Saturday, January 22, 2011

Modeling Day Bracken's debut as a Model

Modeling Day

Some of our Necklaces need to be displayed on Models, especially the ones I call Fairy Wings, and deer horn ones, otherwise just a photo is hard to visualize. And you gotta see just how long the Wizard Pipes are.
This years budget for models ran out on January 1st, so we decided to go ahead and model some ourselves, to put on our ETSY store.
Here's a couple new pipes I still need to post on ETSY as soon as I work the bowls out, but it's winter in Oregon so we went ahead and took pics before the bowls were done.
This one is Myrtlewood, Mountain Mahogany and Some amazing Mystery Wood.

This is also Myrtlewood and Mountain Mahogany 
I'm afraid your going to be lookin at pics of me for a bit, I'm waitin for Taryn to come and OK the ones I have of her....  They are all beautiful, but you know women...

Here's one I posted Yesterday I called Master of the Wood....

This one is made from  a Yew tree, from our front yard

Whoa, she's so Beautiful

This one is called, Motherly Tree

It sold already

Here is an amazing one with Mountain Mahogany set with I think Biggs Picture Jasper, a rare Piece. Not posted yet on ETSY

This one is an Angel Wing carved in Spalted Myrtle Burl....not on ETSY yet.

This one is an amazing deer horn one with a piece of Turquoise I got at the mine in Kingman 30 some odd years ago.

Here's some misc pics of Bracken and Me.

He's the worlds cutest Baby...

Here's some misc. pics of Bracken and Taryn

Another Beautiful Sunny day in Winter...
With my Beautiful amazing family

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