Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home Made Hard Aged Goats chees Bliss

So A couple or a few years ago I decided to try and make some Hard Cheese from the milk our sweet goats were providing us.  We ate soft cheese most every day, and kefir pretty much every day.  But alas, none of us really did that well with milk products.  In fact when Bracken was born, and just a wee breastfeeding babe, he suffered every night, could barely breath...had colic really bad.  So Taryn quit drinking her daily dose of Kefir...and Bracken cleared right up, immediately.  Whew !   and DRAT!   So we quit with the milk products and all felt a whole lot better...traded the goats for Blueberry plants...
But that one lone wheel of cheese has been sitting out there aging away for all this time. And lately the mesh that was holding it kept breaking and crashing the cheese down on stuff on the counter beneath it, so after the third crash I decided it was time to CHECK IT OUT.

 So Here is the sniff
 OH my GOD..
Guess I better taste it..

 It is sooo, I gotta say, 
Best Cheese I ever tasted


Actually feels kind of HOT and Spicy

And numbs my tongue...

So if I'm still Healthy in 12 hours or so,

I'm going to go for it in a big way..

On salads,

in Sauce on the Broccoli and Cauliflower
 we traded for yesterday at Market...

Life is Cheesy Good.


  1. Hooray, I hope it works out! I'd be lost without goaty goodness =)

  2. Jeff............I bet it was good. I could really get into that with a cold glass of beer!

  3. OMG, I just put some in eggs with kale and chorizo... It just takes maybe a tbs. , actually less to flavor two big meals. We can't get over the intense good taste.



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