Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Past Life memory, The Magical Rat Episode

All my earliest memories were of Past Lives, or to be more accurate past deaths.
Before I could even talk I had memories of three previous lives.  When I finally could talk I asked my Parents about these memories, and was told that they were my Imagination. 
When I was in my Twenties I met a man who when he was young, knew me while I was in my past life... You can read about that here: Scroll down to Chapter 9 to read more about this encounter
I've also met people who I knew, and had hard core Karma with in past lives, who I was able to compare notes about those lives with.
But what I'm going to write about here is almost like a Twilight Zone story.... I call it the Magical Rat Episode.
A lot, in fact most folks do not remember past lives, some get all uppity when the folks that do remember talk about it.....those that don't feel somehow cheated, or somehow less of a person.... so often they will totally discard the Truth of Reincarnation, because it makes them feel less about themselves because they don't remember.
So I want to explain why most folks don't remember.

They say that the American Indians could not see Columbus's ships, because they were not part of their Reality...
And did you know that if you are studying for a test in school, and you are stoned on Pot, or Caffeine, or Tobacco, or alcohol, or speed or whatever while you are studying....that you will do remarkably better on your test, if you are stoned on the same substance that you were when you were studying, when you take the test.
This is an example of the first reason folks don't remember.
It's about frequency of Vibration.
Like the High dreams we have at night, being positive while we are dreaming that we will remember them when we awake, but we don't.
And if you have ever experienced True Bliss.... it's not something you can really remember, you just have some idea about the experience in your memory, and in order to really remember, you have to be in the same place mentally, to experience it.
And do you remember what it was like to be 8 years old.... NO, you remember things that happened when you were 8 years old, but can only remember what it was like, when you are in the same place mentally and emotionally and spiritually.  
You see humans are energetic beings, that resonate at a certain frequency, depending upon all their previous life experience.
That frequency of resonance colors our perception.
When we are in a different frequency, the old one can allude our perception.... we just can't resonate with it.
Now the reason most folks don't remember is that the majority of souls on the planet are still on the first turn of the evolutionary wheel.
This is where the soul, through duality....good and bad, pleasure and pain....seeks to define itself as a unique expression in the body of the All One.
This is where the soul collects those things it desires, and shuns those things it fears.
So for these souls every step is one of adding unto itself, collecting that which will define the person.  
So every moment their frequency changes.... moves forward...evolves. 
So this makes it impossible to go backward, because their soul is moving forward.... and until it reaches it's culmination on the Wheel of Evolution, and the wheel reverses.... it's simply not a possibility to remember.
So this is one reason.
Until the soul is on it's path of Return,
traveling back over the ground which had defined it,
there can be no memory.

Another reason is that some souls have simply lived a lot of ordinary lives.... nothing major enough to imprint upon their soul. 
At least in my experience all of the memories are very traumatic.
And third is the fact that even souls on the Return Trip, have difficulty facing the major traumas.
DNA is physical manifestation of a more subtle reality,  here is where these things are stored, some actually becoming a part of the DNA.
And some are just too hard to face, though eventually must be faced to get on down the road..

There's another reason that is alluding me right now, so let's get on with the story about the Magical Rat and Remembering.

A few years ago I was carving the above door out in my shop.
I had never done anything remotely like this before and contrary to my Nature I asked for help.
Well you may or may not believe in angels and Fairies and Spiritual Guides,
but my shop was packed so full of em I had to leave the room sometimes to not feel claustrophobic.
But they helped me carve this door, and make it what the people needed.
I mention this because they may have had something to do with the following experience.

OK, so I was out there nightly carving this door....
and during that same time we had been having a rat problem in our attic.  Making lots of noise, thrashing around.
And this one rat would come out in my shop and sit there watching me work.
It was a roof rat, I love those, they have bushy tails...
anyway we really couldn't have them pooping and peeing in the attic, and could not find how they were getting up there. 
So I put a live trap up there.
Well, they had no intention of going into that trap...
So I had some gopher poison in a bottle, and I set it out there... I left it in the bottle, I didn't pour any of it out. And I left the live trap in there with some nice fresh almond butter in it.
That night when I went to work in my shop the rat came to visit. And I had a long talk with it.
I told it that I put poison up there, and the live trap....and it was his choice which to choose, but he'd have to work to get the poison out of the bottle.  
Well that night it sounded like a party was going on in the attic,
it was crazy noisy.... I thought, "excellent, it got into the live trap and was thrashing around trying to get out."
I had to do something first thing the next day but then later crawled into the attic to get the rat in the trap.
OK, now this part still gives me SHIVERS.
When I got into the attic, the rat was not in the trap.
But in the middle of the floor, there was all kinds of stuff piled up on top of the bottle of poison.
It was like a monument about a foot high.
And on the very top of this monument was
A Large Rat Skull.

Holy Moley!!!!!!  Yikes.... Freaky.

So that day I went to the Hardware store and got a new kind of rat poison.
It looked like a big maple candy bar kind of deal...
So that night when I went out to my shop, and the rat came to visit...
I talked to it again.
I said, " OK dude, you have a live trap in the attic".... and then I placed the poison I had just bought up on a shelf and said,
"If  you eat this, you will die, please go into the live trap."
Well he walked over and sat on his hind legs and started eating the poison.
OH My God....
So then I said," OK, how's about you don't crawl into our walls and die, stinking up the whole place so I have to tear the walls apart, How's about you just lay down there (I pointed to a spot on the floor by the door) and just die there".   
The next night before I went out to work I decided to Play my guitar.....   I used to do this thing, I forget what I called it, "trancing out" I think.  Anyway I just would pick a chord sequence and play it over and over and just start chanting or singing or whatever Happened.
So I started playing...... after a while I realized that tears were pouring out of my face, like had never happened before, like a spigot was opened up..... And I heard myself chanting, over and over and over....
It was pretty freaky.
Then I went out to work.

