ego and Soul.
 It was about the battle to overcome the ego 
to be guided by the Soul...
and the path to Enlightenment.
 I also believed in the Linear Ascension version of Evolution
 and it was part of the framework of my belief system........

Now in 1970 I had a vision
 that explained just about every question 
I have had about Life since then....
 the vision was on the archetype plane 
where I asked the Question....
"What is Life, and what is going on here in Creation."
    The answer was a Vision of Archetypes,
 moving changing shapes that explained everything...
to a point....
BUT, I was meditating in a little travel trailer
 with two German Shepherd puppies,
 and one was chewing on my hand....
the vision did not complete itself.

Ten years ago I was driving my car very early in the morning...
delivering rural newspapers before I went to my Mail Route..... And my Life a transition point. 
So I'm driving along and I ask my Soul,
”What am doing here?...
What am I supposed to be Doing?
 Immediately I got the same answer I had in 1970....
 OK, yeah, right, I know.....write what!?. 
 Then in that moment I was back on the archetype plane, 
and the vision from 39 years ago completed itself....
 The holes in my understanding of Life....were filled in....
and these holes I had previously filled in
 by extrapolation from the old incomplete vision it turns out, 
from the Mistake of accessing
 the Constructs of Questions....
rather than the Archetypes...... 

Now I came to understand that my belief
 in a separation of ego and soul  
was due to my accessing the construct of that thoughtform, 
which sadly was a far far cry from the Truth of the Archetype. 
I had accepted an embellishment in duality of an Archetype,
 that was simply not true, 
in fact it was as far from the Truth as a thing could be.

 Knowledge/Belief Constructs are the epitome
 of possible human knowledge....
and since the Constructs evolution
 is one step ahead of the humans understanding of it, 
and is constantly evolving and changing via that evolution....
human knowledge is always one step behind....
and is as far from the Truth as it can possibly be.
 Knowledge, which is an accumulation of facts, 
a piling of one concept upon another to come to a conclusion, 
and conclusions added to conclusions to come to beliefs, 
often based upon the most forward thinkers accessing the construct of whatever idea or concept we are considering...
and embellishing that further,
 are as far from Truth as anything can be.
 Constructs are fed by our mental and emotional embellishments....
and in turn they evolve beyond us,
 and define our future understanding.
 The most forward thinkers.....are the most Lost,
 the most distant from actual Truth.....
Although being at the forefront of possible human knowledge,
do you get this?
Knowledge is the embellishment, mental and emotional...
of simple Archetypes....and of Constructs.
 Wisdom is what we gain when we discard knowledge. 
It is what exists before all the embellishment
 of mind and emotion....
of Duality.
 Knowledge is a thing of Duality.
 Wisdom is Not.
Now the idea that Ego and Soul are separate things
 has not come to us via Wisdom,
 but via Knowledge,
 and these concepts are firmly built into Constructs
 that Mystics mistake for Archetypes....
Many created and fed most potently by,”the Church”
 which has always been the greatest supporter of Duality.
Hence the confusion and mistake 
in this matter of a separate Ego and Soul. 
The same goes for the linear ascension model of Evolution
....and the Concept that God is some Super Entity
 apart from everything else,
 Creator of everything....
when the Truth is,
 God is simply Everything,
 Creating itself in an outward expansion. 
 But humanity is ruled by Knowledge, not Wisdom.
By Idiot Science, Not Real Science.
Read about that here,
it also contains a link to the first short treatise on the subject.

 We resonate better, living here and so accustomed to duality, 
with Constructs then we do with Archetypes.... 
Archetypes scare us, they have nothing we can relate to,
 being that they exist outside of duality.
 Constructs, being mental and astral like we are...
and highly energized.....attract us. 
 Many Mystics make that most common mistake
 that my Teachers warned me about...
and they focus on the Constructs
 and take the seeds of their knowledge, 
of their personal embellishments upon them …. 
one step further....
feeding the Construct 
and feeding the manifested idea within duality.

