Monday, October 22, 2012

I've been busy
And some of these I've been saving for a gallery,
 but I'm going to hold off stocking them until after Christmas.

I'm really enjoying doing these ,"Picture wood" pieces.
Looking for designs in amazing woods.
 The one's below looks like the desert with mesa's 
and a flock of geese flying over..
This is some Old old apple wood.

Desert Mesa

Look at her noble face,
the tribes powerful Queen
"Tribal Goddess"

 Also in Applewood

Some new Trees also
This one in Maple burl

And speaking of Maple Burl...
this is some totally mind blowing wood..
These are from the Flowering Plum out front.
The snow damaged a branch which eventually died.
And the pattern in the wood here is like a bruise in the tree.
Very beautiful.

More Maple burl
Can you see the lake and plants in the background?

Hickory wood
So hard

Here's one in Apricot wood

This is in Madrone,
I called it Soaring Spirit

Desert Sunrise is what I call this wood, Mountain Mahogany,
but you don't see much of it like this.

More of the Apple "Picture Wood"

Cosmic Shrooms

Amazing Spalted Myrtlewood


  1. Maybe those aren't geese - looks a little like Santa and his reindeer! :-)

  2. Hi Jeff, glad to hear your pieces will be in a gallery - your work is art, and I think its great.

  3. Thank you. I actually have some more with "Santa and his Reindeer", maybe I'll market em like that Sonja



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