Thursday, April 8, 2010

It is What it Is

It is What it Is

Well I had to interrupt myself from carving a personalized sign for someone because I just kept thinking about this person very close to me who recently has suffered a great loss.
  And I thought about how when this happens we humans tend to go through a period of depression.
 Then I thought about how that is perfectly OK, perfectly natural….
But sometimes we humans through the course of our lives will attach some pretty major “labels” to things…
judgments basically on everything that surrounds us,
 with “Depression” being one of these things we apply judgement to.
 And I thought of how a lot of peoples “problems” with depression,
are not a problem with the actual depression,
but rather a problem with their judgments about depression.
 Depression is Bad….
One should, “snap out of it”,
“Pull themselves up by their bootstraps”….
”get over it”,
not think about it and pretend it isn’t there…
LA la la la. Not there….I’m Happy… la la la.
 And I thought, ” HMMM?”.
Actually what I thought was,”bullshit”,
Then I realized that I was placing another judgment..
 Just like everything else in our Reality, 
Depression doesn’t need to have judgments attached…
“Judge Not” is not merely cute words….
those cute words if actually understood and followed…
are a good route to Enlightenment…..
To Freedom
or God
or whatever you want to call It.
 No added ingredients….. no judgments.
 So dear ones…if you are depressed…..
be depressed,
without judgment or fear placed upon it….
 Be it,
and then it can naturally flow into the next thing…
It really is a good time to stop judging this world and everything in it….
 Just love it,
 What it is…..
It is what it is….

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