Our task as Mystics in this very important time
 is to seek Wisdom 
by discarding this self perpetuating knowledge
 built upon Constructs,
 with no longer any roots in realty, in Truth. 
 The Construct is as far from the Archetype 
as it can be at any given point...
and the Archetype is the closest we can get to Wisdom. 
The construct is the deepest density within duality that a concept can reach....
 Knowledge is built upon these constructs.
 Wisdom on the other hand is the least dense,
 and does not exist in Duality....
and is the closest thing we can get to Real Truth.
You could say and be accurate that the symbolic
 “leaving of the Garden of Eden”
 was when humanity chose to pursue Knowledge
 and gave up Wisdom.
As Mystics our Journey is one back to the Garden......
 from what has been said here, 
that path should be clear.

Sadly most of the Spiritual Leaders in the world today
 are accessing Constructs in their quiet moments, 
rather than Archetypes..
 Like I was doing for 39 years..
so they are simply adding to the Dualistic Interpretations
 and embellishments that have denied us
 the Simple Wisdom of the Truth,
 before it was so grossly modified via duality.
 These Spiritual Teachers have accessed the epitome of knowledge
 that is currently available to humans
 and added to it,
 and in so doing 
have denied themselves and their followers, 

Spiritual Leaders are like famous scientists,
they are akin to the Idiot Scientists,
and the Real Scientists....
and it all depends upon where they are looking
for their data.
Einstein, Tesla, and Burbank 
are examples of Real Scientists.
They did not go forward via Constructs into a 
deeper density of dualistic thought,
rather they reversed this process,
tore down all the accepted beliefs on the subjects
that they were seeking the Truth about,
and accessed the Archetype Plane.
And gained Wisdom about the subjects
they approached.
Scientists working within the scope of Human knowledge,
within the Constructs....that I called,
Idiot Scientists (no judgements)
were Madame Curie, Louis Pasteur, etc.
and those scientists that took Einsteins Wisdom,
and turned it into the knowledge of
the Atomic Bomb.
They were correct in their "Knowledge"
but that knowledge was Destructive...
Wisdom never brings destruction.
Vaccine Science is Destructive,
it is Idiot Science.
Spiritual Leaders that I guess I'd call,
Real Spiritual Leaders,
because they accessed the Archetypes were
folks like Gandhi, and  Buddha,
and my Teachers from Tibet.
They did not promote ideologies
built within duality upon 
knowledge constructs,
but rather taught their students
how to access the Wisdom of the Truth
that exists in the Archetypes
before duality was applied to them.
Sadly I have to say that most,
"Spiritual Leaders" today
do not fit in this category.
Rather they are accessing,
the Constructs of the epitome 
of possible current available knowledge.
They serve the Muggles well,
as the "Church" has always done,
in aiding folks evolving into greater density,
towards culmination in Form,
in finalizing their Unique Separate Expression,
that is the midway point of all Souls evolution.
Now what I write is aimed at the Mystics,
so I guess I am warning you to be careful of the 
ideologies you embrace,
almost always they will be a trap.
If you did not come to your beliefs
by experiencing the Truth of them, 
but rather by accepting someone else's
thoughts and conclusions....
you are probably securing yourself,
rather than freeing yourself...
Be Aware.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Please, Don't be Normal

We live in a Society where,
 if Truth offends 
we are taught not to Speak it...
it isn't considered,"good manners" or "politically correct".
So people don't speak the Truth...
or even think about it.....
 and they cease the desire to know it. 
We live in a Society where conforming to Mass Stupidity
 has become the Norm...

