Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rare old pics

We are totally organizing...moving everything around and...... gettin organized.   I went through some of my old photos....
This next one is 3rd or 4th grade...Tuscon AZ......Early "Sixties".... we didn't really do school those years because we moved here from Japan after I was in second grade....and the schools there are so beyond here...I was able to just cruise for 2 years.....just dropped in a few times for tests or to pick up some stuff....... This is myself on the right, my sister in the middle and some kid called David Blakemore (according to the back of the pic)......

I don't have much memory of those years... camped a lot I guess, Cochise Stronghold...... old ruins..... and of course the secret Government Facility out in the desert,
where who knows exactly what all they did to 
us.....they finally bombed the building with all the evidence,
thinking a bomb would destroy everything...
I snuck back,
pretty cool...all in rubble
... but papers everywhere
 ..........UH, never mind....

next pic, Later.....
Went into the Light
met my Teachers
did a lot of catching up .
Pushed the boundaries..
Broke the Rules.
Re accumulated past projections
out of order...

Our decent into madness
(it's called evolution)
has a very precise order..
Our return to the Light
(also called evolution, 
after all the Big Secret is that Evolution is CIRCULAR)
the opposite order...
But the Magic
and my stupidity turned on me...
I thought I could just pull it all back,
redefine myself back to who I was
before I was Illuminated...
Astral Grabbing old Pieces of Construct..
The shed skin of yesterdays dead dream....
(we call this Life)
on the astral plane....
brings immediate results.
I got my old self back,
I was just too freaking weird for,
my loved ones and everyone that knew me...
Who I once was, 
they were much more comfortable with.
Looking back at the Construct,
That's what makes ,"Ghosts, Ghosts"..

This was my
"Humpty Dumpty Episode."
And guess what folks,
when you shed your skin,
it is Magically possible to pull
it back on to yourself....
But probably NEVER a good idea.
To not be very destructive,
it would have to be done
 in the opposite order that it was shed.
The order of the pieces shed,
must be pulled back in the same order 
they were created originally.
And I don't think this is 
even Magically possible.

And if you can't pull it off in order, will be a 
Living Ghost....
A Ghost....
but in physical form...
pretty freakin weird.
That's me folks...
Or has been for a long time.
But I've about re-ordered my island now,
(as Don Juan would say).
about back to where I 
was before I was literally,
"Out of Order".
I met a guy that knew Don Juan,
"Pack Rat"....
he was one very Magical dude.

don't cheat with Magic...
I became so Fragmented,
so freakin Psychic...
I felt and heard everything
within a city block.....
Man, a lot be going on in that kind of space.
People suffering,
people afraid, 
people sick, 
people dying...
Get me out of here....
to the hills we went...
Had to learn to .....
at least that was what I thought was the solution.
Lost my Teachers,
being Humpty Dumpty.
I knew there would be physical body repercussions eventually...
But I couldn't be around humans....
I would need to eat and have my wife eat...
Not much call for wandering monks
in the good ol US of A.
Learned a dangerous trick,
and took the Doctors Pharmaceuticals....
and could....
sort of hold it together.

Discovered Southern Comfort when we were
selling out at Stanford...
couldn't stay in my body...
astral projecting all around...
it's not as fun as it may sound when
you are afraid you won't be able to stay in your body,
which I couldn't.
A Psychic in San Francisco and Valerian Root
finally got me back in,
and able to stay.
Make a note ...
if you ever have trouble staying in your body,
and get tired of floating around the neighborhood,
nobody seeing you, but you seeing them..
Valerian tea...
so Black it's almost thick...
does the trick.
And quit drinking Southern Comfort
when you are severely Hypoglycemic...

 Lived in Palo Alto California with my wife, Janine.
She was with me through all the wild rides..
She was the main reason I did my
Humpty Dumpty...

I made jewelry from shells and cones
 and bones and stuff in Nature.
Scored Abalone wildly,
On Hearst's Private beaches in San Simeon.

