Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The American "System" in a Nutshell

People go to school and spend a lot of time studying the American System.  They learn about Capitalism, Corporatism and something that we have far back in our history, called Democracy. Well if you are considering spending years in school learning about all this, let me save you some time and put the "American System" into a nutshell. 
In the American System there are basically 3 Entities.
1. 99% of the Population
2. 1% of the population
3. The US Federal Government.

Now let's break down these three entities.,
1. The 99% of the population's function is to serve the 1%, as slaves who are the "Cash Cow" to the 1 %.
2. The 1%'s function is to control the US Federal Government to insure that they are properly collecting the largest percentage possible from the 99%, and passing it along to them. 
3. The Federal Governments function is to funnel massive amounts of money from the 99% to the 1%...... but to do this without being obvious about it, and at the same time by making the American people believe that their taxes are actually serving them.    This is where it gets really beautiful.

Of course the number 1 route of this money is via War.  Via the invasion of other countries and the murdering of it's citizens and destruction of it's infrastructure. The American people are first Hypnotized by the 1% owned media that these wars are somehow protecting them against Terrorism, and to ally any doubt the 1% funded the Destruction of the World Trade Center and  the alleged terrorist attack on the Pentagon killing thousands of Americans to make their point. (Never mind that it was US Government Issue Thermite that actually brought the Trade Center down, and US government missile that hit the Pentagon).
Now this works out really well for the 1% who just happen to own the companies that make the missile's, the bombs, the bullets, the weapons of mass destruction that they claimed we were going after in our War with Iraq. (All the while they are the ones making these weapons of mass destruction)....and we didn't find any in Iraq, but what the heck, we were there, might as well make a war out of it.
So the 1% supplies the tools of death and destruction which account for around 57% of the blood money collected from 99% of the population....
Then once they destroy enough of these foreign lands, guess who owns the companies who will get the mega million dollar contracts to go in and rebuild what they just blew up.... You guessed it, the 1%.
But wars are just one way the 99% passes their money to the 1%. 
Secondly the US Government does everything within it's power to create an unhealthy population .  It does this with policy limiting access to Real and Healthy foods, but making easy access to "foods" that are guaranteed to bring ill health. It finances bogus studies that will tell you something that will slowly destroy your health, is good for you.  It sprays toxins into the air, and puts the most lethal poisons in the water supplies, (for your dental health) . 
They have developed a myriad of ways to create an unhealthy populace...(all the while telling you that these things are good for you) .. And guess who owns the Big Pharma/Medical/Health Care/Insurance Machine where the mega billions from the unhealthy 99% attempting to regain their health will go.....  You guessed it. the 1%.     

This is the American "System" in a Nutshell.
So be sure to pay your taxes, because without that the whole system would fall apart. 


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