Monday, May 23, 2011

The Tree at the Center of the World

There is a place that the Ancient Ones speak of. They call it ,"The Center of the World". Now they aren't talking about the middle of the planet Earth, they are talking about the Center of the World. It's like the Balance Point...It's like each of us on our bodies has a Center of Balance, so does the World. Maybe you could call this place EDEN, or Shangri La....because it is in Perfect Harmony. Anyway, there at the Center of the World, right in the very Middle of it....there is a Tree. At least it looks like a Tree, but really I think it's a whole lot more... In fact, well I don't want to sound too Crazy here, but you know you could call that tree the Umbilical cord of the World. It connects the World, with It's Source. Think of this Amulet as being made from a Branch, Given by that tree. The Trees reminder that there is a Place of Balance....a Center that Connects to All. Roots deep in the Earth, Branches Reaching towards the Sun......

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I'm really excited, this week is Tree Week... I'm carving lots of trees this week.....and I'm doing it a little different than I have in the recent past.  What I was doing so as to make the most of my time is I was doing maybe 10 carvings all at once. I'd do them all on one stage, then all of em on the next, through about 20 bit,bur and polishing changes.  That way I wasn't spending so much time changing tools and bits.. But with the new thing I made to hold the pieces for me so I could save my hands from eternal it makes more sence to do each piece all the way through, because mounting the pieces on the holder requires materials and time that I don't want to waste.  So this week each piece will be made from start to finish....It's cool, I don't havce to wait until Friday to see what they look like finished.   So I'm gonna post em as I get em done.... 


  1. Love this so much. Gives me a good visual to keep me centered.

  2. I love that about the centre of the world. Love it.
    I tell my littlest daughter that there is an invisible umbilical cord connecting us and that nothing can ever break it. She loves that idea.
    And...what do you mean it is Tree Week. I know nothing about this, maybe people are not interested in the uk and nothing is publicized, I love trees so, I will have to investigate and just do something to honor trees with my family.
    Much love to you.

  3. Hey Trish....No it's just "Tree Week" for me, that means I'm going to be focussing on carving a bunch of trees this week.... I like what you told your daughter....and of course it is true on an energetic level.

  4. Thank you.
    Hey I think I will have my own tree week very soon.
    Much love



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