Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Strawberry Swirls

It starts here in a field that was just packed with succulent organic strawberries, so many that it took no time at all to pick our baskets full

Then we made some awesome jam with just strawberries and agave nectar.... but come Feb.1st I finally realize that we don't eat bread and the jam is just sitting out there in the pantry...and I'm craving the taste of Early Summer.  So I spread the jam on the dehydrater on special sheets made for fruit leather... Then dry it overnight..

The next morning we have trays of fruit leather.....
But fruit leather is kind of a hassle storing and eating,
 so I decided to make something handier..

Peeled off the leather, then rolled it up real tight...

Then I rolled it up in the middle of the wax paper, and took it out to the shop and squished it in a vise, then hammered it with a sledge hammer, trying to mesh it into a solid chunk..

That didn't really work like I'd hoped...but OH Well.
Then I got the scissors and cut the roll into manageable sizes..

Then I took this horrible picture of the finished product.

  Now we can put it in the jar with the dry fruit, or in the trail mix jar with nuts and dry fruit...
Yummy, the incredible, intense, flavor blasting taste of fresh summer berries
....times 100...
My tongue is singing....
"Strawberry Swirls Forever"


  1. Oh that looks delicious - stories like this keep me grounded....something so pure and beautiful about the simple life. Tx for sharing (wish I could share a couple of those :))



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