Well there in front of the door,
on that spot on the floor I had pointed to...   Was the rat.
I may have started crying.
I went over and picked it up ....
And was flooded with a memory.....
It was a very intense, very clear and lucid memory.
I believe it was in England
And this woman I was in love with (and have spent several past lives with, one of which she has written a book about).... was being tried as a Witch.
Actually she had already been tried, and found guilty.....
by my Brother   (who is my Brother still in this life...and actually still a preacher).
Well he really was full of hatred for her.... and he was going to hang her (actually I've blocked the method of Killing her)..
But he was going to do it...
And rather than see her killed at the hand of such hatred, I volunteered to be the one.... I figured it was better to die at a loving hand..  I can still see the look on her face and don't think she's forgiven me yet......
And standing there in my shop, I cried and cried and cried...
Then remembered another life we had shared somewhere in a cabin in the North..... and she had a baby, but it died, and she refused to accept it, and carried it around all wrapped up in a blanket..... and I  couldn't handle that..... I don't think she's forgiven me for that one either.
But both of these things I needed to remember, I needed to face in order to go on....
It was the same with the life in Tibet..... and Bud, the old guy who corrected my memory, told me something that I couldn't face for many years.... a guilt I carried for bowing my head to the Chinese Soldier..... even though I wasn't bowing down to him....but rather just could not bear to look him in the face.  Yet the other Monks I felt....sooo deeply that I had betrayed them, at least in their eyes.....   I needed to remember that.

So if you don't remember past lives, don't feel bad about it.
There's probably better ways to face and work out our past wounds....
In the lifetime before last I killed an American Soldier.... I slit his throat.  And I was a holy man, but they were killing all the old people and children of our tribe. (not to mention the men, somewhere over the hill). And I just totally lost it. And the guilt I still feel for that is greater than any anger for what they had done......
It's pretty hard core remembering these things.....                


  1. ah, the remembering and accepting take time....it takes time to fill in the gaps and the pieces are not always smooth in the fitting. For those that are of the Bible teaching, reincarnation is not spoken of except when Jesus is crucified and then is reborn and goes upward. We are not taught to believe we reincarnate. But there are so many things it is difficult to explain without that happening. I think I told you of my daughter telling me many things when she was barely three...including being cremated, and things about my very young childhood that had happened that she had no way to know about...my mother would have known but she was already gone in 1972 and Liz told me these things in 1985. Remembering comes in spurts for me...often when I need knowledge that is pure and simple. I believe the rat heard you....trudy

    1. This is truly an amazing story.
      It is funny that you posted this right after I attempted to do a guided past life regression last night. Through the process it takes you through memories of my now life and goes backwards to childhood. I could not seem to get past that point (seemed to be stuck) as I did not have a good childhood. And I was not able to come out of that moment as I was trying to remember any good moments in my childhood as a could not, and left my closet feeling Very distrubed. Now though your story I get it (as you said we don't remember being 8 we remember how we felt when we were 8). I truly hope that I can move past that point, as I would like to figure out a couple of things that are relating to this life. Thanks for sharing

    2. I think the Church had to leave out the Reincarnation thing because with it folks wouldn't have the Fear of Hell and the Reward of Heaven to keep them in line, and that was pretty much the Church's role. We know the head of the Essene's and he translated some of the dead sea scrolls and Reincarnation was not deleted from that. I might have questioned the validity of my memory until I met Bud at an early age that had an even clearer memory of my past life (without the death filter)...then later meeting up with other folks I shared lives with....One person in particular (the one in the rat story that I killed..... when we saw each other the first time in this life it was actually pretty scary for me....our souls recognized each other. I avoided going to where she worked for maybe a couple of years after that encounter, I wasn't ready to face it.... But then she started coming to me in my dreams, so we connected... Pretty intense stuff. She was in the process of writing a book about one of the lives we shared.

    3. I would love to read her book...is it available online? Where could I find it?

    4. I have an unpublished copy but she was really, not wanting me to share till she had finalized. And we lost track of her a few years ago (after I reminded her of some things and asked her forgiveness.... which it appears I did not get)... But the name of the book is Shannon of the Fields, in case you can find it.

  2. Love these posts Jeff... thank you for sharing.x

  3. This post had me tripped out in a good way. These are the sorts of incidence that happen to me and it blows my mind always. This is one of my favorite posts of yours! I wish I consciously remembered more of my past lives. When my grandmother was still alive, I loved her stories about how our lives intertwined through the ages. I wish I had recorded her. But my daughter (not quite 4) is starting to fill in some details of our life together, at least for the past few hundred years. Ok - maybe longer. Think Egyptian times. I'm thrilled to see that my grandmother's DNA is flowing through my daughter's veins. I cannot wait to see what unfolds.

    1. I had a life in Egyptian times.... it's funny how I remembered that. Many years ago I was on a Beach in Calif that had huge boulders of Serpentine stones. These have a cleavage that breaks them off sometimes in perfect cubes. On the same beach there had been an oil spill. If you've ever seen that it's like thick tar.. (at least that's what I thought it was, an oil spill).. Anyway I found myself in this Zone..... and built a big pyramid below the high tide line, sealing the stones with the tar. It was awesome, the stone shined in the sunshine like glass. Anyway it was so perfect that it stayed there for a really long time. Like a year, before it sort of fell apart. Then I remembered scenes from a past life where I was sort of directing construction of a pyramid.



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