Saturday, August 4, 2012

Understanding Compassion and Empathy

There is Compassion
And there is Empathy.
To understand either of these
you kinda gotta understand the evolution of the human soul.
This is a big subject
And one that requires 
and Love
To Grasp
OK, so I've always had a Problem
 with the concept of ,"Compassion." 
I mean all the NEWAGE stuff
talkin bout Compassion.
Even the Dalai Lama constantly talking about it.
I Mean, Buddha and Christ
one of them, maybe both were called,
The "Lords of Compassion".
And the "Church" always talkin bout how the best thing you can do to be a good human
is to be compassionate.
And so this thing, "Compassion"
developed to mean..
Exactly what the word says,
Com = Sharing
Passion = An intense emotional response.
We are sharing someone else's Trauma,
the Drama.
Because we get it,
We been there, 
done sumpin like that.
And somehow by being ,"compassionate,
we are actually just Sharing their Drama.
Now instead of one person drowning in the quicksand of intense emotional reactions
you have 2 people drowning.
You jumped right in with them.

You see, I always had a problem with that.
It seemed to me we'd all be better served if
Rather than jumping in to the Emotional whirlpool.
We remain silent
and Loving...
Then we could actually see maybe what we could do to help
that person's evolution. 

And here's the thing..

You can't really be right there with them.

You can resonate their current emotional upheaval
with something in your own old past Drama.
You see it,and know it through that.
You can't really see it for what it is.

Compassion Serves the Ego.

How does it do this?

It reinforces the drama/the placement of that persons life
within some separate unique expression. 
It feeds the drama that they have built their life upon.
Assisting the ego/soul in it's culmination in Expression.

But then there is Empathy

Empathy serves the Soul.

Empathy comes when we suspend judgment..
when we follow our hearts,
and not the Dualistic description of What Is.

Empathy comes when we open all channels
and attach nothing of our own to it.

So now I gotta really throw a wrench in it and tell you
something that is actually Genetically repugnant within most souls,
thanks to Lifetimes of what I just might as well call it what it was..
...and is...
and that's ,"PROGRAMMING"

Here it is:
And this is at the crux of Understanding True Compassion
which is Empathy.

The Ego
and the Soul
only at different points of Evolution.

Ponder that for a sec.

The Ego
and the Soul
only at different points of Evolution.

So now we gotta talk about the evolution of the soul/ego.
here's another big one I gotta bring into little tiny words.

Every soul begins with an Impulse.
an impulse towards creating itself into
some separate...and unique...expression.

Every soul that exists has a certain unique separate expression to make.


Ponder those words.

And Balance in this World
and Of this World
is not attained by trying to make everyone else more like us.

Rather it's Us Allowing others
to be exactly who they are meant to be.
And Us 
Being true to who we are.

Don't hold back your words because 
speaking your truth might offend another person.
And do not be offended
when another speaks their truth

OK, what the heck, I'm gonna put in the G word

We each and All
 are like the Cells that make God
And God is Healthy and Balanced
when each cell within it All
is exactly being itself.

So here's the thing.

When the soul is seeking this Unique Separate Expression..
We call the soul
 the ego.
But once it has made it's expression...
esoterically one says
The wheel turns back upon itself....
And the soul is returning from where it came..
back through
where it's been.
And now we call it ,"the soul".

But it's the same thing...

just at a different place in it's evolution.

And the reason I'm bringing this up is that.
We need to understand that
has a right to do what they do.

Those Greedy bastards
making war for profit..

Pharmaceutical companies 
making people sick
and then bleeding them dry
with the help of the Medical Profession
the Government..
The big money corporations...

All making war for profit..

You know what,

It sucks

but they have to do it...

It is what impels them towards their particular separate unique expression.

You know one reason why we can't easily access our past lives...

Because we don't think we have the strength to see just
how screwed up we were.

And that's the thing

We've all been Greedy Bastards...

And to really look at the big Pic.

We are One thing.

There is no part of  all us 
that is not Us.

So you spiritual guru folks out there,

stop dissing the Ego.

Not one of you has not been ruled by it.

You see part of the ....
Workings of this God that we make up is..
We must all go through
creating that separate unique expression..
and those Workings provided 
as our tool and operating arena..

and Pain

You desire one

and Fear and shun the other..

So upon these things we find our unique expression within the All.

Then the wheel turns..

and now we're looking back over all that running around chasing pleasure
and avoiding pain.

And we're pretty good at lookin at the pleasure part,
but we've buried the painful parts as deep as we could...

So now the souls task changes,
from seeking that separate expression through duality...
to being able to travel over that old land..
without Judgment,
beyond the Duality.

Invariably in those travels we will come upon 
reflections of our own hidden Fears.

Our old habit was to shun them...
To go to War with them and pretend they aren't Us.
To bury them as deep as we could so we wouldn't have to see who we "were". 

But now 

we must embrace them.

You could say that the evolution
of All the Souls

Is the Life of God.

And here's another one..

God Reincarnates..

God has more than one Life

Guess what..

God is not some Perfect Done Deal

God is evolving
because WE ALL ARE GOD.

And we are evolving..

People like to say that,
"God is all knowing." 

and the fact is that

God knows all that is Known..

It's built into what God is...

But There is more for God to Know..

Just like you know everything within who you are and what you have been through and all you have ever known....

but you still have more outside of what you know
to know..

So does God..

In fact that's the whole point of God

Really Really Basic..

To Become.

And to become

through a Knowing. 

And each soul,
is a creative cell in that Knowing.

In fact why don't we change the name God to 
The Becoming..
he he

It cracks me up how you have these folks in narrow ruts arguing about Evolution/versus....
God just going Poof and makin it all happen.
When the truth is
that "Poof"
has taken an eon to happen...
and is still happenning

Too funny.

OK Bottom line

For God to Become
what God is to Be
We each have to become
who we are to be..

So maybe you are a sweet one
of pure heart
of loving soulful intention,
of a giving nurturing nature. 
I'll hang with you OK..

Or maybe you are a greedy
ego centered 
self serving 
seeker of a unique separate expression
at all cost.
(which it always is)

My point is...
to understand True Compassion
we must see that

It all has it's place.

Forgiving our ,"Sinful brothers and Sisters",
is the same thing as forgiving

Let it Be.

So I'm not saying we should sit idly by while we see some person harming another...

Unless that's really who we are.

We have to allow ourselves to be who we are...

no matter what..

So if someone is doing something
that you think is harmful...

it's your job to do just what you feel you should do,
while acknowledging that that person is doing the same thing. 

Because each of us being in our True Place.

allows others to do the same,

because we are all interconnected...

If we aren't true to Ourselves
we are not true to anyone else.

And God will be out of Balance.

The best thing each of us can do for ourselves/each other/US ALL.
Is to Be true to ourselves.

And to never forget.
to some people this means following their ,"EGO"
and for others it means following their Soul.

And the difference between Compassion...and Empathy is

Compassion is from Ego
Empathy is from the Soul

But as I said
"soul and ego are the same thing."

So the actual Truth of this all is that
Just as Soul and ego are the same thing, 
only at different points on the wheel, 

and Empathy
are the same thing...

...only at different stages
 on the wheel of evolution.






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