Saturday, July 14, 2012

Apple Tree Fairy

It's not the apple I'm lookin at Dad,

It's the Fairy sittin on it.


  1. Hi there Wilson family. I am a new subscriber to your blog and I just love reading your words. You are an inspiration to me as I journey through this life.

    I'm writing you because I am deeply touched by your words about touching the light in others. It is something I yearn to see, feel and do daily. Part of that, I believe, is living from and through the heart space. I still get all caught up in my head... Whirling thoughts, judgements, chatter.

    I am practicing to ignore those thoughts, reject them when I notice them and replace them with loving and positive thoughts. Can you offer any advice on how you live from your heart every moment?


  2. Hi Rhonda, Thanks for reading.. I wrote a post in reply here..
    It's good to know you are out there with such wonderful Intentions.



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