Friday, June 22, 2012

Control Your Focus

Control Your Focus/ Feed the Joy

As anyone who knows me knows,
or anyone who has seen my posts on Facebook
or here on my blog knows..

I tend to point out a lot of the Evil stuff that goes on in the world.

Governments controlled by big money
whose intentions have little to do with the welfare of the People
and everything to do with...
Keeping the Big money to the Big money.
Regardless of the death and destruction
caused in Quest the of that all powerful Dollar.

The Human Race is
 dummied down with poisons in the water,air, "foods" and drinks, body products and "medicines".
99.9% of consumables have no real value 
beyond maintaining the human race as cash cows
or I guess sheep
to a very few.

I'm an Aries
on what you might call the "Return Trip" 
in evolution.
Unlike the Aries who haven't been around for very long
I suffer from a certain degree of awareness.
And being a moderately aware Aries
my souls most natural task is to 
Ruled by Mars..
As "the Tibetan" say's,
"Harmony thru Conflict"
is my souls most natural Path.

Well here's the deal...

Pay attention Self...

In any Battle
 Awareness is the first priority..

But if we are Angry at the evil we oppose...
We have lost the battle.
We were reading an old Mother Earth News yesterday with Breakfast.
Actually I started reading it out loud
But I tend to cry like a big baby 
whenever I hear someone say something
that really touches my heart...
( or children singing,or seeing people do nice things...or even thinking about this now) .

So Taryn had to take over reading this old interview with 
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.
The death and Dying lady...
And she was saying something about how anger is useful..
how it's a good thing.
Unless it's held for more than a few seconds...
OK, I know that..
Any strong Emotion
(contrary to popular belief LOVE is NOT an emotion).
Any strong emotion
is defeat to the souls Return
as the guiding Light in a persons Life.
Just for the record Love
comes from the Heart... and Soul
Emotion comes from the head...
and belly.
So here's my long drawn out point..
Act upon that Awareness
But don't allow yourself to be acted upon by that Awareness.
Don't let that awareness control your emotions..
Look at your awareness..
With your Heart..
Not your Emotions..
It all about Focus.
If you focus on all the evil and misery in the world.
You will have a miserable Life.
Yes, there is much evil in the World
and we need to be aware of it so we can do whatever we can to dispel it.
But first we must dispel it from our own lives.
And if it controls our emotions..
We are embracing it...
It becomes part of us...
And we lose the ability to really be helpful..

So once again I want to repeat our Motto..

To Myself and everyone out there....

"Feed The Joy"

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