Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Best Meditation Technique in all of Creation forever and ever no matter what you say..

The Best Meditation Technique

He he… A couple years ago I would have pulled into a topic titled such as this, just to ream the author for their “Narrow Mindedness” . I’d tell them that there are 7 major distinct lines of Force that folks travel, and within each of these lines of force are many schools of meditation. And folks are best served to identify which of these “Ray’s” their souls and personalities are operating on, and then choose within the methods for those rays.
In each life we fall energetically under these “Rays”…..
they mould our growth into the form life
and they also outline the path back to Source…
In fact when I was pretty young I realized that one of my “purposes” was to teach about the Ray’s,
not only for the purpose of helping folks choose their “Right” path
but also so they could see their Path more clearly,
and by simply spreading the concept that there are innumerable paths
all going to the same place.

But that was a couple years ago…
and I did not take that course of Teaching the Ray’s to others,
Tried to be normal for a while
That was impossible, but my efforts were quite Valient… he he
… this Quickening that is happening now
….everything is Culminating.
All those Paths are merging now…
Colors of the rainbow….
merging into their origin .
Those rays were like the colors of the Rainbow…
They defined our beauty,
And built our Dream.
But now they are merging back into the Sun…
So I have modified my opinion on the subject.

Now the old methods of:

Using our Will

Or Expanding our Hearts

Of Balancing our actions in the World of Man

Of Harmony found within Duality

Of Conquering the Mind and Understanding the Pattern

Of Devotion

And Magic

Those we have Done….

In and Out
Now the Paths are returning to their origin.
Now it is Merging into the Light.
So it seems to me that the best “styles” of meditation are no longer within those colored rays,
but rather should be aimed at the Light that it all came from….
Let’s begin focussing on the Light….
It’s the first thing that Was….
It’s also the last thing that is….
So let’s try focussing on that…….
Basically what I’m saying is…
We’re at the Destination…
We’re just so busy focussing on
and being
the path that got us here….
We miss the big Point,
That We Have Arrived

Time to just Let Go

Into the Light

Now it’s simply time to look up and see where all the paths are merging…

Rainbow Children

Meltin into the Sun…

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