Friday, September 11, 2009

The Tree Collection (Some new Stuff)

I've been getting into doing trees these days and they have been selling as quick as I can make them, so finally decided to get some pics.. Have some amazing wood to work with, friends gave me some and my favorite is a Myrtle wood root burl I found at rthe beach, hard as stone but carves great. Also been working with Yew, Mountain Mahogany and some Purple Yew that sat in a bog a long time and turned purple... Also doing inlays where the sky is turquoise and the grass is Malachite. Have a couple of my Grandmothers old Piano keys that I did scrimshaw on and carved some.... Life is Great...

OK, so this isn't a tree...and the pics blurry, but it's new, an inlaid hummingbird with Malachite and coral with some scrimshaw in ivory, in Myrtle...

And the Turtle's not a tree either...malachite in some cool wood, and the Mushroom in Yew Wood isn't a tree either..

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