There was a guy that also sold out at Stanford,
He brought his whole display 
on his bike.
It folded up into very little space.
We bought it from him,
this is a pic of it.
Wow, I see a piece below that was made
from a small dear skull,
with abalone hanging down from it..
Cool... The stuff Sold

That's about it for now.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Basic Truth of Communicable Disease

When Humanity finally comes to the Realization that All Communicable diseases are the results of Mass Karma working itself out they will understand that Vaccinations simply shift the form of the manifested disease from one thing to another, and the new manifestation always tends to be worse than the original. “Cure” Polio....Hello AIDS. Mass Karma is created when large numbers of people hold a common idea or emotion that is contrary to Truth. All race hatred, Bigotry,religious fanaticism, shared fear, Nationalism...etc. is at the heart of the creation of disease. Modern “:medicine” stopped looking when they came up with the “Germ Theory”, never asking....where did the “Germ” come from? We co-create everything in this universe my friends.. the Law of Creation states that energy of thought and emotion maintained will manifest something eventually....this is the most Basic of Laws....and disease is of our own creation...mass, or personal. There is no Vaccine solution to disease...Humans just gotta quit with the Greed, Fear, Hatred, Lust, Avarice, ….etc. because this is where diseases are born. And vaccinations can not cure Karma, it must work itself out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Don't Stop Questioning

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Most Guarded Secret

Through thousands of years of suppression and repression, 
and mind control, and strong and painful options
 for not falling in line, 
our DNA has actually been altered by "the Church".
 This alteration in one way manifests
 in things that we believe we shouldn't talk about...
.. things where we should just accept what we've been told. 
 ( no matter how completely without merit those things are).
We are not supposed to really talk about God....
mostly we're supposed to believe 
is some super hero Universe creator.....
this Being that is "Out there" 
controlling everything....
But that's Bullshit....yet we blindly accept it.

How about SATAN???
Don't even want to have that thought
pass across our consciousness....
we're supposed to accept,
Scary, Horrible, Evil, Hellish
bullshit we've been told
and leave it at that. 

All those different,
"Son's of God"...
...More Bullshit,

we're all Equal in God
there is no God
without US ALL,
and there is no 
outside of God.

I digress.

 The Soul,
"don't even ask, 
that's just too mysterious".

Our Reality is built on so many Bricks,
and they are 
Fabricated Illusions....
It has been very difficult
for me to write so many things,
because I was built
to avoid them.

But we are the UN Doers...
Yep, we've collected a lot of total bullshit
through all of our lifetimes,
and all that bullshit 
is what we define ourselves as....

But the Un Doers
are Un Doing that.
That's our Job..

Now as I spoke about in the previous post,
as far as a souls evolution is concerned,
there are two types of people.
Doers and Un Doers.

Those that are on the first turn of the wheel,
seeking that Unique Separate Expression.....
Doing themselves into the World.

And then there are those who have completed their
Expression within the Whole,
Been there
But now are 
Un Doing it.
Heading back towards Unity.

That's the souls evolution.

Now if we were to take the "Church's" Definition,
Satan Rules the Doers.
People are Guided by Satan,
to be self satisfying,
separate self expressing
"bad people"  he he

If we take the "Spiritual Folks" definition
Ego Rules the Doers.

It's all about self gratification,
SELF expression.....
Gimme,Gimme, Gimme

and this is all true....

But what is Satan?
Well that red devil looking dude,
he's an archetype...
an archetype for the first stage of all souls evolution...
It's a principle.... 
an embodiment of
a Concept.
A concept representing a Truth....

And that TRUTH is
The Human Soul...

Then there is 
The Christ

In the parlay of "Spiritual Folks",
The Soul
seeking Unity with US ALL
Seeking Oneness

In Religious Parlay,
"The sons of God"...
Leading us Home...

Those dudes folks blindly worship
and have killed and died for....
are an archetype...
an archetype for the return stage 
of all souls evolution...
It's a principle.... 
an embodiment of
a Concept.
A concept representing a Truth....

And that TRUTH is,
The Human Soul...

This is the Secret that's been most guarded ,
by the Keepers of Duality.

Satan....and Christ
Are the same thing...

 They are the Human Soul...

I keep saying this over and over,
because it is the most important realization of our time...

It's understanding necessary,
for Compassion to Bloom.

The Soul is that which Guides us
through our evolution..
And which evolves right alongside us.
Bottom Line
End of Story.

But the Church needed a bad guy,
it needed to maintain Duality,
the Battle between,
"Good and Evil"..
So Satan was Bad
and Christ was good...

and this was based upon the judgment that the actions
of a person when traveling the first turn of the wheel of evolution,
the Doers,
were just so dang destructive,
had nasty habits,
They were the Bad guys

And of course every villain needs a Hero.
You can't have a battle of Good and evil,
without one of each...
So we got the ,
"Son's of God" 
to fill the bill.

