Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Livin High

OK, so this is the leanest time of year for us.... Survival (payin bills) becomes a lot more difficult because it's been since December since we had Market to sell our wares, and the Internet business is kinda slow.  But we're livin like royalty here.  For lunch today we had Elk Burgers (Thank you Lara for the elk). 1/2 pound of ground elk each with an egg mixed in and some garlic, some salt and liquid smoke and herbs. Topped this with home pickled and canned jalapeƱos and home made REAL pickles and some goat cheese. We also had some Natural no chemicals Turkey Bacon I accidentally bought...(Leanest lookin bacon I ever saw....oops). I put some wasabi coctail sauce on mine. And we had this with a wonderful Spring Salad... Poverty aint all that bad.....

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