Friday, March 12, 2010

Super Baby Balls

Taryn's going to be going to Portland for a few days, meeting her Mom and Sis and Sis's boyfriend, before they all come back here.  And being pregnant she needs mega nutrition.  ( She's eating like 2 horses). She only wants to be eating the best food whilst she's feeding the little internal babe. And you know how it is when you travel...eatin good aint easy.  She's been packin up a bunch of stuff, but I wanted to make her a high power treat...So here it is.
A mess of raw almonds soaked for a day.(this makes them way more digestable)...
a couple tablespoons of Chorella (Super food...algae, actually crosses the blood brain barrior to remove heavy metals...a rare talent shared by fresh cilantro)
Added in a few tbs. of good virgin coconut oil, a few of grass fed Ghee, a few Tbs. of bee pollen, a few of honey...and a bunch of carob powder.  Ran it through the food processor until it was nut buttery... then rolled it into balls and then squished coconut into it.  Viola...SUPER NUTRITION....
Problem is Chorella is a magical food...but tastes pretty darn I hope she'll eat em anyway. But you can always make it without the chorella...maybe add a little brewers yeast for the B Vitamins.....
I know I won't have a problem eating them...
  and the baby will love em.

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  1. These sound so good! You're an awesome partner and papa! Taryn will love them!



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