Saturday, February 6, 2010

I love this wood

I Love this wood, and these trees. They are both in Mountain Mahogany, just different hues. They look more like stone (and carve more like stone).. Both have little tiny creatures in the knotholes of the trees, peering out.

And here is another recent one. It's made out of antelope horn, ebony and cocobolo wood...with opals in the eyes and Tiger Eye in the Third Eye...

A very powerful necklace...


  1. I love your twilight forest container! Payday I soon, I hope to be able to purchase some of your beautiful artwork! Thank you for the inspirational blog! - Tweedles

  2. Thank you, I just sort of figured out how this comment part works, seems I had comments I didn't know about....or I would have responded sooner... Thanks again



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