Sunday, November 18, 2012

Forgiveness....another crock to keep you Trapped.

Once upon a time a man traveled to a foreign country..
where the language was different,
but used all the same words.
Words of praise in this new country
were curse words in the travelers country of origin.
The man landed on the shores of the country
and the natives rushed his boat,
heaping praises upon the man and his offspring.
Telling him of gifts they had for him back at their Village.
Of course the man felt he was being cursed..
because their words of praise
were his curse words.
So the man became angry...
.and hurt..
.and sad...
And he blamed the natives for his pain, and sadness.
And quickly departed the land.
He went home, told all his friends about the horrible people in that land.
He advised none to travel to this land of evil people.
He wrote books about these despised creatures of evil....
But then one day, in his old age...
on his dying bed..
at the advice of his Pastor.... 
he forgave them..
He was a good man
He would make it into heaven now.  

OK, so a few posts back I talked about the Truth about Compassion.
There are so many things we have been told are "good".
That we have tried to emulate...
Things that on the surface seem most Noble and right.
 Things that the "Keepers of Duality"
the Church
Urge us to do.
And if we desire to be bound to the duality
of Pain and pleasure.
Bound to the Illusion of Separateness...
we should listen to them..
They are the experts.
But here is some truth about forgiveness...

1. Short of Physical Harm, nobody does anything to us.
2. For there to be Forgiveness.....
first there must be Blame.
2.  Blame is the assignment of harm, to another.

To forgive, first we must blame.
And we are blaming somebody else, for doing something to us..
or we are blaming ourselves...for doing something to us.
In the first case of blaming another.... 
well, it's just deluded to blame them.
Sure they are over there going blah blah blah blah,
or doing this or that
 that hurts us..
But we are hurting ourselves...
It is our reaction that harms us..
not their actions...
If they spoke a foreign language and were cursing us...
we'd be fine.
It's our reaction and blame that causes the problems. 

And if we are blaming ourselves for something...
again we are deluded.
Whatever it is we "DID"
is done.
And the person doing the blaming is who we are now..
Not the person who we are blaming..
that is who we were yesterday...
and that is irrelevant in the moment. 

Blame is a nasty action
that we place on ourselves or others
based upon a perceived "Wrong" .
Blame is an action as "wrong"
as any percieved wrong against ourselves.

Then after we blame a person or ourselves for something...

We are told it is Noble and good to forgive.

But there is no forgiveness

without blame.

"So here, I forgive you...
we're all good now  ".

Yeah sure....

Our forgiveness is merely the placing of blame..
then the setting ourselves up as somehow superior...
by forgiving them or us our perceived harmful action.

For there to be forgiveness
there must first be blame.

In your act of forgiving some harm
you are assigning blame
which is as harmful as whatever harm you perceive against yourself.

Don't forgive..

But rather Love .

We are not separate 
we are One Thing
Acting within Itself.

Be Aware of your Oneness

But don't Forgive   



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