Friday, March 5, 2010

Making Home Made Smoky/Spicy Cheese (OH MY GOD!)

So it's winter and the Goats are dry...
What to do about cheese and milk products?
And without the Whey it makes it very difficult to make the fermented veggies we practically live on.
Well we both don't do all that well with cows milk, but our neighbors are getting way more than they can deal with, so we buy or trade eggs for fresh unpasteurized raw milk from them.. (Not Dead Milk).  Taryn makes kefir out of it for our Smoothies because kefir will digest a lot better than just milk.  But we had this extra gallon, and I decided to make some good old fashioned farm cheese. That would give us a whole mess of whey....and a good side product....the cheese.  Might as well see how we do with Home Made cows cheese.
So I took the gallon of milk and put it in a big deep glass bowl (don't use metal) and added just a little squeeze of  some rennet in the milk and set it near the stove for a night.... In the morning it was cheese. (almost)  Now if you don't have rennet you can use raw apple cider vinegar, 1  1/2 tbs or so.
So the cheese and whey was separated over night, now I put it in a mesh bag and let it drip out all night.  The next day I squeezed more water out...tasted it....not impressed, too bland.... (Don't worry, a day later it actually tasted goaty almost. YUMMM) Then I added maybe a tbs. of Himalayan Crystal Salt.... maybe 1 1/2 tsp of liquid smoke, about a tsp of cayenne, about 1 1/2 tsp. of celery seed and a tsp. of honey and maybe 3 tbs. of fresh picked chives cut up real small..(normally I'd add garlic but I'm cutting back a tad on the "heat" foods, hence the addition of celery seed to counteract the cayenne).. And I stirred it all up.
It was so freakin good....the best darn cheese I ever had.... Phhttt ...... pfart....pffftt..... just kidding, it's a half an hour later and I've eaten a bunch off a fork and mixed some in with kale and eggs and ate it.... Unbelievably Tasty.... and I can still breathe and my stomach isn't trying to sing a song in some foreign language...   YIPEEE

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