Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Huge Mountain of Blessings

Bountiful Abundant Blessings
I haven't been posting much lately because life is so busy bringing us Blessings.....and I've been so busy dealing with those blessings, I just haven't had time to write. 

A few days ago I was going about my business gettin stuff done, and the thought crossed my mind. We need chips for the chicken coop, and pathways around here.  We live on a mountain Oregon....where it rains....a lot.  And livin on the mountainside...and considering that force called gravity...and the one called erosion..... when Winter comes, if our earth isn't tucked in real well around here, under chips or leaves or washes away. I imagine every year we lose thousands of erosion. So I was thinking.... we need Chips....then I heard the voice of the Electric Company man sayin, "they aren't going to be up in your area trimming, until later next year....then I'm thinking...."Dang", then this voice comes and say's, "Shut up and quit worrying, it'll all work out. Get back into the present and get on with what needs doin now.."  A few days later we see them trimming trees just a little ways down the road... We turned around to go talk to them, but they were hightailing it back to town...really fast, and we didn't want to chase em.   "OH, Well, it'll work out." Went home and called their office to make sure they had me on a list for chips.   The next day I see em workin down there again and pull over and talk to the guy.  He said they had tried to bring me a load, but couldn't find the house..."no numbers out there"...So they gave it to someone else. " OH well", talked to the guy a bit....they didn't have hardly any chips in the truck and were not scheduled to be out here in the near future..... "OH, Well."  I went home and made a really nice name and address sign on a beautiful yellow cedar board.  "They wouldn't miss us next time."
Well the next day....this morning I think, they pulled up our drive with a full load.  AWESOME.
( Can you see the steam coming off it? )

I let each of the guys pick a necklace...... They had been called up to a road near here, so had this beautiful load for us.
I hauled a bunch of loads to the Chicken Coop, it'll make it so nice , rather than a muddy mess in winter.
This is the pathway down to and in the coop. I put a light on a timer in there tonight to try to keep the egg production up. Out of 16 chickens we're only gettin 4 eggs a day now...they really slow down as the days get shorter.....but if I add a few hours of light in the coop early morn and early evening, the production will get right back up there.

And once I got the chicken coop and path paved with yellow and green (the alder is yellow, and the green of leaves)....then came the magical wonderful part I was lookin most forward to.  There is this little ritual I do every time I get chips..... After  they've sat for a spell, they start to decompose....and the pile starts to get hot and steam. And all the essential oils from the woods, and leaves, is made volatile... So here is this self warming mountain of wood and leaf. Alder, and pine, and holly...and a perfumed steam is rollin off the pile which I figure is about 102 degrees or there abouts.  So in the top of the pile I dig a long pit, deep enough to bury myself in..... and then I do it. It's like being surrounded in this incensed warmth that is being created right there...through fermentation...and I'm buried in this warmth that's like Mother Earth holding me in her womb....and everything I had that hurt....quits hurtin...... And now I am permeated with this smell of pine and wood and leaf.....and as soon as I get done writing this, and go spend some time with Taryn, I think I'll head back out there and bury myself again...and welcome the rain on my face as I lay in the snug warmth.  Yummy. AHHHH.
That's just one of the gazillion blessings that Life has thrown our way. 
Take a look here at some of the Bounty of food.
I don't dare get started or I'll be up all night writing about all the Gifts that Life keeps bringing. 
It's funny how sometimes we can mistake a gift, for a curse....... then in the long run we see how it was a gift as well.
I guess all I can say is," I accept, I accept, I most Heartfully Accept....
Thank You....."

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  1. Well, Cuz O Mine...would like to have been there to see you with your head poking out of that "warm blanket". Been too long since I've gotten to give you a proper twitting about something, heehee. Pardon my reticence. I've been following you closely, albeit quietly. Glad to see you've found the right rabbit-hole.'s Cheryl. The above is my netname.



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