Sunday, March 18, 2012

The pic above was taken about a week ago, we all went and laid out in the sun, really warm and wonderful.

The pics below were taken the following day.

Two trees on the back of the house, just nicked it but shook the house.

About 4 more on the back of the property, this is where we were laying in the sun.

The garden which was full of happy collards and kale and endive, now buried in the snow..  It will sweeten up their flavor

Branch just grazed the back of the truck, good weighed a couple hundred pounds.  This wood is harder than OAK.
Crazy weather... About 5 days or more without electricity....   It was very peaceful .  Now I gotta catch up in my work.

Sure liked the non electric vibes.


  1. WOW - it's been like that here, too!!! Wild wild weather for sure. I'm glad the trees didn't cause you any damage. *phew*

    We had electricity through it all, though I kinda dig time without it as well. I have really gotten into making candles this year and put up holders on the walls. Nothing like candlelight on a wild March day! :)



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