Now these good guys would lead us away from 
those nasty bad habits,
and lead us back to


They are the same Blessed Thing,
They are the Human Soul
It is one thing...
It is circular evolution...
It is One Thing
with really one job,
To Guide our evolution....
But our evolution is Circular...
Like in two different directions...
 and the 
Un Doing...

Same Thing


One more thing
Karma is the result of all our DOING..
and the freakin Doers,
don't have a problem with Karma,
it doesn't affect them,
just rolls of their backs like on a duck.

It's not supposed to,
they are doing their job,
creating that unique separate expression
using duality (judgments) 
as their main tool.

Now the Un Doers
They be dealing with some Heavy Karma....
That's their Job Jim...
Dealing with Karma..

Doesn't hardly seem fair....

I take it back,
There are two types of Karma,
Personal, and Mass. 
Doers do have to deal with Karma,
just not personal Karma 
(yet, until they also culminate)
But mass Karma,
those pesky diseases that we all  have created
 with our inharmonious obsessions,
and our agreements on things 
not real.. 
This is where all those nasty virus's and misc diseases
get their, "GERM". 
We co create it.

And everybody is susceptible...
But the poor folks on the 
"Christ" road,
on the return trip,
are even more so..
You know the whole,
"taking on the sins of the masses".
That's sort of par for the course...

And that is what we do,
the UnDoers..
Because UnDoing is 
Returning back down that 
Doing Highway,
in the opposite direction now...
Seeing the dualistic judgments
that built us, 
and that aided in the creation of Mankind's Diseases.

Diseases are simply manifestations of mass Karma.
(but the location and nature of a diseases expression in a person  can be determined by personal Karma. )

We must no longer see them in duality,
we must see them with Love,
as they really are....
Instead of actually taking the physical manifestation
of them upon ourselves....
If we see them outside of Duality
outside of the judgments that helped build them
then the Karma is Reconciled,
the energy that sustains the Disease,
is diminished some. 

I'm not sure life is really better on the 
"Christ" road.
I mean dealing with your Karma....
that's the whole Path..
Those lucky doers,
having all kinds of fun,
Gettin, and grabbin, and doing, 
and finding in it some happiness along the way.

But us Un Doers
well we know happiness is a crock, 
it's temporary and dependent on
certain very narrowly defined criteria..
But hey, what the hell,
a good yipee here 
a good yipee there.

The thing is the un Doers are not seeking Happiness,
a lot of them don't even realize this but
they are seeking Joy, Bliss.
And these things only exist 
beyond any definition...
the only criteria is there is no criteria...
these things exist
outside of Duality.
And this state isn't always as easy to achieve,
as a simple Yipeee!

There is no comparison
 between Happiness....
and Joy, 
except that these are things the soul seeks.
And which,
 simply depends on where upon the wheel that soul is.

The downside of the Christ Road is
you are hanging on a cross,
dealing with Mass Karma
giving up the dualistic worldly existence,
and you have a freakin painful head of thorns
to transcend...


Sunday, January 14, 2018

What is Happening Now.... The Doers and the Undoers

Thanks Jordan for inspiring this reply to our conversation

Well the problem is that what is happening now is simply par for the course for the particular cosmic time we are in. I probably won't go into that in much detail but ..... What is going on is sometimes referred to as the Quickening.....It is a unique time that only occurs once in a ........Incarnation of's freakin rare and has never happened in this turn of Creation before...... What is going on is that there is a compression of Time so to speak, and along with this is a hyperdrived evolution of individual human souls, and .......the Group souls. And this is where an understanding of a souls evolution comes into play. I say once again that it is not like the ascension up a flight of stairs ...with us always getting more Holy....but rather the evolution is circular....this is a well known mystical fact that for whatever reasons has been mostly buried...
So here it is. We begin as souls motivated towards one Goal....and that goal is to Make Our Unique Separate Expression within the Whole. Our souls tool for this is Duality, the seeking of pleasure and the shunning of pain...We grab everything we can to Define who we are. We aren't real concerned about anybody else in this part of our evolution, except in how they can serve our cause of collecting pleasurable things and hiding from and shunning that which we don't like. We are ruled and define ourselves with our ideas of "Good" and Bad"....and we live a lot of lifetimes doing this Collecting of the Definition of who we are. Then one day, we're done... We have completed that separate expression. Seen Mystically the individual cell within the whole is Full to the perimeter. Now this is where the Mystics say that "the Wheel turns back upon itself" What does this mean? Well now we are done collecting things of a dualistic nature....and back down the same road we came in coming to the completion of ourselves "in form"....we reverse our direction....and now we are reconciling all the dualistic judgments we made, and allowing them to return in Truth to Unity.....Our path now instead of a unique towards a Unified Oneness. We begin "dealing with our shit" so we can quit being defined in a separate way by it.
So getting back to our current situation......From outside of this all what we see is the two directions.....towards separation....and towards a hyperdrive. Those going to the unique separate expression are grabbing all they can get, chasing what they think is good and trying to hide from or destroy what they believe is Bad.... Here you got wars, greed, fear of "others"...and all the bullshit you see coming down these days......