Please, Don't be Normal

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Quicksand for the Soul

To accept what we,"know" today is Truth,
is quicksand for a Soul.
The only thing more dangerous is to believe that
what someone else tells us is the Truth.
There is knowledge, and there is Wisdom.
Knowledge is a collection of factoids,
built one upon the other into concepts and ideas.
Knowledge is a badge Muggles wear.
Wisdom is the dismantling of these ideas, concepts and factoids,
and the awareness of what lies before they were ever formed.
Mystics seek Wisdom.
Muggles seek Knowledge.
All Mystics were once Muggles that finally culminated in their collected Knowledge..... and turned back around on their Path.
All souls began in Light...and grow towards a maximum density.
Once that maximum density is achieved,
or to put it another way,
once they have completed their Divine purpose in the body of God,
which was to add their Unique Perspective into God's evolution...
they turn back around on the Road they have traveled,
dismantling the knowledge they collected and incorporated into
their Maximum Density of perspective.
Now their path is one of discarding their collection,
and returning to what you could call, The Heart of God.
Some call it Enlightenment..... Others call it the ,"Spiritual Sun".
For a Mystic to seek knowledge is like an Olympic Runner looking for a nice new pair of running shoes, made out of lead.
For a Muggle to seek is their Path.
A Mystics job is to dismantle the collected knowledge,
that is simply embellishments upon simple Truths...
this is their Path.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Problem with Belief Systems

