Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Be Careful"

So Bracken was climbing up on the couch the other day, and I caught myself saying over and over,
"be Careful, be careful."

Then I thought for a second,

What am I telling him here"?

I'm saying be full of care.

I'm saying be afraid..

I'm saying, "Worry" about a possible disaster.

I'm saying,"live in Fear".

Jeeze, how helpful is that,

Then I said,

Be Care free....

Not Careful

Can we teach our children to be safe

without using Fear as a tool? 

I think it's very important that we try.

We live surrounded by  social, political, educational, media and religious systems

that manipulate the masses,
with Fear.

And so we have ,"the masses" 

Who basically live in a constant state of fear..

Now this is wonderful for those who wish to control these sheep 
for their own purposes.
which generally speaking, is to make money off of them.

Bush was elected, because of Fear..
People get vaccinated,
 buy insurance,
 go to the doctor,
keep their heads down
and their mouths shut..
Out of Fear. 

Children grow up and forget how to sing,
or play,
 or dance .
They forget how they are capable of doing almost anything...

Out of Fear.   

I think to the degree that we can save our children,
from Fear..

Is the degree that we help Lighten the World.

And I don't mean sheltering our children..

I don't mean keeping them hidden from the world .

I mean teaching them to live without Judgment.

Because short of something directly threatening to harm us...

Fears are bred upon Judgments...

If rather we teach our children to see clearly.
to comprehend the world through silence and non-judgment...

They will always be safer..

There is no awareness to fear.

Because awareness only exists in the Present.

And Fear only exists in the Past and Future.

Fear drains the life force from us
feeding constructs from the past
projected into a possible future.
A considerable amount of energy expended
to create a potentially crappy future.

There is no place for Fear...

Silence and non-judgment

bring Clarity...

Let's teach our children to be Care Free....


  1. I remember the day I decided "I refuse to live in fear" - it puts me out of sync with the rest of the world most of the time, but its worth it. I to fight the urge to to tell the little ones "Be careful" - What if we said "Be aware" instead? :)

  2. I like that Aja, " Be Aware"... thanks



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