Friday, September 24, 2010

A Very Good Week

 This week was very amazing. My Mom and Sister came for a visit and it was really nice. We hung out, ate good food and took a trip up the Coast to Yachats...It was really a wonderful visit....

I was thankful that it went so well as I was coming off a bout of food poisoning and wasn't so sure I could get too far from home. I also had a doctors appointment and it was my beloved's Birthday so we were going to spend a day doing certain "house projects" which was Taryn's idea of a perfect birthday. (here's a pic of the Cutie on a recent apple pick)

I also had a special order to get out right away, (here's a pic, multi color Mountain side dark, the other light)

so I wasn't expecting to get a lot of work done....and being a week behind because of the food poisoning.... I wasn't expecting to get a lot Created.... But
I busted it for 3 days and ended up very happy with the outcome, because not only did I get a lot Created, but I got the chicken coop cleaned, put up two new perch's and made their nests really really nice, lining them with first dry Maple leaves, then some cedar tow, and on top some nice cozy wool.  You should see what they did with that, their nests are soo cozy now. Also cleaned up a lot of yard and garden and hauled a bunch of chips and did a few other major projects.... Here's some pics of  some of this weeks Creations.

Carving in Maple Burl

This is a new technique I've come up with for doing scrimshaw on very hard wood..

Tree of Life carved in spalted vine maple with the bark on.

This was a knot on some kind of hardwood a friend traded me.

It's good to be doing scrimshaw again

I like this Goddess in Mountain Mahogany. It has a Heart, then a womb...then a Root . Set with turquoise..

A cute little turtle in spalted Birdseye Maple Burl

So all in all, with the wonderful visit from my Mom and sister.....and a GREAT Birthday day with my sweet wife, and all the projects we got was a very good week. Now we top it off with "TV" night. although we have no TV, we like to watch Netflix on Taryn's computer on Friday nights while we string up the necklaces.... So away I go for a wonderful cozy evening...

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