Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She Loved Tree's : A story

She was born into a place of War. Her country had resources valued by many. And as humans seem to be compelled to do, others always coveted what her country had, and sought to steal it from them by force. As long as she remembered the Interlopers would come to steal their Treasure. She would escape the horror of her Life by running into the woods and lying under her beloved trees. She spoke her heart out to the trees, and they always answered her heart, and brought her Peace. One night in her sleep she heard the Bombs that were supposedly aimed at Military sites, yet always seemed to kill her innocent friends in their beds. The booming became louder and louder until it woke her up. But something had changed. Her Heart was Lighter. She looked down at her arms and saw that they were mighty branches, and her feet were rooted into the Earth. She was standing in the Forest with the Trees that she so Loved..... and she was one of them .... and finally she found Peace.... and she felt the Oneness with all the rest of the forest. And there was no coveting of what each other had, there was no anger or greed. All she felt was Love....and Peace. And she even loved the foolish humans who made War for Greed and Ideology. And one day a young woman came running into the Forest and sat at her feet, and she spoke to the young woman's heart...and brought her Peace.
May this scrimshaw be a reminder of the Love and Peace, and Oneness we share with the Trees.... and each other.

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  1. What a beautiful story!
    And a late happy birthday to you, I hope you had a lovely yesterday.




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