Monday, January 6, 2014

A Note to Myself Frequency Change Compassionate Integrity

Frequency Change
When that time has come...
Can be difficult
When we don't allow it .

The problem is we are so accustomed
 to relating to ourselves
as being that
Mass of old deep rooted 
And we believe that we are the end result of 
all those old patterns.
"Here we are...
Expressing ourselves."

OK, I've been plugged up 
and why?
 because I haven't allowed the
Flow of Purpose
to run through me. 
And I haven't written,
which is one thing I'm
supposed to do .

 I hold back the Truth of 
who I really am,
to others...
But I also hold it back from myself...
The thing is,
To Shift into Our
Compassionate Integrity 
 We cease to appear to be
who we once were...
As everybody Knew US.
And this change can have a very strong effect
 on those in the periphery and midst,
of our lives.
And in my past experience...
this always caused me to be abandoned
in a desert of lonliness..
In fact what I called my,
Humpty Dumpty Episode,
(which I'd link to if my Blogger Search thing was working)
Which turned my evolution back a lifetime or so
was entirely the result of my most loved one at the time saying,
"Please go back to who you used to be "
And using my half baked knowledge of how things work on the astral plane,
I went right out and collected up the old discarded pieces of myself.

That did not work out very well,

 because as it turns out,
who we "are" in the world
 is the result of a collection of things we have acquired ..... 
But the Big Surprise is that it's not just the Content....
It's the Order.
Everything has it's place in the pattern,
 and if we gather back the broken shards...
out of order....
Well we get the Humpty Dumpty Effect.
I personally became 
Had to quit my job, move into a van
as far from humans as possible.

But I digress.
So here it is again..
The Choice
The Old Patterns that afford a certain sense of Security
with my surrounding world.
Freedom from that Pattern
Where "Security" does not exist.

Humans are wired for most of their evolution
To Secure themselves.
This is built into the DNA.
We'll accept belief systems,
 no matter how absurd they might be,
just to be secure in our world.
We collect things to define ourselves
ideas.. possessions, people.
We use all these to define and secure ourselves.
And this is how the first part of evolution works.
It ceases working for us.
We suddenly find that the Collection
No longer feels like us.
And who we really are is
what we were before we started collecting.
And we start a lifetimes process of discarding the collection.
I mean we still have stuff
we still have a family we love.
But were no longer emotionally invested in our old Collection.
And at every turn we find we are less and less emotionally invested in things.
not being ready to completely shift
 to the Higher Frequency,
we do our best to get worked up about,
"Things that really matter"
But it's just a sham
another stall.
Another fear based clinging to 
Who we WERE,
so as to be more comfortable in the world.

So we exchange our relationship to the world from one of 

Emotional Mental Clinging.

To Loving Dispassion.

Our Goal being
Compassionate Integrity
which brings the realization of 
Our True Nature.
Or I guess you could say that
Compassionate Integrity
IS our True Nature.

It was so much easier in my last life,
in a monastery where the Intention of EVERYONE
was to find that Compassionate Integrity.
Here, we're just trying to survive..
feed the family,
and not be ground into Burger
by a corrupt system
that has no place for Compassionate Integrity. 
We used to think sitting in a Graveyard
surrounded by the exposed dead
was a challenge to finding Peace.
I suppose that's why our Teacher
told us to allow the Chinese to MURDER us,
so we could come to places like this
that are so much more of a trial. 

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