Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing

As humans there is one thing
that we Must do,
above all other things.

You say....


Fact is many are not ready for that.
And if you aren't ready for something
it's a waste of time messing around chasing it.

The answer is,
We must be True to Ourselves...
And what this meas is,
We have to be True to our Souls.
And to fully understand this 
one must first understand,
one of the least known spiritual Realities,
and one of the most Important Spiritual Realities,
And that is:

The Soul 
and the EGO....
are the same Thing,
only at different points
on the evolutionary wheel.

What we have come to call,"Soul"
is an incomplete definition...

We tend to think it is that "spiritual" part of us that
compels us to Merging with the Divine.
To coming Home to our Oneness.
And this is True..
that is merely it's goal
on the Return turn of the wheel...
Human Evolution is like a movement upon a wheel...
It begins with a 
Growing Separation
from the Source from which it came.
It evolves (spins/turns) into 
and CULMINATES in, a
"Unique Separate Expression."

And what needs to be Understood
is that
Some folks are just meant to be 
In fact maybe you and I when we culminated 
were asshole,
I can probably guarantee that I was.
The fact is when we make that
Unique Separate Expression
we're the freakin Epitome
of EGO...
Everyone of us..
The Epitome of Ego.
Spawn of Satan
(to look at it metaphorically, as of course the Satan)

Once we have Culminated
The wheel Halts
then Turns back upon itself..
(though this perspective is just one angle of how to look at it.)
Now it revolves back to it's Source.

And that which motivates the movement
Both Ways
on the Wheel,
Is the Soul.
(metaphorically within duality named Satan and Christ)

But humans have renamed it
on the first turn of the Wheel,
And on the Return trip,
"the Soul".
This is confusing, 
you could say, "Incorrect"
As it is all the Soul.

True Compassion ONLY dawns,
with this Realization.

So having that out of the way,
The Number one task of Humans is,
To be True to their Soul,
(or EGO, if upon the first turn).

It sounds nice to say,
Love is the most important thing.
BUT souls upon the first turn of the wheel,
that Culminates in a Unique Separate Expression
(as it must )
Are not so motivated to seek such a thing.
They are more centered in fulfilling Desires 
and avoiding Pain...

The thing is,
These people who historically are looked down upon,
by "spiritual and religious and Mentally Enlightened" folks....
Have to be true to that...
Swinging between the Polarities.
No matter the judgments of those who feel superior
in their personal Evolution.

Every soul on the return Trip
was once an Ego,
seeking a Unique Separate Expression
via Fear and Desire. Lust, Hate and Greed.
You, Me, Him

So we must have Compassion
for those folks Destroying the Planet
and the Human Race
seeking what they must seek...
Their wheel will reverse,
once they've 
Culminated their Unique Separate Expression.

This is the Plan
this is how It Works.
This can not be changed.

And every single one of us has a Unique Path to follow.
No two Souls have the same Path..
on either direction of the wheel.

I could go deeply into specifics here,
explaining this all...
but that's a rabbit hole,
and I don't have that kind of time right now.

My Point here is,
we all need to listen to our souls
and be who we are meant to be.
We all have a unique position to Fill.
And we all return through all our
To Our Oneness.
But our paths are all unique to who we are,
and have been.

So , do what feels Right for you.
Doesn't matter what your Mom and Dad,
or School or Church or Government want you to be....
That is all bogus.
Even if it makes you an asshole.

( I know how difficult a concept this is to accept,
our DNA is programmed to believe 
we must all be Nice....
but that is a Lie)

On the return trip,
it's an inevitable side effect
of coming to our Oneness..
not all souls are on the return trip.

The only real Authority in your Life

is your Soul.

Follow it.

Be True to yourself...

And your Evolution will be....

Only then are you Truly 

The problems that arise
from not being true to our souls...
are as varied as our Paths...
But believe me,
I'm an expert of
Hiding from my Truth....

It'll mess you up.

Follow your Soul
as best you can.
And be True to it,
as best you can.

And you know what,
We're all in this 

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