Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's ALL Sacred

It’s ALL Sacred

We’ve done some really smart things,

And we’ve done some really stupid things

We’ve been hurt

And we’ve hurt

We’ve been assholes

And practically saints.

And all that is what we’ve Been

What we are now...

Is what we choose now

And Now we can’t let what we’ve done

Or what has been done to us

Keep us from being who we want to be Now.

For what we did, and what was done to us,

we must have no shame, or guilt, or anger.

Because our job in Life is to be who we are to be

And all those things we did and that were done to us

Aided in this purpose that we were made for.

Aided us in the path to the culmination of who we are to be..

It’s all sacred


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