Then on the flip side, those going towards unity....facing their shit, are more like having it flung in their faces at a radical pace....this creates sickness in the physical body when that which is not harmonious is amplified..... Normally we could have lifetimes to work through it, but now it's all coming really fast...... and we are literally living in an Astral Shitstorm of epic proportions....
The thing is that Everything that is "outside" of ourselves
is also within us....
if we even have a tinge of racism within will be astrally stimulated then etherically stimulated and finally it will manifest in our physical bodies as a problem..... Everything in this Universe is about frequency and vibration and RESONANCE.
Well I'm digressing into a whole nuther subject.....
Back to the World Situation:
Yep, the greed and lust and fear seem to be ruling the world....and these things draw our attention from the quiet of our souls...and our path back to unity.
I mean if you have read this thus far, you are on the path back towards unity....
So let's keep our focus on's difficult because what those other folks are doing is amplifying energies/frequencies that within us....are not healthy. So a lot of stuff is coming at us, and it can resonate with remnants of those same things that once defined us...... and if we still carry even a shred..... that resonance can be quite bothersome.
We can't do anything about those folks destroying the planet and's their freakin Job and until they culminate we can't even attempt to change them as it will actually hinder their progress to the point I call Culmination in Form....where soon after their wheel will turn back upon itself towards unity....then we can assist.

This is kind of hard to take, I know for this "Harmony thru Conflict" Aries has been quite the trial.....
You wanna shake em awake.......
but I'm afraid they won't wake up,
until they finish their unique separate Dream.

I'm going to talk metaphysical/archetype for a bit here,
so don't let the "titles" throw you.
So, the "Christ" aspect is basically representative of the Path back to Unity, whereas the Satan aspect is representative of the path into Form.
The Christ aspect is the aspect of what we call our Souls.
And the Satan Aspect is the aspect of what we call our "Egos".
But the Truth is, the most important thing for us to understand
and that which we have been programmed against accepting is,
The Christ Aspect and the Satan aspect.....
are the same Thing....
They are the Soul
and the name we change in all our dualistic humanness.
We say that the soul going towards separation is ruled by ego, and going towards ruled by our soul.
Ego/Satan, Soul/Christ....
But it is CIRCULAR...... it is one thing.
The Soul
And the souls purpose is to Evolve.
But that evolution is circular....
at first it is driven by duality
then it seeks escape from duality
that just the way it rolls.
And when we can finally understand this..
only then
will we know genuine Compassion.

You know it we can't change
those doing the
Destroying for Profit etc thing.....
But we can try to attempt to keep them out of Power,
and we can do this by educating the masses.
People shun suffering and if they know it's gonna be heading their way, or their fellow humans way , they will try to avoid it.
We can educate, but not become embroiled...

Interesting how the Christian story of Christ dying for the people sins correlates with the sad reality that,
those on the path back to unity,
facing their dualistic judgments
which are the dualistic judgments
of many on the Road to Culmination...(ruled by ego/Satan),
they are literally taking these Group judgments
and suffering in their reconciling of them.
They are reconciling the Sins
of all the masses still dwelling in Duality.
The thorns that prick at the forehead
are our judgments
and the judgments of Man.

Their job is to Do
ours to Undo what we have done,
both jobs are equally sacred

So, we can't hate them..The Doers... they are doing what they must, just as we all did back in the day..... lifetimes ago.
And we can't really Help or Change need to
quietly connect with our own souls and with those on the path to unity like ourselves....and seek together a greater Peace. This will not be a merit-less endeavor, in fact it will build a world of our Highest Unified Dreams.....

Let's do that

Because here is the thing
I've been avoiding saying for some time now.

Well, it isn't easy...

We have this idea that we can not have paradise
while they are destroying our world....he he
seems a logical assumption...
There is more to the Picture.

