Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Meeting with Fairies

This is from a little book I wrote years ago called " The Adventures of Stalker, The Bumbling Wizard"..  This is one encounter Stalker had with a Little Fairy..
The fairies come to Stalker

The sun blasting a golden explosion
lighting up the sky
He woke to hear the birds singing
as a ray of sun fell upon his eye.
He heard music, and singing
as he'd never heard before
Then he got out of bed
to answer the rapping on the door
A beautiful little fairy princess
right before him stood
He tried not to stare at her too hard
he did the best he could
Her innocent beauty, touched him so deep
Sparkling sky blue pools,
the twinkling in her eyes
A voice so sweet and gentle
one he knew could tell no lies

"Won't you come out and play,
and share with my friends
this very beautiful day."

Who might you be
pretty little one?
 he said, thinking out loud to himself 
You certainly are tiny, might you be an elf?
She giggled a little, shrugged her shoulders,
and lifted he little wings above her head.
She smiled, her eyes twinkled, she sang to Stalker
and this is what she said.

I am Light
I am Air
I'm the Wind
Without a care

She flew in the air
twirled around and around
Flew around Stalker landing
gently on the ground.

The Earth below
that touches my feet
The smiles on the faces
of the people I meet
The wind that blows the clouds up above
They are all me, said she
And we are all Love

You always sit inside alone, she said. The battle caries on. Yesterdays phantoms still haunt your soul. Outside the sky is so blue, the sun is so warm. The fairies are dancing and playing, the phantoms are an illusion. We take hands and dance around the mushroom. Man rushes by so quickly, he doesn't even see us.   In the blink of an eye a fairy celebration takes place. Mans head is thick and heavy, full of never ending fairy tales. It weighs him down. The faster he goes, the slower he gets...time is wasted
    And a fairy celebration.....singing....dancing, loving, eating, and drinking dew drop nectar. ...all in the blink of an eye. Your fairy tale phantoms pull you away from the joy of the dance.
    Forget them now, come out and play.

It was so beautiful the way the fairies took Stalker in,
his face broke out in an ear to ear grin.
He thought to himself of the fairies happy way:

Floating       Singing
Life is a beautiful dance
do it all for love, they say
    Give it all away
        And be it all.
We are only what we give away
Our bodies grow old, and die
Have we kissed this life,
or run through it like frightened mice
We leave nothing behind
    but what we give away

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