Back in the Day

The blog post listed below will give some necessary understanding and framework for what I'm going to write here.
Real and Idiot Science/knowledge vs. Wisdom
This post was inspired by a discussion on a Facebook Group centered upon a book called, "A Course in Miracles" by Marianne Williamson.
I read this book quite a few years ago when I also checked out some things by Eckhart Tolle.
Both of these authors were writing about things I had written about back in the late 70's. The Eckhart Tolle books kind of freaked me out because his "style" and all the words he used and the concepts he put forth ....if I didn't know better because I was looking in his book, I would have believed it was my old writings. Word for word, belief by belief.  When I read A Course in Miracles I appreciated it, but it was easy to see that it, like most decent religious and spiritual belief systems was built upon simple archetypes of Truth, but the human process of clothing those simple archetypes in order to communicate them, had gone too far....the embellishment was too deep and embroiled in old "religious" programming, and the Truth became obscured in the Metaphor which I knew, sadly....most who read her book would not search out.....they would accept the surface "story" just has been done with all major religions..... the Metaphor accepted as the Truth. 
Here's the thing: First, like the Real and Idiot Science link above explains, there are two types of Knowledge. I like to break them up and call one Knowledge, and the other Wisdom. I just very recently realized what should have always been obvious. Knowledge is a thing of the Muggles, of those who are still evolving into deeper density. It is a collection, a systematic collection of concepts built upon one another with ...usually, an archetype at the center and a "belief" as the end result. The further this knowledge expands, the further it actually gets from the Truth of the Archetype it was built upon.
Wisdom is what is found at the Heart of Knowledge, before any thought was applied, before it was embellished in Concepts. Wisdom is a thing of the Mystics, of those who have reversed upon the evolutionary  wheel and are basically dismantling the embellishments, the duality that has been placed upon simple Truth from the first day of Creation and the First day of their Souls Journey. 
Now there is this "Thing" about the Knowledge of Humankind; 
 Human knowledge, like Creation itself expands outward from the Center.....and it has an edge, seen esoterically it's like the outer crust. This is the CURRENT limit of knowledge accessible to Humankind. But keep in mind this edge is ever expanding outward, or has been since the dawn of this Creation. We are currently at a point of evolution in this Incarnation of Creation...this Yuga, where that has actually hit the wall, and possible,"knowledge" for humankind is basically at an end point....the Truth can not really be embellished upon much further in such a way as to have any Purpose, there will no longer be an outward expansion, just a meshing back and forth of existing concepts.  Okay so Mystics have had a Boundary to what they could communicate from the Wisdom they have gained by removing the embellishments upon the basic archetypes that are the Truths of Creation, and that boundary is that outer crust of Knowledge.... Now think about and understand this, it's important, "Okay so Mystics have had a Boundary to what they could communicate from the Wisdom they have gained by removing the embellishments upon the basic archetypes that are the Truths of Creation, and that boundary is that outer crust of Knowledge. 
When I read Eckhart Tolles' books I saw that they were based upon an old outer edge of knowledge, as was The Course in Miracles ....they were bound to an old paradigm. I got rid of the Tolle book as it was simply yesterday's news and was still attached to the old limited view where Ego was demonized and Soul was supreme....not having gained the insight yet about the Circular Nature of Evolution, still attached to the very deeply ingrained belief of a linear ascension. And there wasn't much else there. I kept the book The Course in Miracles because, even though it was also still mired in these old limiting, and actually destructive, like some other religious and spiritual texts, could be used by Mystics that could see beyond the surface embellishments to the archetypes they were built upon. 
I wonder if these authors have evolved beyond the ego/soul dualistic views yet, and the linear ascension models of evolution.  It took me a good 40 years or so, and it was very very difficult to break free of these, as....thanks to the intensity of Religions long history of persecution of the Truth....many wrong beliefs have actually become embedded in the DNA of the masses, and for me breaking through brought on convulsions when I could actually access the thread of Truth that had been embellished in such a violent manner, and so deeply buried. 
When I wonder about these authors and if their Wisdom has evolved beyond these old limits I am reminded of the first thing I ever read that spoke to me, in 1970 it was a required reading at my school, and I actually remember it almost word for word to this day.  It was in a essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, He said,
“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. — 'Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.' — Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.”
 I hope that these authors do not feel bound by their old beliefs because they were written in books. I know when I was writing a book that was entirely in line with what they are saying and had very many years invested in it.....then suddenly "saw" one step deeper which basically destroyed everything I had written.... it wasn't so easy to throw out all that work. But, the old ideas about a linear evolution have denied humankind of real and true compassion, they have created an idea, based deeply in duality that every soul simply needs to make the right choices in order to evolve towards the Light....when  at least half of the population is evolving into deeper density, and have zero choice in the matter. It's the Plan Stan....and the idea that we have this nasty little ego that exists to keep us from the Light and this wonderful Soul that leads us to it....well, as I keep trying to make the point....the Ego and the Soul are the very same thing, they are that which motivates us in our evolution.....they, or rather It help us down the Path. It's just that the first part of that path is into deeper density via duality, and the latter part is returning to Source, back down the path we had traveled via duality.
So, for Muggles, knowledge is a fine thing, it helps them define their Unique Separate Expression. 
  For Mystics, knowledge is a Trap....and Wisdom is the Goal.
If a Mystic accepts a Knowledge put forth by another, even if it was built upon archetypes of Truth..... they will lose their Path. However if they can follow the evolution of that knowledge back to it's Source Archetype...they can gain Wisdom from it. In my last life in Tibet we were taught this technique, but also one method our Teachers used that I really like is that they would put forth a just slightly embellished archetype for our contemplation, so that the journey back through it was a short one. 
But for Muggles, knowledge IS the Path.
You see another problem here with the lack of understanding of the circular evolution is that Mystics might accept the idea that they are moving forward via a collected knowledge, when they are actually done with that style...that Direction of Intent. 
 It's important that Mystics know they are Mystics, and this is fairly rare at this point. 
And a very important point is that it is very detrimental for a Mystic to Collect knowledge, because the epitome of knowledge is accessible to them for the purpose of communicating the Wisdom they have gained by discarding all Knowledge.And accepting the Current expressed knowledge, is a limitation when the epitome of knowledge is available to them through right practice.   Trippy Huh?


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Archetypes, Constructs and Muggles, OH MY!

Archetypes, Constructs and Muggles, OH MY!

{Disclaimer: I will be speaking to things that no Muggle will understand...and that's OK. Most Mystics are still sleeping at this time and will also have great difficulty with much that I'm going to say, having spent thousands of years living the life of a Muggle, and even once, having turned around on the path of evolution, and having entered the Road of the Mystic....they/we have still mostly chosen the world of the Muggles to abide within, as has been necessary for our relative comfort and survival. Suffice to say that a lot of this is going to rub you the wrong way, and possibly downright go against your grain to your very core. Again, this is OK for you Muggles and to be expected and accepted.....but for you Mystics still sleeping, much that I'm going to say will greatly disturb your Muggle Dreams.  Fight the discomfort and seek utter Silence of mind and body in consideration of the words and ideas. I don't want a single person to accept what I say, I want you to Realize it.}

A Mystic does no learn how to be a Mystic....
They Unlearn how to be a Muggle..

