Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, Vascular Disease,Diabetes, Autism, Depression,Schizophrenia A.D.D......

When I see all the useless efforts and big money exchange with the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association, and all these other collectors of funds.....
 I want to laugh.... 
and gag....
 and cry.

First of all, none of these folks are seeking a Cure for the condition that they collect millions for....

They are seeking to keep you hypnotized..



Every where you look..
you are led to consume..
you are led to believe you need things
that you don't need...
And almost all of these things
 are slowly killing you.

In fact you are surrounded and immersed 
in things that are killing you.

But the "Experts", will tell you these things that are killing you..

Are good for you..

the AMA

Lie to to keep the Illusion Going

We get a mail piece from our local chain grocery store, Fred Meyers
And we get em from our local Bi-Mart store..
Hundreds and hundreds of consumables...
And maybe one or two items in these,
won't aid in your slow demise into heart disease, diabetes or a cancerous state.

This is a Fact...

But nobody really wants to hear it...

All those cheap processed foods
(the expensive one's too)
Will kill you
Those household cleaning items....
you gotta have for a shiny counter..
Killing you slowly..

Your deodorant pushing you towards an early senility...
Your Pharmaceuticals.....
Those scientific wonders that you 
"Could not stay alive without"
Are murdering you.

Your store bought milk..
your city water....
Your dentist and doctor all in collusion
with an Illusion
where you are all trapped..
Believing everything around you is real.

And your belief has allowed this Insane Diseased Illusion to go on.

But how can you not believe
It's all you've ever known
That's the food you eat...
"Better get vaccinated to keep you from dying a Horrible death."

Those Vaccinations are maiming you
and killing you...

Our bodies are simply incapable of dealing with all the Toxins we feed it Daily.
The toxins in all processed foods,
 in almost all personal hygiene products
and cleaning products..
In the containers that hold the toxic processed foods.
In the chemicals in your rugs, and drapes, and fabric softener, and toothpaste, 

in 99% of what an Average Household consumes.

Killing You !!!

But can you imagine what would happen if suddenly EVERYBODY stopped consuming 99% of what they had been consuming..

I mean aside from a Healthy Society.....
And No More
Cancer, Heart Disease, Vascular Disease,Diabetes Autism, Depression,Schizophrenia A.D.D......

What would happen is,
the corrupt and diseased economic Cartel
that is running the world
dictating insane and evil foreign and domestic policy...

Would come to a screeching HALT.

 And that's the Why of it...

Why there are all these diseases plaguing Mankind...

And why there is War...

To Keep the Money Rolling UPHILL.

Don't waste your money giving to some bogus Corporation disguised as something far nobler..

Give up 99% of what you consume...


Save yourself and the World

By this Action..

But then we've been Hypnotized to Believe

Without this sick and diseased System of Corporate Capitalism
We'd lose our Jobs and starve.

After all most of us are involved in this system of Unhealthy Consumables
On some level..

These tentacles that strangle us

 and seek to control all of the World..

Stop Buying the Lie..


Just thinking about it makes me Cry.

And want to Scream



The Nightmare is not REAL!


  1. Wow, I so feel you - I think about this a lot, too. Thanks so much for speaking what your heart knows is true...

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words....at work I sometimes feel like an alien as people talk about the new kitchen they 'need', the best shops to buy another dress and another pair of shoes they won't wear. All of what you say here is how I feel, everyone should Simplify.
    So glad you are here speaking these words.
    Much love

  3. My family has the same view to this themes.
    I hope there will be more and more people that finally the systems must change.
    With many Greetings over the Ocean

  4. JUst stumbled upon your blog via soulemama. What you say seems so right to me. But it's not easy to quit consuming because so many people havent got the skills to make things on their own and how should they as long as they are captivated to their TVs every free hour. All the best from Germany

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog via soulemama. Sounds so true to me. I am trying to make more and more by myself to stop consuming. But explaining that to my tennage kids is not so easy :o)
    All the best from Germany!