Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Whole New Level

I call this a whole new level because for one thing I have some amazing wood, like nothing else. Here is some spalded Myrtlewood Burl. and some Maple Burl that has patterns and markings that are unbelievable. Then I am figuring out a new method to just make it shine so nice...  Here is a nice recent selection..

So I've been doing some that I call my "Go with the Flow" series. Basically I look at and accentuate patterns already in the wood, here are a few examples.
The subtle ridges I carved in this followed grain that was already there, and this piece reminded me of a very lucid dream I had once where I was inside this UFO with this tall alien dude, and a bunch of humans who seemed asleep, and I looked out the window and saw this beautiful Pristine Land, Like Earth must have been like thousands of years ago.  In this wood you can see multiple suns in the sky, behind steep mountains, with rocks and a lake in the foreground. The next one is just a shape where I followed the woods designs.

Look at the pattern here in this spalded Myrtle Burl. This is inlaid Malachite. See the little heart on the bottom left, that was naturally in the wood. A nice "Love and Peace" necklace.
Speaking of Love here is one I'm not quite done with yet.... Incredible patterns in this wood, Inlaid with Turquoise.
This next one is in Maple used to be a huge table I made but we kept bumping our shins on it. I made the table over 20 years ago, now it'll be recycled into many necklaces...
Here is a symbol we call,"Unity/Transformation" in more of this amazing Maple.
And here is another, a malachite lizard..
This next piece of wood blew me away. This is the spalded Myrtle Burl... The design on it we saw on table legs at the midwives place, it's inlaid with Malachite. The flip side of this piece looks like a bird looking over it's shoulder.

The next one I carved in a Bi Color piece of Mountain Mahogany. I call it "Tear of Gaia".

Here is another one in Mountain Mahagony.
And another..
Here are a few more in burl woods and some recycled bamboo.
I'll be getting these loaded on our ETSY store . Well between Taryn and I we'll get em loaded.
If any of you blog followers like any of these I'll give you a deal. I was going to wholesale these but decided it was getting too close to Market time and I wanted new stock. So for my friends and loyal customers I'm going to sell these at about wholesale.


  1. They're all so beautiful! I love the natural "go with the flow" approach with the designs in the wood. Your industriousness as an artist is inspiring and motivating!

  2. Jeff and Taryn, I want to thank you for creating the beautiful owl I purchased from you on Etsy also to my amazement the beautiful eagle. The Owl and Eagle are part of my totem. I've tried several times on Etsy and e-mail to thank you but nothing would go through. Hopefully this will get to you and you will know I love them both and appreciate the unexpected gift. Namaste' Therese



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