We will become United in our
Highest Unified Dream

a Heaven...

And they will become united
in their deepest darkest Hell..

This world is of our Creation
The two paths are becoming very
distinctly defined.

There are Heaven and Hell Realms on the astral plane,
and when we die we tend to spend some time in those.
And they are of our Collective Creations...
Products of mass feelings and beliefs
unified on a large scale.
They are Agreements.

Well we're coming to the end here of this particular incarnation of Creation...
And our Heavens and Hells are part of the DNA
for the next Yuga,
(to steal the word) .

And now is really the time to make a choice,
like I said it's all about Resonance.
That which we resonate with,
is that which we become part of.

So now let's build the Beautiful Picture,
however we can,
in our personal lives, in our words,
and whatever we Share.

We are destined for Paradise...

You know I've been to heavens and hells before,
special meditation technique,
"Yoga of the death state",
And one thing I learned
was the nature of Time in these realms.
You know the Church always uses the Fear
of an eternity in Hell
to try to make people be good
and keep you putting money in the pot....
And from this idea of Eternity in Hell or Heaven they have discounted the reality of Reincarnation....
But here's the thing....
Those realms do not have time like here.
You literally can spend what seems like an eternity there, then when you "pull out of them"
it is only moments later in our time here.

So the good and Bad news is,
come the end of the Yuga,
you get to spend an eternity in,
a Heaven Realm,
or a Hell Realm....

Before it all starts over again.

They Don't Want you Quiet

They Don't want you quiet
Because you just might hear
that thing that stays Hidden
behind their Fabricated Fear. 
They can control your mind and emotions
in so many ways...
But they can't control your soul,
in it's Integrity
it always stays,
but it can't be heard
beyond the crackling of the blaze.

Listen Deeply
Set aside the Fears
quiet the emotion
and that thing between your ears
Your soul has your answer
it offers freedom from Their Game
But you gotta be totally Quiet
Your effort won't be in vain.

They have tried to Kill
the individual human will
They have tried to
blind the Seeing.
In so many horrible ways
they try to kill
Simple Balanced Being.

They give it through a needle
they drop it from the sky
they put it in your water
and give you bullshit reasons why.
When what they really want to do
is Make You Slowly Die.

Then out of the goodness of their black hearts
they will sell you
a little relief from the pain...
For a lot of money,
and for them
 a lot of gain.

So quit buying their Bullshit
Quit buying the Lie
Quit buying their Fear
It's time for us to Fly.

From the entrapped squirming worm
Flies a Beautiful Butterfly

Be Quiet

Be Free

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

My conclusion

Hey, if the 1% can manipulate folks via subtle mind control to get them to give up their Integrity, I should be able to do it to help them get it's only fair.....

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Spiritual Perspective of The Truth about Communicable Diseases, ...

We have been told by our science that "Germs"...
that Virus's and Bacteria 
are the cause
 of the diseases that beset Mankind...
This erroneous belief is also what 
modern medicine has been built upon.
But the thing is......
it's almost totally wrong.
The problem is once they came up with the "germ theory"...
they quit looking for the real causes of disease.
The question that needed to be asked was,
"Where do the "Germs" come from ?"
"Why when we "cure" one disease through vaccinations or whatever..., 
does another disease, usually worse,
 suddenly pop up out of nowhere? "
We'll answer these questions in just a bit.
But meanwhile let's look at the current medical paradigm.
The  current paradigm NEVER EVER 
treats the causes of any disease.....
 It treats,
 or I should say...
it masks the Symptoms.
This masking of symptoms will always cause side effects,
 even when not immediately noticeable.
The program of vaccinations has been one of the most harmful practices placed upon humanity, because it was built upon the erroneous "germ theory", and the repercussions, far beyond the toxins in the vaccines themselves..... are catastrophic once we understand the true nature of disease.
So let's get to that.

The true nature of disease....
There are basically two types of disease...
Mass Karmic....and Personal Karmic.
ALL DISEASE springs from 
and has been created 
by Mankind itself......
There is a Law in this Creation,
 where we live and Breathe and have our Being..... 
Many books have been written sort of around this Law. 

But here is the Immutable Law:

  This is the Secret 
which has never been a secret...
this is the Law of Attraction
 which was a term created for the actual Law 
which would be better called 
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion..

But this is the Law of Creation here in this Universe.
Any maintained thought/emotion fueled by Intention,
Fear or Love....
will manifest something.

