Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Garden Gate

The Portal to Abundance

I love this Garden Gate. We made it out of an old palette we got behind the lumber store, (I think we have 4 pallette gates here, we'll have a lot more before summer), and we made the post from Alder off the land here.  I love the mushrooms.... and here is the lesson learned: Never set temporary posts in Concrete... Fine, OK...I finally got that. I think we can get maybe 3 more good years out of this Gate... I think the mushrooms are medicinal too.... Tea?

OK, so it's still January... and we heard the first Frog of the year already, at least two months early..
And the flowers are already starting to bloom. Primrose and Forsythia and the Flowering Plum...what the heck is going on?


Plum Tree


And the Daffodills are getting tall and the Iris's also, even though the chickens and dogs have thrashed them.

Take alook at one of the Chive Family's... Wow!

As you can see this flower bed has been thrashed by dogs and chickens and of our Spring projects is fencing in our front and a back yard and the garden below.But just look at how tall the Iris's are and the Daffodills....... sure seems early..... It'll be so nice to have some "private" areas where we can beautify things without the animal destruction...

So today we had a lot to do, but then the sun came out, and it was warm and beautiful.... So I asked Taryn if she'd like to go out for a while, and we leashed up Brandy and Bree and took all the goats up the Hill. By then the sun was behind coluds, but it was really nice.  I'll add a little video I took, once I figure out how.  It was so nice to see the Sun... and bask in it.....

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