It is imperative that the Sleeping Mystics awaken,

It's important to lay some groundwork,

for the Magic we are about to embark upon.
Knowing the Language is Key.

Archetypes and Constructs:

Archetypes and Constructs,
are kind of Opposite.
An archetype is a Seed.
A Construct is a full blown 
epitome of Creation.
Archetypes are the Seeds of Creation.
Constructs are Astral Projections
of Mind and emotion. 
Constructs are Magical Creations,
that have culminated in their making,
and now are making themselves.
Virus's are one such Construct.
Created by a mass mental and emotional agreement.
Built in dualistic matter.
Archetypes are without Polarity,
Constructs are built upon it.
Human beings have Constructs,
a Shadow that follows them ,
over the right shoulder (at least for me)
on the astral plane.
This construct is a mass time built 
mental and emotional agreement
of all those who have "known" us.
And what we have known of ourselves.
It is a mental/astral reflection
of Who we were".
We are always one step ahead of our Constructs,
but it is always trying to pull us back.
Well, it pushes the Muggle forward,
and holds the Mystic back...

Now like I say our Constructs follow a ways behind us
on the astral plane...
But there is this Law,
that states a .....
...Consciousness (of a Mystic)
 must not look at it's own Construct.
Do not do it!!!
Well, if you are a Muggle, it's OK.
But for a Mystic to gaze upon their Construct,
it is literally,
worse then Death.
Our Construct carries the Frequencies
that have and still do,
Define us.
Just saw,
Our Construct is the Archetype
of our DNA.
It carries it over when we "die"
to our new consciousness.
What is the relationship between the Soul,
 and the Construct....they sound similar?
Our Soul is the Archetype
of our Construct,
via our "Free Will".
I'm seeing one of those Figure 8 Snakes...

The head and tail of the Snake.
And we are the snakes Body.
We are what lies in between,
that takes the Archetype of Ourselves,
and Projects, 
with the help of others,
The Construct.
AND, we are the whole thing.

"Ghost's are Consciousnesses that upon Death,
gazed back upon their Construct....
Being pulled into it's Momentum...
then having difficulty getting back on track,
in the forward direction.
A Ghost is someone who literally has
halted their evolution,
or I should say,
drastically hampered it.
As I said, the Construct lives in the Astral Plane,
EVERYTHING in the astral plane,
has "momentum".
That's what I call it.
I'd say it is the counterpart of Time,
in the physical world.
But it can be like a raging current,
with undertow.
My Teachers told me to
NEVER put my attention on anything
on the astral plane,
they are all Traps.
I, being me, 
of course didn't listen...
and allowed myself to fall into Heaven and Hell Realms.
They saved me, luckily....
otherwise I probably would not be here today
in this particular body.
They told me to just focus on the Light
on the other side..
And throwing in a tip here.
If you are venturing out there...
and next time you die,
and you are in the tunnel,
and see who you think are your long lost loves....
Stop thinking, don't look....
They are actually Constructs that will look
just like your old dearly Departed...
they are in fact connected to them.
BUT they are not the actual being you are thinking or feeling,
they are a projection that exists in the Past
 and will....delay you.
I'm not saying that you won't run into some of your dearly departed...
but they are Not in the Tunnel.
They are in that place right past,"the White Hall".

