Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall Receive Cedar Posts.

I'm an Aires.  Something I rarely do is ask for anything. I always gotta do it all myself... I mean it freaks me out because whenever I do ask, it manifests instantly...and having that much power over the universe makes me think about the veritable wind from the hummingbird wing in my back yard effecting some dude in India out planting his corn, maybe blowin a little dust in his eyes and nose, makin him sneeze and blowing out the stitches from his recent hernia surgery.   I've always been one to just wait....and appreciate, but rarely ask.  Now Taryn actually applies this little cosmic law as a matter of course....that Law that say's ask and ye shall receive, and be thankful and it'll keep coming.  Every night she writes in her journal 10 things she was thankful for that day...every night, and she writes things she would like to happen...little prayers.... And they always happen.   Well we live in paradise but one thing we both have difficulty asking for is we don't have any...he he, so we make due.   We built our wood shed, a huge beautiful thing out of trees from the property here and from slash piles in a logged out area, and discarded roofing.( you can see part of it in the background).  Well we really need to fence some areas around here.  I miss my front yard full of flowers, but our sweet idiot dog Sweetie makes that impossible, as do the chickens and goats we'd like to keep free ranging...... SOOO, we need a lot of fences.  Well a friend of ours has a small mill and traded us for a truckload of the outer slices of trees, perfect for fences.  But we need posts, and this is Oregon and wood in the ground lasts maybe 2 years max, unless it's cedar, or treated lumber. Well we can't afford either sooo the other day a friend came over and was topping some trees and I finally decided to ASK.  I said, hey, if you ever come across any cedar for posts, let me know.  Two days later he's trimming huge cedar trees and havin me cut it up and haul it off helps him out.   SOOO, today I scored two truckloads like the one in the picture....   The fences are on the way...... and we have plenty of Pallettes for gate...... HMMM, now maybe I'll ask for gate hardware and cement.....
Look out dude in India planting corn, better get a grab on that hernia !!!

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