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Some Little Know Esoteric Truths

Some Little Know Esoteric Truths

In the deepest Quietest Place
The sound of Rain
and Frogs calling out
looking for a Date.

Note to SELF,
Don't lose Faith in Humanity.

There are Islands in that
Sea of Stupid.

I understand what is Happening Now.

But feel totally Alone
in that understanding..

So I deny it,
play along like,
"What the Hell is going on here".
Run the races, Dance the Dances..
Play the games.
is acceptable.

What I know,

Never has been.

Man is not allowed to Know.
He's been sold Fairy Tales as Truth
and punished if he doesn't Believe.
And his total immersion in Fairy Tales
keeps him from Knowing Truth.
And those who he is told do Know.
Just uphold the Lie.

is Changing quickly.
This Whole Thing
that we are a part of
Is reaching Critical Mass.

Every single thing that Exists,
Existence Itself
Has a Limit to it's 

And that Limit
has been reached.

Hit the Wall.

And now that
Every Souls Deepest Need
Is being Contained.
But is unable to
A thing can only expand
within a defined Limit
up to a certain point.
Then we have the beginning of the process
of reaching  Critical Mass.

I choose not to go down that 5th Ray Rabbit Hole of Science here.
But those of you with that inclination 
will find an understanding of this on that level.

I am speaking here on a Cosmic Scale.

Of All of Creation
Reaching Critical Mass

This happens every so many millions or billions of years.
Some Mystics could tell you the exact numbers.
But really it doesn't matter.
It changes nothing.

The Reality remains..
We are at the end of this Cycle.
and what is occurring
is a compression Of Light.


Well, that is the simple answer.

We are ALL
Bodies of Light
And we are all connected
with this Mesh
this Web
of Light Fibers.
To every single Thing
in this Creation we are a part of.

 ALL of That
is being Compressed now
because of the EXPANSION
held within a periphery
which is,
Determined By..
(often referred to as God"
previous Incarnations
Last Dream...
And OUR next Incarnations
Will be determined by 
Our Final Dream this Time.

This is being difficult to describe...

Because I'm up against some old DNA Programming
sought to 
Constrain it.

It's like this.

Every Soul
Each Thing
has of itself
A Unique Separate Expression to
at the point of Total Culmination.
(Critical Mass)
Have a Common Dream.
That we are a seed
made of all our Dreams.
And that Dream becomes True
Upon the Final Moment of Critical Mass.

Where the All
Become the One...

And a New Evolution of Creation
of God
Begins again.
And within the DNA of this seed
the limit again is Defined.

The Limit,
but not the Final Expression.
That is defined by the free will
and culminated Unique Separate Expressions...
otherwise known as our Souls
Finding their True Place
in the Web of it all.

And the "problems" we see in the world today
are simply caused by people 
through Duality
finding their Rightful positions
in It All.

But this Rare Time we are in.
The Compression of the Light..
Has a dual effect.
Depending upon the souls point in evolution.

Those souls on the first Turn of the Wheel
seeking their Placement in the Web
through Duality;
through the seeking of pleasure and comfort
and through the avoidance of pain...
These souls are feeling a compression that we never did.
Some of us may have had a million years
on the first turn of the wheel..
of Finding our place in it All.

The newest souls, 
on the first turn of the Wheel
 do not have that luxury.

Time is About up..
And they are just getting started.

As the Restrained Lights Intensity
becomes greatly amplified
through the compression.
Those souls on the Return Turn of the Wheel
Those who have completed their Collection...
their culmination in Form 
(so to speak).
Their Evolution will simply be Enhanced
They were Growing in Light anyway...
It just becomes amplified.
They will Merge with the Light 
which is Expanding outward from the Center.
From the Beginning..
And add to it.
(Of course all this comes with it's inherent difficulties.)
And all this becomes like an Impending Tsunami
Roaring towards those souls that
are busy defining themselves
separate and unique
from the Light.

So they are freakin scared.
On a soul Level.
Their Minds have no idea what
or that anything is going on.

But their Souls Feel Threatened.

And it is the Light
that threatens them.

So we've got that Biblical
 and every other ancient prophesy's
inevitable  Battle of
Darkness against Light going on..

OK Spiritual "Lightworkers"
Here's a clue.

The Darkness is at Battle with the Light...
This is True.
The Light is NOT
at battle with the Darkness.

Unity does not 

It Embraces it.

Hence the Name....

The souls on the return Trip of the wheel
Are seeking UNITY.

Whereas the souls
on the first turn of the wheel (of evolution) are seeking their

Religion Serves Duality

Spirituality Serves Unity.

Religion will tell us what it defines as 
Good and Bad.

Spirituality will tell us,
It's all ONE THING.

Religion fears the Light
and serves the many Hues of Darkness..
Once people come to Understand the Truth..
They will see that all Religion
is Satanic.


That doesn't mean that it doesn't
 have it's rightful place.

It just always has gotten my Gall up
that the religions in their Need to Uphold Duality
Speak of their 
battles against Satan..
When they are themselves
totally Satanic.

OK, so let me define.

Satan is the archetype
of that which guides man
in his search upon the first turn of the wheel,
for a Unique Separate Expression,
arrived at through the dance of Duality,
guided by what man has named
Which is
the Little Personal Satan.
Which the Religions
 that are ruled by this

Always cracked me up...

But it's the same with all those
"Spiritual" people
that talk about 
the Horrible EGO which we must fight.

Once again here is a tip.

The ego and the soul are
We call it Ego (or Cosmically, SATAN)
 when it is motivating us on the first turn of the wheel.
And we call it the Soul,
(Or Christ or your other chosen SYMBOL)
for the Return Trip.
And you can not make the trip Home to Unity
You've made the trip into
Complete Unique Separation.
It's all one Trip folks.
So quit fearing or condemning those
going a different direction than you.
Because I guarantee you that you have either been there
or will be there,
so shut the Heck up

Time for Peace

Some of us have been at Battle for so long..
and have played our role in the dualistic dueling,
to the point where 
anything else feels like 
shirking our responsibility..
Even when Our souls
implore us for Peace.

We are on the way back
yet we carry the Past
like an anchor.

Because I guess
at the Heart of it all
We deeply Love Humanity.
And are just so Dang tired of
watching them Hurt each other.

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