Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Soul say's ...

I love it when my soul say's I have to go and write...
and I have no idea what it is about to say.....
So here we Go.....

Once upon a time a long long time ago there was a young child 
that one day would be King
of the land where he now played.

This boys soul shone like the Sun

and he danced through his days....

he knew the joy of.... 

He could speak to the Birds...
and felt the voices of the trees and plants.

As I say he shone like the Sun
and for this reason the animals saw that
they should have no fear of Him....

and the plants seemed to grow 
just at the touch of his feet
as he strode across the Ground. 

But as this young child became older 
he listened to the Complaints
and Wishes and Dreams
and Fears
of his  Subjects...
his Flock ....
He was Water for their Thirst,
Warmth to their cold bones,
and Food for their bodies.

And so the People of his Realm called Him King.

They were his Flock, so to speak.... 
Because he was a loving and compassionate King
who lived to Quench their thirst
warm their bones
and feed their bodies.

And in doing these things for those in his Realm
he was a very busy person.

Each person in his realm wanted and "needed" things from him
But really all they really wanted was to touch that Shine he had
that Glow like the Sun.

And each time they touched his Shine
They left a smudge upon it,
because they only took....
but gave nothing back....

The King levied no Taxes upon his people....
And gave all he had, and could...
He felt that his position in Life..
was to fulfill his Kingdom....
He lived a long life doing his Kingly duties...
which when you came right down to it...
Was to share his Gold
with his Kingdom..

The Golden shine of a soul
that knew 

The Joy of IT ALL.

And this he gave most freely and with an open heart
to his eager "Subjects".
And they took all he had....
yet paid him no taxes...

And each touch of the Needy 
put a smudge upon his Glow
And by the time he got really really old...
he was so smudged up
you could hardly see the Glow any more..
Yet his subjects still demanded of Him.
Give me, Give me, Give me....
and he did, and did, and did..
Until his Light was almost completely obscured

Then one day a young woman came to him
one of his subjects
with something she needed from him
he supposed...
And indeed there was much she wanted and needed
and she must have seen the faint glow....
and she reached to touch it....
and something amazing hapenned..

She gave him some Glow
like the Sun.

He hadn't felt anything like that before from another...

Her touch quenched his thirst
and warmed his bones
and fed his body

And in that moment he realized something
that burnt away all the smudges
upon his Glow like the Sun... 
upon his Joy of IT ALL.

He realized That each man was a King,
and Kingdom unto himself.
And the true Commerce of all  the Kingdoms
was Love
Not some Holy Duty of his 
to solve all the problems of his Subjects
Because they were the Kings and Queens of their own Realms
and at the Heart of each and every one of their Kingdoms..
Was that same Glow, 
That Light of a Joyful Love...

And each King and Queen had the duty of
finding that Light and Glow within themselves

Taking it from another
was never really a Valid way
to again find that Holy Young Child
dancing through the day...

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