Friday, November 16, 2012

Aphorism of the Week

"The man who complains about the murder of innocents,
 while Freely buying the bullets for the murderer....
has relinquished their right of Complaint ."

I see all over Facebook my good hearted friends in apparent misery over the fact that the US , it's allies and Israel are murdering innocent people at an alarming rate.
We are responsible for the death of MILLIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.  
And how about those unmanned drones
killing kids in Pakistan via video gamers
sitting comfortably murdering them while drinking their cups of coffee.
Why are we in Pakistan again,
I guess I missed that declaration of War?
And all of this if simply for no good reason.

Mostly just to keep the 2%
rolling in blood money. 

It's horrible, it's terrible,
It's EVIL.
And it's all paid for by tax dollars.
Money everyone just blindly pays.

There is no Law that says you have to pay your taxes..

Did you know that?

So why do people pay.

"Well, look at all the benefits".
"Now with Obama we'll all have Health Care"
"Our roads are maintained"
"We're protected from the evil hoards."
( I got news for ya, the evil hoards are us)
Let me put it to you like this,
If someone told you they would pay for your health care
 and fix your road,
if you'd go next door and murder the family living there...
Would you do it?
Would it be justified?

Were the Germans who threw the Jews into the ovens Justified
because Hitler gave them health care
and the promise of easier days?

This world we live in is driven by greed.
The wars are driven by greed.
The crap on your market shelves
that poisons you and your family,
are there because of Greed.

The pharmaceuticals that your doctor tells you that you need,
that are really just killing you slowly while
alleviating one symptom
are there because of greed.

But greed needs to be fed,
to survive.

Don't buy that crap on the market shelves,
and the companies that put it there..
will go out of business.
Don't buy into the pharmacueticals
that are slowly killing you...
and maybe big pharma will start looking for solutions to the problems,
not just cover up bandaids that will keep the dollars rolling in.

And Refuse to pay for the murder of innocents
with your tax dollars..

Or else nothing will ever change..

And you will be the ones 

paying for the bullets in the murderers gun.


  1. Thanks Jeff,

    for this and your last posts.
    So it is and every one of us has to face this truth.

    all the the best to you and your family.
    I don´t know why but I am not able to comment on Taryn´s blog anymore since she had changed something there.

  2. Thanks Heiki, I don't get notified when people comment so sometimes it takes a while for me to reply. Many blessings to you. Not sure what the deal is with Taryn's blog



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