But my Teachers couldn't save me,
when, for reasons of worldly Love,
I stupidly went there,
and gazed upon my Construct,
with the intent and purpose
of pulling to myself
the skin that was shedding around it.
I had stupidly, but correctly postulated that
if I looked at them with intention,
they would be pulled into me....
This is another Law on the astral plane,
I think it's akin to Magnetism/Gravity on the physical plane.
And it say's that
"Wherever you put your attention,
you will find yourself."
I was trying to go back to who I used to be,
my girlfriend couldn't take this dude that was changing so fast
that I was totally different every day.
So my theory was that this "shedding skin"
was parts of Myself that I had let go,
so I looked at them to pull them back to me.....
it worked.
But here's the rub.
When we collect that description of ourselves
in our day to day evolution into Form,
we do it piece by piece,
in a certain order...
I pulled them back just in a big jumble,
no order...
Suddenly TOO Psychic...
(for one thing)
I heard, felt and Lived the infirmities
of every person in a square city block.
I lost my Teachers.
Moved away from Humans.
Hey, but I married the girl and lived....
interestingly...for 7 years.
I'm still putting Humpty Dumpty together 
in the right order.
or you'll become a walking living Ghost,
like me.

Now the task of a Mystic,
 I'm seeing 2 aspects of now.
First, we must return our understanding
 to the Archetype level of things,
via contemplation.
Second, we must Stop Feeding the Construct.
OH, and here's something kind of exciting.
Once you do this contemplation for a while,
you will eventually begin to do it automatically...

The Construct and the Soul
are like Satan and Christ,
and Ego and Soul,
only at different points in the evolution 
of a consciousness.
All these things that seem like opposites,
are like that figure 8 snake...
The same thing,
the head and the tail,
and the long path in between.

The construct has the seed of the Archetype,
filtered and projected by the consciousness,
into the Construct.
Muggles are building their Construct,
Mystics are dismantling it.
The Construct helps guide the Muggle through 
it's life within duality.
The Construct only serves to bind,
the Mystic to his/her old Path.
"Christ" is the Archetype for the Soul
Satan is the archetype for the Construct/ Ego.
Christ and Satan are the same thing,

The Soul
and the Construct
are the same thing...
Beginning/ End,

The world of the Muggles,
and the world where we live,
is a Creation where the archetypes,
have been embellished within duality,
defined and built upon for thousands of years,
into what we call Creation, or Reality.

This Creation is the result of a mass agreement,
upon the nature of that which has been embellished upon
the Simple Archetypes. 
To a Muggle it is Everything,
to a Mystic,
it is an Illusion.

Archetypes are built upon a certain blending
of Frequencies.
Frequencies define everything that exists.
Our Soul knows the pure frequencies
of ourselves and what exists.
Our Constructs focus upon the Creation,
built within duality,
upon those pure frequencies.
For a Muggle the Construct
comes in handy,
keeps em attached to the creative process 
of the Creation of their ,
"Unique Separate Expression".
To A Mystic the Construct becomes
their number one Tormentor.
Muggles are building Karma....
Mystics are .... Reconciling it.

Muggle/ Mystic
Same thing.

Is the lesson here just about Archetypes and Constructs?

Gods Journey

We have been led to believe by most religions that God is a done deal... That S/He is a Superhero entity that Created the Universe way back when and now watches over us and depending on if we are "good or Bad, treats us accordingly. Well, that is just a load of Crap.It's not that there haven't been plenty of Enlightened souls over the course of time who actually "Got It", like Buddha,and Mohammad, Krishna and Jesus... but I'm afraid there has been a long line of their Biographers and translators of old text's who were sadly far from Enlightened.
It was put quite simply by most of them..,"God is Everything".... It really is as simple as that.  Not some separate super hero...But Everything.  As the Blues Brothers would say, "You, me, them...everybody".  and Everything.  And this Everything...this God is Constantly Growing and evolving as the whole grows and evolves.  There is no entity "out there" judging you on your actions.....fact is that there is no,"out there".  It's all right here, and it's All God.
I guess the main question that each of us has at the heart of our souls is,"what am I doing here?"  Religion has played the part of telling us the answer to this for centuries... but my friends, their answer was totally bogus.  We have been told to ,"be good" (as defined by the Church), and shun "Evil" (as defined by the church.  What ever happened to ,"Judge Not"?