Monday, June 27, 2016


A Most Critical Time

OK, it's time to actually get to the point.

They have been keeping us Distracted...

And the "Point" is very simple.
And boils down to a Simple Choice.

Do we choose to remain Slaves.

Or do we Declare our Freedom...

Loudly and without restraint in any quarter.

We are at a time when many people are 
beginning to WAKE UP.

We are told,
here in the United States,
(though this phenomenon is Global)
That we must make a Free and Democratic Choice.
About who is the Ultimate Ruler
of our Government and Country.
And we are told that we must choose,
between two Elites.
That we can not choose a man or woman,
who are here 
in it
with us.
We are given the wonderful 
Democratic Choice
Between a Jive Hoaxster
Or an Evil Corrupt Piggie.
(to define them most concisely).

We are given the choice to shoot ourselves
in the foot.
With a .38
or a .45.

To be ruled by Pee Wee Herman's 
severely disturbed
step brother.
Or the person Satan kicked out of Hell
during her last Incarnation as
Attila the Hun,
Because he feared she would take over,
and make things even Nastier down there.

This is the choice you are given
as "Free" people.

And it is now time ladies and gentlemen
to quit fighting over which of these 
are Better.
And begin Fighting those
who instruct you
that these are your choices.
And here's a clue...
it is Not the Republicans that are the problem,
or the Democrats... or the Muslims,
or the GAYs
or the Pro Gun Folks
or the Anti Gun Folks,
or the Vegans,
or the Meat Eaters,
or the Israelis,
or the Palestinians..
It is the fact that 
are allowing Ourselves
Why do we do this?
Very Simple...
Out of FEAR.
we have been Manipulated to FEAR
the wrong things.
And in Fearing the wrong things,
we allow that which we Should Fear...
that which has robbed us of our Freedom...
to Control us.



"Gotta keep up the Military 
to Protect us from

Let's not admit that 
our Military is doing ZERO protecting,
but rather is INVADING whatever Countries
our Ruling Elite figure they can Make the most Profit
from Pillaging.

Pay your taxes
 so we can have an Army to Plunder the World,
for the Profit of
the Ruling Elite.

Who made these Destructive assholes rulers?

We did.

We are...

So the choice is not between Hitler or Stalin,
slow death by burning..
or by drowning....

The choice is,
Do we continue listening to these Assholes
that are Raping our Planet,
enslaving the populations of the world in their
Money Making Schemes....
Or do we 
"Done being your slaves..."

Yes, we can have a military to PROTECT,
because maybe other countries might not
Kick Out their Assholes.

But it's time we quit taking orders 
from those we have not freely chosen.

And we have not freely chosen,
for some time.

The choice we are given
 between TWO,
when no sane person
if given FREE CHOICE,
would choose either....

This is Not Acceptable.

I can't imagine the Poor American Soldier of Today.
Who joins under the mistaken belief,
that they are going to 
"Protect our Freedoms"..
then realizes they are being instructed
to Murder others,
so the Ruling Elite
can make a tremendous Profit.
Nothing else.
And every side suffers..
Except the Elite
Making that Profit...

By taking part in the American Government
via our Taxes.
we are being made complicit in
Murder for Profit.
And that profit does not pass to Any of us.
Nobody fighting gets anything
but screwed..
But the Elite
that we allow to Rule Us.

"So bring in your Guns...
because some "Crazy Guy"
shot some folks....
and you won't need em,
because we'll protect you".

"That'll fix it." 

"And worry about the Muslims,
they just want to kill you.
And the Christians,
who just want to Invade your country
for their idea of Religion.
 And the Gays that'll turn your kid Gay,
the Gun People,
who are responsible every time
some legal pharmaceutical addled
lost soul discard
of a diseased System,
goes OFF.

And the People that want to take away your guns and 
your only perceived means of protection,
against what you perceive as the real threat...

Worry about the Republicans...
...Crazy fools voting for any war,
existing to enhance the 1%
.......the 1%'s Supreme Butt Kissers..

or the Weanie Democrat Pussies,
afraid of their freaking shadows,
using our hard earned taxes to Help a bunch of losers
 and sick and old people."

"Fear Them All !!!"

"We will Protect you !!!"

"You can go back to Sleep Now."

"Nothing Happening Here."

"Now Turn on your TV...


"OH, and remember to 
Pay your Taxes...

and vote for who we tell you to. "

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