Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Masked Man

The Masked Man

And the Sweetest Kiss

When he was a young child he had the harsh realization that he wasn't like everyone else, ...... in fact even when he was small he scared people. As a young child he felt a deep loneliness because he was "different" . He would see and hear things nobody else seemed to see or hear.. Finally one day he came up with a plan; he decided to make a mask for himself to wear that people would like. He studied the humans around him very diligently so he could learn what they liked, what made them feel good. Even at a very young age he was a skilled craftsman at the art of mask building and before he knew it he had a very special mask made for himself. It was very special because it would change depending upon the people he was with. As soon as he finished the final touches he put on his mask and walked out into the world. It was wonderful and miraculous. All of a sudden the people who had run from him in fear before, gathered close to him, they seemed to actually love him. It was a new life for him and he enjoyed playing with the humans. A few times he got so happy and sure of himself with someone, someone who had pledged their love to him, and he took off his mask. They shrieked and ran away, and never came close again. After this had happened a half a dozen times or so he decided not to dare and remove the mask again. He went through life and danced the human dance for many years, got married and had children and all that.... but through all of it he felt empty because he knew that he wasn't himself, that nobody in his entire world knew who he really was. His loneliness was so deep that his soul felt empty.

One day when he was old a beautiful young woman came up to him and asked him to take off his mask. He loved her instantly but was afraid to do this, afraid she would run away screaming. But then something special happened and this beautiful woman told him that she loved who he really was under the mask, and then she went on to describe every feature of who he was without the mask. She knew, and yet she didn't run, in fact she moved in his home with him.

The old man was truly and deeply happy for the first time in his long life so he decided to trust this precious girl and remove his mask. Then something horrible happened ... the mask had grown into his face and his face into the mask ... and he pulled and pulled, tearing away at the flesh and hair. He bled and bled but still the mask would not come off, it had become a part of who he was in the world of humans.

She begged him to remove the mask and told him she would leave if he didn't. His despair was so deep that a cry so horrible came forth from his soul. He loved the girl more than anything he had ever known, and would do anything for her.

He cried from such despair, and ripped at the mask, and bled and bled. Finally the girl who truly did love him in the sweetest purest way could bear his pain no longer and kissed the old man on his mouth. And that kiss was not like any kiss this man had ever had from his wives or lovers or children... it was this kiss of one soul, kissing another. And for the first time in his life he felt loved, and it was like nothing that had ever happened in his world before. And suddenly for the first time he felt lovable because he knew it wasn't the mask he wore that she was kissing, but him.. who he really was. And then the miracle happened and the mask that he had worn for a lonely eternity slid right off his face and broke upon the ground. When he looked at the girl he expected her to scream and run, but she stood there smiling, her face full of love and gleaming. Then the second miracle happened and she held up a mirror to him and he saw that he was beautiful ..... then she kissed him again, long and so sweetly


  1. This is a beautiful story - it speaks to me greatly and I'm sure it does to others as well. Some day I hope to take off my mask as well. Thank you again! - Jamilyn



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