Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today I finished Saima'a Runes. They turned out really good. The wood was aged and spalded Huckleberry from our land here...incredible. We've been getting milk now from Ziggy. We had a scary moment when no milk would come out of her and her udder was swollen huge, afraid she had mastitis, I massaged it for a long time and soaked it in warm water, but then discovered there was a scab over the opening in her teat, I pulled it off and was able to milk her out...whew, then I've been puting comphrey on it and it's getting better..

Well here are some pics of Saima's Runes and a bag Taryn made for them out of an old wool sweater she felted and sewed.

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  1. Huckleberry always comes out looking so nice. A nice looking set of Runes.

    Glad to hear the milchcow is OK, I assume you know about the old Vermont favorite, Bag Balm. My family, originally from VT once drove an hour out of our way to visit the factory.

    I worked a couple years in college as a dishwasher, and used this stuff by the pound.



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