Thursday, August 26, 2010

Country Tips on Cilantro/Coriander

I love Cilantro, and to me, Coriander (cilantro seed) is like the essence of the Cilantro. Did I mention I love this stuff?  Well one problem I found in my salsa making days, and in cooking with Cilantro loses all it's flavour.  But on the other hand Coriander seems to maintain it's. So I use it when cooking.  Oh, in case you didn't know, Cilantero, in fresh leaf form mobilizes heavy metals out of your body, in fact it's one of very few substances that do this even across the blood brain barrior.... so for those of you worried about oncoming senility...(generally caused by heavy meatals that accumulate in the brain tissues totally screwing up the whole electrical process there) this stuff.
OK so every year we start with seed we saved from last year. Now here is a little tip, something I figured out that has saved me a lot of grief in the Springtime, when getting out last years seeds only to find that some little critters liked those seeds as much as I like sunflower seeds..... So here's the solution....that good ol food grade diatomeceaus earth. Microscopic skeletons of diatoms that are like razer sharp daggers to small little critters. (works on fleas and all kinds of nasty fur inhabiting creatuers as well)..... and it doesn't bother humans to touch, like chalk.... totally good to eat, doesn't bother pets, but you don't want to breathe a lot in of course, don't want to breath in dirt or old rags either.... but anyway, mix it in with your seed.  So we start out the year with a mess of this seed. Half I save for cooking, and totally broadcast the other in a huge area... I'm not going into the growin process here... gotta be on the Flow or it'll bolt every time.... But here now it's the end of the season.... Here is a huge harvest of coriander.
So,now that we have a fresh crop, what to do with all the leftover coriander seed.. ?
Well, I put it in a food processor and dusted it up as much as it wanted to go, then sieved it out with a fine screen..... Then put it in a salt shaker to use when cooking....
Yummmm, I love that stuff

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  1. Thank you for this post. I love cilantro also and am glad for all the good info on it!



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