Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't Get All Worked up About it !

I see a lot of folks getting all worked up about the “state of the World”. We got the ice packs meltin, the politicians doing their normal stuff, petro and pharma companies doing all they can to destroy the health of the planet…and us. 2012 just two years away….let’s all panic and run around pointing fingers at each other getting all upset about it….

NOT !!!!
I say that it’s good to have causes to help folks and the planet around you.
But as soon as those “causes” mess up your Peace……
 you lost the battle buddy…

*** It is important to understand
 that you can not fight evil,
 you will have no success in a battle against darkness.
To fight something
 is only to acknowledge it
 in the most extreme way.
Fighting darkness only feeds it with its favorite most nutritious food
of anger and self-righteousness.
Two things will destroy darkness,
Love and Light.
It is time for folk to switch from battling darkness,
to feeding the joy.
Feed the Joy.
Joy; the sweet child of Love and Silence.
The wise person,
when facing darkness,


  1. Thanks Jeff! This is so true. You and Taryn are truly inspiring and shining your light in the world!



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