Tuesday, February 4, 2014

 Just sanded

Buttons, buttons, buttons

Above is,Cascara, Black Walnut, Yew, Hemlock, Sassafras, Mahogany, Osage Orange ,Mountain Mahogany, Western Red Cedar.

Below are some Shawl Pins
 I just started doing these..
There's Apple wood, Black Walnut, Ebony, Birdseye Maple Burl, Hemlock, Vera, Ironwood,

Below is the start of some Elk Horn Shawl Pins and Hair Pins,
I just need to get the inside carved out and polished, 
and polish the pins, then these are done. OH, the top left 4 pieces are Holly Wood.
It looks just like horn or ivory,
It's also very hard.

Below we have a batch of sassafras and Hickory.
I use my special process to get the bark to stay on the Sassafras.
The Hickory doesn't need it. 
I can't get that bark off with a hammer or pliers.. 

Up at 5 and workin
It's going on 11 
and I just quit..
Long day..
But a lot was accomplished
Now I think I'll put buttons on cards...


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