IF these motivated thoughtforms are in line with Nature
and motivated by Love,
 a beautiful world can be created
and suffering could be Healed.
BUT if any of those things that all the religions 
agreed upon
 and warned us against,
 like Hatred, and Greed, 
and Lust, and Fear, and Anger......
 if these are maintained in mass.....
and fueled by thought, emotion, and Intention,
such as with Race Prejudice and hatred,
such as events like genocides...... 
Elections with no Win choices,
where integrity is given up for Fear,
by masses and masses of People.
What these form
 on a subtle level,
 is at the heart of every "germ" 
that ever comes into manifestation.
Virus's are a creation of mass Karma....
of mass thinking/intention/emotion
 that is not harmonious...
Diseases like heart disease,
liver disease, 
kidney disease
 and such are generally personal karmic diseases, 
many having been built over many lifetimes.
And sometimes the two work together, 
such as with Cancers
 that can have a basis built in Mass Karma 
that attach to a persons personal karma, 
defining the location where it will manifest. 

I think I'll clarify something here:
A lot of things can bring about Disease
All the toxins we are being
smothered and injected with,
the air, water, "food",
the very Ether 
with EMF's
Wi Fi....
These are not causes,
they are Triggers...
Energetic resonances that
weaken our Auras.

Disease is Imbalance working itself out.
Everything in this Creation is always seeking 
a Harmonious state...
Disease is a physical manifestation of the working out of personal or mass karma.......
and often with older souls disease can be a working out of general mass Karma.....
such as was the symbology
 of Christ dying for the Sins of others.
So basically all disease is,
 at it's source,
 caused by disharmonious thoughts/emotions/intentions....
either personal or Group wise.
And here is the thing...
You can NEVER alleviate Karma with a pill, 
potion or vaccination,
 in fact in using these methods which only alleviate a symptom,
 a particular manifestation of the Imbalance....
you are simply setting it up for another route of expression, 
another manifested form.
Sure you can eradicate the .... symptom called polio,
 non-polio acute flaccid paralysis
or something else....
The whole medical paradigm supposes 
that you can simply cure Karma......
 but you can't , 
it has to be worked through. 
And the methods used, such as vaccinations..... 
especially when done in mass, 
simply divert the defined expression (the disease)
 into another form.
Vaccinations actually hamper the evolution of the individual and of the human race..... 

 That can't be good.

Right now in the world today,
the seeds of future diseases
of epic proportions,
are being sown.
And with the current
things are happening
hard and fast.
Groups are being Divided
Because of Fear,
And these groups
are very cohesive and well defined
within themselves,
Many Groups
Each quite Unigue
And with very tightly defined
Christians fear the Muslims,
Muslims fear the Christians,
Democrats Fear the Republicans,
And Republicans
Should be feared.....he he
well you get my point.
You got gangs
facing it off
fighting to Protect
their Fears.
And all this defined energy of fear,
and the subsequent hatred,
the emotion and intention
of Harm....
Creates the Seeds that we will eventually
Germs, and

Now here's the Good News.
All the Fear, 
that has seemingly engulfed the world,
and created it's diseases,
can be easily remedied.
By it's opposite.
Or better yet,
by escaping the duality that formed it.

Duality is a Bitch man.
Puppets we be
strings pulled
you and me,
dancing to a puppeteer,
that isn't even Here.

We co-create Disease
based upon our 
group Fears
and the culture 
that they are cultivated in.

Now if you are not currently able to 
transcend Duality,
it's be a good time to 
Quit partaking in any 
Group or personal
 Fear Related Activities.

It doesn't mean giving up awareness,
I mean Trump will still be
a moronic Shill,
Hillary an evil Servant
of 1% of the 1%.
9/11 still an inside job,
etc. etc. etc.

We can be aware,
but without the Fear.
Awareness is really only gained,
when we relinquish Fear,

This living in duality for so long,
has defined our worlds,
our separate versions of Reality, 
and every single thing in that Reality,
in Dualistic terms.
And we accept our definitions
without question.
We know who we are,
we know what we think....
And all of that
is the BOX
that we judge from,
and that we define our
Culmination (in form) with
and that we co create
our Manifested Reality from..

Creation of Disease is Unavoidable
on the path to Culmination....
But for the many that have Culminated,
there is now a choice...

We are choosing Unity
over Division.
We choose love 
over Fear and Hatred.
Our Intention
Minds and 
will project


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