Thursday, February 18, 2016

Start by Meditating

The Power that lies
at the heart of 
Has at least as much Energy
as our Physical Sun.
The Power that fuels the Sun
is in every cell of our bodies.

And why do we not Know this?

Just how powerful we are?

In some way you could say,
that we have had a Description
Thrust upon us.
We've lived a lot of lives
and in those lives we have been
instructed in
How we should Be.

People have lost Faith
in their own Power
And relinquish control of their 
and Lives.
To those that would take Control.
Believing what they are told to Believe.
Because those who seek to Control
and do Control.
want people to be
A Herd of Cattle
A flock of Sheep.
And they have done the most Horrid things
over the Centuries
to keep us 
In Line
With their 

And it's been this way for thousands of years.
To the point that 
Being Subservient
Is actually passed on through the DNA.
As is being a controlling Asshole..

That's freakin scary.

We have been controlled via 
"the Church"

It's in our freakin DNA.

So Breaking the Curse isn't all that easy.

I know when I decided to break some of the "Church's" Rules
like not blindly accepting..
and seeking Truth on certain Matters
that the Church doesn't want people to know about.
I had a lot of difficulties.
Sometimes Illumination can be hard on our bodies,
if we refuse to let go of the Programming.
For me I'd have like
kundalini convulsions.
You remove a major block
and all this Energy comes flooding in..
But your not quite ready to give up the old Illusion..
Makes me Shake.

And people cling to their Religion,
 and government because
it tells them 
what to do,
 and who to be.

They relinquish their responsibility,
 because they don't know how Powerful they really are any more,
 because the Religion
 and Government 
has been USED to ...

Keep them Down.

Keep them from finding out,
just how much power they Truly have.

But that Power has been Buried my friends
and we have been trained to 
.....if any manifestation of it raises it's Ugly Head.
So the Mystics
 and Seer's
The Healers
 and Be r's
We shun em
and hang em
and burn em at the stake.
And do our utmost
to put them in the Cage
with us.

So we're given Wars
and Sports....
To pretend that that
 is Power.
And we're given Gods of all sorts,

And these Gods 
just by their Omnipresent,

Show us just how little 
and insignificant 
we are.

What a freakin Crock
and we swallowed it.

Here's the Deal.
There is NO GOD greater than
All of US.
All of US
Are God..

Sorry man,
 The Virgin Raping Nasty Assed,
 Judgmental Sucker
 that keeps rearing his Ugly head
 in Every "Civilization"
 and having Super Hero Sons
 and is Superior to Everything 
and Everyone...

No such thing..

That was the Dupe there.

So now you are almost Free.
(just got to get free of the other
The Government.

Tell you what you crooked bought assholes.
I do not Recognize you as having power over me.

OK, Now we're free to find out,
just what exists behind centuries of 


Mind Control.

But how do we do that...?

Rockafellers sure not gonna pass that down
 in their Indoctrination Centers (schools).

But you know what?

We don't recognize them either.

We are free to 
Know the Truth.

And it isn't really something you know,

it's something you have to BE.

And how do we do that?

Well, we start by Meditating.

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