Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Booth of the Month

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When I was a kid living in Japan we went to some kind of picnic. They had all kinds of fun stuff for kids where you could actually win cool toys. Well I got in  a foot race, hopin to win a really cool squirt gun. I ran my ass off and was a mile in front of everybody else when the big kid a ways back yells up to me that he'll "kill me if I don't let him win."  So I waited and waited seems like forever, just standing there a few feet from the finish line and my future squirt gun...and let him pass...
I bring this up because I've never won anything since then... no contest, no Publishers Clearing House 1000 $$ a week for life....NOTHING.
But last weekend at Saturday Market Kim asked us if we would like to be the Beautiful Booth of the Month.  This was pretty cool because another vendor just left our booth and told us we should be beautiful booth of the Month...Poof, and there it was.  And now my life is changed forever I'm sure because now the "CURSE OF THE BULLY" has finally lifted...
Kim did a beautiful job of the Presentation on the Beautiful Booth page..... and she takes amazing pics seemingly effortlessly. 
And now I'm ready.... I'll be by the front door waiting for the Publishers Clearing House van....

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