Thursday, June 18, 2009

Signs For Our Country Doctor

I carved these signs in Oregon Myrtlewood for our Country Doctor; Dr. Richard Mentzer, as a gift. I've been going to doctors for years, generally just to tell them what I need and rarely am I impressed by their knowledge or attention to detail. But Dr. Mentzer is what a doctor is supposed to be. He takes his time and I'm not sure if he even knows just how much he relies on his intuition. But I've had some really bummer problems every Spring for 20 years.. and been to doctors every Spring and they never got a clue, so I finally went back to Dr. Mentzer. (He's a fair distance away so I quit going there about 5 years ago cuz of the gas and time involved)... But he clued into the fact that I needed Vitamin D. That day I got some cod liver oil and took it, by that evening a host of problems were in remission. Now I feel like a totally new person. I'm not sure if he gets the appreciation he deserves, but I noticed that his sign out front was lookin pretty bad, so decided to make him a gift of a new one, kinda a tribute to him and our appreciation of the service he provides.

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