Friday, November 11, 2011

New Stuff and Super Get the Transmission fixed on our Truck SALE

A New Heartfull Blessing Magnet carved in a Huckleberry Root Burl
You gotta check out this spoon
See it here Click here for the adventure of a Lifetime

BIG SALE...Get those Christmas Gifts now
So we're going to have a Big Sale. 20% off everything. ( Through Wednesday Night).  Go to our store here: Our Magical Little Shoppe, and use the coupon code NEWTRANNY at checkout ..
  We've been basically car less for a couple of weeks. It broke down the week before last and it took the mechanic a week to figure out the problem was in the computer, so we had to get a new one (used).   YAY ! We got our car back and went to Eugene the next day, all out of groceries and really important things like toilet paper.  So we went over and stocked up on meat for the month and some wonderful toilet paper.  I've been thinking if society falls all around us, if the banks go under and our government for the rich as paid for by the poor goes under, and the Marketplace is wasted because of rampant inflation.... I'd be just fine with that.   But I've really grown to ..... relish .... toilet paper, that's the one thing I'd miss the most.
Well anyway so we were coming home the back way, on 29th I think, it was getting dark and cold....we were going up a hill and..... the car quit going.  The engine was fine....the transmission was toast.    Luckily the day before we had bought one of those $7.50 cell phones so we could call a tow truck.   $159.00 dollars deeper in the hole and we were happily home.   It was Friday night so on Monday we had it towed to the mechanic in Florence.  On Thursday he finally tells us it's beyond him to fix, and will cost a bundle.   So after a lot of shopping around and considering options it's headed back to Springfield today...another $150. for towing and up to $2000 for the rebuilding of the Transmission.   Better than the deal in Florence which was $4000.   So it looks like the car we paid 4000 for, with a $500. warranty that they didn't honor a couple weeks later when the engine blew up, is becoming our 10,000 dollar $500 dollar piece of...... metal and rubber and plastic.   
So, in hopes of bailing it out of the shop later next week we decided it'd be a good time for a sale.
Lots of buttons , here's a few examples.

Dogwood, that is the actual color

Deer Horn

Maple Burl

Trees carved in Yew Wood

Recycled Cocobolo



This is holly that I skinned the bark off of when it was green, making it ivory white

This is a darker Holly that I didn't de bark

We also have tons of the Magnetic Heartfull Reminders to put on Fridges etc.  Like these:
Carved in then Painter Birdseye Maple Burl

Carved in and then painted Juniper wood

Lots of different earrings

Soon we hope to be introducing a new item we grew this year for the folks out there that have really cool cats that they love.   It's called "Kitty Bud"   It's the flowers of the catnip plant which our cats loved a lot more than the leaves.  Get your cats high this Christmas.   I smoked some myself to see what would happen (after researching it on the internet)...and it made me pretty mellow.

And just to share, here's a pick of my Beautiful Wonderful daughter, my amazingly sweet and dear son....and some old guy who got in the picture..... kinda looks like Santa Claus.

So to get into this wonderful Sale go to our website Our Store (click this link)
AND AT CHECKOUT Put in the code Newtranny and save a whopping 20% off our already insanely low prices....

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful. All your creations are beautiful! Wish I could buy lots of your stock. Hope you sell no end of things during your sale.
    Much love



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